Best Motorcycle Camping Tent for Travel – Updated 2020 Guide

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Are you planning a camping trip soon? Riding your motorcycle to a destination where you’ll camp for a few days is among the most exciting things. It usually involves an open road, hours of riding and a few days of peace in nature.

However, such a trip takes some planning, and the way you’ll store and secure your bike outdoors is among the most important things to figure out. For this, you should consider a great motorcycle tent.

We’ve researched and found the motorcycle tents for camping and other outdoor adventures. Below the article, you’ll find our buyer’s guide that contains some valuable information on tents and how to choose the right one.

10 Top Rated Motorcycle Camping Tents Reviewed

Harley-Davidson Dome

small image of Harley-Davidson Dome Tent
Harley-Davidson Dome
Dimensions: 66" x 8.4" x 8.7"
Material: Nylon
Lock: No
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small image of NTK Indy
Dimensions: 98.43" x 82.68" x 51.18"
Material: 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane
Lock: No
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Dimensions: 60" x 84" x 93"
Material: 75 Denier Polyester Ripstop
Lock: No
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TeePee Tent

TeePee 3 Season Tent smal image
TeePee Tent
Dimensions: (66.9” + 35.4” + 86.6”) x 96.5” x 70.9”
Material: 190T polyester and B3 mesh
Lock: No
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High Peak

small product image of Bell Qualifier DLX
High Peak
Dimensions: 84" x 36" x 42"
Material: Polyester and Ripstop Nylon
Lock: No
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small image of NTK
Dimensions: 74.8" x 94.4" x 94.4" + 74.8"
Material: 190T breathable Polyester
Lock: No
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small image of Speed-Way
Dimensions: 108" x 43" x 64"
Material: Polyurethane
Lock: Yes
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small product image of Popsport
Dimensions: 106" x 41" x 61"
Material: 600D Oxford
Lock: Yes
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small image of Quictent
Dimensions: 135.8" x 53.9" x 74.8"
Material: 600D Oxford
Lock: Yes
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Harley-Davidson Dome Tent

This is one of the most popular models for Harley Davidson riders. It easily fits your bike and another three or four people making this a great camping solution.

It has breathable mesh roof panels for ventilation when the weather is hot. More mesh material is included in the 40”x40” front and back doors to protect from insects. The tent also features an inside zipper flaps for some added protection in the case it storms.

The vestibule is designed in a way that allows you to easily attach it to the ground and remove it once you’re done using it. The entire process of set-up and disassembly is quite simple and doesn’t require that much time.

It comes with fourteen aluminum tent stakes and a carry bag for easier transportation. When it’s packed, the tent measures 24x10x10 inches. When it’s set up, it measures 2.4×2.1 meters with a height of 1.3 meters. It weighs approximately 12 lbs.


  • Reinforced floor
  • Solid ventilation
  • Fits both bike and people


  • Thin nylon

NTK Indy

This is an all-family tent that can easily fit your bike and a few people. The floor size measures 12.8ft x 8ft with a center height of 4.3ft. It weighs about 12lbs.

It’s made from 100% waterproof 190T polyester while also featuring polyurethane on the floors. Its 2500mm water column rainfly covers and protects at all times. On top of that, the heat-seamed thermoplastic coating protects from the harmful UV rays.

The inner tent has a two-way zipper D-style door along with mesh insect protection. There’s mesh on the roof as well for some added ventilation. Still, the vents might not be enough for extremely hot weather.

The entire construction is quite durable and resistant. It comes with thick nano-flex fiberglass poles that interconnect with the hardware and strong elastic for sturdier construction. The fabric is made of ultra-thin polyester micro-mesh keeping you safe from bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects.


  • Detachable PE tarp floor
  • Seamless, anti-fungal inner layer
  • Zipped bag included


  • Insufficient ventilation for hot weather


If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward solution, you should check out the Catoma 2-person Motorcycle tent. It fits both you and your bike which is always convenient if you’ll be spending the night outdoors.

The tent features two doors and two vestibules for lots of storage and easier access. It features a special two-wall design providing weatherproof protection at all times. It’s especially useful in rainy areas of the world since it protects against rain falling from different angles.

