8 Top Rated Goggles for Dirt Bikes

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Dirt bikes are ideal for everyone who enjoys adventures and adrenaline. However, off-road riding requires some special equipment you may not need when commuting around town.

While you need a helmet and gloves, you also need the top dirt bike goggles. Goggles are meant to protect your eyes and face from dirt and dust, as well as water, wind, and bugs.

Still, finding the best model is sometimes challenging because the market is packed with different pieces. For this reason, we reviewed the best motocross goggles and included a buyer’s guide on how to choose a pair.

8 Highest Rated Dirt Bike and Off Road Goggles Reviewed


small product image of 4-FQ
Features: Dustproof and windproof, anti-fog coating
Size: Universal
Color: Silver or color lens
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small product image of GLX GX 08
Features: Durable, wide lens, multi-layered padding foam
Size: Youth
Color: Red, Green, Pink
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small product image of Dmeixs
Features: Thick sponge padding, flexible frame
Size: Universal
Color: Clear lens, Colorful lens, Silver lens
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small product image of JAMIEWIN yellow

Features: Elastic, non-slip strap, lightweight and flexible frame
Size: Universal
Color: Yellow, Black, Purple...
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small product image of GRM
Features: Non-slippery strap, comfortable and breathable
Size: Universal
Color: Orange, Blue
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small product image of BATFOX
Features: Several lens colors, comfortable foam
Size: Universal
Color: Black, Flag, White
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small product image of Wellovar
Features: Well-ventilated, several color and graphic options
Size: Universal
Color: Black, Army, Pink, Blue
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small product image of ZDATT
Features: Lightweight and bendable frame
Size: Universal
Color: Colorful
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4-FQ – Windproof

These might be your best choice if you’re looking for a lightweight and windproof pair. It’s compact and easy to carry around even when you’re not wearing it.

One of the best things we should mention is its PC multi-color reflective lens. It’s resistant to scratching, and UV rays, and features an anti-fog coating.

These are ideal for motocross, although some people use them for snowmobiles as well. 4-FQ has an adjustable elastic strap and proper ventilation for riding in different weather conditions.

Its bendable OTG frame is dustproof and windproof. It comes in different colors but only one size that fits all. Also, there’s some foam around the frame to make it more comfortable for long-hour use.

Another thing worth noting is that you can still wear your glasses under these goggles.



GLX – Shatter-Proof

GLX is one of the best options if you’re a fan of riding across rough off-road terrain. Its shatterproof design is made to endure motocross and all weather and road conditions.

It’s ANSI Z87.1 certified for protection for motocross, air-soft, off-road biking, ATVs, paintball, and other similar adventures.

It features a 1.65mm polycarbonate wide-view lens that absorbs impact and shock. It also has an anti-fog coating with UV 380 protection to safeguard your eyes from the sun.

The lens is also resistant to dust, shattering, and scratches. The frame weighs some 3.5 ounces and is equally as durable and shatter-resistant.

Its flexible poly frame has moisture-wicking padding that adds to its comfort and ease of use. Plus, it has fourteen ventilation ports and an adjustable elastic strap.



Dmeixs – Anti-fog

Dmeixs is made of a high-quality UP resin material that gives it sturdiness and toughness to withstand rough handling.

It features PC lenses that are resistant to wind, dust, shattering, and scratching. They also provide protection against UV rays.

Its wide strap is adjustable and elastic to accommodate any head size. This also helps when it comes to fitting the goggles in different dirt bike helmets. The non-slip strap is safe and secure, keeping the goggles on your head at all times.

Another thing worth mentioning is the soft sponge padding. It enhances the overall comfort and helps with thermal dissipation and ventilation.

The goggles are resistant to fog and provide a crystal clear broad vision. As such, they’re ideal for people who need a pair to wear frequently and in different weather conditions.



JAMIEWIN – Impact-resistant

JamieWin is designed to endure rough rides and possible impact. These are tinted glasses that feature impact-resistant PC lenses and offer protection against wind, dust, UV, fog, and sunlight.

They’re ideal for motocross but are also a good fit for racing, cycling, ATVs, skiing, and snowboarding. You can use these with open-face helmets.

These are padded with soft and breathable foam that makes it easier to wear the goggles for an extended period. JamieWin also comes with an adjustable non-slip strap that fits all head size for men and women.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that these weigh only 3.52 ounces. The frame is flexible and bendable, allowing you to carry these around without the fear of breaking them.

The package includes a pouch as well as a cleaning cloth.



GRM – Flexible

GRM is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a kid’s pair. It’s made to be as durable as adult goggles with a resistant frame and anti-fog lenses.

