10 Top Rated Motorcycle Riding Goggles

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While wearing a helmet should be your top priority, other protective gear is also quite essential. Having your eyes protected at all times is critical for your safety as well as overall comfort.

Regardless of whether you’re a commuter or racer, you need motorcycle goggles to keep your eyes safe from wind, bugs, dirt, and dust.

However, you can’t just ride with any eyewear. It’s vital that you choose the right goggles that are comfortable and easy to use.

We reviewed a few of the best motorcycle goggles, so take a moment to read about them in the article below. You’ll also find some useful information on how to choose the best ones for you.

10 Highest Rated Motorcycle Riding Goggles Reviewed


small product image of Oakley
Key features: Anti-fog, scratch-resistant
Item Weight 3.84 ounces
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Pacific Coast

small product image of Pacific Coast
Pacific Coast
Key features: Smoked or clear lens, ideal for people who wear glasses
Item Weight 6.4 ounces
Check Price

small product image of JAMIEWIN
Key features: Multi-functional, The strap is elastic, easy to use, and non-slippery
Item Weight 4.8 ounces
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Global Vision Eyewear

small product image of Global Vision Eyewear
Global Vision Eyewear
Key features: For sensitive eyes, 100% shatterproof, UV protection
Item Weight 1.76 ounces
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small product image of ENKEEO
Key features: Dustproof, suitable for long-hour rides
Item Weight 7.2 ounces
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Aully Park

small product image of Aully Park
Aully Park
Key features: The glasses come with polarized lens, non-polarized lens, and copper, yellow and clear lenses
Item Weight 8.6 ounces
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Global Vision Eyewear Red Baron

small product image of Global Vision Eyewear Red Baron
Global Vision Eyewear Red Baron
Key features: Maximum UV protection, durable, resistant
Item Weight 1.44 ounces
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small product image of Bobster
Key features: Flexible and tight-fitting, good for people who wear glasses
Item Weight 1.87 ounces
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small product image of Surpassmes
Key features: For outdoor activities, UV400 protection, The lens is anti-glare
Item Weight 5.6 ounces
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CRG Sports

small product image of CRG Sports
CRG Sports
Key features: Scratch-resistant and UV protective
Item Weight 4.2 ounces
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Oakley - Best Off-Road

If you’re the one to enjoy off-road rides, you might want to consider these Oakley goggles. These are tight-fitting yet comfortable and suitable for long-hour use.

The goggles have a flexible O-Matter frame that’s optimized for fit and comfort. This makes the pair ideal for long-hour rides and adventures off the road. Also, such a frame allows a maximized peripheral view, which is always a plus.

For comfort, these feature a triple-layer face foam fleece that’s soft and resistant. It wicks away the sweat, meaning that the foam won’t actually absorb any of it.

Also, these are quite durable, being that they’re anti-scratch and anti-fog. The Lexan lens is impact-resistant so that it doesn’t break in case of an accident.

This model is available in several colors and styles, allowing you to choose based on your personal and riding style.



Pacific Coast - Best Over the Glasses

It’s always a bit tricky to fit glasses in goggles, so you might want to try these if that’s what you’re struggling with. These Pacific Coast goggles are ideal for people who wear glasses at all times. 

The best thing about these is that they’re ideal for all riding styles and motorcycles. You can use them for commuting, snowboarding, skating, and off-road biking. 

The model comes in two different styles, one of which has a smoked lens while the other has a clear lens. Choosing between the two is up to you, depending on your preferences and needs.

These airfoil-padded goggles feature a 100% UV polycarbonate lens for ultimate protection and safety. They keep your eyes protected from the sun, dust, dirt, insects, and wind.

Also, they feature vented foam padding that’s comfortable and tight-fitting.



JAMIEWIN - Best Multi-Functional

You might want to consider these if you’re looking for a versatile pair of goggles. They’re multi-functional and easy to use for all riding styles. 

Also, these come in many different patterns, colors, and designs. They’re made of high-quality PC material that’s bendable and comfortable in the long run. Plus, they feature PU resin and soft-padded foam that enhances the overall comfort.

The strap is elastic, easy to use, and non-slippery, helping to keep the goggles in place during adventurous rides. As such, Jamiewins are suitable for biking, skiing, airsoft, snowboarding, BMX riding (see good helmet options), and other such sports.

