9 Highest Rated Female Motorcycle Helmets for 2021

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While riding a motorcycle is incredibly freeing, it can also be quite dangerous if you overlook specific safety measures. Wearing a helmet is among the most important things you can do for your safety and peace of mind.

Women’s helmets have the same vital role but are constructed differently to fit better. While you might not have issues wearing men’s helmets, those built for women are usually somewhat smaller. For this reason, they tend to fit better than a men’s helmet would.

Stay tuned to learn about the top women’s motorcycle helmets and use the info from our Buyer’s Guide to choose one for you.

9 Top Rated Ladies Motorcycle Helmets Reviewed

ILM Full Face Street

Small Product Image of ILM Full Face Street
ILM Full Face Street
Type: Full Face
Material: ABS
Color: 7 Colors to Choose
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ILM Modular

Small Product Image of ILM Modular
ILM Modular
Type: Modular
Material: ABS
Color: 7 Colors to Choose
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Vega Helmets

Small Product Image of Vega Helmets
Vega Helmets
Type: Half Face
Material: NIP
Color: 6 Colors to Choose
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Triangle "Biohazard"

Small Product Image of Triangle
Triangle "Biohazard"
Type: Full Face
Material: ABS
Color: Matte Green; Matte Pink
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Small Product Image of Voss
Type: Half Face
Material: Handwoven Fibreglass
Color: Gloss White Pink Sakura; Gloss White Purple Skull and Rose
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1Storm Full Face Matte Black

Small Product Image of 1Storm Full Face Matte Black
1Storm Full Face Matte Black
Type: Full Face
Material: Aerodynamic Thermoplastic Alloy
Color: 14 Colors to Choose
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1Storm Dual Lens

Small Product Image of 1Storm Dual Lens
1Storm Dual Lens
Type: Full Face
Material: Aerodynamic Thermoplastic Alloy
Color: 12 Colors to Choose
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Small Product Image of GLX
Type: Full Face
Material: NIP
Color: 6 Colors to Choose
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WOW Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

small product image of WOW lady
WOW Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

Type: Full Face
Material: Thermoplastic alloy
Color: Pink Flower White
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ILM Full Face Street - Editor's Choice

This isn’t really a women’s helmet, per se. It’s unisex and comes in several sizes, which is what makes it suitable for both men and women.

It comes with two visors you can use simultaneously depending on your needs in certain situations. One of the visors is transparent while the other one is smoked for some more protection from the sun. The helmet also comes with a neck scarf to further protect your neck from the cold when you’re riding in winter.

Its streamlined aerodynamic design is made specifically to reduce drag. It glides through the wind while its design reduces the noises, so your riding experience is more comfortable.

This one features a lightweight and advanced ABS shell that’s quite durable and resistant. It doesn’t break easily at all, though it might show scratches and signs of wear rather quickly.

The ILM Full-Face helmet features a quick-release clasp and a strap for more comfortable use. On top of that, it has removable inner lining pads allowing easier maintenance and customization.



ILM Modular - Good Value

If you’re a fan of the quality and durability the ILM delivers, you should also check its modular helmet. Much like the full-face model, this one is DOT approved, meeting and exceeding the FMVSS-218 and other safety standards.

It’s a modular helmet, which means that it has a flip-up function allowing it to go from full-face to modular. It might not be as secure as a full-face model, but it still provides enough protection for people who don’t like their face being covered.

Its high-resistance ABS shell features a micrometrical adjustable strap for a customized fit. Another thing that adds to its comfort and safety is the liner. Both liner and its cheek pads are lightweight and soft, which is ideal for long-hour rides. They’re also removable and washable.

The overall design is quite lightweight and sleek. It’s what allows ease of use while reducing wind noises and enhancing comfort. Its modular flip-up is scratch-resistant and doesn’t fog the Wide View clear visor.



Vega Helmets - Best Skull Cap/Half-Helmet

This half-helmet is ideal for women who want more comfort and style. It’s a small helmet that’s also quite lightweight, providing a custom-fit and ease of use. It’s a unisex helmet, but it’s mainly popular with the ladies because of its unique and stylish designs and patterns.

