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Women's Motorcycle Riding
Beginners Guide

Seeing a woman on a motorcycle is always an attraction as there’s something very unique about these women. If you’re interested in riding, you’re probably wondering how and where to start. It’s a common question that beginners face.


Getting into motorcycling is a big deal, which is why you should think about every step carefully. It’s essential to take your time picking a bike as well as learning how to ride.


We’ve prepared a little beginner’s guide to women getting into motorcycling. Take a moment to read the article below as we provide useful tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Statistics of Women Riders in the U.S.

Believe it or not, nearly 20% of bikers are women. According to the survey conducted by the Motorcycle Industry Council, the number is still growing mostly thanks to Millennials.


The survey showed that 26% of millennials and 22% of Gen X riders are women. Only a decade ago, the number was at least 10% lower, which means that motorcycling is now more popular than ever.


Since the number is always growing, it’s expected that women will make up to 25% of motorcycle owners very soon.

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What Motivates Women to Ride a Motorcycle?

Harley-Davidson funded the study to show that motorcycling can indeed reduce stress. The researches recorded brain activity and hormone levels before and after, but also during the ride. They also recorded the change that happened during resting and driving a car.


The investigation was rather rigorous because the brain is a complex organ as the team leader Dr. Don Vaughn explained.


When compared to other activities like driving a car, motorcycling showed an increase in focus as well as adrenaline levels and heart rate.

Types of Women Who Ride Motorcycles

Harley Lady

This woman knows style and class and chooses to ride with nothing less since Harley is a premium brand. She enjoys open-road rides and all that they offer.


You can find her biking all the time both in the city and across rougher terrains. Also, she’s competitive, fearless, and adventurist.

girl standing behind her motorcycle

Chopper Girl

A lady who rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle is fearless and not to be messed with. She can probably do lots of maintenance and repair on her own and doesn’t like anybody touching her bike.


She can ride long and hard, showing off her tattoos, attitude, and non-conformity style.

Dirt Bike Lady

This lady is tough and doesn’t mind grease, dirt, and mud. She enjoys hitting the track more than anything else.


You’ll find her preparing for a race day nearly every day of her life. She loves dirty roads and muddy tracks, tacking the challenges along the way.

Café Racer

A café racer girl is unique, and loving the retro and vintage look and feel. She loves her light bike, enjoying the speed and ease of handling.


This girl loves styling her gear and motorcycle to match the 70-80’s aesthetic. She’s fun and takes lots of pride in being a female rider.

Sports Bike Girl

A girl that rides a sports bike may be the center of attention, especially among men. She can ride fast and doesn’t mind breaking the law when it comes to speed limits.


She loves danger, adventure, and challenge, but is also careful and responsible. However, some of these girls enjoy showing more skin than wearing protective gear.

Illustration of a Lady Riding a Scooter in Dress

Motorcycle Riding Tips and Guide for Women


Set a Goal

Setting a goal is critical so that you can follow through with the process with minimal procrastination. Pick a date by when you’d like to have completed a training class. Of course, make it realistic.


Set a date by when you want to buy a motorcycle and how you plan on doing that. Make sure to set one goal at the time so that you don’t become overwhelmed. Write your first few goals and make sure to achieve them before setting new ones.


Enroll in a Motorcycle Training Course

The best way to learn how to ride a motorcycle is to enroll in a training course. Most of them use a standardized curriculum, although The Harley Davidson Riding Academy includes some Harley-specific information as well.


Although many people decide to learn on their own, that’s not always the safest choice. Enrolling in a training course is your chance of learning how to read in a professional setting, surrounded by professional trainers.


Invest in a Motorcycle

You may have heard that it’s cheaper to buy your dream bike right away than spending money on a beginner motorbike. However, once you complete the MSF course, you still need to learn how to ride in different conditions.


It takes time for people to get used to the feel, weight distribution, riding in the rain, and other similar things. Having a motorcycle that you can’t handle will make this hell for you.