They weigh no more than 3.52oz and can be stored in the included bag. Also, there are full-channel vents on the bottom and top, helping to exhaust excess heat from inside the lens.



Global Vision Eyewear - Great UV Protection

These goggles/glasses feature a black, padded frame and are the best-suited for UV protection. If your eyes are sensitive, you might want to give these a try.

The lens is 100% shatterproof, also exceeding UV 400 protection standards. On top of that, there’s also the lens filter, providing maximum UV protection at all times.

However, the lens is also scratch-resistant, meaning that it won’t show any signs of wear and tear any time soon. 

Another thing worth mentioning is the dense foam padding. This helps keep all the wind and dust out, ensuring your rides are comfortable, and eyes are protected.

What makes them stand out is the unique design. They look a bit like glasses more than goggles, so they’re a bit sleeker and more modern-looking. The wraparound style is not only sleek but highly protective against the wind.



ENKEEO - Best Dust Proof

If you’re looking for simple and easy-to-use goggles, you should give these a try. These are adjustable, simple to put on and take off, and also easy to clean. They’re dustproof, so you can wear them during off-road as well as commuting rides. 

The non-slip, adjustable strap fits everyone. It’s breathable, so it won’t be uncomfortable even if you wear it for hours. On top of that, the hypoallergenic foam enhances comfort, suitable for long-hour rides. 

Its top-performance lens has high transparency and is scratch-resistant. It’s shatterproof, providing a better view and resistance to fogging and scratches. Overall, the lens and the frame are quite a durable combination.

Speaking of the frame, this one is bendable, which allows you to store the goggles pretty much anywhere. It also means you won’t be able to break it easily. 

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Aully Park - Best Polarized Lenses

These glasses are one of the best choices if you’re looking for polarized lenses. They’re padded, comfortable, and easy to use at all times.

The UV400 protection polycarbonate lens is scratch-resistant and shatterproof. This makes the glasses versatile and suitable for biking, motorcycling, skiing, etc.

However, the glasses come with polarized lens, non-polarized lens, and copper, yellow and clear lenses. When it comes to the frame, it’s important to note that it’s made of plastic. Still, it’s matte and features rubber ear pads for enhanced comfort. 

Plus, the glasses come with a headband, cleaning cloth, and a hard case. Also, you’ll get a pouch for if you prefer it over the hard case.

They’re not quite as tight-fitting as goggles, but they’re protective nonetheless. Because they’re so small, they’re also lightweight and easy to put on and take off.



Global Vision Eyewear Red Baron - Best Anti Fog

These aviator goggles look much like what you’d use for swimming and diving. They’re comfortable, easy to use, and versatile for all kinds of riding styles.

The lenses are made of polycarbonate and shatterproof. They’re durable, resistant, and long-lasting, meaning that they’re suitable for everyday use and commuting.

It’s important to note that the lenses feature the UV400 filter, providing maximum UV protection. This is especially critical if your eyes are sensitive. 

They’re tight around your eyes, but there’s venting to prevent fogging. Still, you shouldn’t take them off in cold weather because they probably will fog once you put them back on.

These come in a set of goggles and two lenses. You can change between the smoked and clear lenses according to your preferences and needs at different times. 



Bobster - Best Interchangeable Lens Option

These are sleek and modern-looking, but also versatile, easy to use, and comfortable. You can fit most prescription glasses without sacrificing any comfort and convenience. 

The polyurethane frame is flexible and tight-fitting over your face. To prevent discomfort, the goggles feature a dense layer of neoprene foam. 

The best thing about these is that they feature interchangeable lenses. You get three lenses – amber, clear, and anti-fog smoked. These are all easy to change within seconds.

All the lenses are made of polycarbonate and are impact-resistant. They’re more durable than plastic or glass, providing more protection from the harmful UV rays

Another thing worth mentioning is that they’re anti-fogging as long as you don’t take them off during rides. If it’s cold outside and you take them off, they might fog once you put them back on.



Surpassme - Great Value

Motorcycle goggles can sometimes be quite pricey, but you should check these if you want the best value for your money.

The Surpassme are comfortable, high-quality, and easy to put on and take off even with riding gloves on.

These are mainly for outdoor activities such as bicycling, motorcycling, riding, climbing, etc.

Another thing to keep in mind is the UV400 protection they provide. It’s thanks to the polycarbonate lens that’s impact-resistant and anti-wind.

