The Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets – Buyer’s Guide for 2021

A helmet is still considered the essential piece of your biking equipment. However, it’s only viewed as such if it’s quality, durable and above all, protective and resistant. In most cases, you can find that with a great carbon fiber motorcycle helmet.

If you’ve been searching for a while, you probably noticed the vast choice of helmets on the market. Many shapes, sizes, and materials tend to confuse people who’re shopping for the first time.

Continue reading as we review the carbon fiber motorcycle helmets and their pros and cons. Furthermore, you’ll also find a buyer’s guide with some useful information to help you pick out a helmet with ease.

19 Top Carbon Motorcycle Helmets Reviewed

Small product image of 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Carbon fiber & thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Color: Black
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Small product image of Conquer Snell SA2015
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Lightweight carbon fiber composite shell
  • Color: Carbon
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Small product image of MARS SNELL M2015
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Genuine carbon fiber composite shell
  • Color: Black
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Small product image of Genuine Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Street Bike
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Genuine carbon fiber composite shell
  • Color: Black
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Small product image of Voss 888CF
  • Type: Half face
  • Material: Handwoven carbon fiber composite shell
  • Color: Gloss carbon
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Small product image of YEMA YM-628
  • Type: Half face
  • Material: Aerodynamic ABS shell
  • Color: Black
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Small product image of Simpson M30 Bandit
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Lightweight carbon fiber shell
  • Color: Black
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Small product image of AGV AX-8
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: SSL carbon, kevlar, and fiberglass shell
  • Color: Carbon fiber
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Small product image of LS2 Helmets Arrow Carbon Fury
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Lightweight, aerodynamic tri-composite fiberglass shell
  • Color: White
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Small product image of LS2 Helmets Unisex-Adult
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Pure carbon fiber shell
  • Color: Carbon fiber wide weave
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Small product image of Klim TK1200 LG Skyline
  • Type: Modular
  • Material: Full carbon-fiber shell
  • Color: Skyline matte black
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Small product image of Bell Bullitt
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Carbon fiber shell
  • Color: Carbon matte
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Small product image of LS2 12K CR-2 CT-1
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Carbon fiber shell
  • Color: Gloss black
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Small product image of Bell Custom 500
  • Type: Open face
  • Material: Carbon composite shell
  • Color: Matte black carbon
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Small product image of Bell Race Star
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: 3K carbon shell
  • Color: Blue/yellow
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Small product image of Bell Race Star Tracer
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: 3K carbon shell
  • Color: Black/white
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Small product image of Outlaw T71
  • Type: Half face
  • Material: 100% carbon fiber composite weave shell
  • Color: Black
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Small product image of DOT DAYTONA SKULL CAP
  • Type: Half face
  • Material: Carbon fiber shell
  • Color: Grey carbon fiber
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1Storm Modular

This DOT approved helmet comes in several sizes and vibrant colors to choose from. It’s a unique and attractive design that you’ll love wearing at all times. Also, all the colors come with a glossy UV protective finish.

The advanced modular/flip-up design comes with a dual lens technology. It has an inner smoked lens and clear outer shield for ultimate versatility.

It’s made of carbon fiber and aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy for the shell. The combination results in impressive durability, impact resistance and lightweight.

The removable cheek pads give you an option to customize the helmet. You can also remove them for maintenance when you want to wash and dry them. Keep in mind that it might be a bit loud, but that also depends on if you’ve got the right size and fit for your head shape. 



Conquer Full Face

The Conquer racing helmet is lightweight and comfortable on your head and face. It comes in several sizes but only black/silver design to choose from.

The carbon fiber composite shell gives it durability and impact resistance. However, the material is lightweight so you’ll be able to wear it even on long trips.

It features a fire retardant padded interior with cheek pads you can remove. This allows a bit of customization which is especially useful if you’re sharing it with someone else.

It has venting ports for better airflow and less fogging. The 3mm anti-scratch shield is also fire-resistant. With the tear-off post, the shield is durable and won’t show any signs of tear and wear any time soon.

This one has the SNELL SA2015 certification for its durability and resistance. It also features HANS threaded inserts within the shell.



