8 Best Motorcycle Horns – Should You Upgrade?

Motorcycle horns are handy features every bike should have. It’s among the essential pieces of gear that can protect you against crashes and collision with others on the road.

Still, there are so many types and variations that it can be tricky to choose one at times. It takes time to look through what the market has to offer in the search for the top motorcycle horn.

It should be loud enough but not as loud as the one on larger vehicles. Several other factors are equally important.  For this reason, continue reading to find out which are the best models, and how to choose the right one for your bike.

8 Top Rated Motorcycle Horns Reviewed

Small product image of HELLA TRUMPET HORN
  • Type: Electric
  • Sound Level: 118dB
  • High/Low: 500Hz / 400Hz
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Small product image of UXCELL UNIVERSAL Motorcycle Horn
  • Type: Electric
  • Sound Level: 105dB
  • High/Low: 500Hz / 420Hz
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Small product image of HELLA DISC
  • Type: Electric
  • Sound Level: 108dB
  • High/Low: 480Hz
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Small product image of WOLO
  • Type: Electric
  • Sound Level: 115dB
  • High/Low: 410Hz
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Small product image of HELLA SUPERTONE
  • Type: Electric
  • Sound Level: 118dB
  • High/Low: 500Hz / 300Hz
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Small product image of FIAMM bike horn
  • Type: Electric
  • Sound Level: 133dB
  • High/Low: N/A
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Small product image of STEBEL COMPACT motorcycle horn
  • Type: Air
  • Sound Level: 139dB
  • High/Low: 530 / 680 Hz
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Small product image of WOLO CHROME
  • Type: Air
  • Sound Level: 123.5dB
  • High/Low: 530 / 680 Hz
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HELLA Trumpet Horn

This is a reliable trumpet horn that looks and sounds, unlike most other models. It’s one of the best to attract attention in critical situations.

The horns are high-quality and meant for high-performance bikers who want a high level of safety. They offer an optimal fit and long-lasting performance.

These come with an M8 screw bracket and flat connections of 6.3mm. It’s an open, blade type that’s one of the easiest to use.

In the package, you get two horns, one of which is a high-tone 500Hz, and the other is low-tone 400Hz. Their sound level is at 105 to 118 dB (A). Voltage/Amps are at 12Volts/6Amps.

Setting them up is quite simple and doesn’t require much time. They packed in a durable shell that can withstand rougher handling and different weather conditions.



Uxcell Universal

This one is made of quality metal and is one of the most durable pieces on the market. It might seem small, but it’s quite strong, resistant and reliable.

It measures 2.6’’ x 1.2’’ and sports a voltage of DC 12V with the current at 1.5A. It’s quite universal and fits most mopeds, scooters, go-karts, motorcycles, dirt bikes, Vespas, etc.

It’s meant for warning the other drivers and pedestrians in critical situations. It’s loud enough to be noticed, but it’s still not louder than those found on cars and trucks. On top of that, the sound might not be enough to warn drivers in more massive and louder vehicles.

Because it’s made of quality materials and painted for durability, it can withstand different weather conditions and rougher handling.




This is a disc horn that combines quality, reliability, and ease of use all in one product. The Hella and its disc model are already one of the most popular options on the market. It guarantees safety and ability to attract attention in all situations.

It’s simple to install and use it in all situations. It fits most bikes, and because it has a strong construction, it can withstand rain and other unfriendly weather conditions.

This one comes with an M8 screw bracket and flat connections of 6.3mm. Unlike other Hella models, this is a one-piece that has a high tone of about 480 Hz. Its sound level is at 108 Db(A) with a voltage of 12Volts.

You can use it on scooters, mopeds and other similar vehicles, though it’s mainly meant for motorcycles.




If you’re looking for a low-tone horn that’s easy to install and use in all situations, you should look into this Wolo model. It fits all 12-Volt vehicles built after 1955.

This one connects to all one- or two-wire systems. It’s simple to install even if you don’t have as much experience since it comes with instructions.

Though it’s somewhat small in size, it sports a high-powered sound. The construction is built from plastic and steel which is one of the most reliable combinations. It provides durability and years of reliable service.

