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Careers for Motorcycle Lovers

Who doesn’t want to work at their dream job? Most motorcyclists dream of getting paid to ride around the globe. And while this may seem impossible, there are careers for motorcycle lovers that you could check out.


Some involve riding all the time, while others are more suitable for people who can’t really travel as much. Both types are ideal for everybody who loves motorcycling and want to make some money doing what they love.


Take a moment to read about these careers. You should consider each job carefully, but don’t forget to think about your needs and preferences in terms of the career itself as well as the type of income it would bring you.

Best Jobs For Motorcycle Enthusiasts


Rider Coach

Some states require a Basic Rider Education Course before someone can obtain a motorcycle license. On the other hand, there are Motorcycle Safety Programs as well.


You can become an instructor for these courses if you’re a motorcycle lover. As an instructor, you should provide potential riders to riding instructions.


Luckily, you don’t need a college degree for this career. You need a completed Instructor Preparation Course, as well as CPR and First Aid certifications.



This is a job for you if you’re into bikes and cars. You need the knowledge of these vehicle and repair costs.


In most cases, you’ll work for an insurance agency, assessing cars and bikes that were involved in accidents.


Although a bachelor’s degree isn’t a must, it would help to have one. Also, some experience with cars and motorcycles is advised. You’ll probably need an insurance adjuster’s license.

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Brand Ambassador

A motorcycle brand ambassador plans events and conventions, overseeing the display and set-up of these events. You’d represent the brand during these events, engaging possible consumers while educating them about the brand, a particular bike, and components.


It would help if you had a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or business, although this isn’t required. However, you do need some experience in both marketing and motorcycles.



As a detailer, you’d probably work at a motorcycle dealership or a shop. You’d have to take care of all the motorbikes on display, washing and cleaning them regularly. Plus, your job would also be to maintain the service department and do minor paint repairs.


This career doesn’t require any formal education. However, you need a driver’s and motorcycle license because you’d be moving and riding the bikes around.


Motorcycle Journalist

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This job may be a bit trickier to get into, depending on experience and where you live. It requires you to write about motorbikes in magazines, newspapers, blogs, and books.


You’d have a supervisor if you don’t become one yourself. You’ll maybe have to travel, interview other people, test bikes and materials, and write reviews.


This career requires you to have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications.


Motorcycle Restoration Shop Owner

This is among the most popular career paths for motorcycle enthusiasts. Owning a restoration shop would give you the freedom to do what you want with bikes and whenever you want.


It would require you to repair, fix, and restore motorbikes. You can also buy and restore bikes of your own to make some additional profit.


You don’t need any formal education for this. However, a degree in business might be helpful to plan finances.


Motorcycle Police Officer

Although not all police officers ride motorcycles, most of them do when the weather is nice.


Your job and that of officers driving cars wouldn’t differ all that much. So, you’re still required to protect life and property, enforcing the law through state and federal laws.


While you need a driver’s and motorbike license, you also need to complete high school and the state’s Policy Academy.

Police Officer on Motorcycle


Motorcycle Salesman

This is a perfect choice if you want to talk about motorbikes all day long. You’d have to sell bikes to people who are interested in buying and learning about them.


In most cases, you’d work for a specific brand such as Honda and Harley Davidson. For this reason, think about your favorite brand and try to land a job with them.


You don’t need any formal education, although you’re required to complete some training once you’re hired.


Motorcycle Technician

This is quite similar to being a motorcycle mechanic. Your job would be to fix motorbike issues, providing maintenance, and regular care.


Although the work is similar to what you’d do as a mechanic, you need some certificates to be a technician. It’s usually because a technician needs to know a bit more about mechanics.


Also, you should have a high school diploma along with several other certificates from a trade or technical school.


Tour Guide

This could be the best option for you if you’re looking for a way to make some money during summer. As a guide, you’d guide other bikers around national parks and other similar touristy areas.


Your job would be to safely lead them while working closely with each member of the group. Also, you’d have to research all the attractions and best routes.


It requires more than just a biking experience for this career. In other words, you’re expected to help with mechanical issues as well.



