8 Highest Rated Motorcycle Covers – Reviewed for 2021

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Every biker has its standard kit for maintenance and protection. While these kits usually consist of different things, depending on each rider, some pieces are quite essential.

One such thing is a motorcycle cover. If you’re storing your bike for an extended period, or you’re leaving it outside, you might want to consider getting one.

Motorcycle covers can be made of different materials and are usually quite affordable. They come in several sizes, protecting your bike from weather, dust, sun, and scratches.

Take a moment to read the article below as we review some of the top motorcycle covers and their pros and cons.

8 Top Rated Motorcycle Covers Reviewed


small product image of XYZCTEM
Material: 210D OXFORD fabric
Size: XXL
Color: Black and grey
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small product image of Tokept
Material: Durable black 190T oxford fabric and special waterproof layer
Size: XXXL
Color: Black and orange
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small product image of Dowco
Material: ClimaShield Plus fabric protection, a 300 Denier, and solution-dyed polyester fabric
Size: M - XXXL
Color: Black, grey
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small product image of Anglink
Material: 210D OXFORD fabric
Size: XL, XXL
Color: Black
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Badass Motogear

small product image of Badass Motogear
Badass Motogear
Material: Sturdy, premium, waterproof Materials
Size: S - XL
Color: Black
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small product image of Favoto
Material: Premium quality polyester fabrics, silver coating inside
Size: Universal fit
Color: Black
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small product image of Nelson-Rigg
Material: Water resistant light weight UV-treated Tri-Max polyester
Size: M - XXL
Color: Black, navy, burgundy, hi-visibility yellow
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small product image of Nuzari
Material: Soft cotton windshield protector, elastic bottom
Size: M - XXL
Color: Black, green, navy
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XYZCTEM – Best for All Season

This one is among the best choices if you usually store your bike for an extended period in summer as well as winter. It’s built to protect in all weather conditions, so it’s suitable for snow as well as rain and sun.

It’s made of 210D Oxford fabric that’s non-abrasive and water-resistant. It protects your bike from the rain, snow, wind, dust, sun rays, tree saps, and pretty much anything else that could damage it.

It fits different motorcycles up to 180 inches, such as Honda, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. It’s equally as suitable for standard-sized motorbikes as well as off-road two-wheelers.

This one features two aluminum holes and two windproof buckles. Its design helps you lock and protect your bike from different elements. It’s lightweight and thin, so it won’t damage the paint finish of your vehicle.



Tokept – Best in Protection

This XXXL cover is meant for outdoor use in different weather conditions. It’s designed to fit various motorcycles up to 116’’ such as Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, and Harley Davidson.

It’s made of durable 190T oxford fabric and is waterproof. It helps protect your vehicle from rain and snow, especially if you store it for an extended period. Even if you live in a sunny area, it will protect your bike from harmful UV rays and mildew.

It’s black and orange with no logos on either side. Overall, it’s quite elegant and sleek-looking, which is what most people like about it.

The package includes a carry bag for in case you want to bring it along on a trip.



Dowco – Best Breathability

It’s no secret that some models don’t allow airflow, which can cause corrosion and mildew over time. This one might be the right solution if you’ll store your bike for an extended period.

The cover is breathable and waterproof so you can use it against mildew, UV rays, rain, snow, and wind. What’s interesting is that it also features a heat shield meant for warm pipes, allowing you to store a hot bike.

This one is made with ClimaShield Plus fabric protection called the 300 Denier. It’s solution-dyed polyester with a water-repellent top coat.

Another essential thing to mention is the reflective moisture-guard vent system that prevents moisture build-up.

The undercoating is made of polyurethane and is mildew-resistant, while the bottom features an elastic shock cord, allowing a better fit.



Anglink – Best Durability

This one is among the best choices for those who need a durable and resistant cover. It’s meant for those riders who use covers frequently and in different weather conditions.

It’s made of 210D Oxford fabric that’s water-resistant and durable. It’s resistant to wear and tear thanks to its two-thread stitching and durable seams.

