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Best Motorcycle Websites

Are you new to motorcycling or you already have some experience? Either way, learning new information about these powerful vehicles is always welcome. For this reason, you should continue learning at all times.


While talking about bikes and exchanging experiences is fun and useful, the internet is always a valuable source of information. However, you should only turn to websites that are reliable because reading false information can actually be quite dangerous.


Take a moment to discover the top motorcycle websites, as well as the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Top Motorcycle Websites

Logo Cyclopedia

Cyclepedia is a great site to check out if you need some help with your bike. It offers service manuals, images, and videos that can help you fix anything on your vehicle.


It’s a useful website packed with information to make maintenance much easier.

Logo Horizons Unlimited

The website exists since 1997, sharing countless travels and adventures. These people are there to help you as well as inspire you.


It features plenty of information on touring and distance riding. On top of that, you get to use their local communities to find riders at the location you’re traveling to.

Logo Cycle-Ergo

One of the best things about Cycle-Ergo is that it allows you to input your inseam and height to see how a particular motorbike will fit you.


It’s a visual tool that allows you to pick the best motorcycle that fits you. You can even enter custom adjustments and play with the tool in several ways.

Logo Gearing Commander

Gearing Commander is an excellent free-service website. It allows you to select your motorcycle model and compare your chain changes vs. the stock gear ratio. It shows new gear ratios and calculates the top speed for every gear.


It’s a great site for riders who like to adjust their bikes to match their preference.

Logo Hot Bike

Hot Bike Magazine is a blog covering chopper engines, V-twin motorcycles, while also offering Harley Davidson part reviews and tech tips.


They post two articles per day, so the website is packed with useful information. It’s especially worth checking out if you own a Harley.

Logo Motorcycle Cruiser

Motorcycle Cruiser offers the latest information on choppers, custom motorcycles, and cruisers. It features news along with tours, videos, and test rides.


It’s a fun website that’s also packed with reliable and useful information. They post quite frequently, so you’ll probably find a new article each time you visit.

Motorcyclist Logo

The Motorcyclists is the first motorcycle magazine in America. It features information and reviews on new and old bikes, so it’s a perfect place to visit if you’re looking to buy a motorcycle.


It also offers maintenance tips and tricks, as well as buyer’s guides. The website is updated every day.

Logo Rider Magazine

Rider Magazine was founded in 1974, and its publishing history is quite versatile. The team of editors working on the website has over 150 combined years of experience.


All the information included is reliable and useful, allowing you to find anything on motorbike culture.

Logo Pipeburn

This website is updated once a day, so it’s already pretty packed with useful information. It offers all about customs, bobbers and cafe racers from all over the world.


It was founded in 2009, and it’s pretty popular among motorcyclists.

Logo Visordown

Visordown is the UK’s top website when it comes to motorbike reviews and news. It offers road tests and all the information you need as a motorcycling enthusiast.


It’s updated once a year, so you can expect new information each time you visit.

Other Sources of Information

Social Media Icons on Mobile Illustration


Forums are great for talking to other bikers. You’ll probably find all sorts of information and reviews on different vehicles, parts, roads, and everything else that might interest you.


On top of that, you can even ask questions about whatever topic if it doesn’t already exist. However, keep in mind that everybody there is a professional, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Social Media

Social media is another great way to find answers to whatever questions you may have. Some of the most interesting blogs are now on Instagram, offering great pictures and info on different bikes.


However, nothing can beat YouTube when it comes to reviews on social media. Watching test rides and reviews on YouTube can be very informative.


Blogs are very similar to classic websites. However, they’re typically more personalized, allowing you to find precise information about the topic you’re interested in. For example, if you ride a Harley, you can find a blog that covers nothing more than just Harley bikes.


Amazon is a great source of parts such as batteries, air and oil filters, and accessories. You can find original parts and major brand names at different prices.


Amazon also offers helmets and other protective gear such as riding jackets and pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best site for selling used motorcycles?

If you’re looking to sell your bike, you should try Craigslist, Facebook, or Instagram. Craigslist is a free advertising service, while Facebook is somewhat better for hard-to-find motorbikes.


Your Instagram profile might also be useful. Post the picture of your bike along with some info, and ask people to share it.

What’s the best motorcycle travel website?

Trip-planning websites can help you organize your trip down to the tiniest details. These offer you to pick between routes and to find all the accommodations and the best stops before you get going.


EdelweissBike, OpenRoadJourney, and MotorcycleRoads are one of the most popular travel websites that you should check out.

What’s the best motorcycle touring magazine website?

Touring websites are a great source of gear information, reviews, news, and videos. CycleWorld and American Motorcyclists Association are the two most popular at the moment.


As we said, these websites are filled with all kinds of information on different motorbikes, parts, equipment, roads, tours, and much more.


Some are updated more frequently than others, but they’re all useful and interesting. It’s up to you to find the site that offers the particular info you need.


Also, you should consider joining a forum or at least subscribe to a YouTube channel where you can see video reviews. Find what’s your favorite source of information and enjoy learning about your ride.

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