10 Highest Rated Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

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Is your motorcycle unusually loud? If so, it may be time to replace your existing exhaust system with a new one.

Top motorcycle exhausts allow silent riding with no fumes to disturb your experience. The technology has advanced, and the market now offers plenty of different models.

However, the choice isn’t as simple because there are as many feature-packed products out there. This can overwhelm even the most experienced rider, let alone a beginner.

Take a few minutes to discover the best exhausts. We included a little buyer’s guide and answered some frequently asked questions to help you choose one.

10 Top Rated Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes Reviewed

Radiant Cycles

small product image of Radiant Cycles
Radiant Cycles
Features: Powder-coated, simple installation
Material: Premium quality material
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small product image of Maso
Features: Easy to install and remove
Material: Durable material
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small product image of XMT-MOTO

Features: Highly compatible, easy to install
Material: Cold rolled steel
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small product image of JFG RACING exhaust
Features: Reduces noises, increases power performance
Material: Stainless steel
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small product image of BADASS SHARKS 22mm
Features: Easy to mount, quiet
Material: Metal
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small product image of Yoshimura TRC
Features: Reduces noises, durable and resistant
Material: Carbon Fiber
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small product image of AKRAPOVIC
Features: Looks great, improved performance
Material: Titanium body construction
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VooDoo Industries

small product image of VooDoo Industries
VooDoo Industries
Features: Easy to install, Heavy-duty and resistant
Material: Chrome-plated outer shell
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small product image of EMGO
Features: Versatile and compatible
Material: Heavy-duty construction
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M4 Performance Exhaust

small product image of M4 Performance Exhaust
M4 Performance Exhaust
Features: User-friendly, durable
Material: Chrome-plated
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Radiant Cycles – Slip-on

This slip-on exhaust fits 2006 to 2020 Yamaha models but is also suitable for other motorcycles. It fits 45mm OD OEM catalytic converter chamber pipe.

Installation is rather simple since all you have to do is remove your old muffler before slipping this one in its place.

Radiant Cycles exhaust is hollow with a thin baffle inside. It’s designed and manufactured to fit onto the factory catalytic converter chamber with a 45mm OD size.

The system is made with durability in mind, which means it will last a long time regardless of how frequently you ride. The high flow baffle installed as a thin structure within the exhaust increases its overall productivity.

It comes with a 60-day warranty deal and a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can text the pipe and return it in case you’re not satisfied.



Maso – Silencer

This universal muffler is adjustable and removable. It’s often recommended for beginners because it’s easy to install and equally as easy to remove.

It’s compatible with exhaust pipe tails that are 35mm in diameter. It’s 140mm long and has an outside diameter of 60mm. Also, its thread size is 6mm.

This one is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a quiet exhaust because it’s designed to reduce deep biking sounds.

One thing to keep in mind is that it comes without any installation instructions. It’s easy to mount, but you may want professional help if you don’t have any experience.

It comes in three different sizes for you to choose, depending on the motorcycle you ride. When choosing the right size, make sure to allow 0.5 to 1-inch difference.



XMT-MOTO – Ideal for Harleys

This may be the best choice if you ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It fits all touring models with dual exhaust, including 1995 to 2016 bikes.

These are made of cold-rolled steel and come in black color only. They’re about 76cm long and have a 4.6cm inlet with a 10cm outlet. Make sure to check if these dimensions work for the particular Harley you have.

Another important thing to mention is the ease of installation. The system is easy to mount and remove when needed. However, its durability and resistance ensure longevity, meaning that you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

The package includes a pair of exhaust pipes and a pair of end caps. You may want to consider professional installation if you don’t have as much experience.



JFG RACING – Universal

This universal slip-on muffler can be used for scooters, dirt bikes, street bikes, BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and other motorcycles.

It’s a highly durable product since it’s made of stainless steel with a frosted surface. This ensures longevity and durability, regardless of how frequently you ride.

The modern design makes this muffler a good fit for most motorbikes. It’s designed to look good while increasing the power performance of your bike.

It comes with a stainless steel welding adaptor that helps to fit pipes 38mm to 51mm. Also, it reduces the overall noise, allowing a quieter and smoother ride.

The manufacturer offers a 180-day warranty, which allows you to test the product and return it in case it doesn’t satisfy your needs.



BADASS SHARKS – Ideal for Street Dirt Bike

This Badass Sharks exhaust is one of the best choices for street dirt bikes because it’s made of metal and has a perfect size to fit these vehicles.

It measures 2.4×11 inches with an inlet diameter of 22mm. It’s one size, so make sure to check if it will fit your motorbike without any modifications.

The package includes a pipe muffler, an adapter, and an asbestos gasket. Installation is rather simple, although you may need some professional help, depending on your skills and experience.

It’s designed to muffle the noises, making your ride quieter and smoother. However, this depends on your motorbike and the engine it has.