Mars Street

If you’re often on the road, you should consider the MARS Street Bike Helmet because it’s durable but lightweight. It weighs only 3.3 pounds, so it’s comfortable even on long distance trips.

The shell is made of carbon fiber composite that’s lighter but stronger than fiberglass and ABS. On the inside, it has thick cushioning along with an emergency stripe. All the interior padding is removable and washable.

Its 3-level top ventilation control allows a constant flow of fresh air while keeping the interior warm and pleasant. The 5-position ventilation channel helps reduce fogging and adapt the airflow to your needs.

On top of that, it features an aerodynamic rear venturi-effect exhaust spoiler to improve ventilation and fresh air flow. It’s approved by the Department of Transportation as well as by SNELL with their M2015 certification.



1Storm Full Face

This glossy piece is another lightweight option for those who aren’t used to wearing one. It’s also suitable for people who don’t like wearing helmets as it’s light and easy to use.

It weighs only 3.2 pounds and has a carbon fiber shell. The material is strong and lightweight which makes it a better choice over others such as fiberglass and ABS.

It has aerodynamic venturi-effect exhaust spoiler in the back along with 3-level ventilation control on the top. Its 5-position ventilation channel keeps the fresh air coming in and maintains the temperature pleasant.

The inside is padded and well-cushioned for more comfort and a better fit. It’s removable which allows you to wash it from time to time.

It comes in a few sizes and a few black shades to choose from. All the models feature a resistant and protective glossy UV finish.



Voss Helmets 888CF - Half Helmet

The Voss 888CF Bullet Cruiser is among the most popular helmets. It’s a half helmet certified by the Department of Transportation for its durability and resistance.

This deep-fitting model has a hand-woven carbon fiber composite shell that sits tightly on your head. It’s lightweight and comfortable despite the tight fit. It’s only 1.9 pounds in total.

It features a quick-release micro metal fast ratchet connected to durable nylon-woven chin straps. The liner on the inside is made of Kool Komfort microfiber, and it’s removable for easier maintenance.

The Voss 888CF features a unique pull-down system with an easily removable sun visor. It comes with an extra lens and most importantly, you’ll need no tools to replace the two. You can choose between a few sizes and a matte or shiny black finish.



YEMA Helmet YM-628 3/4 Open Face

If you’re looking for a professional grade helmet, you should consider the YEMA YM-628. It’s a durable piece that’s approved by the Department of Transportation after meeting their FMV218 standard.

The aerodynamic ABS shell and multi-density EPS create a comfortable and tight fit. On top of that, this one features a reinforced chin strap and a double D-ring buckle for added security.

It has adjustable intake and exhaust vents for constant air flow. The removable pads and liner are easy to wash and dry. It helps maintain your helmet fresh and clean especially if you wear it often. Plus, the pads are customizable allowing you to fit glasses and Bluetooth speakers inside.



Simpson M30 Bandit

This opaque matte piece has a perfectly round shape. It’s simple yet sleek looking with the woven design and lightweight construction. It comes in several sizes.

The lightweight carbon fiber shell weighs 2.5 pounds. This makes it suitable for people who ride often and for hours at the time. It’s also a tight fit at any angle, so it remains comfortable regardless of the terrain you’re on.

It features removable cheek pads for easier washing and maintenance. The interior material absorbs a lot of sweat making your experience more comfortable, but you’ll have to make sure to wash it regularly.

It’s also great at absorbing shock and impact which is convenient if you’re into off-road riding. The helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation after it met their safety standards.



AGV AX-8 Evo Naked

This full face helmet looks impressive and heavy-duty so you can be sure to attract attention everywhere you go. It shows no area of your face exposed, but as a result, you’re tightly fitted and protected.

It’s made of SSL carbon, fiberglass, and Kevlar for ultimate durability. The shell is quite strong, impact resistant and also resistant to scratching. It’s a durable and reliable shell suitable for everyday use as well as long-distance road trips.

The integrated ventilation system consists of a top vent, three front vents, and two extractors. This allows the air to flow all the time and reduces fogging. The anti-fog polycarbonate shield is also scratch resistant and durable.