It features 2000mm polyurethane waterproofing and a bathtub floor ensuring you’re dry and protected from unpredicted weather. Added waterproofing is achieved with taped seams all over the tent.

Its floor area measures 84’’x 93’’ while the entire construction is 60’’ tall. One thing that makes it especially useful for bikers is its gear loft and organizer pockets. The area provides storage room for your gear and different items allowing easier use.


  • Easy to put up
  • Breathable inner tents
  • Great air flow


  • Not for windy weather

TeePee Tent

Though it’s primarily designed for bike storage, the TeePee tent can comfortably fit two people as well. It features a large space divided into three parts that are the inner sleeping room, parlor and motorcycle bay.

Two people can comfortably sleep in the inner tent while the parlor can be used for storing different gear. The versatility is ideal if you’re camping for a few days and you’ve brought many bags and items along.

It’s a four-entrance tent allowing you an easy way in or out regardless of where you store the bike and different items. It includes polyester fabric, steel pegs, guy ropes and aluminum frame making up a sturdy construction.

It’s easy to carry around at all times since it weighs no more than 14lb. It’s also crucial to mention that both inner tent and cover are waterproof and can resist up to 3000 to 5000 mm rain.


  • Four entrance options
  • Fits people and bikes
  • Three parts


  • Very thin material

High Peak

This is one of the best options for bikes, hikers and other adventurers who need a reliable tent to shelter themselves or their ride. It comes with a carrying bag and measures 14’’ x 4.5 when it’s packed so you won’t have any issues carrying it around with you at all times.

The floor measures 3ft x 7ft, and it features a bathtub shape to keep both you and your vehicle dry. The mesh ventilation on top provides good air flow that’s especially useful in hot weather. See more motorcycle covers.

You can easily cover it with a full-size rain cover in case it starts to storm.

It comes with two sets of fiberglass poles and speed clips for easier set-up. The entire process shouldn’t take you a lot of time, which makes it great for unexpected rain showers.


  • Tested against 60mph winds
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Easy to carry with you


  • Fits only smaller bikes


This one can easily accommodate a bike and a family of four. It features European design and one door along with several other features and specifications that help it stand out. It takes a while to set up though it all depends on your skill level and experience.

The floor measures 14ft x 8ft, while the sleeping area is 8ft x 8ft with a 6.2ft center height. The tent features 100% waterproof 190T polyester and is laminated with polyurethane. It comes with a 2500mm water column that provides full coverage.

The heat-seamed thermoplastic coating protects you and the bike from harmful UV rays. Another thing worth mentioning is the two-way zipper D-style doors featuring mesh protection.

There’s also the roomy utility pocket we’ve seen on other NTK tents. It provides added convenience and storage room for different items and gear. The thick nano-flex fiberglass poles interconnect with the hardware making a sturdy construction that can withstand rough weather.


  • Mesh fabric against insects
  • Comes with a zipped bag
  • Bathtub floor


  • Takes a while to put up


If you’re looking for something easy to put up and disassemble, you should look into this Speed-Way tent. It provides excellent protection from dust, insects, rain, sun, snow and other elements.

There’s built-in locking hardware which allows you to lock the shelter in the lowered position. This provides more convenience and overall ease of use at all times.

It comes with anchor plates for secure mounting and resistance against wind and other elements. On top of that, you can cover your vehicle at any time, even with hot pipes.

The shelter features 100% polyester fabric with 700mm polyurethane coating. The combination of materials is durable and features taped seams for additional waterproofing.

Still, it takes some time to set this one up. Depending on your skill level, it might take you up to thirty minutes to set up the entire construction. Luckily, it comes with some instructions for you to follow if you don’t have much experience.


  • Fits most bikes
  • Sturdy construction
  • Can be bolted


  • Not very steady unless bolted down


This is one of the sturdiest shelters on the market providing cover in all weather conditions. It’s ideal for outdoor use meaning you can bring it with you when going on a longer trip. Still, you can use it in your garage as well, as a way of protecting your bike during winter. (More on how to winterize your ride here.)

It features the Black Oxford 600D material and galvanized coated steel poles. Overall, it measures 106x41x61 inches.

