8 Highest Rated Turn Signals for Motorcycles

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Most riders rush to replace the turn signals on their new bikes. Manufacturers often don’t think much about this aspect, although it’s as important.

Luckily, you can find replacement signals quite easily since the market is packed with different models. There are several designs available, and it’s only important to consider the type of bike.

You can easily find classic as well as more modern and discreet types for whatever motorcycle you have. Take a moment to read about the top motorcycle turn signals and the critical factors you should consider when buying.

If your blinkers are already out, be sure to read our hand and arm signal guide.

8 Top Rated Motorcycle Blinker Reviews


small product image of SUPAREE 2 INCH
Key features: Each light has 48 bright LEDs while the front has a 24-LED halo ring, Simple installation
Material: Solid billet aluminum base design
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small product image of X XINDELL
Key features: Fits a wide range of motorcycles, Nice Exterior
Material: High Quality Aluminum
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small product image of NTHREEAUTO
Key features: Much more brighter than halgon bulbs, maximize your rear end visibility to other vehicles
Material: High quality ABS plastic material
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small product image of Kinstecks
Key features: Sealed against water damage, unique LED design has a Y shape and is equipped with 12 LEDs
Material: Waterproof Plastic
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small product image of Justech
Key features: Built-in 315 Side Light Beads, High Brightness, Low Power Consumption
Material: High Flexible Rubber
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small product image of INNOGLOW Signal
Key features: Can be used for front & rear turn signal, daytime running light
Material: Black steel
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small product image of E-cowlboy
Key features: Universal Fit for All motorcycle and bycycle, low-power consumption
Material: Durable material
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small product image of Krator 4
Key features: Modern, Stylish, and Functional
Material: High Quality ABS Plastic
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SUPAREE – Advanced Design

This set has a solid billed aluminum base design and a heat sink cooling base. This provides a longer lifespan and improved performance. The 1157 bullet-style inserts and no wiring makes for an easy installation.

Each light has 48 bright LEDs while the front has a 24-LED halo ring. The ring is 6000K and pure white while the inner 24 LEDs are amber. It’s designed to turn off the halo ring when the LED turn signal is active.

The LEDs are quite powerful and efficient in lighting up the road ahead of you. Plus, they’re highly visible to the riders coming up your way.

This set works as a plug and play, so the entire installation process takes only a few minutes. It fits Harley Davidson bikes the best, although it might work with other motorcycles as well.



X XINDELL – Easy to Install

These are quite stylish and easy to install, so they’re perfect for people who don’t really want to hassle with long and complicated installation. The black with an amber lens is a great fit for most motorcycles as high-quality aluminum enhances the overall design of your bike.

It’s a universal set, which is what allows such a simple installation. It fits most Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, BMW, Triumph, Suzuki and Harley models with 10mm holes fairing.

It has three configured wires, and you can connect it directly to the bike’s ACC circuit. Make sure to secure the lights in place so that they don’t wobble during rides.

The set is IP65-grade, which means it prevents the infiltration of low-pressure water. This allows you to use the set in the rain and snow. Plus, the body is also quite resistant to shock and corrosion.




These are plug and play lights, so there’s no modification or wiring required. It takes a bit more or less than five minutes in total to install the set. You can easily install it even if you don’t have any experience as the set comes with detailed instructions.

The lights are highly compatible with a wide range of motorcycles. They fit bikes with 2’’ standard bullet-style rear turn signal lights and 1157 double-contact bulbs.

Each panel has 48 LEDs, shining bright and lighting the road. The brake light is also integrated with the blinkers. It’s important to note that these produce less heat than most other models. The lower consumption prolongs the overall lifespan of the LED lights.

The high-quality ABS plastic material has waterproof connectors and makes for safer use.



Kinstecks – Water Sealed

The package contains 4pcs turn signal lights that are suitable for scooters, cruisers, motorcycles, and plenty of Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley, and Suzuki models.

The unique LED design has a Y shape and is equipped with 12 LEDs. It has two modes for you to choose from, including amber color and flowing mode. It’s a rather cool design that you can use for turn signals and indicators.

It’s important to mention that the housing is IP65 waterproof, so the lights are safe to use in the rain. It’s made of durable and waterproof plastic and is resistant to scratches and water damage.

When it comes to dimensions, the light size is 11.8x3x2.5cm, with a cable length of 24.5cm. It’s quite easy to install as it’s plug and play, and the process shouldn’t last longer than a few minutes.



Justech – Flexible

This is another 4-piece set with lights measuring 11×2.5cm. It’s suitable for motorcycles, scooters, off-road bikes, and a wide number of motorbike models.

The amber-color lights are super-bright and easily noticeable in different light conditions. The flowing mode allows for higher retention.

On the inside, the set has 315 sidelight beads that are super-bright. However, it’s important to mention their low power consumption that prolongs the overall lifespan of the set.

They’re fixed onto a flexible shell rubber that’s easy to work with in different directions. Plus, it helps with installation as there are only two wires that you should connect.

Red is negative, and black is positive, but the set comes with instructions that we recommend you check out.



INNOGLOW – Multifunction

This might be your best choice if you’re looking for multifunctional lights. They can be used as rear and front blinkers as well as daytime running lights. Plus, they’re quite easy to install regardless of what you’re using them for.

These are quite well-made with solid black steel construction that can endure heavy-duty use. The smoke lens it comes with is also rather durable and won’t show any scratches as easily.

The installation process is simple, and you’ll only have to connect two wires. It shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes to do that without any special tools. Sadly, these don’t come with any instructions.

