5 Top Rated Heated Vests for Motorcycle Riding

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Riding in winter isn’t the same as riding in summer. Winter can be rough, making riding a tedious business unless you’re adequately prepared and equipped.

Apart from needing different equipment for your bike, you also need a few gear pieces for yourself. In addition to riding boots and gloves, you should also consider getting the best heated motorcycle vest.

It’s one of those things that make a tremendous difference when riding in the harsh winter weather. Still, various brands offer some of the best models, making it somewhat tricky to choose.

Take a few minutes to read the article below to discover the top models and how to choose one.

5 Highest Rated Heated Motorcycle Vest Reviews


small product image of PROSmart
Features: Two carbon fiber heating elements, USB port charging
Material: Fleece
Battery: CE certified 10000mah battery
Size: S - XXL
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small product image of ARRIS
Features: Promotes blood circulation, thermal protection module included
Material: Polar fleece
Battery: 7.4V rechargeable battery
Size: S - XXXXL
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small product image of Genovega
Features: Easy to maintain, three temperature settings
Material: Water-repellent quilted nylon
Battery: 10000mah battery
Size: S - XXL
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small product image of COZIHOMA
Features: Muscle strain relief, laundry bag included
Material: Polar Fleece
Battery: N/A
Size: M - XXL
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small product image of FERNIDA
Features: Machine washable, three temperature levels
Material: High-quality nylon
Battery: Battery included
Size: S - XXL
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PROSmart – Lightweight

PROSmart heated vest comes in several sizes and colors. The black one has two heated areas, while the gray and dark blue models have four. Each model comes in various sizes, allowing you to choose what fits you the best.

It comes with three heated levels that you go between using a button on the left chest. It heats from 40°C to 60°, making it easy to adjust the level based on the weather you ride in.

It’s an ideal choice for motorcycling, although you can also use it for running, skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, and camping.

It’s made from a high-quality fleece material that’s soft and lightweight. On top of that, the vest is washable and easy to dry.

It is CE certified 10000mah battery is rechargeable for up to 800 times.



ARRIS – Adjustable

This Arris vest is one of the best choices if you need an adjustable model. You can use it under a jacket as it comes in several sizes for you to choose from.

It features six heating panels and five temperature control settings. It heats from 40° to 80° and is ideal for outdoor activities such as biking, camping, mountain climbing, hiking, and fishing.

The 7.4V rechargeable battery offers six hours of run time, heating you during harshest winter rides. Another thing worth noting is that you can use its battery to supply your phone if the battery runs out.

Arris vest features a built-in thermal protection module that stops heating once it’s overheated. It’s easy to wash in a machine or by hand, depending on what you find more convenient.



Genovega – Washable

Genovega is a washable vest with five sizes available. The sizes run a bit small, so make sure to go a size up if you struggle to pick one.

This one has five heat zone panels on the chest, hands, and the next. It has three temperature settings going from 95°F to 130°F, making it suitable for variable weather.

The 10000mah battery provides five to ten hours of run time, depending on the heating setting you use. This unisex vest is made of water-repellent quilted nylon and is lightweight and comfortable.

It has two phone pockets with durable zippers. Also, you can wash it in a machine, but make sure to use a laundry bag.

This one is designed to keep you warm while improving your circulation. It’s an ideal choice for motorcycling, biking, mountain climbing, skiing, and skating.



COZIHOMA – Skin-friendly

Cozihoma is a skin-friendly vest ideal for long-hour rides. It heats your skin gently, promoting blood circulation and protecting your body from cold.

This one has three heating panels, covering your body to increase the heating area evenly. It features a high-adhesion double-protection layer that’s durable and cannot be torn open. It’s also waterproof. (Find more rain gear here.)

The best is that you can control the front and back independently. It has four modes, allowing you to choose based on how cold the weather is at the time.

It’s meant for motorcycling, but you can use it for skiing, camping, hiking, cycling, and pretty much any other outdoor activity during the winter months.

The design is unisex and comes in several sizes, making it easier to find the best fit. USB charging is rather convenient, and you can use the battery to power your phone.



FERNIDA – Unique Design

Fernida has a unique design with durable zippers and ten heating pads. It is a turtleneck vest made of high-quality nylon that is waterproof and windproof.

You can use it under or above your jacket, depending on what you find more comfortable. The side zipper allows you to customize the fit since this is a unisex vest.

This one has a TPU heating sheet that starts heating in three to five seconds. The heat it produces makes it easier to ride in harsh winter weather, but it also boosts metabolism and reduces muscle strain.

It has three levels of temperature, making it easy to adjust based on your needs. It also has LED indicator lights and a thermal protection module that shuts it off when it overheats.