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You might want to consider being a mechanic if you’re not as good at talking to people. A motorcycle mechanic is the one who repairs and maintains bikes, dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, and other recreational vehicles.


In most cases, this includes fixing the transmission, engine, body, and brakes. Keep in mind that you don’t need any formal education, although you should have quite some experience in mechanics and repair.


Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer designs and develops machines that control and automate manufacturing systems.


This allows you to work in big companies, designing and creating motorbikes that everyone loves. However, this job requires some formal education. You need a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.


Industrial Engineer

An industrial engineer works on the production process and the elimination of wastefulness. You would have to research methods on how to make the best use of machines, workers, and resources.


Again, you’d work with large motorbike companies, designing the machines and actually making motorbike components. Your job would also be to improve the overall productivity and quality of the factory itself.


For this career, you should have a degree in industrial engineering. This usually takes some four to five years to obtain.


Automotive Engineer

Being an automotive engineer is similar to being a mechanical engineer. However, automotive engineers design manufacturing processes, although your job would be to troubleshoot as well.


This is another career that would enable you to work in a large company. You’d design specific parts and systems to provide the optimal experience for all customers.


Another option is to work in a call center, providing assistance and troubleshooting to mechanic shops.


Technical Educator Instructor

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This would require you to teach and instruct students on several technical subjects when it comes to bikes and cars. It would allow you to work in high school and post-secondary schools.


However, you’re required to obtain a bachelor’s degree as well as to have extensive knowledge of motorcycles.


Some companies allow flexibility making it easy to teach weekend and evening classes that fit your schedule.

Tips in Finding a Job in the Motorcycle Industry

Get Educated

The best and easiest way to land one of these is to have the right education. Although not all of these posts require formal education, you should still know a few things about the career itself. Plus, you should know a thing or two about bikes as well.

Gain Experience

Much like all other jobs, you need some experience to work in one of these careers. The kind of experience you’re required to have usually depends on the particular job.


In most cases, you should know stuff about cars and bikes. However, some careers often require a bit more than just that.

Cold Calling

Although we look for most things online, some jobs may not be posted at all. For this reason, you might want to call or email the company, shop, dealership, and supplier that you’re interested in.


Job posts are taken quite quickly, which is why companies don’t post many openings online.

Acquire Riding Skills

Nearly every one of these career paths requires you to have riding experience. You can only work on bikes if you know how these machines work.


Plus, some of the careers in this industry require you to ride motorbikes. For this reason, you should have a motorbike license.

Know the History

If you’re interested in working for a particular company, you should know all about them. Also, it would be good to know about the history of motorbikes in general, how we used to build them, and how we make them now.

Engage in Special Trainings

You can still work in this industry even if you don’t know much about mechanics. Try to find out as much as you can about the particular company you’re interested in and what it is that they’re looking for.


Engage in special training so that you can match what they need.

Read Online

Although some jobs are never posted online, others are. It depends on the company as well as the position they’re looking for.


You should check their websites regularly since you might come across your dream job. Plus, many websites allow you to sign up for alerts.

Be With the Right People

You’re more likely to hear about a job opening in the motorcycle industry if you’re surrounded by motorcycle lovers. People who have the career you’re interested in will most definitely tell you about a job opening if they come across that information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the highest paying motorcycle job?

Most of these careers are well-paid, although you can make the most money as an appraiser. You can make up to $50,000 a year, or up to $80,000 as an independent appraiser.


Of course, it all depends on the company and the experience you have.

Are motorcycle courier jobs good?

Motorcycle couriers transport and deliver things such as time-sensitive court documents and other similar paperwork.


Some even work in food delivery, although these jobs aren’t always as well-paid. In most cases, it depends on what it is that you’re delivering.


Which one of these careers sounds the best for you? Have you already chosen one, or you’re still thinking about your options?


While you’re thinking, you might want to search the websites of your favorite motorbike companies, stores, and dealerships. Even if you haven’t chosen a career path for you, coming across a specific ad may motivate you.


Pick one of these careers if you’re into biking. These allow you to work with bikes and cars, repairing, selling, maintaining, or designing them.


Think about your options, skills, knowledge, experience, and if the job is available in your area.

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