It comes with an optically correct drop-down sunshield to protect you from bugs, sun, and different debris. It’s easy to use and optically correct, which allows you to enjoy your rides even more.

It features a new size-adjustment dial system allowing you to customize the fit for your head. On top of that, it includes an advanced moisture-wicking liner and channeled EPS. It’s what provides safety and enhanced cooling.

This one has a padded, quick-release strap allowing you to put it on and take it off rather quickly. The helmet also meets and exceeds US DOT FMVSS-218 safety standards and regulations.

It’s designed with high-density, thick and vented EPS liner which absorbs impact. It’s ideal for riding a moped, chopper, cruiser, scooter, ATV, street bike or UTV.



Triangle "Biohazard" - Exceptional Value

If you’re looking for a full-face helmet that’s protective and sleek-looking, you might want to check out this Triangle model. It’s among the most popular women’s helmets due to its attractive design and protective features.

It’s a full-face model that’s DOT approved for safety and resistance. Its advanced ABS shell is resistant to scratches and different weather conditions so it won’t show any signs of wear and tear as quickly.

The shell features the brand’s well-known high-pressure thermoplastic technology. It enhances its overall durability and ability to endure certain levels of impact.

It comes with a multi-density EPS liner for some enhanced comfort. The feature is especially useful if you’re often riding for hours at the time. It keeps you comfortable, dry, and protected.

For ventilation, the Triangle included a unique system of vents. It comes with top and rear extractors that allow airflow through the helmet for optimal comfort. It’s what reduces fatigue and fogging that tends to happen with full-face helmets.



Voss - Good Half Helmet with Sun Visor

This one is made especially for women as it comes in a floral design only. It’s a half-helmet with pink ribbon flowers on a matte black shell. The best thing about it is that the brand donates 10% of the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The helmet comes with the Voss Integrated visor system. It’s a pull-down system featuring a sun lens you can easily change or remove altogether without any tools. The brand included one pink Iridium drop-down sun lens in the package.

Its low-profile hand-woven fiberglass shell won’t give you a so-called mushroom head. It sits quite deep on your head in order to avoid looking like that. It weighs approximately 2.1 pounds, which varies a bit depending on the size you go for.

It features a fast ratchet micro-metal quick-release buckle providing extra strength and easier use. It’s attached to the nylon-woven chin straps for added security. Also, this girly model comes with a removable Kool Komfort microfiber liner.



1Storm Full Face Matte Black - Best Cool/Sleek Design

If you’re looking for full protection, you might want to consider this full-face helmet. It’s completely enclosed, leaving no part of your face exposed. The overall design is quite sleek and modern-looking, coming in several different colors and color combinations.

Its thermoplastic alloy shell is aerodynamic and durable. It’s not the most lightweight design being that it weighs some 4 pounds. Still, that’s somewhat the standard for full-face helmets.

It features three-level top ventilation control and another five-position ventilation channel, reducing fatigue and fogging. Since it’s a closed design, some fogging might happen if you close all the vents.

Another thing worth mentioning is its aerodynamic rear venture-effect exhaust spoiler. It helps maintain the airflow and reduce fogging and fatigue.

A part of its weight is due to heavy cushioning in the interior of the helmet. The heavy-duty, comfortable interior makes the helmet suitable for long-hour rides. It’s also removable and washable for easier maintenance.

The shell features a glossy UV protective finish that’s resistant to weather elements.



1Storm Dual Lens - Best Color Range

If you like colorful options, you should check out this 1Storm Dual Lens helmet. It’s DOT approved and comes in a wide range of different colors and sizes to choose from.

Its advanced dual-lens design makes it versatile and suitable for different types of motorcycles and vehicles. This is a full-face helmet that covers your entire face, leaving no area exposed.

The dual-lens design includes one inner smoked lens and a clear outer shield. The two provide double the protection against debris, dust, environmental factors, and UV rays.