On the inside, it features Dry-Lex liner that’s removable and washable for easier maintenance. This one also has an adjustable visor mechanism.



LS2 Helmets - Arrow

This one is designed by Moto GP in their Racers for Racers campaign. With the help of LS2 engineers in Spain, they’ve produces a top class performance helmet equally as suitable for everyday use.

With an extra tall eye port, this one gives you better visibility. On top of that, it has high-performance race shield that’s optically correct and 3mm thick. The shield features tear-off posts for more durability and better resistance.

The LS2 Arrow features emergency release cheek pads made from high-quality foam. The brand used its unique LS2 3D Laser Cut technology to achieve safety and comfort at such a high level.

This one meets and exceeds ECE Moto GP and DOT standards for durability and security. It’s easy to use and weighs about 3.44 pounds. Also, some people recommend using earplugs if you’re riding for longer than 90 minutes due to noise levels.



LS2 Helmets - Full Face Citation

If you’re looking for a helmet to share with your significant other, this might be among the best choices to consider. A model by LS2 is always worth your attention especially if it’s made to fit both men and women.

Its shell is entirely out of carbon fiber with a wide weave outer layer. It gives it a dose of durability that’s rarely found on other similar models. The shock and impact resistance give you more confidence and reliability when on the road.

It’s important to note that the DOT approved the quick-release chin strap because it’s effortless to get it open even with your gloves on.

The Twin Shield System drop-down sun shield is protective and again, easy to work with if you’re wearing riding gloves. It features an oval fit with EPS interior lining for best protection and comfort.



KLIM TK1200 LG Skyline

Klim is an innovative brand that keeps evolving and coming out with new things. Their TK1200 Karbon Modular Helmet is among the most versatile and durable models on the market.

The brand introduced the first optically superior shield system that operates equally as well in all light conditions. Their Aero Acoustic technology allows smooth and engaging performance at all times.

This one has a full carbon fiber construction that provides ultimate protection, durability, and comfort. It’s tight-fitting and weighing approximately 5 pounds.

Their micro-metric buckle secures the fit even better and provides a quick release in case of an emergency. It also features the brand’s well-known passive safety design with high visibility and retroreflective materials.



Mars - Modular Flip Up

This flip-up modular helmet looks quite bulky and heavy although it’s not at all. It weighs 3.5 pounds which is a somewhat standard weight for these helmets depending on several other factors.

It’s made of genuine carbon fiber composite for the shell which makes it more durable than materials such as fiberglass or ABS. The advanced modular/flip-up design is versatile and easy to use regardless of the weather and road conditions.

The helmet has 3-level top ventilation control along with 5-position ventilation channel. It also features aerodynamic venturi-effect exhaust spoiler at the back.

It’s all together heavy cushioned and has an emergency strap. Both the interior padding and the strap are removable and washable. It’s also DOT approved for safety and durability.



Bell Bullitt

Bell Bullitt is among the most popular choices. It’s a modern take on the brands first Bell Star helmet from way back. The recent version is more lightweight and overall stronger.

It’s a tight fit with several high-quality details. The helmet is ideal for riders that have a vintage looking bike because of its retroelements.

It provides full-face protection with the shell made of low-profile carbon composite. You can choose between three shell and EPS sizes to get the best fit for your head shape.

The interior is padded and covered with brown leather. It weighs about 5 pounds which might be a bit too heavy for some people especially if you’re riding for hours at the time. The added weight is most probably due to the dense padding within the interior.

Read our full review.



LS2 Helmets - CR-2 CT-1

Another sleek looking helmet by LS2 is their 12K full-face model with an airbag system. It’s an innovative idea that’s unique to the brand.

The helmet has a carbon fiber shell that weighs about 2.98 pounds. It’s lightweight when compared to many of the brand’s previous models. Plus, it’s suitable for ATV, UTV, Cruiser/Touring, and street bikes.

The Department of Transportation approved and certified this one for its safety and overall durability. It’s also approved by the European ECE. On the inside, it features pads you can adjust to achieve a more customized fit for the shape of your face.