The best thing is that it’s weatherproof and hard wearing. It protects from rain, snow, UV rays and other elements that could affect the vehicle. On top of that, the 16-square pipes, cross-plate, and the locking system keep the bike safely stored and clean.

You can either bold it down or leave it to stand freely. Of course, it’s more durable and resistant when it’s bolted, so make sure to consider that depending on the weather you’re facing. The tent has a decent ventilation system thanks to windows on both sides of the construction.


  • Easy to set up
  • Weatherproof
  • Features a locking system


  • Bolts aren’t included


Quictent is among the best shelters for a wide range of motorcycles. It features 100% waterproof 600D Oxford Fabric PU coating in its interior. On top of that, the entire sewing process was done with PU adhesive stickers for a higher water repellency rating.

It features mesh windows with roll-up tie flaps on two sides for added ventilation. It comes with black TSA Code LOCK for more security and a 600D waterproof Oxford carrying bag.

This one is an excellent choice if you’re often riding long distance. It allows you to set camp even when you haven’t initially planned to do so since you can carry it with you at all times. As such, this one is ideal for people who travel long-distance often.

It’s a durable piece that can withstand different weather conditions. Plus, it takes a little time, and no tools to put this one up which is excellent for unexpected weather inconveniences. 


  • Fits most bikes
  • Easy to set up disassemble
  • Comes with a bag


  • Holds condensation
image of motorcycle on the campground

Biker's Tent Buyer's Guide

Size and Compactness

The size is among the most critical factors you should consider. It’s what determines whether the tent fits your motorcycle and gear or not.

Keep in mind that these shelters cannot be too big since they have to be lightweight and portable. Larger ones are usually quite heavy because the weight provides more stability over the large construction.

Depending on the nature of your trips and purpose you have for the tent, it’s probably going to be a place where you’ll sleep, store the vehicle and keep all your gear.

For this reason, it’s crucial to think about these details beforehand. You also want to consider the number of people it could fit comfortably while still keeping the bike and all your gear covered. It has to be large enough to accommodate all of that while still being practical, light and compact.

If you’re going on a trip by yourself, a shelter that covers both you and vehicle will probably do the job. However, if you’re going with a few people and carrying lots of gear, you’ll need something larger.

Storage Space

It might seem like storage isn’t as crucial, especially if you’re not carrying lots of stuff. However, it’s one of the most important things if you’re looking for a comfortable time inside the tent.

Your tent should provide enough storage space for the vehicle, biking gear, and camping equipment. For this reason, motorcycle shelters are usually somewhat larger than those used for standard camping.

Some models have separate sections for storage where you can keep all the equipment. It’s away from the area you sleep in which can be quite convenient. Others provide one large area for you to sleep in and store the equipment.

Still, the most important storage section is the one where you’ll put the vehicle. There are several options to choose from regarding this as well, so make sure to consider your needs and preferences. Some tents allow you to accommodate the motorcycle inside while others have an extendable rain cover that protects it.

Larger ones have more storage space in most cases, though it really all depends on how big your bike is and how much stuff you’re carrying.

Ease of Set-up and Use

Most constructions don’t take long to set up though it all depends on the size and material featured. Larger models tend to take a while especially if you’re setting them up by yourself. Still, most come with instructions and are relatively easy to use even though some could take up to an hour to set up.

image of a motorcycle parked in a tent

Style and Sleeping Arrangements

Much like in other camping situations, you should consider how many people will use it in order to pick the most convenient option. Still, with motorcycle tents, you have to consider the space required for the vehicle as well as the gear you’re bringing along.

For this reason, a four-person shelter won’t fit four people unless you’re planning to keep the vehicle and all your gear outside for the night.

This is why you have to plan ahead and consider the number of people, amount of gear and the number of people who will sleep in it. Some companies even offer a floor plan showing you how to accommodate everyone to sleep in the shelter.

Even if the shelter doesn’t come with the plan, you can figure this out with ease. The only thing is to remember that tents for X amount of people aren’t necessarily enough for them and your vehicle and gear.