This one can withstand up to 2000 Pa of water pressure, which is more than most models can deal with. The inner layer is made of waterproof PU film while the stitching features waterproof strips. This helps maintain your bike dry even in heavy rains.

Also, it has two anti-theft cloth lock holes, allowing you to lock your vehicle.

It features a reflective warning strip at the front, making it easier to spot your bike in low-light conditions.



Badass Motogear – Best Waterproof

Does it often rain in your area? If so, you might want to consider this Badass Motogear as one of the best for outside storage. It’s fully waterproof, allowing no water to get to your motorcycle.

It’s made of sturdy materials, so it’s going to last you a long time even with rough use. It comes in three sizes, allowing you to choose based on the bike you have.

This one has reflective striping, making your motorcycle more visible in low-light conditions. This is to avoid a collision if you’re leaving the bike outside.

The soft windshield lining and heat shielding provide that much more protection at all times. It has taped seams and an elastic hem, keeping the bike dry.

 On top of that, this one also has lock/alarm pockets that are hidden.



Favoto - Best Fitting

Favoto is among the best choices if you have several different motorcycles. It’s a universal fit that works for Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Aprilia, BMW, and others up to 96.5’’ in length.

It’s made of quality polyester with a silver coating on the inside. It’s highly protective against things like dust, dirt, rain, snow, sunlight, and other such elements.

Also, this one has two lock holes as a part of its anti-theft design. This allows you to lock your motorcycle whenever you plan on leaving it unattended for an extended period.

It features three refection strips, making your motorcycle more visible at night.

One strip is at the front while the other two are at the sides, so the vehicle is visible from all sides.



Nelson-Rigg – Best Ventilation

This one is made of water-resistant UV-treated Tri-Max polyester. It’s a quality piece meant for mild outdoor weather conditions. Plus, because it’s lightweight, you can carry it around when traveling.

It comes in a compression bag, making it that much easier to store away when not in use. This also helps if you’re carrying it with you on your trips.

It has a snug elastic bottom for retention along with 1-inch grommets at the front and center. This provides additional security in case of strong winds.

Most people recommend it for its ventilation system that minimizes condensation, providing constant airflow. It also has a soft windshield liner, protecting against scratching.

The cover comes in several different sizes and plenty of color options. Still, keep in mind that every color has a silver heat-resistant lower panel.



Nuzari – Best Windproof

If you live in a windy area, you should consider Nuzari as one of the best. It features reflective strips for some added visibility, which is especially crucial in low-light conditions.

This one has the company’s logo, which goes on the sprocket side of your motorcycle so that you know you’ve installed it properly. On top of that, it features a soft cotton windshield protector, preventing scratching and damaging.

It features an elastic bottom and luggage strap, ensuring that the cover stays on at all times. It provides a snug fit so that it remains on even during high winds. Another thing worth noting is its interior heat shield, protecting against melting and burning due to hot pipes.

It has sewn cutouts for chains, wires, and cables, allowing them all to pass through freely.



Shopper's Guide for Purchasing Motorbike Covers

Sun & UV Rays Protection

You know how leaving your bike out in the sun for too long can cause its paint finish to fade? One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is investing in a UV-resistant motorcycle cover.

Keep in mind that not all of them can protect your vehicle from the harmful rays. Some are suitable for indoor use only, while others will only provide shade for your bike. And, just because it provides shade, it doesn’t mean it protects against UV rays.

Waterproof Material

Another critical thing to consider is the material the cover is made with. Make sure that it’s a waterproof material since it’s most likely your bike will stay in the pouring rain at least once.

Waterproof covers are more convenient for several reasons. They’re more suitable for traveling and are ideal for all-season use. This is an important factor, especially if you live in an area where it snows and rains more often than not.

Material Used

  • Polyurethane

This synthetic material is often used in waterproof membranes. It’s susceptible to UV degradation, but in some cases, it can be combined with other materials to create a more robust piece for extended outdoor use.

Those made of polyurethane are usually highly waterproof but not the best to protect against UV exposure.

  • Polyester

Polyester is lightweight and can be mixed with several other layers to achieve better waterproof qualities. It’s an often-used material that’s quite affordable and efficient when combined with a few others.

