Shoei RF-1200 vs. AGV Corsa R – Is There a Winner?

If you’ve been searching for a helmet, your choice probably came down to AGV Corsa R vs. Shoei RF-1200. These two are among the most popular motorcycle helmets on the market thanks to their durability, quality, and overall performance.

They look quite similar and have the smallest differences in shape and features. However, there’s no difference in quality so you’ll have to use your best judgment to figure out which one is the best for you.

Continue reading as we compare their features, specifications as well as the design. We’ll mention the safety aspect of each as well as who are these for.

Comparing Design, Features, and Construction

AGV Corsa R Design and Shape

This full-face helmet has a slightly narrow shape. It comes in several sizes but only a black or matte black color option.  It weighs about 4 pounds in total.

The helmet looks sleek and modern with sharp lines and cuts all over the design. It features two clear and scratch-resistant visors that help reduce fogging. Its breathable lining and Dry-comfort fabric with sanitizing treatment make this one comfortable and ideal for long trips.

It has an IVS or Integrated Ventilation System with wide ducts in the shell. This helps maintain the interior fresh and cool also reducing fatigue. 

Overall, it’s a modern looking helmet that’s entirely closed and designed to cover your entire face. Its shape adds a bit to the weight, but it also makes the whole thing a bit more secure.

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AGV Corsa R biker

Shoei RF-1200 Design and Shape

This one has a narrow shape, so it’s a bit tighter fit than the AGV Corsa R. It comes in a few sizes but only white as a color option. The helmet features approximately 6 pounds which is quite heavier than the AGV Corsa R.

It’s compact, lightweight, and aerodynamic and designed to reduce wind noise. However, the design blocks wind noise without blocking road noises.

It has three low position and three upper position vent intakes and four top exhaust vents. It’s designed to reduce fatigue and fogging, so the ventilation system is quite reliable.

Another thing that adds to the overall design is the 3D cheek padding. These pads are available in many different sizes and thickness allowing you to achieve the best custom fit.

Shoei RF-1200 biker

Comparing Safety Certifications

AGV Corsa R Safety

The helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation in the USA. It features a CAAF shell made of carbon, aramid, fiberglass materials all combined to protect during impact.

On the inside, Corsa R has a breathable Lycra micro-porous lining. It also features some Dry-comfort fabric for some added convenience when on long trips.

When it comes to the safety of your eyes, this one offers the optical class 1 face shield with UV protection.

Shoei RF-1200 Safety

This one is made of fiberglass with organic fibers and resin. The inside is padded with 3D Max-Dry lining for more comfort and overall plush feeling. 

It has wind tunnel-optimized adjustment ventilation system that helps reduce fogging and fatigue when riding. The helmet also has a breath guard and chin curtain. It has three lower position vents, three upper vent intakes, and four top exhaust vents.

It also has an improved shield locking mechanism and protects you from 99% of harmful UV rays.

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Which Should I Buy?

As you can see, these two are equally as impressive. Both models have their benefits and advantages they bring to the table, so it might be a bit tricky to choose just one. However, the little differences between them make them suitable for different people. 

You Might Like the AGV if…

  • You want less weight – AVG weighs about four pounds while the Corsa R weighs a whopping six pounds. If you’re going to use it often and for hours at the time, you’ll probably be better off with the AVG due to its reduced weight.
  • You struggle to find the best fit – this one comes in several sizes, so it’s just up to you to find the right one. Luckily, the manufacturer’s sizing chart is quite accurate and true to the size. As a result, the helmet fits well and provides a snug feel.
  • You want a smaller helmet – full-face models tend to look bulky and huge due to the fact they cover your entire face. However, the AGV doesn’t appear as big on your head thanks to its more compact design. The shell is quite durable but not as thick as other similar models.

You Might Like the Shoei If...

  • You suffer from fatigue – fatigue is a common issue that appears with full-face helmets. These are quite covering which is why you should only consider those with good ventilation. The Shoei RF-1200 has an Integrated Ventilation system with channels hollowed in the shell.
  • You need a small helmet – if you’re into AGV but want a small helmet, the Corsa R might be your best choice. It’s the smallest model that the brand makes, and it has a compact low profile so it won’t look bulky and big on your head.
  • You’re looking for versatility – this one has an adjustable lens as well as a reversible liner. The liner allows you to choose between a cooler and a warmer side depending on the conditions. It also has removable cheek pads and a Double D-ring chin strap.


These are the two quite similar models that offer much of the same thing. Both are durable and reliable which are among the most important things to look for in a helmet. AGV Corsa R and Shoei RF-1200 are comfortable and have a tight fit, so your head is snug into place.

As you noticed, they have the smallest differences, but those can help you make up your mind about which one of these two is best for you.

Take a moment to think about your needs and preferences and what you’re looking for in a helmet. The answers you find will tell you whether you should go for the RF-1200 or Corsa R.

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