The lens is also anti-glare and dustproof, which makes the glasses quite versatile. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and efficient in blocking off the dust and wind.



CRG Sports - Best Cool Vintage Look

These are quite possibly the coolest, vintage aviator goggles out there. They come in a wide variety of different colors, so you can opt for pink, yellow, green, and blue as well as a more vintage brown and khaki. 

The PC silver lens is scratch-resistant and UV protective which is ideal for everyday use. Also, the lens doesn’t create any glare, nor does it fog if you use the goggles accordingly. 

The frame is made from ABS, and it’s quite flexible. This makes it easy to transport the aviators when you’re not wearing them.

Also, the soft sponge padding is comfortable and ideal for commuters. It’s great if you’re often riding long-distance and need goggles to use for hours on end. 



Biker Goggles Buyer's Guide

Style and Type

Motorcycle goggles come in many different shapes and forms. Some are more comfortable while others are more versatile, so it’s essential to consider them all. Only by doing that, you can find the best model for your needs and preferences.

Aviators – these are the old-school type that’s still quite popular. Today, they’re made to perform a bit better than before, but still, they kept the vintage look.

Over-the-glasses – you might want to consider these if you’re wearing prescription glasses. The thing is that some goggles don’t fit glasses in, which might be a problem for those who have to wear them. Over-the-glasses goggles are large enough to fit glasses with ease.

Off-road – these are tight-fitting and comfortable but might be too tight for commuting. They’re enclosed, so there’s no way dust could get through. 

Street type – street goggles are meant for higher speeds. In most cases, these come with plenty of different lenses and silicone straps for comfort and adjustability.

Safety and Protection

The point of wearing protective goggles is to protect your eyes from several different things. You might not think your eyes need UV protection, but they do, even if it’s mostly cloudy where you live.

While UV protection should be a top priority, goggles are efficient against many other things. In other words, a good pair protects your eyes from the wind, which is especially important at high speeds.

Also, they’re protecting your eyes from the insects, dust, dirt, sand, and all the other debris that might be in the air. 

Keep in mind that while most goggles protect you from dust and debris, not all of them can protect against UV and wind. Cheaply made models often don’t have any UV protective qualities and might even be flimsy, allowing wind in.

Comfort and Fit

Your goggles must fit well and be comfortable, or you probably won’t wear them. That’s the reality, and it’s good because they can’t be safe if they’re uncomfortable. 

For comfort, goggles have padding and a certain dose of adjustability. The padding is to prevent the wind but also to make the model bearable for more extended use. Look for some adjustability as well so that you can find the right fit.

image of man with helmet and goggles

What It’s Made Out of

Goggles are usually made of plastic, but variations do exist. The most durable and strongest option is polycarbonate. It’s a thermoplastic polymer, ensuring protection and durability at a higher level.

It’s frequently used in affordable models, too, because of its cheap manufacturing price. This means that affordable goggles can also be durable and long-lasting.

Polycarbonate is resistant to impact, and it’s unlikely ever to shatter. However, it’s also elastic, meaning that it fits most people with different head shapes and sizes.

Lens Tint and Colors

Tinted lenses are ideal for sunny days, allowing you to ride without having to squint your eyes at all times. Luckily, many models come with tinted or colored lenses.

You can choose between orange, yellow, brown, blue, green, copper and many more. The key is in knowing when you should use each of these since they all have a different role. In other words, they reduce some lights while enhancing others.

Yellow lenses increase depth perception, which makes them ideal for foggy days. They’re also ideal for riding at dusk and dawn when the sky is a little reddish. However, green enhances contrast while reducing bright light.

Keep in mind that clear lenses are an option as well. They might not offer as many advantages, but they work great as all-purpose lenses. In other words, these don’t distort colors and are the best for low-light conditions.

There are also the mirrored ones, which are often considered the coolest. They’re ideal for reducing bright sunlight and glare.

Anti-Fog Capabilities and Vents

It’s quite important to choose anti-fogging goggles with proper ventilation systems. If the ventilation system is good, there’s less chance of fogging. 

Some models have the anti-fogging coating, which prevents fogging from impairing your vision. This is especially important if you’re always riding in cold weather.