  • Nylon

Nylon is much more abrasion resistant and stronger than polyester. Most covers feature nylon, at least in some parts, like the bottom edge. It’s a rather soft material that provides reinforcement and protection against abrasion.

Keep in mind that it’s somewhat heavier than polyester, but it pretty much acts the same. It’s waterproof, although its performance is often enhanced when it’s woven with several other materials.

image of motorbike covered with protective fabric


  • Upper

The upper features are usually the most overlooked aspect of motorcycle cover construction. In most cases, mirrors are the high points of a motorcycle unless you have a taller windscreen.

For this reason, it’s essential to look for the one that has reinforcement along those lines. This should reduce stress and abrasion when the cover runs against the windscreen and mirrors.

You should know that it might rub along these lines in strong winds, causing the material to fail if there aren’t any reinforcement patches.

Vents are equally as important to consider. These should be downward-facing, and you should be able to open them for some additional airflow. However, look for the vents that are waterproof but still allow the air to circulate even when they’re closed.

Ventilation is quite critical because most covers are actually plastic bags that you put over your bike. This means that there’s a lot of trapped moisture, which can lead to rusting. It beats the point of having this kind of protection in the first place.

Large vents at the apex are probably the best solution to this issue. It’s because rain, moisture, and condensation can cause quite some trouble, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. For this reason, look for breathable materials that allow enough airflow while still keeping the rain out.

  • Lower

Most well-made and reliable covers have a reinforced lower skirt. The lower layer is equally as important, so make sure to look for durable nylon. It’s meant to prevent chafing and destruction of the trap.

Grommets are also vital to consider, especially those along the lower edge since they can help with using a lock, chain, and rope. Keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily to prevent theft, but to keep the cover securely into place during wind storms.

You might also come across a cover with elastic hooks. These are supposed to help you secure it on your bike, especially over the front and rear wheels. Elastic is frequently what most manufacturers use to keep the tarp secured.

In most cases, you can find it around the front and back wheels, where it serves to hold the fabric down. This helps in different weather conditions, preventing the material from tearing and blowing in heavy winds.

Heat Resistant Coating

Motorcycles always get hot during long rides, which is why you should never cover them right after you arrive at your destination.

Covering a hot motorcycle will result in melting, and you might even start a fire, depending on the materials used. For this reason, look for the one with heat resistant coating on the lower half.

This coating is meant to protect the fabric from the heat of the engine and exhaust. It’s an important feature to look for unless your exhaust doesn’t usually get in contact with the cover.

image of covered and parked motorbike

Types of Motorbike Covers

  • Full-Size

These are designed to cover your entire motorcycle from wheels and tires to the mirrors and handlebars. They should protect all of the critical components, exposing only very few parts.

In most cases, products that are advertised as all-season and waterproof are full-sized. These are typically the best choice if you’re looking for versatility.

  • Half Size

Unlike full-size models, these cover only half of your bike. It’s usually the upper half, including the gas tank, seat, and the area around the handlebars.

Because they’re smaller, they are also more lightweight and comfortable to store. Nonetheless, these are equally as efficient in blocking UV rays.

Other Features to Consider Before Buying


Grommets are essential if you want your cover to stay in place during wind storms. They’re usually located on the lower half, allowing you to use a rope or chain to secure it into place.

Keep in mind that not all models have grommets, so make sure to double-check if the model of your choice does.


Some covers are heavier than others, which is something to keep in mind if you plan on carrying it along on trips. Full-size and those that have a heat-resistant coating are usually heavier.

You might want to consider getting a half-sized one if you’re going to bring it along on a trip.


As we mentioned, vents are critical in providing airflow. Sufficient airflow means more breathability and less moisture trapped under the fabric. This prevents corrosion and rust.

Note that vents can be quite different as some are closed while others can be opened. Some are still waterproof when opened, while others will let rain in unless you close them.

Lower Half Reinforcement

Most of the quality models we reviewed come with reinforced lower skirts. It’s a thick fabric usually made of nylon that’s meant to keep it from chafing up your motorcycle during heavy winds.