Its durable aerodynamic shell is made of thermoplastic alloy and is lightweight. The downside is that there’s no chin guard.

The helmet features a beautiful MattSkull UV protective finish that makes it look that much more attractive. It’s a unique design, and you can choose between quite a few color options.

Another thing worth noting is its removable padding. It’s comfortable and helps quite a lot when it comes to long-hour rides.



GLX - Best Unisex Design

Though women’s helmets are often the best choice, you might also want to consider a unisex model. This GLX piece is unique, durable, resistant, and suitable for both men and women.

Its robust, DOT approved shell has optimal aerodynamic aesthetics thanks to polycarbonate exoskeleton. This gives it some exceptional abilities, such as supreme impact protection. On top of that, it features soundproofing materials reducing road noise.

It features upper and lower vents for better air circulation that you can adjust to your preferences. There’s also the built-in tinted visor you can remove and replace as well.

Though it’s a full-face helmet, there’s no fogging or fatigue thanks to its shield adjustment. Plus, this one has a 3D molded face shield that provides a distortion-free view.

Another thing worth noting is the breath guard that’s removable and designed to reduce shield fogging. There’s also the inserted chin curtain helping to reduce wind noise and turbulence.

It comes with a fully removable and washable microfiber inner material which absorbs sweat and provides comfort and security.



WOW Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

This full-face WOW motorcycle helmet covers your entire face, protecting your head, face, and the back of your neck. It comes in several sizes and has an attractive floral design.

The thermoplastic alloy shell has an aerodynamic shape to reduce drag, making your rides more comfortable, especially if you’re into racing.

It’s lightweight, impact-resistant, and has a beautiful UV-protective finish that’s resistant to scratches.

The inside is comfortable and gentle, thanks to the heavy-duty cushioning. All its cushions and pads are removable, so you can easily wash them whenever you want.

One thing to keep in mind is that the sizing can be a bit off, so make sure to measure your head well. Some people say the fit is a bit too snug, but it’s because the padding needs some breaking in.



Buyer's Guide for Women and Girls

Finding a fitting helmet for women and girls can sometimes be a bit tricky. In most cases, it’s because they either don’t come in as many sizes or they run small.

However, we put together a little buyer’s guide for you to help you choose a motorcycle helmet that would fit you in all the ways.

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Why You Should Have a Helmet

In many countries, you have to wear a helmet by law. In some places, both you and your passenger must wear one. Sometimes, it’s clearly stated what kind of a helmet that has to be.

Still, even if it’s not the law where you live, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear one. Wearing a helmet improves your safety since it protects your head from impact in case of an accident. It also makes it easier to ride in cold weather and rain since it protects you from such weather elements.

However, safety is the most significant factor, and the one you should consider the most.

Read more on safety ratings.

  • Your Personal Safety

    Your safety should always be your number one consideration. Riding a motorcycle is freeing and empowering, but it can also be quite dangerous if your head is unprotected. By having a helmet, you protect your head and face from potential injuries in case of an accident. However, there’s a limit to how much a helmet can endure, and even still, your chances are much higher if you wear one nonetheless. In most cases, a reliable helmet makes all the difference.

  • Abiding by the Law

    As we mentioned, you’re required by law to wear a helmet in some countries. Some places state your passenger has to wear one as well. Once you considered your safety and what wearing a helmet means to your protection, you should also check if you’re obligated to wear it. Laws differ from country to country, which is something you should pay attention to. In most cases, you’ll have to pay a fee if you’re caught not wearing one when the law clearly states you must.

  • Weather Protection

    A helmet can clearly protect your head from rain, snow, and even sunlight. If you opt for a quality and durable piece, you can be sure that it’s weather-resistant. Some helmets feature UV-protective coating, which means their colors won’t fade or crack. Also, some models come with tinted visors and other such shields that protect your eyes and face from the harmful UV rays.

A Woman Wearing Voss 888FRP Helmet

Features to Consider

Helmets range in safety level, specifications, and features. Though some features are quite standard, it’s essential to understand that some are more important than others and can make all the difference in keeping you safe.