These have a ventilation opening that provides some airflow to prevent fogging. Plus, there’s also the inner anti-fogging coating that adds even more to the overall resistance.

The lenses are resistant to scratches as well and are suitable for motocross and other outdoor adventures.

The TPU frame measures 7.1 x 3.7 inches. It’s flexible and bendable, which means it’s not as easy to break. Plus, there’s a triple-layer of foam that allows long-hour use and makes it easy to accommodate your glasses.

These come with an elastic strap and two buckles that allow you to adjust the size to fit you properly.



BATFOX – Ideal for Men and Women

Batfox is another versatile pair that you can use for more than just motocross. It works for shooting, climbing, riding, skiing, and other similar adventures where you want to protect your eyes.

The first thing we should mention is its impact-resistant and anti-scratch PC lens. It’s a great choice if you’re going to use the goggles often and in variable weather.

Keep in mind that these come in several colors for you to choose from. Each color offers different light transmission, cutting glare, and enhancing contrast.

Also, it features an adjustable strap so that both men and women can wear it. The triple-layer foam wicks away the sweat while enhancing the overall comfort of the frame.

These are lightweight and easy to carry around when not in use. Plus, you can wear them in summer as well as in winter.



Wellovar – Adjustable

Wellovar provides excellent optical clarity, featuring a UV400-protective PC lens and anti-glare coating. It blocks out all the harmful sun rays and is also dustproof and windproof.

The TPU frame is strong yet soft and flexible. It features breathable foam padding that adds even more to its comfort, allowing you to wear these for hours on end.

Keep in mind that these are arc-shaped. They fit closely to your face but will provide sufficient airflow to implement its anti-fog function.

Another thing worth noting is the adjustable elastic strap. It’s non-slippery and will stay on even in wet weather conditions. Since it’s adjustable, it fits both men and women.

Its design, as well as the level of protection it provides, makes the pair ideal for motocross as well as racing, cycling, skiing, and climbing.



ZDATT – Unique Design

Zdatt is a unique and versatile pair that fits most people and is suitable for a wide range of activities. It’s made of bendable PC material that’s soft and elastic yet durable and resistant to impact and shock.

The frame is thin, featuring foam padding all around to provide more comfort and ease of use. Also, the PC lens is impact-resistant and will protect your eyes against dirt, dust, snow, rain, wind, and UV rays.

These are designed to fit tightly to your face in order to keep all these elements out. But, they won’t irritate your face thanks to the soft sponge padding that prevents discomfort.

It also has a long nylon strap that makes these suitable for women and men. The entire construction weighs only 3.52 ounces and is perfect for everyday use.



image of man wearing dirt bike googles

What to Consider in Buying Dirt Bike Goggles

Riding Environment

Riding environment is one of the first things you should consider because not all goggles are suitable for all environments.

Those riding in a cold climate should consider going for an anti-fog pair. On the other hand, you should focus on getting high-quality foam and good ventilation if you usually ride in a hot climate.

If you usually ride in dusty conditions, make sure that your goggles are well-sealed and can keep the dirt out.

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We suggest you think about your budget and the price you’re okay with paying. Some goggles are more expensive than others, which is why you should think about this in advance.

The difference is usually in the materials but also in the quality of manufacturing. Sometimes, the price is high just because the brand is well-known and popular.

Focus on all the important features and try not to sacrifice safety and comfort factors for a lower price.

Riding Type

Your riding style is another thing you should consider because not all goggles are a good fit for dirt bikes. The type of protection you need for motocross is a bit too much for commuting.

Also, there are different types of lenses, some of which are only suitable for trail riding, while others are meant for motocross.

Luckily, most brands list the type of riding you can use their goggles for.


Durability is always crucial, so make sure not to skip on this part. In most cases, it depends on the choice of materials as well as a few other points.

Look for a pair that’s made of durable materials such as polycarbonate. However, consider what the lens and the strap are made from as well.

The entire construction should be resistant to scratches if you’re going to use it for dirt biking.

Lens Type

As you probably noticed, goggles come with all kinds of lenses that are made for different weather conditions and riding types.

A clear lens is the most popular option as it provides crystal clear vision regardless of the weather. However, you should also consider tinted lenses if you usually ride in the sun because these are often more protective against UV rays.

UV Ray Protection

UV ray protection is critical regardless of the weather and climate you usually ride in. For this reason, make sure that the pair you’re interested in features this type of protection.

It usually comes in the form of a coating that’s not necessarily visible. Keep in mind that a tinted lens isn’t UV-protective just by being tinted since a clear one can also protect your eyes from the sun.


We suggest you always look for a lightweight pair, regardless of how long you’ll wear it. Still, this is even more important if you’re looking for a pair to use for hours on end.

