Meet Our Team

Olivera Jancikin

Olivera Jancikin

Writer and Researcher

A writer and researcher with many years of experience, Olivera gravitated towards the motorcycle niche and started working with Road Racerz in January of 2019.

Her favorite part of writing for the site and current passion is creating in-depth how-to guides so she can empower others to fix their bikes and accessories.

Marijana Vasilic

Marijana Vasilic

Web Developer & Designer

Marijana is a jack-of-all-trades. From web development to design and SEO, there’s not an aspect of running a website that she hasn’t taken to easily, just like time on the road.

Although she never saw life taking a turn for working online, she’s so glad it did and proud to be part of a growing virtual community of riders and readers.

Miona Panic

Miona Panic

Web Developer & Designer

Miona started working for Road Racerz in early 2019 as a web developer and designer. Since she’s not one to brag, her colleagues will tell you that she makes her work look easy and they are always amazed at her keen attention to detail and how she crafts our guides to be so user-friendly.

Who We Are

We’re proud to be a female owned and operated team, devoted to helping you get the most out of every ride. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, we’ve created a space to inform and share tips between riders.

Our team reflects our readers – there is someone at every level. We’re always learning new skills, trying new products, and reporting our findings back to you.

We love serving our community of riders and respect however you choose to ride, whether it’s a day at the track, long-distance journeys, or hanging with a die-hard Harley crew for casual weekend touring.

What We Stand For

Safety first – always.

Why We Serve Our Community

Everyone has a reason they got into riding. Some people grew up around it. Others were attracted to the adrenaline rush of the track. And many live for slower-paced country drives.

For our founder? Her Uncle Ronnie was a real gearhead with a garage to match. As a kid, she couldn’t wait for trips to his shop to hear tall tales of his latest adventures. And that’s where the intrigue began.

Unfortunately, many of us or our buddies have lived through near-death experiences or some hair-raising near-misses. The lucky ones come out the other end with some bruises, broken bones, or a good shake-up.

One night, her cousin went down hard. And though he lived to tell the tale, the injuries forever altered how she rides and views time on the road.

So, the team at Road Racerz is committed to helping fuel your passion for riding – but encourages safety at the center of it all. No matter what level of rider you are.

Life’s a ride and we should enjoy it. But let’s make sure we’re around to enjoy the drive together.