Safety and Protection

The best way to tell how safe the model is that you’re interested in is to check its safety ratings. For example, all helmets must pass the DOT safety standards in the United States. In other words, if you bought your helmet in the USA, you can be sure it has passed those tests.

However, other certifications like Snell, Sharp, and ECE also exist and are applicable in other countries. Regardless of where you live, make sure to only opt for a model that has met and exceeded specific safety standards.

Other safety features include a face shield, comfortable padding, and a chin strap.


Several types differ in design and appearance as well as the level of protection they provide. Here are the most common ones:

  • Full Face

    These are the safest since they cover your entire face, leaving no area uncovered and unprotected. Still, they can be a bit uncomfortable if you’re riding for hours on end because of the enclosed design. Sometimes, they’re also quite heavy and bulky too but can come with numerous different features.

  • Half Face

    These cover only half of your face, leaving the other half exposed. These are a bit more comfortable since they’re not as enclosed, but are less safe than full-face ones. They usually don’t weigh as much and are a bit more suitable for extended rides.

  • Open Face (3/4)

    These cover your head, neck, and ears but leave your face uncovered. Some models come with a visor while others don’t, so make sure to consider that as well. These are typically well-padded and lightweight, so they’re comfortable for long-hour rides. However, they’re not as safe for high speeds and heavy-duty motorcycles.

  • Modular

    A modular helmet is a combination of full-face and half-face models. It has a drop-down face shield you can adjust any way you like. Though these are versatile and comfortable, the drop-down system is sometimes a weak point, which is why these aren’t as safe as full-face ones. Still, they’re ideal for long-hour rides and are relatively easy to use. (More on modular vs. full face here.)

  • Skull Cap

    Skull caps are typically for cruisers and scooters. They’re not the best choice for heavy-duty motorcycles and high speeds because they’re not as resistant and protective. They cover your head and are often lightweight and comfortable. Still, a skull cap can give you a mushroom head, which is something you want to avoid.

Different Types Of Helmets

Size and Fit

Having the right size is crucial for your safety. A helmet that’s too small is usually also uncomfortable, which means you won’t enjoy wearing it. However, if it’s too big, it won’t protect you as well as it might if you chose the right size.

Luckily, most models come in several sizes for you to choose from. Manufacturers typically provide a sizing chart, and we strongly advise you to consult with it before opting for a certain size.


Make sure that the model of your choice has air vents for adjusting the air circulation and temperature inside the helmet. A helmet that’s too warm or cold is always uncomfortable to wear.

Price and Value

Price doesn’t always determine quality, but it often speaks about the overall value of the helmet. Those that are pricier are also built with more durable materials and have more features than those that are on a cheaper end of the spectrum.

Still, take some time to consider several models. Some quite impressive pieces are also pretty affordable, so try to be objective and don’t let the price affect your judgment as much.

Overall Comfort

If your helmet is uncomfortable, you probably won’t even wear it regardless of how many safety features it comes with. Comfort is critical because you don’t want anything pressuring your head or taking your attention away from the road.

The best way to ensure comfort is to choose the right size. It shouldn’t be too tight, but also not too loose. Also, consider its padding, whether it absorbs sweat and how easy it is to wash it.

Removable padding is quite important since you can wash it at your convenience or even replace it when it starts showing signs of wear.

Extra Features

As we mentioned, helmets differ in features depending on the type, brand, and several other things. While some features are a necessity, other, additional features might just contribute to the overall comfort and convenience.

Certain types come with visors, but did you know there are several types of visors as well? They can be tinted or clear depending on your needs and preferences. If you’re opting for both, make sure to consider the system allowing you to interchange the two.

Snap-on visors are typically easy to use even with gloves on. Colored lenses aren’t usually included but are often available for separate purchase.

Voss Helmet With Sun Lens

If you’re after the latest technology, you might want a Bluetooth helmet. These allow you to talk to other riders and listen to music while riding. However, though this is a convenient feature, don’t neglect your safety by talking on the phone while riding a motorcycle.

