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You’re probably asking, who the heck is Jordan Russell and why did I start this site?

Growing up I always knew I wanted to ride. The feeling of flying on the road with the wind in my face and a powerful machine at my fingertips was exhilarating, and when I was 16 I finally saved up enough money to buy my first bike. 

Although my mother was never too thrilled at the idea of me riding (she along with every other person would say the same things- ‘It’s SO dangerous!)I knew that I could learn how to safely ride and be aware of the drivers around me. Having said that, every time I get on my bike I mentally remind myself that a crash is quite possible and could happen at any moment. And if you’re wondering if I’ve ever been involved in a crash, the answer is yes.

Jordan Russel in front of Route 66 Sign

But it hasn’t kept me from riding, but rather has given me more experience in what to avoid or how to handle various situations. Riding a motorcycle has so many perks, apart from being able to really feel the road at your feet and having the ability to ride through places that are limited for four wheeled vehicles, riding a motorcycle has saved me tons of time in commuting, saved me a ton of cash on fuel, and given me a passion for learning more about how motorcycles work, and even eventually learning how to do some minor repairs when she needs a little extra lovin’!

How else has riding changed my life? Well, I have definitely gotten a better understanding of how to ride the roads. You develop a closer connection with the turns and dips and unexpected hazards that would not be otherwise as noticeable if you weren’t on two wheels. Your perspective on a bike is completely different, and you’ll soon learn how to navigate it. Not only do riders need to be aware of the road itself, but those on it as well- I feel that I am not only aware of what’s in front of me, but behind me or around me, too.

Jordan on His Motorcycle

I need to predict what’s going on in my environment in order to react appropriately and in time. For this reason I believe that riding a motorcycle is good for your brain, it sharpens your reacting skills and ability to consider and respond to what is around you. As a rider, I’ve always had to recognize the weather more carefully before ever hitting the roads- not only do I need to avoid any severe weather changes that might affect my safety- but I also need to consider the climate as far as my wardrobe is concerned. 

Nowadays, I almost always think about how my clothes will feel or be affected by riding. Apart from natural phenomena, I’ve also developed a much stronger ability to navigate. The GPS has become a tool that is everyone’s best friend, but riders don’t have the ability to look at a screen while they are moving, so naturally it has made me more aware of my surroundings- street names, landmarks, and my internal compass. 

It’s also helped in the sense that I can find alternate routes in traffic or just more scenic, off-the-beaten-path ways to get around. So, riding a motorcycle has made me develop a lot of qualities that I would have never thought about (at least so thoroughly) if I wasn’t on a bike. But the best things about riding in my perspective? Definitely that I’ve met a lot of cool people (bikers always connect), and oh yeah,  it makes me super rad! Vrooom Vroooom!!!!

Landscapes from Jordan's Journeys
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