You should check compatibility by either consulting with your mechanic or calling the manufacturer’s customer service.



Yoshimura – Complete

This complete exhaust system is an ideal choice Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2008-2011 motorcycles. The tri-oval system is designed to fit the look of the motorcycle, delivering power and quiet operation.

Also, this one is made keeping in mind the noise compliance regulations, so you can be sure that it won’t create any unnecessary noise. It helps to reduce noises, making your rides more comfortable and smoother.

One thing to keep in mind is that Yoshimura isn’t intended for street use. The system was developed for closed-course competition only.

It features a tri-oval design, along with a cone-shaped end cap. It also has a removable low-volume insert. Another thing worth noting is its laser-etched heel guard that brings both function and style.




You should consider this model if you’re looking for a sporty slip-on muffler. It offers an excellent balance between performance and price.

The most important thing to mention is that it’s made of titanium. This gives you a MotoGP touch, enhancing the overall look of your motorbike.

It’s designed to deliver power and torque over the RPM range while reducing weight. However, it doesn’t meet emission compliance requirements for street use, so you’ll have to use it on tracks only.

Overall, this one is a simple solution if you’re looking to add more power and improve the performance of your motorbike. It’s a stylish slip-on exhaust system that fits most motorcycles, enhancing the design of the vehicle.

Plus, it’s quiet so that you can enjoy the ride without too much noise spoiling the experience.



VooDoo Industries – Café Style

This one is designed to fit 1-3/4 and 1-1/2-inch pipes. It’s an ideal choice if you’re looking to replace or modify a classic German, Japanese, and British bike.

Although it’s one of the most durable models on the market, it’s designed to deliver a loud sound. It has internal baffles along with high warmth pressing, but it could be a bit too noisy for some people.

Still, this one is quite simple to install. It measures 2-2.5 inches in outer diameter. An adapter is also included.

The pipes feature a chrome-plated outer shell that adds even more to the overall durability. Plus, chrome looks great on all motorcycles.

Although it’s easy to install, you may want to have a professional help you if you don’t have any previous experience. Sadly, no instructions are included.



EMGO – Chrome Plated

This one is rather short, measuring only 12 in length. It’s meant to be used on either the left or right side, featuring a reducer set for 1-1/2 and 1-3/4 inches pipes.

The outside diameter measures 2-3/8 inches. But, keep in mind that every muffler end has a different size. The mounting bracket is adjustable, and you can rotate it for more versatility. However, you’ll maybe have to cut and drill so that it fits successively, depending on your motorbike.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this one doesn’t come with clamps. You’ll have to buy them separately, depending on the side you want to install the exhaust on.

It’s generally a pretty compatible model, fitting exhaust sizes between 1-1/2 inches and 1-3/4 inches. It comes with a fiberglass core and a chrome-plated outer shell for some extra durability.



M4 Performance Exhaust – Best Performance

Suzuki M4 GP exhaust is among the best choices as it comes from a reliable and well-known company. Suzuki has been around for ages, producing the best motorcycles and accessories, so it’s unlikely you’d go wrong with this one.

This exhaust is among the finest and most impressive models on the market. It’s a perfect balance between durability and affordability.

It brings both style and function without being a danger to your health or environment. Customers report excellent quality along with good sounds. It’s not too quiet or too loud.

This is an aluminum-clad, stainless steel product, delivering longevity, durability, and supreme performance. The sturdy construction and black color are a great addition to all motorcycle styles.

It’s a rather user-friendly design since it’s easy to install and equally as easy to remove. It’s designed as a slip-on product for ultimate ease of use.



image of motorcycle exhaust

What to Consider in Buying a Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe


As you noticed, there are different types of motorcycle exhausts. You’ll have to choose between slip-on and full systems, depending on your needs and preferences.

A slip-on exhaust is meant to be placed over an already existing system. All you have to do is replace the muffler, leaving the pipes.

On the other hand, a full system is meant to replace everything. Installing a full system is much more challenging than installing a slip-on model.


It’s always important to consider the materials used to make the exhaust. The most commonly used material is carbon fiber, although titanium is quite popular as well.

These materials are the most durable but lightweight. You may also come across stainless steel that’s equally as lightweight but a bit more affordable.

Chromed steel is a great option if you want durability and performance, as well as great looks. Aluminum is another option that’s even more affordable than steel.


The truth is, you can’t just buy any exhaust you like because it might not fit your motorcycle. Different engine types require exhausts with a specific configuration in order to function properly.

For this reason, you should know your motorbike and what is best for the specific vehicle you have. You may want to consult with a professional if you’re a beginner and don’t have as much experience.

Buying a new exhaust is simple, but you don’t want to end up with one you can’t use.

Brand and Manufacturer Reputation / Reviews

Many brands on the market promise to deliver the best exhausts. While many of them are reliable, you should always do your research to ensure you’re getting the best of the best.

