10 Highest Rated Motorcycle Exhaust Heat Wraps

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Riding a motorcycle can be freeing and exciting, and that’s precisely why people love it. However, there are a few things that can prevent you from thoroughly enjoying the experience. One such thing is the heat coming from the exhaust.

The heat coming from the exhaust can burn your leg and ankle, making your experience uncomfortable rather than enjoyable. Plus, the noise is also another issue you may come across.

The best way to fix both the heat and the noise is to get a motorcycle exhaust wrap. It’s a small solution for the two big problems, so make sure to stick around as we review the best ones.

10 Top Rated Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Reviews


small product image of SunplusTrade
Features: Resistant and durable
Dimensions: 2"x 50’
Vehicle type: Motorcycles and cars
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small product image of LEDAUT
Features: Easy to use, for high temperatures
Dimensions: 2’’x50’, 2’’x16’, 2’’x100’
Vehicle type: Motorcycles and cars
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Design Engineering

small product image of Design Engineering
Design Engineering
Features: Promotes increased flow, highly pliable
Dimensions: 2’’x25’,2’’x50’, 2’’x100’
Vehicle type: Motorcycles and cars
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small product image of ARTR
Features: Durable and resistant, universal tape
Dimensions: 2’’x50’
Vehicle type: Motorcycles and cars
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small product image of HM&FC
Features: Easy to use, durable
Dimensions: 2’’x50’,2’’x32’
Vehicle type: Motorcycles and cars, ATV, UTV
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small product image of LIBERRWAY
Features: Gloves is included, highly pliable
Dimensions: 2’’x50’
Vehicle type: Motorcycles and cars
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small product image of Foneso
Features: Durable, resistant to temperatures and oils
Dimensions: 2’’x50’
Vehicle type: Motorcycles
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small product image of Ucreative
Features: Increased flow, resistant to oils
Dimensions: 2’’x50’
Vehicle type: Motorcycles and cars
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small product image of MUKOOL
Features: 50% reduced heat, improves vehicle performance
Dimensions: 2’’x50’
Vehicle type: Motorcycles, especially for Harley Davidson
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small product image of PACEWALKER
Features: High-temperature resistance, easy to use
Dimensions: 2’’x50’,2’’x16’
Vehicle type: Motorcycles
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SunplusTrade – Abrasion Resistant

This abrasion-resistant wrap comes in a package of two, which is perfect if you have several motorcycles. It measures 50’ x 2’’, featuring 12’’ locking zip ties.

The exhaust tape is resistant to high temperatures and able to withstand 1400°F to 2000°F. This makes it suitable for nearly all motorcycles.

This one is resistant to oil spills, vibration breakdown, high temperatures, and abrasions, so it’s likely to last you a long time.

Another thing worth noting is its ability to reduce the heat under the hood for up to 50%. In many cases, this is ideal for people who ride every day and across longer distances.

It’s a universal tape, meaning that it fits most motorcycles and cars. Still, you can always check with the manufacturer if you’re not sure.



LEDAUT – Twill Weave

This twill weave exhaust wrap comes in several combinations to choose from depending on your needs. The most popular is the 2’’x50’ titanium wrap with 11.8’’ stainless steel locking ties.

It’s important to note that the wrap is made of crushed volcanic rock. It’s highly resistant to vibration breakdown, temperatures, oil spills, and abrasions. However, it may change color during the first few uses.

As we mentioned, it can resist high temperatures very well. In most cases, it withstands temperatures between 1400°F and 2000°F radiant heat.

It’s suitable for all kinds of motorcycles and cars, but make sure to have enough of it by choosing the right package. It reduces the heat under the hood for up to 50%, which is enough to make a huge difference.



Design Engineering – With LR Technology

This titanium wrap is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a strong and durable product. It’s made to deliver improved reliability and thermal performance.

It’s highly resistant when it comes to withstanding high temperatures. It withstands 1800°F of direct heat and some 2500° of intermittent heat.

