5 Best Rated Modular Motorcycle Helmets for 2020

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You can’t decide between a full-face and an open helmet? Many people like feeling the wind and rain as they ride, but you should also consider your safety.

Modular helmets were invented to deliver the best of both worlds in safety and comfort. These are typically comfortable and versatile while also providing security.

Still, choosing the best one isn’t as simple since there are as many on the market. These types tend to have weak spots and other such things you should pay attention to.

For this reason, continue reading as we discuss some of the best modular helmets. You’ll also find a short buyer’s guide with some helpful information.

5 Top Rated Modular Helmets Reviewed


small product image of 1Storm
Shell Material: Thermoplastic Alloy
Color: 17 Colors to Choose
Weight: 5.2 lb
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small product image of HJC
Shell Material: Polycarbonate
Color: 6 Colors to Choose
Weight: 3.85 lb
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small poduct image of YEMA
Shell Material: ABS
Color: 2 Colors to Choose
Weight: 3.7 lb
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small product image of ILM
Shell Material: ABS
Color: 5 Colors to Choose
Weight: 3.31 lb
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small product image of AHR
Shell Material: ABS
Color: 5 Colors to Choose
Weight: 3.5 lb
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If you’re looking for comfort and versatility, you should check out the 1Storm. It’s a flip-up model that comes in several colors and sizes for you to choose from.

It’s DOT approved and lightweight for maximum comfort, especially during long-hour rides. The advanced modular design allows versatility, making it easy to use both ways.

On top of that, this model features a dual-lens design with a clear outer shield and inner smoked lens. The combination is equally as efficient in both sunny and gloomy weather.

The aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell is durable and resistant.

As such, it doesn’t show signs of wear and tear as quickly, even with frequent use.

On the inside, the 1Storm model has removable and washable padding. It’s comfortable enough for long rides but won’t make you too warm on hot days.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Dual lens
  • Sturdy, lightweight construction


  • It’s loud at high speeds


This one features a polycarbonate composite shell and adjustable chin-bar made with the same material. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and fits well thanks to CAD technology.

The chin bar allows single-handed operation via a button that also releases the face shield. This makes it easy to use with one hand at any time, even while riding.

Its Pinlock face shield provides 95% UV protection. It’s a QuickSlide system that requires no tools for when you want to replace the shields. However, the pin lock insert is sold separately.

Another thing worth mentioning is the one-touch integrated SunShield.

It’s smoke-tinted and adjustable, featuring a locking mechanism that makes it easy to use. Also, multiple SunShields are available for additional purchase.

For ventilation, the helmet has ACS (Advanced Channeling Ventilation) from front to back, allowing sufficient airflow to prevent heat buildup.


  • Closable vents
  • Tool-free installation of the shields
  • Durable, aerodynamic shell


  • The sizes run big

YEMA Helmet

If you’re looking for a professional-grade option, you might want to consider this one. It’s DOT approved and sleek-looking, so you get both safety and looks in one model.

The fashionable design, along with advanced features, makes it suitable for racing, scooters, cruisers, street bikes, and other motorcycles. It’s also ideal for both men and women.

It features an aerodynamic ABS shell and multi-density EPS for some added comfort. The combination makes the model ideal for long-hour road trips. It also comes with a reinforced chin strap and a quick-release buckle.

Another thing worth mentioning is its ventilation system. It has fully adjustable exhaust and intake vents for superior and constant airflow. This is especially useful when you’re riding long-distance as it helps make the ride more comfortable.


  • Comfortable pads and liner
  • Enough space for speakers and glasses
  • Aerodynamic, durable shell


  • Sizes run big


This ILM model is lightweight and durable. It’s DOT approved and features an ABS shell with EPS inner liner that’s ideal for shock-absorption.

It’s an especially handy helmet for people who ride every day and across longer distances. It comes with comfortable and lightweight cheek pads and liner. These are soft, and you can remove them easily whenever they need washing.

The overall design is quite sleek and elegant, which is partly what makes it as popular. Plus, the design helps reduce wind noise at high speeds.

The flip-up function is anti-scratch and won’t show any signs of use as quickly.

On top of that, it comes with anti-fog, clear visor. It weighs some 3.31 pounds, which is quite lightweight for such a product due to its thick padding.


  • Removable and washable pads
  • DOT approved
  • Anti-scratch flip-up function


  • The design is a bit tight


This one might be your best choice if you’re looking for a heavily cushioned model. It comes in several sizes and vibrant colors for you to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. It’s approved by the Department of Transportation, so it exceeds all the US safety standards.

The flip-up modular design is easy to use and adds a bit to the overall versatility. Plus, the heavy cushioning makes it suitable for long-distance rides, especially in colder weather.

The high elastic front visor is tough and water-resistant, protecting you from rain, insects, wind and other such elements. Plus, its air vents reduce heat within the shell, so the helmet is equally as comfortable in summer.

Another thing worth mentioning is the maintenance of cheek pads and the liner. These are removable and easy to wash at any time.


  • Water-resistant face shield
  • Durable flip-up design
  • Removable and washable interior padding


  • The shield tends to break easily

Flip Up Helmet Buyer's Guide

Safety Considerations

Modular helmets are designed to be more versatile and convenient than other types. However, you’re not supposed to ride in the flip-up state since the connection point is quite weak and could break in case of an accident.

For this reason, you should consider your riding style and whether it would work for you. These are safe and secure, much like all others that cover your head, chin, neck and at least a portion of your face.

Still, forgetting to latch the helmet completely might result in it coming undone. For this reason, consider all the safety features of the one you’re looking to buy to make sure it’s safe enough.

Find out more about ratings on safety.

Finding the Right Fit

It’s always essential for a helmet to fit you perfectly. If it’s too big or too small, it’s not half as secure or comfortable.

Make sure to consider the sizes and consult with the sizing chart often provided by the manufacturer. In some cases, shells run big or small, but that’s almost always stated somewhere so that you know what to expect.

A Man On Motorcycle Wearing AHR Modular Helmet


Weight is critical for comfort as well as safety. The shell shouldn’t be too heavy, but it should be made of durable materials which tend to add some weight to the overall design.

Nonetheless, make sure that your helmet of choice is lightweight enough for you to use it for hours on end.


In most cases, these range in price depending on materials, lenses, ventilation system, and interior padding. The price is usually higher if the helmet is durable and heavy-duty.

However, some great models are rather affordable. For this reason, consider the price but don’t prioritize it over safety and comfort.

Full Face vs. Convertible

Full-face is safer than convertible because it lacks the connection point that’s often also a weak point of such a helmet.

However, a convertible is still a good choice as long as you opt for a quality model and use it accordingly.

Read more on full face compared to modular.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quietest modular hybrid helmet?

Most convertible models tend to be louder at high speeds. However, the HJC model we mentioned is the quietest from all on our list.


At this point, you probably understand why modular flip-up helmets are as popular. They’re versatile and easy to use while also protecting you from impact and weather elements.

Still, you must find the one that fits you the best. It should be comfortable and fitting, so it can also be safe and secure.

Make sure to consider your style of riding and consult with the sizing chart provided by each manufacturer. This will help you select the one that fits you the best in terms of comfort, size, as well as versatility and safety.

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