Bell Revolver Evo Helmet Review and Ratings for 2021

Bell is one of the most popular brands in the industry. It’s been around for quite a while and has many models for people to choose from. Still, to this day, their Revolver Evo is among its best-selling models.

If you’re looking for a reliable helmet, you may be considering Bell’s Revolver Evo that we’ve reviewed here. It’s impressive in many ways, but it’s also relatively simple to use for both beginners and experienced riders.

Take a moment to read all about the helmet in our review below. We’ll discuss its features, specifications, and everything else you should know about how it works and feels.

You Might Love Bell Revolver Evo If...

  • You don’t like strictly full-face helmets – some people feel like a full-face is too tight and enclosed, making them feel uncomfortable. If you feel the same way, you’ll love this because it’s a bit more convenient and versatile with its design.
  • You want a quiet helmet – while road noise is quite a normal thing that exists with all the models, some are quieter than others. This one has a sturdy construction that doesn’t produce any additional noise as you’re riding.
  • You want convenience – this one is hassle-free and comfortable. It’s easy to work with thanks to its overall design. The shell looks fierce, but don’t let that overwhelm you since it’s quite simple to switch from closed- to open-face model.

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You Might Not Like Bell Revolver if…

  • You’re looking for an everyday helmet – though Revolver Evo is comfortable and easy to use, it’s a bit tricky to handle in everyday riding. Its padding is made of quality materials and thick in size, but it has several pressure points you might find uncomfortable.
  • You want a lightweight shell – Revolver Evo weighs a total of 5.5 pounds, which isn’t exactly the most lightweight option. Its shell and padding are made of durable and resistant materials, so it’s normal that the helmet weighs as much. However, it might be too heavy for people who want to use it for daily commuting.
  • You might ride in Europe – unfortunately, this one doesn’t have any safety certifications that would be valid in Europe. It’s safe and legal to use in the USA, but you might want to check if it meets the laws and regulations if you’re traveling anywhere out of the country.

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Design and Shape

At first glance, you can easily notice its aerodynamic shape and design. The helmet was designed to cut through the wind and as such is suitable for high speeds. It’s quiet enough to handle that kind of riding too.

It comes in several colors and patterns to choose from depending on your style and the bike you ride. All the colors are durable and resistant to weather elements.

Its shape is oval, so it’s a bit tighter than most other types of helmets. For this reason, make sure to measure your head carefully in order to pick the best size that would fit you. The oval shape is different than all others, which is why it can be quite uncomfortable unless it fits you perfectly.

Design and shape of bell revolver evo helmet

Construction and Materials

This is a modular helmet that converts from closed to open face within seconds. Its design is what makes it unique and popular among as many different riders.

Its shell is made of polycarbonate and ABS for extra durability and resistance. The combination of these materials makes the shell strong, sturdy, and able to withstand impact, unlike most previous Bell models.

The face shield flips up and down, allowing more convenience and comfort. This allows you to open the helmet and enjoy some fresh air at times you’re in dense traffic, for example. The construction comes in handy more often than not as you’ll notice the more you use it.

It also features comfortable and removable anti-bacterial/antimicrobial liner along with interior padding. These are easy to get out and wash even by hand. You should allow the liner and padding to thoroughly dry before using them again but avoid machine drying.

The EPS liner has pre-molded pockets for speakers. Also, the brand offers cheek pads of different thickness if you find that the standard 45mm ones aren’t to your liking.

Its chin strap is padded and has D-ring closure for some added safety and reliability. It’s easy to use, and you probably won’t struggle using it with just one hand. It might take you some time to learn to work with it, but the process isn’t too difficult, and we’re sure you’ll get used to it quickly.

Another interesting thing it has is the exclusive Magnefusion magnetic strap keeper. It’s a small detail but makes all the difference in the helmet’s overall safety and reliability. The magnet is strong enough to keep the strap protected, but you shouldn’t struggle with opening it yourself.

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This one has a Velocity Flow Ventilation system that features Flow Adjust. This allows you to control the airflow as well as the temperature inside the helmet shell.

It also has a chin curtain to help prevent cold air from getting inside the Evo. Thanks to its unique ventilation, the helmet is suitable for both warm and cold weather conditions. It reduces fogging and chances of fatigue during long-hour rides.


Bell Revolver Evo has an internal sun shade that provides quick protection from the sun. It’s a so-called “on the fly” protection you can use without stopping and changing the shields.

The helmet comes with a clear visor as well as a tinted one. These are interchangeable and easy to use at all times, thanks to the ClickRelease system. It’s what allows easy, fast, and tool-free swapping of the shields.

What’s unique about the eyeport is that it features a redesigned seal to reduce noise. This means that the visors and shields you use will remain quiet throughout the entire ride.

image of Bell Revolver Evo front view

Safety Certifications and Features

For safety, Bell included a durable shell, comfortable and snug interior padding and a chin strap. These all work together to deliver reliability and security you want from a helmet.

It comes with a DOT certification that’s valid throughout the United States of America. If you find yourself riding anywhere outside the country, you might want to check laws and regulations that apply.

Unfortunately, because it’s a modular model, it doesn’t have a Snell certification or any other that would be accepted in Europe.

Available Sizes

Bell is known to offer plenty of options when it comes to size and fit. This model comes in six different sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

You should measure your head and neck accordingly before you consult with the brand’s sizing chart. This way, you can choose the size that fits you the best in order to ensure comfort and safety.


Bell Revolver Evo is an impressive piece that’s quite versatile and convenient. Many people say that once you use a modular helmet, you’ll never want any other. This model proves that to be true.

Though it’s slightly on a heavy side, it is comfortable and easy to use. It has decent ventilation and a removable interior padding that’s easy to maintain.

At this point, you probably understand what makes bikers fall in love with this model. For the most part, it’s the safety and convenience it delivers that makes people opt for it.

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