Also, this one promotes increased flow, allowing better performance while reducing temperature. It’s resistant to vibration breakdown as it’s designed to last a long time.

An accidental oil spill won’t ruin it either since it’s resistant to most motorcycle fluids as well.

Keep in mind that you may need an extra pair of hands to install the wrap. A pre-wetting role is also a good thing to have at hand in case you struggle with the installation. Still, this one is pliable, allowing a tight and secure fit.



ARTR – Universal

ARTR is a universal tape, allowing versatile use on all kinds of motorcycles and cars. It can withstand 1800° direct heat and 2500° intermittent heat. You should always keep this in mind to figure out if it will fit your vehicle.

It’s made from crushed lava rock and is pretty resistant. However, it may change color after a few first uses. This won’t affect its performance; it’s just a reaction to the heat.

Speaking of heat, this one is designed to reduce temperatures as well as vibration breakdown. It’s made to last a long time, so you probably won’t have to replace it any time soon.

Keep in mind that there’s 50’ of tape that measures 2’’ in width. This should be enough for most bikes. Also, the package includes ten pieces of 11.8’’ stainless steel locking ties.



HM&FC – Multipurpose

HM&FC is a multipurpose wrap made entirely out of fiberglass. It can withstand high temperatures, and its color won’t fade below 1000°F.

The package includes a roll of black tape that’s 2’’ wide and 1/16’’ thick. It’s a 50’ long roll that should be enough for most bikes.

Another thing worth noting is that it comes with six stainless steel zip ties. A heat shield glove is also included to provide a more comfortable and safer installation. It’s a disposable glove, so you can throw it away once you have the wrap in place.

As we said, this is a multipurpose tape that’s meant for exhausts but also any other piece of your equipment that you want to protect from heat.

It’s simple to work with, even if you don’t have any previous experience.



LIBERRWAY – Easy Installation

Liberrway is a premium quality exhaust wrap. It’s made of pulverized lava rock, reducing heat under the hood for up to 50%. As such, it improves the performance of your motorcycle or whatever vehicle you use it on.

It’s designed to withstand 1400°F of direct heat and 2000°F of intermittent heat. Thanks to such durability, it’s reliable and provides improved thermal performance. This one is highly resistant to oil spills as well as abrasions and vibration breakdown.

When it comes to installation, you should know that the process isn’t too complicated. However, you should soak it in water to prevent fiberglass from flying around.

It’s highly pliable, allowing a secure and tight wrap. Keep in mind that it measures 2’’x50’ with a thickness of 1/16’’. Also, it includes ten pieces of stainless steel zip ties.



Foneso – Black

Foneso is a great choice if you need two rolls of 2’’x50’ heat wrap. It comes with 24 stainless steel locking ties and is ideal for motorcycles and cars.

The wraps are made of fiberglass, so you might want to soak them in water before use. It’s to prevent the fibers from flying around during installation. Still, some threads may fly about, clinging to your shirt.

It’s meant to reduce radiant motor temperatures by up to 50%. Since high under-hood temperature can reduce the performance of your motorbike, having an exhaust wrap will reduce the heat.

Still, the biggest issue with it is the installation process.

You should wear protective gloves to ensure maximum safety when working with Foneso.

Overall, it’s a durable and efficient tape that won’t change color as quickly as most wraps do.



Ucreative – Titanium

Ucreative is a titanium wrap that’s simple to use, durable and resistant. It’s versatile and suitable for all kinds of vehicles. Plus, its universal application makes it easy to install on all cars and motorcycles.

It’s highly resistant to temperatures and vibration breakdown. It can withstand 1800°F of direct heat and some 2500°F of intermittent heat, which is the highest for most wraps on the market.

It’s designed to promote increased flow, allowing better performance by reducing under-hood temperature. Also, it’s pretty resistant to oils as well, so accidental leakage is unlikely to damage it.