It provides some additional protection against scratching in case the cover moves too much.

Reflector Strips

This is another feature that most products come with, although some exceptions exist. The strips are meant to make your vehicle more visible during low-light conditions.

It’s an especially useful feature if you’re looking for a cover to use outdoors. If you’re planning to leave the bike on the parking lot, these strips can help others notice it’s there.

Size of the Cover

Know the size of your bike before you opt for any of the covers we reviewed. You want it to fit correctly, but it can only fit well if you get the sizing right.

Some come in several sizes, while others are somewhat universal. Luckily, most manufacturers state which size fits what bike the best, making it easier to choose.

Why Use One?

Keeps it Clean

One of the best things about this type of protection is that it can keep your vehicle clean. It’s an ideal solution if you’re not a fan of washing the dirt and dust off as frequently.

Protection Against Any Weather Condition

A good motorcycle cover ensures that your bike is protected against weather conditions. It’s supposed to shield the bike from the sun, wind, rain, and even snow.

Reduces the Chance of Getting Stolen

Covering your bike might be a good idea if you’re planning to leave it outside as it helps you hide it from prying eyes. Thieves are less likely to bother with a bike that’s covered if they even notice it at all.

Protection from Dust, Dirt & Grime

Pretty much any cover can do an excellent job of keeping all the grime, dust and dirt away from your bike. You should protect regardless of whether you’re parking it indoors or outdoors.

Tips on How To Clean a Cover

As we mentioned, covers are made of different materials. As such, they require different maintenance that may or may not be as simple.

Some are simple to clean with just water, while others come with detailed instructions on how to clean them. Whatever the case may be, you should always wash them by hand. It’s the safest option, even if it’s advertised as machine washable.

Before you start cleaning the cover, you should dress in something you wouldn’t mind staining. Prepare some hot and cold water and find a suitable place where you’ll do this.

Use a mild washing powder on the stains to get rid of them. You should let it sit for a few minutes, especially if the stain is a tough one. Add the same powder into a bucket of warm water to wash the cover with.

Wash it until you notice that the water is clear. You’ll probably need plenty of fresh and clean water for this. You’ll need some to rinse the soap as well.

Once you’ve rinsed the cover and ensured that there’s no soapy residue, you can proceed to dry it. We advise you not to machine dry it unless you’re confident that the manufacturer specified that’s okay.

If the manufacturer allows machine drying, check for instructions on temperature and speed so that you don’t damage the fabric.

In most cases, it’s safer to let it air dry. This shouldn’t take much time since most covers are made of thin materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorcycle half covers effective for dust?

Half-size covers are quite efficient, but keep in mind that they don’t go over your entire bike. The bottom part of your vehicle might still be exposed to water, dirt, and dust.

Whatever part of your bike is under the cover is going to stay protected against dust and other such elements.

What brand is best to use for indoors and outdoors?

At this point, you’ve probably noticed that there are many different motorcycle cover brands on the market. While the products might seem similar, the brands are quite different, offering various levels of protection, reliability, and quality.

Nelson-Rigg and Dowco are some of the biggest names in the industry when it comes to outdoor and indoor covers.

Nelson-Rigg is a company based in Santa Ana, California. It’s been producing luggage, motorcycle covers, and appeal since 1972. The lightweight model we reviewed is one of the best covers you can use for both indoor and outdoor storage.

On the other hand, Dowco was founded in 1922 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It’s designing different products meant for tent and awning industry. The company has some 250 employees and is mostly known for motorcycle and boat covers. We’ve also reviewed a popular model from Dowco.

Another few brands worth noting are XYZCTEM, Nuzari, and Badass Motogear.


Having a reliable motorcycle cover makes all the difference. It helps keep your bike clean and protected against different weather conditions.

A quality cover can be helpful in many different situations regardless of the weather conditions. Sometimes, it helps to disguise the bike if you have to leave it outside on the parking lot. On the other hand, if you choose the one with reflective straps, you can help other drivers to notice it in the dark.

Whatever the case may be, make sure to consider all the critical buying factors we discussed. Consider the type and size of your bike before you pick one of the covers mentioned above.

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