A general rule of thumb is to always lower the recommended number of people. If it’s a single-area tent that can fit four people, you’ll probably only be able to fit two people and your bike. If this isn’t an option, go for the one with separate sleeping and storage areas.


You should always look for the one that offers the most value for your money. Larger motorcycle tents usually cost more money than small ones. Plus, things like sturdy materials, accessories and features might also add to the overall price.

For example, a large model with separate areas, steel pipes, bolts and a bag included is almost always more costly than a simpler, smaller cover.


Weight is another crucial factor to consider that might not seem as important at first. Different models vary in numbers depending on their size, material and accessories included.

Though large and versatile tents offer more space and convenience, they’re usually also heavier. This means it’s more difficult to carry them around especially if you’re already carrying lots of gear.

Smaller ones tend to be lighter, but again, they might not offer as much convenience in terms of storage space and even quality. For this reason, you should consider the way you’d carry the tent.

If you’re traveling light, you probably won’t have any issues carrying even a bit heavier tent with you. But if you’re carrying many bags and heavy gear, the last thing you want is a heavy shelter.

Still, weight affects more than just portability. When it comes to materials, you should go for fiberglass if you want the most lightweight option. Another option is aluminum that’s definitely sturdier though it’s also heavier.

There’s often a balance between durability and weight which is why some materials make it easier to carry but aren’t as resistant and long-lasting. It’s hard to tell which option is the best though since it largely depends on your preferences and needs.

Resistance to Elements

The fundamental purpose of a motorcycle tent is to protect the vehicle from weather elements and insects. It’s an important factor to consider if you want the bike to stay dry and protected from whatever weather you encounter along the way.

One of the most critical resistance features is the rainfly that covers the tent. It prevents water from hitting the shelter surface while also reducing the chances of it forming inside.

Another thing you want to look for is a bathtub floor that protects you and the vehicle from groundwater. It’s the type of floor that extends up to the sides for a few inches.

For wind-resistance, you should just look for a sturdy and durable construction. The fiberglass frame is resistant against most weather elements and strong winds. Still, aluminum is a stronger option though it’s also heavier.

Overall, a quality motorcycle tent is the one that keeps it protected from rain, snow, wind, UV rays and other elements. It should also be able to keep the bugs and insects out especially if people are sleeping in the tent as well.


Ventilation is critical even if no people are sleeping in the shelter. Imagine a hot and humid night in a tent with poor ventilation. Everyone inside will sweat, and because there’s no ventilation, the inside will become that much warmer and more humid.

For your nights in it to be comfortable, it has to have some air vents. The airflow of oxygen keeps the inside comfortable and fresh at all times which is especially important in hot weather conditions.

Most vents allow ventilation through doors and windows. You want the space to be large enough to provide a sufficient air flow but make sure it also has a mesh cover to keep the bugs and insects out.

On top of air vents, breathable material can also help with the airflow. While it makes it more comfortable for people, it creates a better set up for your motorcycle as well preventing it to condensate. 

Additional Considerations

There are several things you should consider when planning a trip on your motorcycle. One of the first things to keep in mind is that you might buy some additional stuff somewhere along the way. This means more items for you to store inside the tent that might not be big enough for that.

Another thing you should take into account is changing weather. You might think that you don’t need the most waterproof tent since it doesn’t rain that frequently where you’re going.

However, what if you’re caught in the rain on your way there or back? You want to be able to rely on your shelter to protect you and the vehicle even in unpredictable situations.

On top of that, you might also want to bring a raincoat with you. Even if you choose the most durable tent, you’ll need a raincoat if you’re going to continue the ride in the rain. It can come in handy if the shelter breaks or rips as well.

Another thing you should carry with you is a medical kit. Most states require you to carry one, but you should have it nonetheless. Some of the pieces in there can help you fix rips on the shelter after a storm.


At this point, you’ve probably found a motorcycle tent that fits your needs. We tried to deliver a versatile list of shelters that can accommodate different bikes and a number of people. These are all the top of what the market has to offer, so it’s just up to you to choose one if you haven’t already.

All of the factors above are equally as important, so think about the size, storage space, durability, and everything else with equal care. The most durable tents are those that have a perfectly balanced combination of all the critical factors, so try not to overlook anything.

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