The material is made from crushed lava rock. The tape measures 50 feet and is 2 inches wide. As always, it’s recommended to wear gloves during installation. A pair of protective eyeglasses may also be a good idea.



MUKOOL – Ideal Durability

Mukool is a black fiberglass exhaust tape that measures 1/16’’ x 2’’ x 50’. It comes with fifteen 11.8’’ locking ties as well.

It’s made to improve the performance of your motorcycle by creating more horsepower and reducing under-hood temperatures. It reduces the heat for up to 50%.

This tightly woven heat shield is durable and made to last you a long time. One roll is enough for a single medium exhaust header, keeping in mind that you need one locking tie for each meter of tape.

Don’t worry if you lack experience because Mukool included precise instructions on how to use the wrap. You can use it on the exhaust, or to protect other motorcycle parts.

In most cases, it’s recommended for Harley Davidson bikes, although it works pretty well on others as well.



PACEWALKER – Ideal Heat Reduction

This thermal heat wrap is made to reduce the heat of your motorcycle for up to 50%. It’s easy to install, although it’s recommended you wear protective gloves. Also, you should soak the tape before installing it to prevent as many fibers from flying around.

This is a titanium wrap that’s engineered to be stronger and more durable than most similar wraps. It’s among the best choices if you’re looking for reliability and improved thermal performance.

It can withstand temperatures up to 2000°F, allowing you to use it on the exhaust but also a wide range of other vital components.

It comes with four stainless steel locking ties and a pair of protective gloves.



Considerations in Buying a Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap


Motorcycle wraps are designed to insulate your exhaust system. For this reason, you should look for one that’s made to do nothing less than that.

The first thing you should consider is how the material is woven. Is it dense enough to insulate the heated components?

Make sure that the design is durable and made to improve the overall performance. Most wraps are similarly designed, although some variations exist.

Heat Capacity

Heat capacity and high thermal resistance are critical. It’s because exhaust pipes can get very hot during extended riders, especially at high speeds and during warm weather.

You want the wrap to be able to endure the heat. As you noticed, most products we reviewed have a high resistance to temperatures.

In most cases, they can handle anything between 1000°F to 1800°F of direct heat and some 2500°F of intermittent heat.


Most tapes are made of fiberglass, although you can come across other materials manufactured from volcanic rocks and minerals. These are typically mixed with Acetylene or another such substance.

The materials are turned into tough fibers, which allow the wrap to withstand rough use, hot temperatures, and vibration.

Titanium interwoven with lava rock is another highly durable option that’s equally as popular.

image of exhaust wrap for motorbike


It’s essential to go for a durable wrap if you want to use it for a long time. Plus, this is even more important if you use your bike every day, exposing the wrap to continuous heat.

Durability typically comes from the material but also design. For this reason, make sure that the one you choose is made of strong materials and densely interwoven.

Keep in mind that only the most durable materials can protect your pipes and ensure long service life.


The thickness varies, but you should go for at least 1.16 inches. This thickness is the best to keep your legs and pants protected from the exhaust pipe heat.

A good wrap is thick enough to protect you against these issues so that you don’t end up with burnt pants every time you ride.

The thickness allows you to enjoy longer rides even at high speeds. It reduces the radiating heat, making your rides more comfortable.


Quality is always essential, so make sure to go for the best you can find. In most cases, the most quality-made wraps are typically more expensive. However, the price is usually worth it as these are made to last a long time.

Quality depends on many things such as materials, but also the thickness and the design of the wrap. Only the best product can withstand heat, oils, vibration, and can also reduce noise.

Noise Reduction

Vibration noise can get pretty distracting and make even the shortest rides uncomfortable. However, by wrapping the exhaust, you actually reduce the vibration noise.

This is usually a problem for people who ride on rougher terrain. But, a wrapped exhaust will get rid of the high-pitch clanging sound, giving you more confidence to ride regardless of the road surface.