Fernida is a versatile vest you can use for all kinds of winter outdoor activities.



image of young man wearing heated vest

Heated Motorcycle Vest Buying Guide


As always, size and fitment are critical when buying motorcycle riding garments. A heating vest should fit you well so that it can heat your body correctly.

However, you’ve probably noticed that most models are unisex, which means you have to pay special attention to the size. Make sure that you choose the right size so that the vest can fit you properly.

Some models have adjustable straps and zippers, allowing you to customize the fit a little. This is usually the case with unisex vests meant for both men and women.

Keep in mind that you should go a size up if you plan to wear your vest on top of other clothes.


The design doesn’t really differ much from one model to another. In most cases, these look like regular vests at first glance.

However, most models have heating pads somewhere inside the garment. The battery is typically stored in one of the pockets.

It’s a rather classic design, although some vests stand out a bit. Some have a turtleneck design with heating pads around the neck. Some have pads at the front and back, while others have them only in the back.

Take some time to consider your needs and preferences so that you can pick the best design that fits your riding style.


Some people are concerned with having batteries and heating pads so close to their body and rightly so. The situation can be quite dangerous if the system isn’t well-made, safe, and reliable.

For this reason, you should always shop from reputable brands. Prominent names in the industry don’t want to risk your safety. These vests often come with warranties.

Think about where the battery is. It shouldn’t be near any heating pad, or it could reach high temperatures, which can be dangerous.

Also, some models have thermal protection modules to shut the heating off in case of overheating.


The vest of your choice should be comfortable to wear for as long as you ride. Comfort usually depends on the fit and size, so make sure to give this a good thought.

Also, some designs might not be as comfortable for you. For example, turtleneck design is quite popular, but some people cannot stand having their neck heated like that.

Another thing you want to pay attention to is its overall weather resistance. Is your vest waterproof and windproof? If not, it might not be the best choice for riding in winter.

Heating Ability

As you noticed, most models have a variable heating ability. They have three to five heating pads in different areas, offering several temperature settings.

You should always look for adjustable temperature because some days will be colder than others. This allows you to reduce the heat during warmer days.

In most cases, the choice falls to your preferences and needs. Most manufacturers share the information on the temperature their vests can reach. This is worth checking so that you know what you’re working with.

Check where the pads are so that you know which areas they heat the most.


Heated motorcycle vests aren’t necessarily more expensive than other riding equipment. Still, this very much depends on the brand, heating ability, and the overall quality.

You should first think about your budget. This way, you don’t have to waste time looking at models that don’t fit within it.

Keep in mind that the best ones are often the most expensive. However, the price doesn’t always dictate the quality, meaning that you can find plenty of great models that are relatively affordable.

Again, don’t let the price come before other essential factors like heating ability, safety, and comfort.


Durability often depends on the quality of materials and manufacturing. You should first check the materials used and how they perform in cold weather.

Also, check how well-made the product is. You don’t want its stitches to rip or zippers to break after only a few rides.

In most cases, the best way to figure this out is to check customer reviews. Previous customers often talk about how the garment held up, making it easier for you to decide.

Also, reliable brands often use stronger materials and offer warranty deals so that you can replace the vest if it fails to perform as advertised.

Benefits of Owning Your Own

As you probably know, riding in the winter can be quite harsh and uncomfortable. Having a heated vest means there’s no way you can be cold while riding, which is one of the most significant benefits.

However, there’s more to these items since applying heat to your back helps relieve muscle strain. It helps to boost your metabolism and improve circulation.

It’s a useful thing to have when going on a long-distance trip because unpredictable things can always happen. You can easily stay warm for a few hours in case your bike breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to wear?

These are safe to wear, but only if the temperature isn’t too high. A vest should never get too hot so that you’re uncomfortable and have to take it off.

Also, make sure that it has some thermal protection system that prevents overheating.

How does heated motorcycle gear work?

Heated gear has wires built into it, heating up when a low electric charge passes through. The wires are relatively thin and don’t affect the overall comfort.

Some garments like heated vests have pads that heat a particular area. Both methods are equally effective, warming your body enough to make riding more comfortable.

What is the best heated motorcycle clothing?

The best and most popular heated motorcycle clothing includes vests, gloves, jackets, socks, and pants. Most of them work the same way, although some variations exist based on the overall design.

In most cases, you only need a few of these because wearing them all at once might be too much.


The best heated motorcycle vest is crucial for riding in the winter months. It makes the overall experience more comfortable, mostly if you ride across long distances.

Still, finding the best model might be a bit overwhelming because the market offers many options. Think about your needs and preferences, keeping in mind the vital buying factors we discussed.

It’s a simple garment that can make all the difference, so make sure to consider its quality, comfort, and heating ability. We reviewed the best ones, so you can’t go wrong with either as long as it fits your needs.

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