It has a quick release buckle that allows you to get it on and off quickly and with ease. It also creates a more secure fit helping it stay in place throughout the ride.



Bell Custom 500

You probably already know Bell as one of the most popular brands known for their impressive helmets. Their Custom 500 carbon open face model is one of those that stand out the most.

The low-profile carbon composite shell sits tightly on your head and doesn’t create the weird mushroom look that most open face models do.

The interior is made of genuine leather and is anti-bacterial. You can remove and wash it whenever you see fit. This one also includes a leather D-ring pull tab, rear goggle strap, multi-density EPS liner, a padded chin strap, and strap keeper.

It meets the FMVSS 218 Standard by the Department of Transportation for its overall performance and durability. It’s padded and lined for a tight and comfortable fit regardless of the size you go for.



Bell Race Star

This unique helmet comes in several sizes and designs. It’s one of Bell’s most popular models thanks to the attractive shape and design, as well as the reliable construction.

It features a first-of-its-kind impact liner with three layers designed to receive and manage energy from low, mid and high-speed impact. Its Panovision viewport offers additional lateral and vertical visibility.

The Race Star has a mesh liner on the jaw and chin area. This helps to stay cool and allows access to fresh air, but it also makes the helmet more suitable for extreme conditions.

Its Magnafusion magnetic cheek pads are easy to use and remove for washing. The Race Star meets and exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 and Snell M2015 standards and is certified by both.

Read our full review of the Star.



Bell Race Star Tracer

If you didn’t like the first Race Star helmet we reviewed, you should consider the Tracer version of it. It’s a bit more advanced with a few features we didn’t get in the previous models.

It features the same quality well-known to all Bell helmets. It’s a full-face type, so there’s no area of your face left exposed. On top of that, it comes in several color combos and different sizes.

The helmet features Panovision Receview viewport much like the one we mentioned earlier. The Flex Impact liner absorbs shock and creates comfortable and plush padding for your head and face.

Probably the most impressive thing apart from the 3K carbon shell is the Virus Cool Jade mesh liner. The piece met and exceeded DOT and Snell M2015 standards and is certified. 



Outlaw T71

This open-face helmet is ultra-light and easy to wear even for hours at the time. It has a carbon fiber composite weave shell for a better fit and more comfort than most similar helmets.

It weighs less than 2 pounds which sometimes makes people think that it’s not strong or durable. However, it’s an open-face type which means it only covers your head. It requires fewer materials to make one, so it has to be lightweight.

Nonetheless, this one has high impact absorption and is quite resistant. It also has a 3-snap buckle and a removable visor making this one a versatile option for all bikers.

It’s also important to mention that it comes in several large sizes but they do run a bit small so keep that in mind.



Daytona Skull Cap

Daytona Skull is another open face helmet that offers safety, support, and reliability. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and comes in many different sizes to choose from.

It meets DOT’s FMVSS 218 safety standard and is certified for the performance it offers. The shell is made of carbon fiber and is quite durable and resistant. On the inside, it features moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you comfortable and cool.

Daytona Skull features a quick-release lock you can detach with a single finger. This is great in the case of an emergency since it allows you to get it off within seconds.

It weighs approximately 2 pounds, and it’s quite comfortable to wear for hours at the time. It’s perfect for people who like a bit more space but still want the protection and reliability.



Carbon Fiber Helmet Buyer's Guide

What Exactly is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber or graphite fiber is a lightweight material with a wide use. It’s used to make many things which is why we see scientists and engineers use it the most while the rest of us rarely come into contact in such a way.

It’s only recently become a popular choice of material for motorcycle helmets due to its amazing specifications. Helmets made of this material are among the safest and most durable.

Safety Considerations

Safety is the most important since it’s the whole reason why you’re getting a helmet in the first place. Since it should protect you, it’s crucial you consider its ability to do so above everything else.

First and foremost, consider the material, fit and convenience in order to figure out if it’s safe. The material is quite durable and impact-resistant, so it’s a good choice of material.

