12 Top Rated Motorcycle Jackets for 2021

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Although many people ride in their regular clothing, serious biking enthusiasts know the importance of having the right riding equipment.

This usually means wearing a helmet as the most critical piece. However, riding boots, gloves, pants, and jackets make quite a big difference in safety and comfort.

Motorcycle jackets are often the most favorite clothing items for bikers all over the world. Needless to say, they make riding much safer since they’re made of durable and resistant materials.

Take a few minutes to read about the top motorcycle jackets and their pros and cons. As always, we included a small buyer’s guide with useful information on how to choose one.

12 Highest Rated Motorcycle Rider Jackets Reviewed


small product image of HHR
Size: S - XXXXXL
Protection: Shoulders, back and elbows
Waterproof: Yes
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small product image of JAYEFO
Size: S - XXXXL
Protection: Shoulders, back and elbows
Waterproof: No
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Viking Cycle

small product image of Viking Cycle Ironborn
Viking Cycle
Size: XS - XXXXL
Protection: Shoulders, upper and lower back, elbows
Waterproof: No
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small product image of HWK adventure
Size: S - XXXXXL
Protection: Shoulders, back and elbows
Waterproof: Yes
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small product image of BORLENI jacket
Size: M - XXL
Protection: Shoulders, back and elbows
Waterproof: Yes
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Milwaukee Leather

small product image of Milwaukee Leather
Milwaukee Leather
Protection: N/A
Waterproof: No
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Jackets 4 Bikes

small product image of Jackets 4 Bikes Leather
Jackets 4 Bikes
Size: S - XXL
Protection: Shoulders, back and elbows
Waterproof: No
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small product image of DUCHINNI
Size: XS -XL
Protection: Elbows and shoulders
Waterproof: Yes
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Dealer Leather

small product image of Dealer Leather
Dealer Leather
Protection: N/A
Waterproof: No
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small product image of ALPHA CYCLE GEAR
Size: M -XXXXL
Protection: Shoulders, back and elbows
Waterproof: No
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Small Product image of ILM
Size: S -XXL
Protection: Spine, elbows, back, chest and kidney
Waterproof: Yes
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A&H Apparel

small product image of A&H Apparel
A&H Apparel
Size: S -XXXL
Protection: No
Waterproof: No
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HHR – Waterproof

This is an all-season jacket with 600D Cordura construction. It’s strong and rugged, offering ultimate protection in all weather. The material keeps you cool during summer and warm during winter, which makes this jacket among the most versatile.

It comes with removable CE-approved armors in the area of elbows, shoulders, and back. These armors enhance its overall durability, protecting the most critical parts in case of an accident.

This one is completely waterproof, featuring a Reissa membrane.

Also, it has a mesh lining underneath, so it’s quite breathable, although fully waterproof. Another thing worth mentioning is that it comes in plenty of sizes. It’s mainly black with blue, red, and grey details.

The manufacturer suggests you go up a size if you find yourself between two sizes. The jacket runs a bit small.



JAYEFO – Ideal for All-season

This fully adjustable jacket is an ideal choice for all seasons. It features a thermal jacket on the inside that keeps you warm during winter but can be removed when the weather is hot.

It features CE-approved armor, including two on the shoulders, two on elbows, and one on the back. These help to prevent the most common injuries to these parts of your body. Keep in mind that all armors are removable as well.

As we said, it’s adjustable. It has adjusting points in the forearms, cuffs, biceps, waist, and the collar. These help you achieve a better fit in case you found yourself between sizes.

This one is suitable for motocross, cruisers, sportbikes, dirt bikes, scooters, adventure motorbikes, and touring.

It has a few pockets and high-visibility logos in the front, arms, and back.



Viking Cycle – Protective

Viking Cycle is another all-season jacket with vents, armor, pockets, and adjusting points. It has adjustable zipper-locked vents, allowing you to choose the level of airflow according to the weather.