The last thing you want is a heavy frame sitting on your face for an extended period. Luckily, most models are made of lightweight materials and are comfortable to wear.


As you’ve noticed, brands use all kinds of materials. In most cases, it depends on the type of goggles as well as what they’re made for.

Polycarbonate is the most popular choice because it’s durable, shatterproof, impact-resistant, and altogether difficult to break. Plus, it’s an affordable option, even though it’s as durable.

Trivex is another durable option, although slightly more expensive. A few other options are available as well, although not as durable.


Comfort usually depends on the quality of construction, the padding as well as the overall fit. Even the most comfortable goggles are tricky to wear if they don’t fit you well.

Pay special attention to its padding and whether it’s soft enough. It doesn’t have to be thick, just comfortable, and soft to allow long-hour use.

Also, keep in mind that a flexible frame is usually more comfortable than a stiff one.

Goggle Tear-offs Vs. Roll-offs

At some point, you’ll probably have to choose between roll-offs and tear-offs. Both systems feature several layers of clear film across the lens, which you can roll of or tear when dirt messes your vision.

The difference is minimal but still exists. The roll-off mechanism prevents you from tearing off the entire stack of film. It uses a pull chord to remove the old layer.

The system also captures the old film so that you don’t have to throw it away on the track, which is usually the case with tear-offs.

Both systems are quite useful and are a great way of having a clear lens available without having to do any cleaning.

image of young man wearing red googles

Benefits of Wearing Motocross Goggles


As you know, your eyes are exposed to all kinds of things while on the road. The whole purpose of goggles is to protect your eyes from dust, dirt, wind, bugs, rain, and other elements while riding.

The best pair will protect you against these elements so that you can see clearly.

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Riding in sunny weather or while it’s raining can sometimes be quite challenging. This is where a pair of quality goggles comes into play, protecting your eyes and enhancing your visibility.

Tinted goggles are great for reducing glare, giving a better view of everything that’s in front of you. However, a clear visor may be better for nighttime riding.


Dirt bike goggles come in all sizes, shapes, designs, and colors, which means there’s at least one model for you out there.

Use goggles to make a fashion and style statement, matching it with your helmet and the rest of your riding equipment.


Trying to ride without eye protection can be very challenging because everything from the wind to bugs would fly into your eyes.

Having eyewear prevents all of these elements from getting in your face and disturbing you while you’re riding. This makes it easier to focus on the road and traffic.

How to Prevent Fog Foam Blurring Your Goggles

Invest in an Anti-fog Lens

Investing in an anti-fog lens may be your best option if you’re looking to prevent fogging. A standard lens fogs all the time, which can make your goggles tricky to use regardless of your riding style.

You can replace the lens or simply get new anti-fog goggles.

Anti-Fog Spray

An anti-fog spray is another handy option that’s slightly more affordable. These sprays are typically quite cheap, regardless of the brand you go for.

All you have to do is smear it on the inside of your goggles before rubbing it with a soft tissue.

Washing Up Liquid

This is another relatively cheap solution. Use the washing-up liquid to smear a few drops on the inside of your lens.

Use your finger to smear the liquid before rubbing it in using a soft tissue. The entire process takes a few minutes, and you’ll have to reapply the product after each ride.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Goggles

The most important thing you should do is wash your goggles after each use. Use warm water and mild soap to wash all the dirt, sweat, and residue.

Wipe the inside with a washing up liquid or apply an anti-fog spray to prevent fogging the next time you’re going for a ride.

Make sure to dry the goggles with a soft cloth that won’t scratch the frame or lenses. Also, make sure to use the carrying bag you received with your goggles to prevent scratches. Carrying bags are quite cheap to buy separately as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth to buy cheap dirt bike goggles?

Cheap dirt bike goggles can still be a good investment. However, make sure that they feature at least some of the most important buying factors we mentioned.

In most cases, cheaper models aren’t as durable and resistant, so they’re easier to scratch. They can be equally as comfortable as a more expensive model but are probably not as long-lasting.

Can you use ski goggles for motocross?

As you may have noticed, motocross goggles are often safe and suitable to use for skiing and other winter sports.

However, you should be careful when using them the other way around. Goggles made specifically for skiing may not be as impact-absorbing and durable as those made for motocross.


Now that you’ve discovered the greatest dirt bike goggles, we’re sure you can easily pick a pair that fits you the best.

Still, think about your preferences and needs. Some of these goggles are highly durable and comfortable, but might not fit your helmet.

Make sure to reread our buyer’s guide if you’re still struggling to choose one of these models. Keep in mind that these are the best that the market has to offer at this time, so it’s just a matter of finding the best size and design.

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