However, for it to deliver its best, the helmet has to be just the right size. It has to fit you well without any gaps or spots with added pressure. In most cases, helmets cannot protect you with their full ability if they’re too big or too small.


Certifications are something that tells you the helmet has been tested for durability, and overall quality. In reality, this isn’t a must-have, but it’s highly recommended to only go with helmets that have at least some.

The DOT standard is the most commonly known certification. It shows that the product has a minimum level of protection. In the USA, helmets have to have DOT approval before hitting the market.

The next you might come across is the ECE22.05 standard imposed by the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe. It’s for products made in Europe, so it’s not required in the USA.

Lastly, you’ve probably heard of the Snell M2015 certification. It’s a safety certificate that’s not required but issued to willingly submitted models. Many people think the Snell standards are a bit difficult to meet when compared to the DOT ones, but that’s still unconfirmed.

Again, most helmets will have a DOT certificate while the other two are not as commonly presented. Still, look for a model that has at least one of the three certifications. It can give you a sense of security to know that your helmet has been tested and approved as durable and reliable.

Read our in-depth safety ratings guide here.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation is an aspect people often neglect, especially those that shopping for the first time. However, it’s equally as important as the size and fit because it helps make helmets more comfortable and convenient.

Different models have their vents on various places which is something you’ve probably noticed. There’s no saying what is the best way to place ventilation ports since every rider is different.

If you sweat a lot, you’ll want a model with more ports than someone who doesn’t sweat at all. For this reason, this is something that’s up to you to choose.

Half face and open helmets don’t have a fogging problem, and they also don’t need many ventilation ports. However, if you’re looking for a full-face that covers your entire face, make sure to pay attention to the ventilation system.

a photo of a motorcycle with a black helmet on it

Weight Considerations

Regardless of what type you’re going for, you should consider its overall weight. Both cheap and expensive models can be heavy, so make sure to know the exact number before you make the final decision.

The weight is crucial regardless of how often you’ll wear it. More so, if you’re riding for hours at the time. Too much weight can cause your head, back and neck to hurt severely.

It’s best you go for a lightweight model that’s comfortable and easy to carry around so go for anything between 1400 to 1800 grams or so.

Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Models

The most lightweight and ultra lightweight models are open-faced. These cover only the head so there’s no added weight you’d get with a full coverage model.

Most of them are incredibly comfortable and convenient especially for commuting and casual riding. They allow freedom of movement more than any other type.

Pros and Cons


  • It is is strong but lightweight which is a perfect combination. It allows manufacturers to make comfortable yet reliable models regardless of the exact type and coverage it offers.
  • The material is also easy to work with which gave manufacturers an option of creating some sleek and elegant designs. That’s why most of these look quite polished.
  • Because it’s so easy to maneuver with, the market offers different shapes and sizes. You can now find all kinds of models from open-face to full-face.
  • The material is used on cars and planes so you can only imagine its durability. Models made of pure carbon are long-lasting, impact-resistant and overall extremely durable. Such a model might not show signs of wear even when you replace it with a new one.


  • The first setback is that these helmets usually cost a bit more money than those made of other materials.
  • The material has become quite popular recently, so some people started to fake it. You might come across some models that look like they’re made of carbon fiber, but they actually aren’t. How to tell them apart? Fakes are always ridiculously cheaper.
  • Many models come with padding that isn’t removable which can be a problem down the line. It might not seem like a serious setback, but it’s important to remove the padding sometimes in order to wash it. This is especially important with full-face models.
  • These helmets tend to run a bit small in size. The reason for this is unknown, so make sure to measure your head well and check if there are reports on how the particular model fits.

Additional Considerations

Finding the Right Fit

We’ve already mentioned how important it is that your helmet fits you. They come in different shapes and sizes so it’s crucial to consider which would go with the shape and size of your head.

Some models are wider than others meaning that they fit better on people with a wide head. This is something you should know from the product description as manufacturers usually state how the piece fits.

You should only measure your head and compare it to the brand’s sizing chart to figure out the exact size. If you get the size right, the fit will most probably also be great.

a man is posing on his bike

The Proper Size

The size is crucial because a helmet that’s too big serves no purpose at all. It’s only safe when it’s tightly around your neck, so you have to get the sizing right.