Also, it has an inner liner that you can remove during summer. It’s important to note that this one is reinforced with a waterproof CE-approved 600D Cordura armor. It protects your lower and upper back, elbows, and shoulders.

Although the material is sturdy, the jacket doesn’t limit your mobility and comfort. Also, it has thee inner pockets along with two outer pockets. They all have high-duty zippers.

There are adjustable Velcro straps at the waist and cuffs, allowing you to adjust the fit. Much like all quality motorcycle jackets, this one comes in a few sizes and color combinations.



HWK – Armored

This is a textile motorcycling jacket made with 600D Cordura. It’s rugged and durable, but also comfortable enough to use during the entire year.

HWK is an all-season jacket that’s soft to the touch, keeping you warm in winter months and cool during warmer days.

It features removable CR-approved armors in the area of elbows, shoulders, and back.

Keep in mind that HWK is waterproof and breathable. It features a Reissa membrane that protects you from the rain. Still, although the membrane is breathable, the jacket may be a bit too warm for hot summer months.

It comes in several sizes, and you can choose between black, lime green, and white. Lime green and white are highly visible during nighttime riding and help other drivers notice you.



BORLENI – Windproof

Borleni may be the best choice if you often ride in the rain. It’s built with abrasion-resistant and windproof 600 denier polyester high-performance fabric. It’s lined with elastic polyester mesh fabric that makes it comfortable and breathable.

Its removable cotton liner will keep you warm during cold months. But, you should keep in mind that it’s only suitable for winter, autumn and spring. It’s too hot for summer.

Borleni comes with five removable EVA protects on the shoulders, elbows, and back. Also, it has an adjustable hem, collar, and cuff, making it easy to find the best fit.

Its modern design is popular among the riders. Plus, it comes in a few sizes and colors black, blue and red.

This one runs a bit large, so you might want to go down a size, especially if you find yourself between sizes.



Milwaukee Leather – Classic

This modern leather jacket is among the most popular options. It comes in a few sizes, but no other color options other than black.

It’s made of premium milled cowhide leather with a full-sleeve zip-out thermal liner. Also, it has side lace detailing along with a half belt that makes it easy to adjust the fit.

The jacket has two lower zippered pockets with another snap-close storage pocket. On top of that, it features a built-in waist belt.

Its many pockets and ways to adjust the fit make this jacket a suitable choice for all riders. It’s a classic look you can’t go wrong with as it looks good on everybody.

However, it doesn’t have any inner pockets, which is its biggest drawback. It’s suitable for all seasons, but may be a bit too cold for freezing temperatures.



Jackets 4 Bikes – Multiple Pockets

This Jackets 4 Bikes model is among the best choices if you’re looking for lots of pockets. It has multiple inside and outside pockets along with a phone pocket that keeps your cellphone secure during rides.

It’s a leather jacket made of premium 1.2 -1.3 mm cowhide leather. It’s a durable material that makes the jacket rugged and able to withstand frequent use.

On top of that, it comes with 5PC injection molded plastic armor in shoulders, elbows, and back. Keep in mind that these are removable.

Another thing worth noting is its reflectiveness. This one has reflective stripes on the back, sleeves, and chest. It makes it suitable for nighttime riding.

It has ventilation zippers and side waist adjustments that can help you enhance its overall comfort and fit.



DUCHINNI – Ideal for Kids

If you’re looking for a children’s jacket, you should check this Duchinni model. It’s ideal for kids, and it’s also unisex, so it’s suitable for both girls and boys.

Among the most important things to mention is its adjustable sleeve length. It comes in several sizes as well, which makes it even easier to find the best one for your kid.

It has CE-approved elbow and shoulder armor, enhancing the overall safety. These are usually the most critical points where most injuries occur, so it’s good to have them protected.

Keep in mind that the jacket is waterproof, which means rain can’t reach your skin. However, it may not stand against heavy-duty rain showers.