It’s a simple trick that shows that there’s more to exhaust wraps than just heat protection.


Once you wrap the exhaust pipes, you’ll have to secure the tape in place so that it doesn’t come off. For this, you need stainless zipper locks, and they’re usually included with the wrap.

Some manufacturers include more zipper locks than others, but in most cases, you’ll receive enough to wrap your pipes.

Also, some brands include protective gloves that you should most definitely wear during installation.

What Does an Exhaust Wrap Do?

A motorcycle exhaust wrap is meant to protect you against the radiating heat. However, it’s also meant to improve the overall performance of your motorbike in a few ways.

It keeps all the gases heated, which means they get to flow more efficiently. The faster flow minimizes the pumping loss while also increasing the scavenging effect.

A good wrap also reduces the under-hood temperatures, ensuring that the intake air is cool enough.

What is a Header Wrap?

image of motorcycle with exhaust wrap

A header wrap has plenty of uses. Most people choose to install one to improve the performance of their bikes but also to protect their legs and pants.

However, some riders wrap the exhaust pipe to make the motorcycle more aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve had your bike for a while, it probably looks less than perfect. Using an exhaust wrap will cover the scratches and make your vehicle look good again.

Also, by wrapping the pipes, you ensure more horsepower. A quality tape will protect your components, extending their service life so that you don’t have to repair or replace them as often.

Should You Use an Exhaust Tape?


The most significant advantage of exhaust tape is that it can reduce and increase heat in all the right places. By wrapping the pipes, you prevent them from cooling as quickly as they usually would. As a result, all the gases can flow through the engine faster.

Also, the wrap keeps the exhaust heat contained inside the header, increasing the overall horsepower of your motorcycle.


As we said, wrapping your exhaust will cause it to be hotter. Sadly, the increased heat could damage your catalytic converter, which is quite an expensive part to replace.

Also, you may void your warranty by wrapping the exhaust.

Another drawback worth mentioning is condensation buildup. Once you wrap the exhaust, you prevent any air from going in and around it. As a result, there will be condensation and eventually rust.

Tips in Installation

The first thing you should do is clean the pipe you want to wrap. Read the instructions you received with the tape so that you can install it properly.

It’s essential to read the instructions because some wraps should be soaked in water while others can stay dry. Roll the tape around the pipe and secure it with the stainless steel locking ties you probably also received.

Make sure to wear protective equipment, especially if the manufacturer recommends it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it last?

This is difficult to answer because overall longevity depends on many things. How often do you ride, and across what kind of terrain? This is an important factor that affects the longevity of most wraps.

Most of them won’t last longer than a few months. However, high-quality brands offer a one-year warranty.

How much is needed?

As you noticed, most products that we reviewed come in a roll that measures 2’’ x 50’. This is the best size as it’s usually enough for an average exhaust.

If you’re unsure about how much tape you’ll need, you can always purchase two rolls. In any case, you’ll end up using it all anyway.

Does it work?

This really depends on what you need the wrap for. Are you looking to improve the performance of your bike or to protect your legs and pants?

A good wrap can deliver a bit of everything we mentioned. If nothing, you’ll notice that it’s much more pleasant to ride in hot weather when your exhaust is covered.

How much would it cost?

Wraps are generally quite cheap. You should first think about what you want from your exhaust tape. This can help you figure out how much you’ll have to spend.

Keep in mind that some of the best tapes are also a bit more expensive than the rest.


Wrapping your exhaust can make all the difference in how your bike performs and behaves. And, what’s even better is that motorcycle exhaust wraps are usually affordable and pretty simple to install.

You should still choose carefully, keeping in mind the buying factors we discussed. With these in mind, you can easily pick the best one if you haven’t already.

Wrapping can do a lot for you in terms of performance, comfort, and longevity of bike components. Try to go for the best tape you can find, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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