The kit comes with a resistant mounting bracket, mounting hardware, and wire terminals. It’s all you need for successful installation following the precise instructions included.



HELLA Supertone

When it comes to super-loud devices, this Hella pair is among the best choices. These are definitely going to attract attention in any situation you find yourself in on the road.

The set features a black, coated metal body with a red protective grill for a stylish look and added durability. They’re noticeable and offer high levels of safety by sporting quality and loud sounds.

These offer functionality, versatile fit and long-lasting performance on most vehicles. You can install them on scooters, dirt bikes, and other similar vehicles though they perform the best on classic motorcycles.

The Supertone model comes with an M8 screw bracket and flat connections of 6.3mm. Its high tone is at 500Hz while the low tone is at 300Hz. The sound level is at 118 dB (A) with a voltage of 12 Volts. The device is ECE-R28 approved.




This is a two-terminal horn with aluminum coil motor and corrosion-resistant steel construction. It also features an ABS plastic projector.

The package includes the device, mounting bracket, jumper wire, and nut and female connectors. The mounting bracket included is quite universal allowing you to install it on most vehicles. It’s compatible with scooters, mopeds, dirt bikes, and other similar motorcycles.

Each horn is tested for maximum performance and reliability. The Fiamm exceeds OEM and SAE specifications. It has a voltage of 12-Volts and produces 133 decibels at 4 inches.

It’s easy to use which is among the most important qualities to look for. The construction is quite durable and resistant meaning it can withstand rough weather, but it’s not waterproof.



Stebel Compact

If you’re more interested in something small and unnoticeable, you should check out the Stebel Compact. It’s a unique one-piece model that’s considered a mini horn. Still, it offers reliable performance and enhanced safety on the road.

This one sports a more harmonized twin tone sound of 530Hz and 680Hz at 139dB. This means most riders on the road will hear it though it might not be strong enough to read those in trucks and louder cars.

The entire piece measures 4½” x 3½” x 4½”, so you can mount it virtually anywhere. It has a water-resistant compressor of 18Amps and 12Volts altogether.

It’s also important to mention its versatility and the fact that it’s compatible with most 12-Volt systems. You can mount it on trucks, cars, golf carts, motorcycles, ATV’s, and other similar vehicles.



Wolo Chrome

This one is quite different from the others on our list thanks to its chrome finish. The finish adds sleekness and style to the overall design that’s built to match the construction.

Its diaphragms have a chrome cover that’s flat-shaped while the compressor also features some added chrome to match the rest. Both of these covers are aerodynamically shaped enhancing the overall style and sleekness.

Such a design will enhance the looks or your bike if you choose the exterior mount. Regarding the sound quality, it’s important to mention that the Wolo Chrome is loud and reliable. It produces a dual-tone that’s about two times louder than previous models from the manufacturer.

On top of that, its compact size makes it ideal for motorcycles and other 12-Volt vehicles. It’s easy to install and resistant to most weather elements.



Buyer's Guide

Types of Horns


Air horns can be really loud depending on the particular model you choose. In most cases, it’s a single-piece unit that’s quite easy to install.

With this type, you have to consider the working pressure, tank’s capacity, and the duty cycle of the compressor. If you’re looking for the loudest, consider only the ones with highest air pressure.

The capacity determines how long you can blast it. For example, a 1-gallon tank at 150 PSI offers 4 to 5 seconds. If you want more time than that, you’ll have to choose a larger tank and a more heavy-duty compressor.

  • Are they legal everywhere?

States vary with their laws regarding horns on motorcycles. For this reason, it’s advised you to check with the officials in the area you live in to see if the particular type is legal.

In most states, the only vehicles allowed to have air horns are emergency ones. Still, other states allow them only as a part of an anti-theft alarm. In that case, you’re not allowed to honk when the vehicle is in motion since it can cause noise pollution.

image of blue honda motorcycle


These are ideal if you’re looking for greater presence on the road. They sound much like a freight train horn and are louder than most other types.

