4 Top Rated Motorcycle GoPros Reviewed

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How many times you’ve wanted to relive a riding adventure? Many people love having photos and videos to watch later or to show their friends.

Still, it’s not always easy to take pictures when riding. Not only that it’s a bit challenging, but it can also be somewhat dangerous.

For this reason, you might want to consider getting a GoPro for a motorcycle. These cameras are useful, convenient, and easy to use for capturing both videos and photos.

Take a few minutes to discover the top GoPro for motorcycles and crucial buying factors you should consider when picking one among many models.

4 Highest Rated GoPros for Motorcycle Rider Reviews

GoPro Hero5

small product image of GoPro
GoPro Hero5
Features: Several mounting options, built-in touch screen
Video Capture Resolution: 4K30, 2.7K60, 1080p120
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small product image of GoPro HERO8
Features: LiveBurst and SuperPhoto modes, live streaming
Video Capture Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p
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small product image of GoPro HERO7
Features: Video stabilization, voice control
Video Capture Resolution: 4K
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small product image of GoPro MAX
Features: Automatically adjusts speed, live streaming
Video Capture Resolution: HERO Mode 1440p60 / 1080p60
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GoPro Hero5 – Waterproof

GoPro Hero5 might be your best option if you’re looking for a waterproof camera. It makes it easy to take 4K videos and 12MP photos in several modes, including time-lapse, burst, and single-mode.

It features a durable design that can take on quite a beating. It’s waterproof in up to 33 feet of water and can handle rain showers and splashing.

One of the best things is its versatility when it comes to time-lapse photo intervals. It shoots every 0.5 to 60 seconds, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

You can also use it to preview your shots, trim your footage, change all settings, and play with what you’ve recorded without connecting it to your computer.

Also, this one comes with a user manual on technical specifications.



GoPro HERO8 - Ultra HD GoPro HERO7 - Touch Screen

HERO8 is one of the most advanced GoPro models with three levels of stabilization. It offers a wide view and works with all frame rates and resolutions.

Its unique design allows you to carry it in your pocket while the folding fingers allow quick mounting. Its lens is durable and impact-resistant, which is ideal for off-road riding.

One of the best things about it is the live streaming you can do in 1080p. HyperSmooth stabilization makes the experience effortless and smooth, and you can also save the footage on the SD card included.

The TimeWarp 2.0 time-lapse videos are ideal for capturing your adventures. The camera automatically adjusts speed based on the lighting, motion, and the scene around you.

This one has a 3.5mm microphone adapter, a USB cable, and several mounting options.



GoPro HERO7 - Touch Screen

GoPro HERO7 is a touchscreen camera that allows you to make 4K videos. You can shoot time-lapse videos and share different moments from your time riding.

Hero7 is a rugged and durable camera that can handle rough riding. The casing is waterproof, which means you can use it during wet weather conditions.

It’s important to mention its intuitive touchscreen design. It makes it easy to capture photos and videos, change between modes, change settings, and more.

Voice control is another feature worth mentioning. It allows you to stay in the moment, enjoying your ride without having to focus on settings and controls too much.

It has video stabilization, which is always essential for capturing motorcycle adventures since most videos tend to be shaky without it.

It also has a photo timer option and allows you to capture footage vertically.



GoPro MAX - Ideal for Live Streaming or Vlogging

GoPro MAX offers plenty of modes and styles you can choose when shooting videos and photos. Some of the most popular features are the 360° footage, front-facing screen, and video stabilization.

This one is among the best choices if you’re looking to live-stream your riding adventures. It streams videos in 1080p, allowing you to broadcast your footage as you go. It also saves it to your SD for later reviewing.

It features horizon leveling and video stabilization, both of which are crucial for the quality of your videos. Plus, you can take action shots, vertical pictures, selfies, and 270° panoramic photos.

GoPro MAX has a stereo sound system and four digital lenses to choose from. You can choose between narrow, linear, wide, and max SuperView modes to make fantastic footage.