It has an abrasion-resistant outer shell along with removable thermo-mix insulation. For this reason, the jacket is suitable for all seasons.

View our parent’s guide for more tips.



Dealer Leather – Reflective

This one is made of top-grade naked cowhide leather. It has two button-snap concealed pockets combined with elastic straps for carrying different items.

It features a unique design on the chest, back, and arms. The skull design is reflective and makes you more visible during nighttime riding.

On top of that, it comes with six air vents with zipper closures. Two are on the chest, while two are on the back, and another two are on sleeves.

It has a full-sleeve, quilted zip-out liner along with a black mesh liner. The grommets under your arms allow more airflow, helping to keep you cool during the summertime.

The jacket has two front waist zipper pockets and side zippers that help with the overall fit.




Alpha Cycle Gear jacket is fully adjustable thanks to its several adjusting points. More precisely, it adjusts at the forearm, collar, biceps, waist, and cuffs.

It features CE-approved armor that enhances your overall safety. Two are on the shoulders, two on elbows, while one is on the back. They are removable as well.

This one is suitable for cruisers, sportbikes, scooters, adventure bikes, touring, motocross, and dirt bikes. Also, it comes in a few sizes and color combinations.

It has plenty of pockets and high-visibility logos that make you more visible during the night. The logos are on the front, back, and arms.

The jacket has mesh material in the front and back. This enhances the overall comfort, making it more breathable for riding during summertime.



ILM – Unisex

ILM is a unisex jacket that you can share with your partner if the size fits you both. There are a few sizes to choose from, plus some adjusting points that help achieve the best fit.

This one has a unique ventilation system that prevents you from sweating during summer rides. It helps to keep you cool even during long-distance riding.

Another important thing to mention is its waterproof exterior shell. On top of that, this one has a thermal quilted liner that makes it equally as suitable for winter use.

ILM comes with external chest, back, kidney, and shoulder armors. This adds even more protection since it keeps these areas of your body safe.

It only comes in black, but it features reflective white tape that enhances the overall visibility.



A&H Apparel –Adjustable

A&H comes in a few sizes, making it easy to find the one that fits you the best. However, you should always check the size chart that the manufacturer provided.

It’s made of top-grain cowhide leather. On top of that, it has several pockets that feature durable YKK zippers. These are durable and won’t break as easily, even with frequent use.

Another thing worth noting is its zip-out lining. The jacket also has a half-belt along with a bucket for adjustment.

Overall, it’s comfortable and suitable for everyday use. It’s fully adjustable, which enhances its overall comfort even more.

Also, its classic design is easy to match with all clothes, helmets, and motorcycles. It’s a popular design that looks good even when you’re not riding.



What to Consider When Buying


For a jacket to be efficient and effective, it must fit you well. When the size isn’t right, it can’t deliver what’s made to provide regardless of how well-made it is.

It protects better when it fits well, which is why you should be careful when selecting a size. Plus, you may also want to consider a model with a few fitment adjusters since these can help you customize the fit.

Type of Fabric

  • Leather

Leather is the most popular option. These are usually made from cow skin, goat hide, and kangaroo hide.

They’re durable, robust, and easy to maintain. However, they’re not the best for summer because leather is quite dense.

  • Textile

When it comes to textiles, you’ll probably come across Denier Cordura, Kevlar, and Armacor the most. These materials are combined with nylon to provide breathability, insulation, and also waterproofing.

  • Mesh

Mesh is important for breathability and is usually combined with other materials. It’s ideal for inner linings that are typically removable.

It’s a great material to have for summer use.

  • Hybrid

Hybrid models are a mixture of textiles and leather. The combination usually brings the best out of the two materials, resulting in a pretty versatile and durable motorcycle jacket.

image of bearded man on motorcycle

Design and Style

Design and style depend much on your overall style. Many people like the jacket to match their helmets, bikes, and the rest of the equipment. However, this does not affect how efficient the jacket is when it comes to safety and protection.

