Our In-Depth Bell Eliminator Helmet Ratings and Review

If you’re searching for a new helmet to use every day, you should consider Bell Eliminator. To this day, this is one of Bell’s most popular models, and for a reason.

Having a reliable helmet is critical for your safety when on the road. It makes all the difference to how you feel when riding since it can make you more confident and relaxed.

What you want is a durable and robust helmet that you can rely on at all times. Bell Eliminator is such a helmet, so continue reading to learn about its features and specifications in detail.

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You Might Love Bell Eliminator If...

  • You’re wearing glasses – many people who wear glasses often struggle with finding the right helmet. However, Eliminator is compatible with eyewear, and it’s unlikely that you’ll struggle to fit yours under the shell. There’s enough space there for your eyeglasses or even sunglasses if you like wearing them while riding.
  • You ride in the USA and Europe – many USA-made helmets aren’t allowed in Europe unless they have a safety certification that’s not DOT. While DOT is valid in America, most European countries require something more for the helmet to be accepted. Luckily, Bell Eliminator has an ECE certification as well.
  • Sizing is usually a problem – one of the best things about this model is that it comes in many shells and EPS sizes. This allows you to find your size much easier than before. Plus, there’s a sizing chart available that can help you opt for the right fit.

You Might Not Like Bell Eliminator If...

  • You need a tinted visor – while the Eliminator does have a tinted visor, it’s available for separate purchase. This means that the standard package doesn’t include such a shield. It only comes with a clear visor, so if you ever need the Dark Smoke shield, you’ll have to order it separately.

  • You’re riding at high speeds – when you first look at this one, you can notice it looks quite round. Such a lack of aerodynamic shape creates an inevitable drag when you’re at high speeds. This might be a bit annoying to some people since you might have to push your head forward.

  • You have a smaller head – though there are many sizes available, it’s suggested you approach the sizing matter with care. Shell runs big, so make sure to measure and compare your size to the chart. Also, if you’re in between two sizes, we suggest you go for the smaller one.

Design and Shape

This one comes in several colors you can choose from according to your style and the bike you ride. Most models are solid black or black being combined with orange, red, white, etc.

The colors are mainly shiny though a few matte options are also available. All the coat finishes are durable and relatively resistant to wind, sun, rain, and other elements.

The shape of the helmet is intermediate oval, so it’s slightly tighter than other types. It has different pressure points that might not fit people with a round head.

Another thing to remember is its lack of aerodynamics. For some reason, the helmet doesn’t always cut through the wind as it should which as a result would require you to push your head forward at times. Still, this might only happen at high speeds since there’s higher wind resistance.

Bell Eliminator Design and Shape

Construction and Materials

This is a full-face helmet that covers your entire face. It leaves no area exposed though you can move the face shield up and down at your convenience. Because you should always ride with the visor down, the model is considered a full-face one.

Its shell is made of 6K Carbon and Fiberglass composite that provide durability and resistance against impact, scratches, and weather elements. Regardless of whether you opt for a glossy or matte finish, you’ll notice how high-quality the paint is since it won’t chip or show signs of wear any time soon.

Eliminator features an anti-bacterial liner and contoured cheek pads. These allow you to adjust the helmet to the shape of your face a little bit. Still, you might have to wear it a couple of times before the pads adjust to your face.

It also has EPS speaker-pockets which are especially convenient if you like listening to some music while reading. You can even use those to talk on the phone but make sure not to do it while in traffic.

Another thing worth noting is the Magnefusion Magnetic Strap Keeper. It provides some more security and reliability as a whole. On top of that, it makes the entire helmet easier to use, even with just one hand. This is especially handy for commuters.

As we already mentioned, the shell supports eyewear, which is excellent if you’re wearing vision or sunglasses. While it might be a bit tricky to fit the glasses for the first time, it mostly depends on the shape of your face. Allow the cheek pads and interior liner to adapt to your face and try fitting the glasses again.


Eliminator has excellent ventilation, which is one of the best selling points of this helmet. It offers plenty of airflow that reduces the heat inside the shell as well as all chances of fatigue and fogging.

There’s less chance of sweating, which is ideal if you live in an area where temperatures are high. However, none of the vents are closeable, which can be a problem sometimes. If you’re riding in cold weather or rain, the open vents might cause you some trouble.


This one comes with a clear visor while the optional peak one is available for separate purchase. It features the brand’s well-known ProVision dual pane.

Its anti-fog face shield comes with Class 1 optics for a clearer vision and less fogging even in warm weather.

Shield lifts and lowers with ease, and it’s something you can even do with one hand. You might struggle a little if you’re wearing gloves, but we’re sure you’ll manage with a bit of practice. This brings a certain dose of convenience and comfort, which is always useful in a helmet.

Bell Eliminator Front View

Safety Certifications and Features

One of the most important things to note about the Eliminator is its safety certification. It’s tested and approved by the Department of Transportation of the United States of America.

DOT certification is quite common in America since the only helmets that are legal are the ones with such a certification. However, DOT doesn’t stretch further than the borders of America, meaning that if you’re traveling to Europe, you’ll maybe have to consider carrying an extra helmet.

Available Sizes

As we already mentioned, the general shape of the shell is intermediate oval. This can make fitting a bit tricky because it’s tighter than most models.

However, the brand offers three shell sizes along with five EPS sizes to choose from. Such variety allows you to find the exact size that fits you snuggly and comfortably. Make sure to consult with the manufacturer’s sizing chart before you opt for any size in particular.

If you’re looking for other options, check out this brand’s other models:


At this point, we’re sure you understand why as many bikers opt for this Bell helmet. It’s among the best choices if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and comfortable shell.

Bell is a reliable brand that you’ve probably come across if you’re an experienced rider. If you’re a beginner, it’s a good starting point before you venture out and explore other names in the industry.

The Eliminator is simple yet able to deliver all the quality that Bell is well-known for. Find the size that fits you and try this helmet out the next time you’re going for a road trip on your bike.

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