What to Consider in Buying a Go Pro for Your Motorcycle

Battery Life

Battery life is always critical when capturing your motorcycle adventures. Sadly, most GoPros don’t have a long battery life as it usually ranges between 80 minutes to two hours.

Although you might think that two hours of footage isn’t enough to capture the best of your adventure, it usually is.

One thing to keep in mind is that some features might shorten the battery life. Using some frames or shooting in high quality tends to drain the battery faster.

GoPros come with USB cables so that you can recharge the device using your computer.

Size and Weight

GoPros are known for their compact size and reduced weight. These devices are convenient to carry around thanks to their small size and lightweight casing.

Still, you should always double-check these specifications before purchasing any model. Most of them have a small size so that you can carry them in your pocket or bag.

Most weigh around 5 ounces, which is quite lightweight for most people. It’s an ideal weight regardless of where you want to mount the camera since you probably won’t even notice it’s there.

Large and heavy cameras are often distracting and uncomfortable to carry, which is why GoPro stands out.


Image quality is now much higher than it was a few years ago. New GoPro cameras make it easy to shoot clear videos and photos thanks to many innovative technologies.

As you may have noticed, most models shoot videos in 4k, featuring video stabilization and automatic lighting and scene detection. Still, it would help if you checked video and photo specifications to make sure they’d work for your needs.

Image and video quality is always essential, but even more so if you’re riding across bumpy terrain. Only the best cameras can capture clear footage in these conditions.


As we said, GoPros are compact and lightweight, which means you probably won’t have any issues with portability. These are made for shooting on the go, which is why they’re this compact and easy to use.

GoPro is typically small enough to fit in your pocket or bag. Many come in pouches or hard cases to make portability even easier, protecting the lens and other parts along the way.

Plus, nearly every type is easy to mount since most offer more than just one mounting option. Given that they’re lightweight and small, the cameras are perfect for carrying on your handlebars or helmet.


Connectivity is a significant factor to consider as it affects how easily you can transfer your footage from GoPro to a computer or tablet.

Most cameras have an SD card you can use to transfer data if you don’t want to connect one device to the other.

As you may have noticed, most models come with a USB cable. Those that don’t have a cable usually have Bluetooth, allowing a more effortless transfer.

Keep in mind that you can probably use any USB cable with a fitting port even if you didn’t receive one with your camera.


You should always aim for the most durable GoPro if you want to use it when riding a motorcycle. Most of your equipment goes through quite a beating when you’re on the road, and your camera won’t be an exception.

For this reason, make sure that it has a rugged and durable casing that can handle an occasional drop to the ground. You might want it to be waterproof as well, especially if you ride in variable weather (and pick up some great rain gear here).

Most models have a sturdy case along with strong mounting buckles. Many are also waterproof, making it easy to ride near water and in wet weather conditions.

Max Frame Rate

Max frame rate is another significant factor you should consider before buying any GoPro. As you may know, a higher frame rate allows smoother slow-motion footage.

Now, your riding adventures usually include bumpy terrain and variable conditions. This is where a high max rate can help deliver smooth footage regardless of where your camera is mounted.

This information shouldn’t be too challenging to find since GoPro shares it upfront for all its cameras. This way, you know what you’re working with.

If not, you might want to contact the company or check customer reviews.


GoPro cameras are known to be quite expensive, so don’t expect to find a cheap one. Still, the company offers a wide range of models, some of which are more affordable than others.

The prices usually go from $200 to $400, meaning that there’s probably a camera for everyone’s budget. However, it would help if you thought about your budget before you start searching for a GoPro.

Having a clear idea of how much money you want to spend makes decision making easier. It can help focus on a few models without wasting money on those above your preferred price point.

Benefits of Buying a Go Pro for Motorcycles

Analyze Your Riding Skills

A quality GoPro allows you to film your adventure so that you can review it later. More often than not, reviewing your riding after a few hours will enable you to see things you can’t see on the road.

Analyzing your riding skills like this makes it easy to spot what you’re doing well and what you have to work on.

This is highly beneficial to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a professional racer or an amateur.