The best way to do this is by following the exact instructions by the manufacturer. You’d think that all measurements apply to all helmets, but that’s not always the case.

Since models come in different shapes, you’ll need to measure differently for each. For example, you don’t have to measure your chin and jaw if getting an open-face as you’d have to for a full-face.

Think About the Head Shape

As we mentioned, there are several different shapes you can choose from. The most popular are oval and round, but there are a few in between as well.

You should measure your head and figure out what size you are only after you’ve confirmed that the exact model is suitable for your head shape.

This is a bit tricky to figure out just like that, which is why brands usually put out this type of information. It might also be a good idea to consult with someone who bought the helmet already as they could probably help you figure this out.

Finding the Right Type

As you probably know, you have several types to choose from based on your needs and preferences. They are all safe and reliable with a difference in that some cover more of your face than others. It’s a small, yet significant difference.

Full Face

Full face covers your entire face and have a visor that may or may not flip. They can have a fogging issue without a good ventilation system.


These usually don’t cover your chin and jaw but have a visor that protects your eyes. In some cases, they cover the chin but don’t have anything over the eyes in which case you should use goggles.

Open Face

An open-face helmet protects only your head leaving your entire face exposed. These are usually very comfortable and convenient for long-distance rides. You should wear goggles with them.


A modular helmet is a mix between a few of the types above. It’s a good combination of the best specs that each type has to offer. It’s usually a combo between half and open face.

View our modular and full face comparison here.

Eye Protection

How many times you’ve had a fly of some sort in your eye when you were riding? When your eyes are exposed, it’s really easy for that to happen regardless of whether you’re driving fast or slow.

Some come with visors, so they already protect your eyes from bugs and flies. However, they can also come with shaded covers to protect your eyes from the sun.

Keep in mind that some models don’t cover the eyes in which case you’ll have to wear goggles or any type of eye protection you prefer.

a man is sitting and posing on his motorbike

Frequently Asked Questions

How are carbon fiber helmets made?

Manufacturers use heat to transform acrylic fiber into carbon fiber composite. It’s the material we know as lightweight and strong. It’s also the reason why so many manufacturers use it to make helmets.

Some might mix CF filaments with Kevlar for example. This is because Kevlar is quite similar but what most people won’t tell you is that it’s not as sturdy.

Products made from 100% carbon are more reliable in the long run. They last longer and sometimes look as good as new when it’s already time to replace them.

How safe is this type of helmet?

As we mentioned, this material is quite durable, so these are among the strongest on the market.

The material is easy to work with which resulted in a vast choice of different models that are all equally as secure. However, keep in mind the safety considerations we discussed earlier in the article and all the factors that impact the overall safety.

Are they worth the money?

Even though they can be a bit pricier than others on the market, they offer a solid level of protection and endurance. These are reliable helmets that last a long time thanks to the material of choice.

They might not be the most lightweight option on the market, but they’re still easy to carry around and use for a long time.

Still, it’s up to you to decide if that’s worth the money for you. If the particular helmet you like is certified and fits you well, it’s probably worth it.

Do they work better?

These are much better than others in terms of durability and stiffness. However, they’re also lightweight and more comfortable than many others made from polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate isn’t as lightweight, but it’s quite resistant as well. For this reason, it’s hard to tell the best since every model has its own pros and cons.

What is a Kevlar helmet?

It’s a helmet made of Kevlar that’s also a popular option among motorcyclists. Most manufacturers combine carbon fiber filaments with Kevlar while others use pure material. Kevlar helmets aren’t as sturdy although they’re similar to those made of CF.


Hopefully, you have an idea of why these helmets are as popular among bikers all over the world. Carbon fiber is a unique material that allows manufacturers to make versatile and easy-to-use models, some of which we reviewed for you.

Choosing one might not seem as simple, but if you’ve read the reviews carefully you probably already have a particular model in mind. Take a moment to read the buyer’s guide and come back to it as many times you need to before you finally opt for the best carbon fiber helmet for you.

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