Since it’s merely about aesthetics, you can go for whatever style you like. Still, make sure that it doesn’t compromise the primary role a motorcycle jacket has.


Most motorcycle jackets come with ventilation systems. This is an important factor to consider, especially if you’re looking for a model to use during the hot summertime.

Ventilation is critical because you don’t want to be too hot while riding. You’d be uncomfortable and would probably stop using the jacket altogether.

Most models have several vents that open/close easily so that you can adjust the level of airflow.

Armor and Padding

As you noticed, most jackets have armor and padding in the most critical areas. With that said, you should only go for a model that has this type of padding.

In most cases, pads and armors are located at elbows, shoulders, arms, and back. They’re usually removable, which makes it easy to wash and clean the jacket.

Keep in mind that most jackets come with more or less the same number of pads.

Reflective Strips

Experts advise to always go for a jacket that has some kind of reflective strips. Luckily, most of them feature these strips on the chest and back or arms.

As you know, motorcycle jackets come in many colors. Unless they’re white, they won’t help much with visibility, which brings the need for reflective strips.

It’s one of those features that do an excellent job of enhancing your visibility and overall safety.


As you noticed, most jackets have a removable liner that helps with riding in cold conditions. Some models have full-length sleeves, although most have vests only.

Keep in mind that liners can have a few benefits that differ from brand to brand. In most cases, they’re waterproof and help to make the jacket more versatile for different weather conditions.

Pricing and Budget

As always, you should have a precise budget set so that you can choose accordingly within that range. Luckily, most jackets are relatively affordable, although some models cost as much as $1000.

Make sure to think about all the features and specifications you get for the price whatever that price may be. You shouldn’t compromise important safety and comfort factors for a lower price.


Safety is the main reason why you should have a motorcycling jacket. For this reason, it’s the main thing you should have in mind when looking for the best one for your needs.

A safe motorcycle jacket is made of durable materials such as leather. Leather stretches and is quite tear-resistant. Another essential thing to look for is an integrated armor and safety padding in some of the most critical parts, such as elbows, shoulders, and arms.

Read our safety tips for new riders.


Comfort depends on many things, such as design, weight, and overall fit. Your jacket should be lightweight so that you can wear it for an extended period. In most cases, textile is more lightweight than leather.

Also, make sure that it fits well; otherwise, it may not be as comfortable. As we said, a tight fit would be more uncomfortable than a loose fit.


Look for a model with a few features that can help you with the overall comfort, safety, and ease of use. These features include mesh ventilation membrane, pockets, durable zippers, and removable thermal linings.

Pockets may not seem as relevant to you, but make sure to have at least a few. You never know when you may need one for your keys or cell phone.

Types of Motorcycle Jackets


Sport jackets usually come in bright colors and look quite aggressive. They resemble racing jackets with their fit and design.

These are snug and comfortable. Their primary role is to boost aerodynamics and provide maximum safety at high speed.

However, keep in mind that they usually don’t have pockets because they’re simply too snug to fit anything.

image of handsome man and motorcycle jacket


Cruiser models are ideal for cruising around on the weekends. The most notable thing about these is their design, although they’re also known for their comfort.

In most cases, these are made of leather, but other material options exist as well. Textile models are typically more suitable for summer because they much more ventilated.

Adventure/Dual Sport

Adventure and touring jackets are typically considered to be the same. These are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions and terrain.

They’re larger and usually fit quite loosely, which makes them suitable for long trips. While they provide comfort, they’re also very protective against impact.

Nearly all adventure jackets are waterproof because they’re used for long-distance trips. They have many pockets as well.


Motocross jackets are used for off-road riding. They’re much like racing jackets, having a snug fit, vibrant colors, and aggressive design.

These are ideal for dirt bikes, providing maximum protection, and a high level of rigidity. They’re protecting against high-speed impact.