High-quality models are usually compatible with motorcycles, bikes, cars, trucks, trikes and other similar vehicles.

When it comes to laws, it’s important to know that they vary between states. These aren’t the most hazardous, but they’re still loud to possibly get you a ticket if you use it in a neighborhood. Make sure to check the laws of the state you live in before you purchase this type of device.


As the name suggests, these are relatively new on the market. They’re fun and easy to use but aren’t for everyone.

The novelty horn typically comes with an unusual sound you can customize to your preference. It gives you an option to have something else than a regular honk sound usually featured.

In most cases, it’s compatible with different bikes and vehicles and is relatively easy to install. Still, it might not be legal to use it in your state, so make sure to check that prior choosing one for yourself.


Most manufacturers test their products under certain conditions which are often enclosed and controlled. For this reason, the device might sound completely different outdoor and on the open road.

Another thing you should keep in mind is the sound’s variance. Even the loudest devices might not be as loud if facing the wrong direction. If you point it downwards or under some body work, it’s most definitely going to be quieter than what you expected. The same device can be much louder if facing upwards.

The sound it generates depends on the size of its trumpet and whether you got one or two horns in the set. Trumpets that are thinner and shorter produce a higher pitched tone, and those that are wider and longer usually produce a deeper sound.


The weight doesn’t have much impact on technical performance. Still, its construction should be heavy and sturdy enough, so it’s not blown away by the wind. Make sure it’s not too heavy either since you don’t want any unnecessary weight on the motorcycle.


Most horns we reviewed above are relatively easy to install. You should always check the instructions you got in the package. If not, below is a simplified guide on how to mount the horn on your motorcycle.

Installation Space

Before buying any particular model, make sure to check where you can mount it because its location has a significant impact on its performance. As we mentioned, the same device can sound completely different when mounted in two different spots. In essence, the good ones are underneath the bike through the best one is right under the headlight.

image of harley davidson horn installed

DIY Installation Mini Guide

Once you’ve found a place for you to mount it, you should check if it came with any mounting hardware.

Read the instructions you got to figure out what type of power source it requires. If you opted for a novelty or train horn, you’d need some batteries such as AA or motorcycle batteries. On the other hand, the air type doesn’t need any power source.

You should now disconnect the bike battery’s negative terminal by using a metric open-ended wrench. Find the positive horn connection in the bike wiring harness.

You should now attach and secure the horn’s red wire and the positive connection together. Now, attach the horn’s ground wire that’s typically black or green to the ground connection of the wiring harness.

Go ahead and check all the connections until you’re confident that everything’s secured. Make sure that the horn isn’t touching anything besides the mounting hardware. It probably won’t work well if it’s touching anything else.

Pros of Professional Installation

If you don’t have any experience with 12-volt installations, you might want to leave this to the professionals.

It might not sound like a tricky process, but it can end up being quite complicated. The biggest advantage of this type of installation is that professionals know where and how to mount it. In most cases, they’re also much faster and will complete the processes in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a car horn?

You could though size would be a significant issue. This might work, but it would be bulky and heavy on your motorcycle. Also, car horns require more electricity, so you’d have to figure out a dedicated power line.

If you’re determined to do this, make sure to get some professional help from your mechanic. People with more experience usually know what would be best for the particular bike you have. They can recommend a certain car honk that would fit the best.

Keep in mind, this will add some weight to your motorcycle, but it will also provide a bit more safety thanks to the louder tones.

Are novelty horns legal?

As we mentioned, they are fun and innovative but aren’t legal in most states. They can produce a wide variety of sounds that are often confused with something else.

For example, if you honk at someone and it plays a song, that someone might not recognize it the sound like a motorcycle horn. This can lead to accidents, which is precisely why some states forbid them.


A motorcycle honk is an important piece of your equipment. It can save you in certain situations when you need to alarm someone on the road.

Though it doesn’t protect in the case of an accident, it can potentially prevent it. For this reason, it has to be loud and reliable.

Make sure to choose quality models only since the last thing you want is a dead horn when you most need it. Also, check its sound levels and whether the particular type is legal in your state.

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