7 Top Rated German Helmets for Motorcycles

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We’re sure that you already know the importance of wearing a helmet. However, choosing one is often tricky because there are as many brands and models on the market.

German motorcycle helmets are typically among the most popular German products. The demand is huge, so you have plenty of different models to choose from.

These helmets are somewhat different than the others, which is why not everybody likes them. However, they’re quality made and protective, so they’re worth your attention.

Continue reading to learn more about these and what makes them as famous. We also included a buyer’s guide with some information on how to pick one.

7 Highest Rated German Style Bike Helmet Reviews


small product image of EXCELSIOR INT
Type: Half Helmet
Material: Fiberglass
Color: Black
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Klutch Helmets

small product image of Klutch Helmets
Klutch Helmets
Type: Half Helmet
Material: ABS thermoplastic
Color: Black
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small product image of HTTMT helmet
Type: Half Helmet
Material: Sponge and leather
Color: Black
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Hot Rides

small product image of Hot Rides
Hot Rides
Type: Half Helmet
Material: ABS thermoplasti
Color: Black
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small product image of Rodia
Type: Half Helmet
Material: Quality materials
Color: Black
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small product image of Daytona German
Type: Half Helmet
Material: N/A
Color: Black
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small product image of X4 half helmet
Type: Half Helmet
Material: Durable materials
Color: Black
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This cruiser helmet is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a half-face model. It’s made from shiny fiberglass, so you’ll probably have to polish it quite frequently.

This one comes with a nylon y-strap that helps it stay in place during rides. It’s durable, protective, and resistant to wear and tear. In other words, it’s difficult to scratch or damage, although it’s shiny.

Another thing worth noting is that it has a fully lined interior. It’s comfortable and suitable for long-distance rides that last several hours.

Also, its buckles are strong and simple to work with, even with gloves on. This is always important if you’re stopping during your ride.

However, this one doesn’t meet DOT safety standards. Although it’s protective and well-made, it might be illegal to wear in some states.



Klutch Helmets – Vintage

This vintage Klutch Helmets model is DOT approved and street legal throughout the United States of America. It has that distinctive German design and appearance, and it comes in several sizes to choose from.

The most important thing we should mention is its overall quality. It’s made from high-quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell that’s resistant to UV rays, the rain, and frequent wear.

The design is quite easy to recognize, as it’s unique and stands out easily. However, it’s also easy to work with since it has a quick-release strap that allows you to put it on and take it off within seconds.

Another thing worth noting is the interior liner. This one has a comfortable interior padding that allows you to wear it for hours without feeling any pressure.



HTTMT – With Goggles

You should definitely check this HTTMT helmet if you’re a fan of that German style. This one comes with goggles that complete your look and protect your eyes.

It’s a half-helmet that features a lightweight composite shell and comfortable interior. It weighs only 2 pounds and is easy to put on and take off. Also, it has stainless steel dual D-rings that help it stay in place.

This one is made from sponge and leather. It has a vintage German look and an exterior that requires some polishing and maintenance. It’s suitable for scooters, touring, and cruisers.

The goggles come in one size only but have an adjustable headband. They feature a soft padded chrome frame and scratch-resistant optical lenses.

On the other hand, the helmet comes in several sizes that fit both men and women.

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Hot Rides – Ideal for Scooters

Hot Rides is a good choice if you ride a scooter and need a lightweight helmet. It’s a novelty helmet, which means it’s not the safest on the market since it doesn’t meet DOT safety standards.

The first thing we should mention is that this one comes in one size only. For this reason, you should measure your head carefully to ensure that this one will fit.

It features a low profile, so it’s unlikely to give you a mushroom head that most people are afraid of. It’s suitable for scooters, ATVs, and cruisers.

Also, it comes with a padded chin strap for some more security and comfort. The quick-release plastic buckle makes it easy to put it on and take it off at any time.

This one comes with a drawstring bag and a seamless tube bandanna.



Rodia – DOT Approved

Rodia is one of a few DOT approved German helmets. It’s quality-made and has that distinctive German look that many of these models have.

Since it’s DOT approved, it’s safe to use regardless of the scooter you ride and your riding style. It’s also comfortable thanks to the ultra-plush interior.

This one has stainless steel D-rings that help it stay in place during rides. It also has easy-to-use buckles that allow easy handling at any time.

The construction is solid and resistant to impact. On top of that, this one won’t scratch as easily, even with frequent use.

It comes in several shell sizes and a one-inch liner. Also, it weighs less than two pounds, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort or fatigue during long-distance rides. 



Daytona – Snug Fit

This Daytona comes in a few sizes and two blacks to pick from. It’s a snug fit, so expect it to sit tightly but still comfortably and without any pressure points.

It’s important to note that it meets and exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 Safety Standard, so you can be sure of its durability and protectiveness.

This one fits both small and big heads as long as you make sure the size is right. You might find the fit unusual if you never wore a half-helmet, but you’ll get used to it.

It’s one of the best options if you’re looking for safety with comfort and ventilation. Your face is exposed, so it doesn’t protect that part, but it allows the wind and air to flow freely.

It has a quality chin strap that’s easy to adjust and use, thanks to the quick-release buckle.



X4 – Plush Interior

X4 is another German helmet that’s not DOT approved. Although this doesn’t matter if you ride around Europe, it might not be street-legal in some parts of the USA.

Still, it stands out thanks to its quality and comfort. This one comes with a plush interior that makes it easy to wear X4 for hours. It won’t pressure your head or make you too warm.

It’s a good choice for a wide variety of motorcycles, including sportbikes, choppers, scooters, off-road bikes, ATVs, and other vehicles.