Buy Protective Riding Gears

safety gear for motorcycle riders

Shopping for protective gear is fun. Visit a few motorcycle dealerships and websites to figure out what you need and how much it’s going to cost.


As always, a helmet is the most important part of your riding gear as it protects your head and neck. However, you also need a riding jacket, shoes, gloves, glasses (depending on your helmet) and a few other things.


While everyone needs a helmet (see best women’s helmets), not all riders need every piece of gear. For this reason, we suggest you ask someone with more experience for help.


Find a Trainer

Find an experienced person to serve you as a mentor. He/she should have enough experience to know how to guide you through the beginning stages of riding.


It’s not the most important part, but you’ll notice that it’s nice to have someone who can answer your questions. This person can help you when choosing gear but also answer questions about motorcycles, biking laws, and other related stuff.


If you don’t know anyone who can help you, you can always join a women’s motorcycle club.



As always, practice makes perfect. When you first get your motorbike, it’s essential to take it out to the streets as often as possible. For this reason, it’s recommended that you buy a bike immediately after getting your license.


Practice in areas with light traffic. Start in normal riding conditions before going out for a ride in the rain, slowly venturing further away.


Make sure to take it easy. It takes time to master some things, so don’t rush yourself.


Expect Setbacks

You should always know that setbacks are normal whenever you’re learning something new. Also, you may not come across the same setbacks as other female riders, as it all depends on your skills as well as fears.


The fear of riding on a highway can be a significant setback. Some people are frightened of dropping their bike (read how to pick it up here), while others don’t want to come near roundabouts.


Share your fears with your friends and fellow riders. They will advise and help you overcome the problem.


Buy Accessories and Other Motorcycle Outfits

Once you have all the necessary safety equipment, you can finally spend some money on accessories. This is something you should be careful with because smart dealers will find a way to sell you stuff you don’t actually need.


Bring a biker friend or someone else with experience to help you pick saddlebags, glasses, and other similar accessories.


View our top glasses here.


Go on an Overnight Trip

Going on your first overnight trip is among the most exciting things. Preparing for the trip is only half the fun, getting all the necessary equipment and accessories.


Starting your engine and going away on your first adventure is priceless. You’ll cherish the memory forever regardless of how often you do this again.


Be Confident

Remember that you’re a biker just like everyone else. You have a license, a motorbike, and also some experience, especially once you return from your first overnight trip.


Take pride in that, and be confident to call yourself a rider. Naturally, you’ll feel more and more confident as you gain more experience.

How to Choose a Motorcycle for Ladies

In reality, nobody can tell you which bike you should ride. It depends on your preferences and needs, although some general guidelines do exist.


For example, you shouldn’t go for a heavyweight motorcycle at the very beginning of your riding career. It may be too much for you to handle, causing you more trouble than enjoyment.


Also, make sure that your feet can touch the ground. It’s a general rule of thumb unless you want to ride an adventure bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best motorcycle classes?

The first thing you should think about before choosing a motorcycle class is your experience. Are you entirely new to this, or you have some basic knowledge?


Most courses offer different classes, making it easy to choose what fits you the best in terms of your experience level.

What’s the best motorcycle for short women?

As we said, you should choose a motorcycle that allows you to touch the ground with both feet. However, shorter girls usually have a problem to choose a bike that fits their height.


In most cases, a Scrambler is an excellent choice for short women. It’s a simple motorbike yet quite great-looking.

What are the best female motorcycle clubs?

You can easily find plenty of female motorcycle clubs. As we said, biking is now more popular than ever, and people have united to enjoy it together.


North America, Michigan, California, and Illinois have some of the best and most popular clubs. We’re sure that there’s at least one club in your town.


Female riders are always a sight to see. The world is still not used to them as much as it is to men riding motorbikes.


These girls are fearless and love an excellent adventure, so you should definitely join them if you feel the same way. It takes quite some effort to get into riding, but it’s all worth it the moment you set off to that overnight trip we mentioned.


Take your time with choosing a motorcycle riding course and the best bike for you. Focus on safety and prepare to live some of the greatest adventures.

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