They’re quality-made and built to last a long time as they’re shock-resistant and sturdy. You can use them in the rain as well.



E-cowlboy – Low Power Usage

These might be the best choice if you’re riding every day and for an extended period. They don’t use as much power, so you can expect them to work a long time after installation.

The 12V lights are easy to use on all motorcycles, scooters and off-road bikes. It’s a universal fit that’s easy to install regardless of your experience with this type of light.

It’s important to mention that the package comes with four turn signal indicators. This allows you to install matching lights on both the front and rear of your bike. The color is amber yellow, which is the most popular choice and often the only acceptable to use on the road.

Its shell case is black and made to endure shock and vibration. It doesn’t become wobbly after a time as it’s built to last.



Krator – Stylish

These custom turn signals are among the most stylish and attractive options. They’re designed to enhance the overall look and style of your motorcycle.

The black color matches well with every style and bike, so it’s quite easy to fit with your vehicle. Plus, the smoke lens adds even more to the good looks.

Keep in mind that the case is made with ABS plastic, so it’s quite durable and resistant. The lights won’t break or damage as easily, and you won’t notice any signs of wear and tear as quickly.

They measure 3.75x3x1.75 inches in total, so they’re easy to fit with nearly every bike.

Still, some people consider them too small, so make sure to check if the size fits your needs and preferences.



Importance of Using Motorcycle Turn Signals

Did you know that the lack of using turn signals leads to almost 2 million accidents every year? Many riders fail to use their blinkers properly, forgetting to turn them on or off.

Turn signals are meant to notify other riders of where you’re going to turn before you make the turn. Turning left or right without signaling other drivers might surprise them and lead to an accident.

Filing to use the signals is quite dangerous, especially on highways and intersections. It’s a way of letting people know where and when you’ll make the turn so that they can expect it and act accordingly.

image of turn signals focus

Motorcycle Turn Signal Laws

In most countries, you’re required by law to have electric blinkers on your motorcycle. However, some states are an exception.

While Arkansas and California riders must have electric or lamp-type signals, riders in Idaho and Illinois aren’t required to have them.

However, it’s important for you to check this type of information before you ride out in the streets. Make sure to check the particular law for the state you live in and the state you’re driving to if you’re traveling long-distance.

See more on helmet laws by state here.

How to Install Turn Indicator Kits

Headlight Mount

This option requires a particular headlight and brackets. Shorten the turn signal spacer so that it fits nicely in the spot. Use a locking nut on the indicator thread to place and lock everything in place.

Make sure to also use washers in order to achieve the right position and tension for whatever type of blinker and headlight you have.

Triple Clamp Mount

This type of mount is adaptable and quite divers. You can use the top triple clamp or hide the blinkers neatly on the bottom. Make a small bracket with a hole for the blinkers and a hole to go under the triple clamp nut or bolt head.

Fender Mount

Mark and drill a hole on either side of your fender. If you have square sides, you can mount the blinkers right away.

If you have rounded sides, you should make two spacers with 14mm in diameter and an 8mm hole. Drill the sides out and fit the spacers in place to mount the LED blinkers.

Light Grill Mount

This is among the best mounting options for scramblers and off-road bikes. You can either fix the bracket to the headlight plate or make the mount on the frame of the headlight plate.

Both ways are acceptable, so it’s just a matter of what you like better. In some cases, taking the headlight plate will also remove the blinkers.

Tail Tidy Mount

This is a quick mounting option that’s ideal for people who don’t have experience with welding. Use aluminum or mild steel, but make sure to leave enough length on the blinker mount. It should allow the hole and the washer.

image of motorbike in dark

Headlight Bracket Mount

Remove the factory blinkers to find the mounting hole and install your new LED turn signals. This is as simple as it gets and is usually the case with newer motorcycles.

More modern triumphs have equally a simple mounting method, allowing you to install new blinkers with just a large diameter washer.

Frame Slug Mount

This is for all the people who want a seamless mount with no visible wires. Choose where you want to mount the blinkers on the rear frame rail and drill the hole to allow your threaded slug.

You’ll maybe have to drill in different locations depending on the type of your motorcycles because most frames are somewhat different, as well.

Frame Tab Mount

It’s a great option if your license plate is off the side. Choose where the blinkers will go and weld them in place. Most people choose the spot on the inner ½ of the frame tube towards the center of the motorbike.

If you have a rear-mounted license plate, make sure to check if the blinkers are visible before installing them.

Shock Bolt Mount

This method requires no welding. All you have to do is use small brackets to mount the blinkers with top twin shock bolts. Use a flat bar or sheet metal to cut two brackets. Although most motorcycles are different, you’re probably fine with 60mm in length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED types better?

LED lights are better than halogen because they consume less power. On top of that, LEDs are also much brighter and are proven to last a longer time than halogen bulbs.

Find LED turn signals in our guide.

What's the best motorcycle handlebar turn signals?

Bar-end turn signals are quite popular due to their ease of installation and overall use. These are typically effortless to install as the entire process lasts only a few minutes.

How To Test Motorcycle Turn Signals?

Attach one metal wire from each of your battery terminals to the two cables from your blinkers. This is a good method to test the blinkers directly from the battery before you install them in place.


Hopefully, you understand the importance of having quality and reliable turn signals. A pair of blinkers can enhance your safety, especially when you’re riding at night when your bike isn’t as visible on the road.

Consider one of the motorcycle turn signals we reviewed using the information from our buyer’s guide. It’s the most efficient way of choosing the right pair for the particular motorbike you have.

Luckily, installing these is typically quite simple, even for people who have never installed them before.

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