Share Your Adventures

How many times you’ve found yourself trying to explain to others how fun your adventures are? You no longer have to look for the right words since you can show them the footage of your time on the road.

Making photos and videos of your adventures allows you to show everyone what it is that you’re doing. You can share this with your friends and family or even post it on social media for everyone to see.

Document Your Riding Experience

Having a GoPro attached somewhere on your body or motorcycle allows you to capture your riding experience. You can make both photos and videos of your adventure.

There are many things you can do with this footage later on. Some people document their riding experience to review it later. This can help you with improving your skills.

Others document their riding for other people to see it. In any case, recording your experience gives you a wide range of options.

User Friendly

Many people think they can do this by attaching any camera to your bike. And while that’s true, you might find other cameras more challenging to use.

GoPros are made to record an adventure, which means these cameras are durable, resistant, and suitable for different weather conditions.

Plus, all models are user-friendly and easy to use, meaning that you don’t need much experience to make great footage. Some are more intuitive than others, but they all come with detailed user manuals.

image of woman using gopro

Types of GoPros for Mounts


The handlebar mount is designed to work on handlebars that are up to 2.5 inches wide. These are simple to use and perfect for small spaces, which means you can also use them on your seat post.

It’s a good option even if you don’t have much space on your handlebars.


Most riders choose to mount their GoPros on their helmets. You can do this in several ways, depending on how rough your riding usually is.

It’s either an adhesive with a swivel adapter or a specially made mount for your helmet. These usually attach to the side of a helmet.

View more helmet cameras here.


This is another common way of mounting a GoPro on your body. Some straps are for your wrist, hand, leg, and arm. Others are meant to go under your helmet or somewhere on your upper body.

Straps are typically meant for surfing and motocross, but many people use them for other activities.


The clamp system is one of the most secure ways of attaching a GoPro to your bike. It’s similar to a pair of pliers, gripping onto different objects like your handlebars.

These clamps usually have a quick-release adapter and are easy to attach and remove.


Adhesive works on most surfaces that are either flat or slightly curved. These have a buckle adapter and are usually worn on helmets.

This is a strong system, so it might be your best option if you’re looking for a reliable and waterproof way of attaching your GoPro.

Suction Cup

A suction cup is the least reliable way of attaching your camera. However, you can make it work if you have a flat surface like a windshield.

It’s safe to use on boats and other similar vehicles with a flat surface. It’s a small mount that’s suitable for speeds up to 150mph.

GoPro Tips that You Must Remember When Riding

The first thing to remember is that shooting in 4K video will most likely wear down your battery quickly. Consider setting your camera to a lower setting if you want your battery to last longer.

Another thing you might want to think about is how much storage your camera has. Consider buying a few extra SD cards to carry with you.

Remember to buy a protective case for your GoPro if you didn’t receive one. You might also want to have a microfiber cloth with you to clean the lens now and then.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my GoPro to edit photos and videos?

Most GoPros have editing software you can use to edit videos and photos on the camera. However, many people prefer editing their footage on a laptop or PC using other software.

It’s up to you to choose how you want to do this, but remember that 4K videos require a computer that can handle the resolution.

How long does a GoPro battery last?

This depends on the particular GoPro you have and the aspect ratio you record in. As mentioned, recording in 4K quality drains your battery faster.

In most cases, you get about 90 minutes of battery life, so you might want to bring spare batteries.

Are GoPros suitable for motocross riding?

GoPros are suitable for motocross as long as you ensure your camera is mounted securely in place. Motocross often involves riding on rough terrain, so it’s important to prevent the GoPro from falling.

Since the ride is usually bumpy, make sure that your camera can focus and work in such a dusty environment.


GoPro is one of the best options for capturing motorcycle adventures. The company offers plenty of different models with a wide range of abilities for shooting both videos and photos.

Most models are user-friendly and easy to use regardless of whether you have previous experience. Plus, you have several mounting options to choose from based on your preference.

Hopefully, the buying guide included helped you pick one of these GoPros. If not, you might want to go back to revise some of the most critical factors while keeping in mind your needs and preferences.

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