If you’re looking to buy big goggles that cover half of your face, you’ll need to invest quite some time in considering the ventilation system. Regardless of how comfortable the model is, improper ventilation will take the joy out of riding.

Prescription Lenses

Pairing prescription glasses with goggles isn’t always as simple. However, if you’re wearing prescription glasses, you should continue to wear them with your goggles. If not, you might put yourself and others in danger.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions. What’s probably the easiest is to wear contact lenses with your goggles. However, if you can’t wear contacts, you might want to get some prescription goggles made.

This is a bit pricey because you have to get them made specifically for you. Still, another option is to wear your prescription glasses with goggles. This might not be the most comfortable option, so you’ll have to find the right pair that fits your prescription ones.


Goggles aren’t usually expensive though the prices vary depending on many things. Those that are more durable and better-fitting are usually more expensive than the flimsy, cheaply made ones. 

Keep in mind that you should never sacrifice safety and comfort, even if it means paying a bit more than what you wanted.


You might not have to give this much thought if you’re only looking for commuting goggles. However, if you’re looking for a pair to work in motorcycling, skiing, paintball, and other such activities, you need something a bit more versatile. 

Luckily, multi-functional models are available in many shapes and forms. You should consider the level of safety they provide in each of the situations and outdoor activities. 

Think about the activities you’d engage in wearing the goggles and whether or not they’d serve the purpose.

Pros and Cons of Fixed and Interchangeable Lenses

The biggest advantage of interchangeable lenses is versatility. You can have a single pair of goggles suitable for riding in different situations and weather conditions.

However, the drawback is in the fact that these lenses are extremely easy to lose or even break. While they’re mostly durable when installed in the goggles, they’re less so when hanging in your bag. 

If you opt for fixed lenses, there’s less chance of losing or breaking them. However, there’s a clear drawback of not having the versatility and ability to choose between several different ones. 

image of dirty motocross helmet

Care and Maintenance

All motorcycle goggles need maintenance and care, especially if you want them to last you a long time. Check the little guide below to discover some useful information on the topic.


Failing to clean your goggles will make them useless in less time than you think. Think about what they go through each time you use them, and it’ll be clear why they need an occasional cleanup.

This is especially important for off-roading goggles that are often exposed to dust and dirt. These might need cleaning after each use.

While some models are easy to clean under a blast of tap water, others require a bit more attention and care. This all depends on the materials as well as build quality. 

Give your goggles a good rinse to remove all the loose dust and dirt. If you can, remove the lenses and wash them with mild soap and warm water. You should avoid using Windex and other such products because these can actually damage the lenses.

You should clean the entire frame as well as padding with care. Padding often absorbs sweat and needs a proper washing once in a while, depending on how often you use the goggles and how much you sweat.


For maintenance, you should just make sure to wipe the goggles after each use. This will make it easier to wash them once it’s time to do so.

Also, wiping after each use ensures that there’s no buildup of dirt and grime. It makes it easier to clean the goggles, and by doing this, you’re also preparing them for the next use.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use any abrasive products or cloths for this. Use a dry microfiber or cotton cloth to give the frame and lens a good wipe down.

Other Helpful Tips

Make sure not to leave your goggles outside regardless of the weather. There’s always some dust flying around, and you don’t want any unnecessary grime on them.

Also, leaving them in the rain or sun will cause them to fade or possibly even weaken. Different weather elements might even cause padding to start decomposing. Make sure to always bring your goggles inside where they’re protected from the weather. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they good for rain?

Goggles aren’t necessarily good for rain though such models do exist. If you’re riding in the rain, you might want to opt for a waterproof model since those often don’t let any water in.

Choose only the ones that are specifically titled as waterproof because other models might leak and let water through.

How do you wear goggles with a motorcycle helmet?

The first thing to do is buy a compatible helmet. In most cases, half-face and open-face helmets can fit goggles, but make sure to check if the particular model fits.

Open helmets often have enough room to fit goggles, but it depends on the particular helmet as well as the goggles.


As you see, choosing goggles doesn’t have to be as tricky if you pay attention to the most critical factors. Hopefully, the information in our buyer’s guide was helpful enough to give you an idea of what to look for.

Use the information to choose one of the goggles we reviewed. We tried to keep the list versatile, including a model for different needs.

Keep in mind your riding style as well as a personal style preference. Remember that the goggles should first be comfortable and protective before you can consider the style and looks.

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