The best way to learn a bit about the brand is to check customer reviews and reports. This way, you can learn how people feel about the particular product after using it.

Plus, many people speak about customer service and the brand’s integrity as well.


Make sure to research how well does the exhaust work. As we said, you don’t want to end up with a model that doesn’t fit you or doesn’t work as well as you hoped.

The efficiency determines the level of maintenance, so it’s definitely a factor you should research. Again, one of the best ways to figure this out is to check the reports of people who have already used it.

Look for the most durable and quality-made models since those are usually the most efficient.


You should always think about how much money you’re willing to spend. Having a budget in mind makes it easier to narrow the list down to only a few choices.

However, make sure to focus on the quality and efficiency more so than price. Having a budget in mind makes the buying process less time-consuming, but you still want to take the time to consider the important buying factors we discussed.

image of motorbike exhaust focus

What is the Purpose of Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes?

Prevents Noise

An exhaust pipe is meant to muffle the noise that your motorcycle makes. It’s among the best ways to reduce the noise to achieve a quieter and more comfortable riding experience.

This is especially important if you ride in the city. It allows you to ride without making too much unnecessary noise, attracting unwanted attention.

Better Engine Performance

Replacing the factory pipe improves overall engine performance. You’ll notice that your vehicle performs better than ever once you install a new muffler.

Improved engine performance allows you to ride more comfortably and without worrying about any potential injuries and accidents.

Blows Combustion Gases Away

An exhaust system is meant to keep the harmful gasses away from you and your passenger. It’s a significant benefit that means a lot to your health.

The engine has a burning process, emitting gasses that you want as far as possible. A quality-made exhaust is designed to route the gasses away from you.

Different Types of Exhausts

Single Exit

Single exit pipes are the most common ones that you can usually see on cars and trucks.  As its name implies, it requires only one pipe to work.

The reason why this one is as commonly used is that it’s simple. It’s easy to install and overall quite user-friendly. Plus, it’s important to note that these are also the cheapest.

Opposite Dual Exhaust

The opposite dual exhaust system wraps around the wheel and is usually found on large vehicles. You’ll probably see it on vehicles that are meant to tow heavy loads as well.

These are similar to dual rear exit pipes and are quite efficient for the right type of vehicle. It’s unlikely you’ll find this exhaust on a light-duty motorcycle, but anything’s possible since mechanics like to experiment sometimes.

Dual Rear Exit

These are typically used on sport vehicles. It consists of two pipes that are attached under the bumper, giving a rather unique and deep sound.

The great thing about these pipes is that they’re quite durable and resistant. They’re ideal for rough use and frequent riding due to their heavy-duty construction and efficiency.

image biker polishing his motorcycle

Why You Should Replace Your Factory System

The system you have on your motorcycle is probably rather simple. This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad system, but it does mean that it’s not the best.

The most common reason why people replace their factory system is to reduce the weight of the bike. The large, steel system you have right now is probably much heavier than an aftermarket titanium model with a short muffler.

Another big reason why you should replace the factory system is noise. You can change the way your vehicle sounds by changing the exhaust pipe.

How to Install a Motorcycle Exhaust

Installing a motorcycle exhaust should be simple, but the process usually depends on many things. It depends on the bike you ride, your skills, and the type of system you’re installing.

Slip-on exhaust requires a few minutes before you’re ready to ride. However, other systems require more time because you’d have to remove body panels to get to the exhaust system.

How well do you understand the exhaust system? Are you skilled enough? You’ll have to use a few tools and mount the pipe properly for everything to function.

For this reason, it may be better to have a professional do this for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are aftermarket exhausts safe for the engine?

An aftermarket exhaust is safe to use as long as you choose the one that fits your engine. Although many people like to stick to the factory-installed system, aftermarket models are usually far more improved and non-restricted by emissions regulations.

What’s the difference between drag pipes and open exhausts?

An open exhaust system allows the engine to release all the emissions and gasses. This increases the overall horsepower and performance of your motorcycle.

On the other hand, a drag pipe makes it very difficult to turn your motorbike. It’s an opposite system that delivers the opposite results.

How can I clean them?

Cleaning your pipes is essential in order to maintain the peak performance they deliver. Plus, the process is rather simple as well, and all you need is a metal cleaner.

Apply the product for a few minutes before scrubbing it with a pad. Rinse it with water using a spray bottle and apply some metal polish.


Hopefully, you found the best exhaust to replace your original system. You should be able to choose easily now that you know the many benefits aftermarket models come with.

Take a second glance at our reviews to choose one if you haven’t already. Make sure to keep these buying factors in mind because they make it easy to select the one that fits your vehicle the best.

You should know your bike in order to make the best decision, so you may want to consult with a professional if it’s your first time replacing the exhaust pipe.

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