Another thing you should consider is the airflow of your helmet. Pretty much all models come with different ventilation systems and a number of vents. In most cases, full-face helmets need the most air vents to prevent fogging and fatigue.

These vents can be adjustable, which allows you to open or close them depending on your needs. Keep in mind that though airflow is important, it can also enhance wind noise. 

Inner liner and cheek padding are also essential features to consider. These help enhance comfort and overall usability of your helmet, especially if you’ll use it frequently. Make sure the liner and padding can be removed and washed.

Care and Maintenance

Maintainance and caring for your helmet is important in prolonging its life. You should always consider this before you purchase a particular model, so you’re sure that it’s not too difficult to maintain and keep clean.

How often you’ll clean the helmet is entirely up to you as it depends on how often you use it. Also, weather conditions in which you use it play a significant role.

Cleaning the Inside

If you can remove the liner and pads, do so before you clean the inside of your helmet. Removable pads and liner can be cleaned separately.

Use warm water and some gentle soap to clean the inside of the shell. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth or another similar material. Be careful about this since certain cloths can actually scratch the interior.

You can clean with warm water only and no detergent in which case no rinsing is required. If you use soap, make sure to rinse it out with clean water. Also, don’t forget to use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess moisture.

Inside of the Helmet

Clean the Liner and Pads

Liner and pads are made of various materials depending on the brand and type of the helmet. Before you go on to clean them, check if the manufacturer provided any instructions on how to properly do it.

The task is much easier if the components are removable. Take them out carefully and make sure to remember how to put them back into place correctly.

In most cases, the liner and pads can be washed in a washing machine on a delicate cycle with mild detergent. You can also wash them by hand if you’re uncertain whether they can be machine washed.

Use warm water and a mild detergent to wash both the liner and pads. However, if you choose to clean them by hand, make sure to dry them thoroughly before installing them back into your helmet. Putting them back in while they’re still wet can increase the chance of bacteria developing inside the shell. It would also smell a bit stale, too.

If these are non-removable, you’ll have to get the entire helmet wet. This is best done in a shower; it takes more time as well as effort.

Cleaning the Shell and Visor

Remove the visor before you start cleaning the outside of the shell. If there’s stuff firmly stuck on the shell, you should cover it with a damp microfiber cloth to loosen the dirt. Make sure you use a solution of warm water and mild soap to prevent damaging the delicate surface.

Use cotton swabs to clean inside air vents if your helmet has any. Also, make sure to use clean water only, so take the time to change it if you notice it’s getting dirtier.

The process shouldn’t take much time depending on how dirty your helmet is. Still, don’t rush it but take your time since doing this in a rush can result in scratches.

Once you’re done, you can use an automotive detail spray or polish to restore the original shine of the shell. This is an optional step, but it does make a significant difference in how the finished result looks.

Use the same solution to clean the visor if the manufacturer didn’t instruct otherwise. Take some time to lube the hinge mechanism if it’s a bit stiff.

Don’t Forget the Proper Products

You’ll need microfiber cloths, mild detergent, cotton swabs and possibly wax or another type of polish. If you have a matte helmet, you probably won’t need a polish.

Make sure to have all the equipment and products at hand before you start the cleaning process. It helps to have everything within reach, so you don’t have to look for any products then and there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there women's Harley helmets?

Several different types of women’s Harley helmets are available in the market. You can choose between full-face, modular, open-face, and half-face helmets depending on your style and preference.


As you can see, female riders have as versatile options as do male ones when it comes to motorcycle helmets. Though some models are specially made for women, others are unisex or made for men with smaller sizes that fit the ladies.

Though women can use men’s helmets, there’s something about using those specifically made for the ladies. These model are typically narrower and often come in more sizes and colors.

The pieces we reviewed are among the best ones currently in the market. Make sure to take your time in choosing one, and of course, don’t forget to wear it on your riding adventures.

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