Sadly, it’s highly unlikely you’ll find a leather motocross jacket. They’re usually made of textile because it’s a lighter material.


Commuter models are for people who ride every day. They’re excellent for going to work or school and riding around town.

These are designed to protect you and your clothing during these frequent commuting trips. Models made for commuting have a loose fit so that they don’t wrinkle the clothes underneath. The overall style is subtle but modern.


Your winter jacket should have excellent heat retention and a snug fit. The exterior is usually made of leather or fabric. However, these always have a waterproof interior to keep you protected against moisture.

These are also quite soft on the inside. They feature a thick lining, typically made of viscose that provides heat insulation.


Unlike winter jackets, these should provide sufficient airflow. They have mesh ventilation membranes placed in the front, back, and under the arms.

Its mesh vents let the air in through the front, letting it out thought the back. This prevents heat from building up.

In most cases, summer jackets have removable thermal linings. They don’t hold any heat and are cooling during hot weather.


These are the most versatile as they’re suitable for all weather conditions. They have several linings and inner layers that you can add or remove depending on the current weather situation.

As such, they’re great to use in summer because they’re lightweight. However, they become heavier once you add all the inner layers for riding in the winter.

Should You Buy One?

Everybody who rides a motorcycle should wear a motorcycling jacket. It doesn’t matter whether you ride a cruiser or a dirt bike – having a biking jacket makes all the difference.

These jackets are made to enhance your safety, protecting certain body parts in case of a crash. Plus, they present a durable membrane between your skin and the road.

They’re specifically designed to reduce abrasion and absorb impact. On top of that, nearly every model has removable armor that protects you even more.

Plus, a motorcycle jacket adds a lot to your style and appearance.

How to Know if Your Jacket Fits You

As we mention, your jacket has to fit you right in order to protect you. Regardless of the style or design, it should first be comfortable.

To check whether or not it fits, you have to put it on and zip it. Place your arms to your sides and check the cuffs. They should extend to the middle of your palms.

To check the sleeve length, you should lift your arms to the height of your handlebars. Your arms should be covered all the way if the jacket fits right.

Also, the shoulder pads should end where your shoulders end.

image of cute girl and leather jacket

Motorcycle Jacket Washing Instructions

Most models come with washing instructions written by the manufacturers. People rarely ever check these, but they usually hold lots of useful info on how to wash your jacket properly.

The first thing you should know that professional washing isn’t always the best solution. If you have a leather jacket, it should only be washed by a leather specialist.

The best way to clean it is with a wet cloth. Go over the jacket with a dry cloth afterward to remove any excess moisture.

Avoid washing it in the washing machine or using a dryer. Dry cleaning should also be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather jackets good for motorcycling?

Leather jackets are considered to be the most popular choice. They’re durable and resistant. However, they do have some drawbacks, such as weight and stiffness.

Overall, they’re an excellent option for all kinds of motorcycling.

What is the best type to use during hot weather?

You should choose a lightweight motorcycle jacket with a reliable ventilation system. Most people recommend textile jackets because leather is often too thick for summer.

Either way, make sure that the model of your choice has ventilation and a removable inner liner. It should be breathable and lightweight.

What is the best brand for women?

Many great brands make excellent jackets for women. Some of the best names are Alpinestars and Cortech, although many other brands are equally as good.

Keep in mind that buying a model for women is nearly the same as buying for men. Both types should protect and be comfortable.

If you’re looking for more products for women, check out the top helmets for women.


At this point, we’re sure you found the best jacket that fits your needs and preferences. As we said, it should fit your style and appearance, but it’s far more critical that it protects you.

Jackets aren’t just meant to add to your style. They’re made to protect your upper body in case you fall or crash. They absorb impact and help to reduce injuries as much as possible.

For this reason, you should always consider safety and comfort over style. Luckily, motorcycle jackets come in different styles, so that shouldn’t be a problem anyway.

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