It comes in three sizes ranging from small to large, but only one color. It’s black and shiny, so you’ll probably have to polish fingertips off its surface rather frequently.

It weighs less than a pound and has an easy-to-use chin strap that secures it in place.



image of vintage helmet

What to Consider When Buying

Size and Fitting

Size and fitment are possibly the most critical when buying any motorcycle helmet. It’s no different when buying a German model.

The best way to get the right size is to use a measuring tape to measure your head. Try to get the exact measurement, or you might end up with a helmet that’s too big or small.

It should fit you well in all the right places, or it could cause pressure points. Only a helmet in your size can be comfortable, especially if we’re talking about long-distance riding.


These helmets have the most distinctive and accredited design. Several styles and designs are available, but they all have that well-known look that’s hard to mistake for anything else.

Some of the many designs you’ll encounter might not fit your style and the rest of the equipment you have. For this reason, you should always consider a few different designs and how they match your style.

The right design can enhance your look and help you to stand out uniquely. However, make sure that the design you choose doesn’t give you a mushroom head that’s well-known for these helmets.


Durability is always a significant factor because you don’t want a helmet that breaks after a few uses. It should be highly durable to endure frequent use, weather elements, vibration, and impact.

Still, as you probably noticed, many of these models aren’t DOT approved. This means that they weren’t subject to different tests and have not passed the safety standards needed.

In other words, this means that some of these German helmets aren’t as durable as they appear. Although they are typically made of durable and sturdy materials, they don’t have the right certification to be street-legal in the USA.

However, some are DOT approved and can last a long time, protecting you against impact.


You should always look for a comfortable model. Nothing matters as much as comfort because an uncomfortable helmet is challenging to wear and thus useless.

Make sure that it has padding and cushion on the inside. All internal fabrics and cushions should be comfortable and moisture-wicking so that they don’t retain sweat.

Also, you might want one with a removable liner. These are easier to maintain since you can remove the liner and wash it by hand or in a washing machine.

Pay close attention to this because a poorly designed helmet can cause excessive pressure and irritation.


Much like all other helmets, these are available at different prices. As always, the price depends on the brand, quality of manufacturing, comfort, and overall security.

DOT approved models are typically more expensive than novelty ones that don’t exceed DOT safety standards.

You should first decide on a price you’d be comfortable with paying. This way, you can focus on the helmets that fit within this range without wasting time on others that are exceeding your budget. 

Still, remember that quality and security are more important than the price.

Ease of Cleaning

Some models are trickier to clean than others due to a difference in material and finish. Those that have a shiny finish are typically easier to clean than those that have a grainy finish.

However, a shiny finish usually shows everything from fingertips and other marks. This means that it might require frequent cleaning and polishing.

Others that have a matte finish might be trickier to clean but don’t require such frequent maintenance. It’s a matter of deciding on what seems more convenient to you.

Also, think about if the liner is removable and washable. If it’s not, you might find it tricky to clean.

What is a German Skull Cap Helmet?

A German motorcycle helmet has been around since as far as World War II. It’s when soldiers were first seen riding motorcycles and wearing these unique helmets.

These soldiers always wore helmets and other protective gear because they knew the importance of these items. They knew that helmets and other equipment could help to save a life in case of an accident.

And because that style is so well-known, it stuck through the time. It’s now distinctive and easy to recognize regardless of the brand you go for.

Nearly every model looks vintage and old, especially if you pair it with googles.

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What Makes German Half Helmets Different?

German motorcycle helmets stand out with their style and design. The appearance these give you is so much different than what you can achieve with other helmets.

These are different because the style has been around for ages and is one of the most distinctive designs for helmets.

The style is vintage and old-looking, but that doesn’t mean that these are outdated. Some have a modern twist to them, but the design is still there.

Why Should You Buy One?

Most people buy one for the unique design we already mentioned. However, these have several other advantages as well.

German motorcycle helmets are some of the most lightweight models on the market. These are typically made from durable and resistant materials but are quite light and comfortable to wear for hours.

Also, the entire retention system is quite simple and easy to work with. You can easily put it on and take it off within seconds, even without taking off your gloves.

A quality-made model can protect your head from impact while making you stand out in the crowd.

Is it Legal?

Whether or not your German helmet is legal depends on many things. The best way to ensure that it’s legal is to go for a DOT approved model.

Sadly, many of these aren’t approved by the Department of Transportation of the USA. Those that aren’t DOT approved are often not street-legal, and you shouldn’t use them in America.

Still, even those that aren’t DOT approved can be legal in other parts of the world. You don’t need a DOT approved helmet to ride around Europe, although you might need another safety certification depending on the country you’re in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use?

German helmets are generally safe to use as long as they’re made from sturdy, protective materials. However, as we said, some are not DOT approved.

Those that don’t have any safety certifications could be as safe as any others. Still, nobody can be sure of how safe or unsafe they really are.

What material is it made of?

Most of these are made from fiberglass, featuring Trylon fabric on the inside. It’s by far the most durable option, although some are made from other materials.

The choice of materials dictates the quality and durability, especially when it comes to those that aren’t certified.

Is it popular?

It’s a popular choice among people who want to achieve a more vintage look. It’s also popular among those who can rely on their style if not so much on the safety of their helmet.

As we said, these are unique, and not everybody likes them. This makes them rare to see on the road.


A German motorcycle helmet isn’t something you’ll see often. However, it’s commonly used by people who want to be unique in their appearance since these helmets stand out the most.

Still, you should be careful when buying one. As we said, many models aren’t DOT approved, which means nobody can really tell how protective they are.

For this reason, you should focus on your choice of materials and the overall quality of manufacturing. Make sure to consider the buying factors we talked about because the information can help you make the best choice. 

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