10 Highest Rated Rain Suits for Wet Weather

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Riding in the rain can be an adventure, but it can also be quite uncomfortable. The rain penetrates your clothes that stick to your body, making you shiver as you ride against the wind.

While you can get away with being in this situation once or twice, you should avoid it as much as possible. Staying wet like that for too long could result in several health complications later on.

For this reason, you may want to consider motorcycle rain gear. It’s an essential piece of your equipment for the rain season, so take the time to check the best models below.

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10 Top Rated Motorcycle Wet Weather Gear Reviewed


small product image of Nelson-Rigg SR 6000
Features: Highly reflective and visible
Color: Hi-Vis Yellow, Black, Orange
Size: S -XXXXL
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small product image of ILM suit
Features: Elastic belt with buckle, plenty of waterproof pockets
Color: Army Green, Navy Blue, Blue, Camouflage, Wine Red, Gray
Size: L -XL
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Viking Cycle

small product image of Viking Cycle Rainsuit
Viking Cycle
Features: Underarm cooling vents, waterproof and windproof
Color: Green, Black, Orange, Gray
Size: S -XXL
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Frogg Toggs

small product image of Frogg Toggs
Frogg Toggs
Features: Breathable, waterproof fabric
Color: Mossy Oak Bottomland, Black, Mossy Oak Elements Blue Marlin, Dark Green, Realtree Edge...
Size: M -XXXL
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small product image of Portwest
Features: , Highly visible, removable hood
Color: Yellow, Orange
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Joe Rocket

small product image of Joe Rocket RS 2
Joe Rocket
Features: Lightweight and breathable
Color: Black, Black/Yellow, Black/Orange, Black/Hi-Vis
Size: S -XXL
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small product image of SWISSWELL
Features: Taped and sealed seams, soft interior
Color: Charcoal, Navy, Black, Graphite
Size: M -XXL
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small product image of HWK women
Features: Front and back air ventilation, two external pockets
Color: Black/Pink, Black/White
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small product image of Result
Features: Waterproof and windproof
Color: Olive, Navy, Yellow, Royal, Black
Size: S -XXL
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small product image of Tourmaster Defender
Features: Air vents for breathability, waterproof
Color: Black, Black/Hi-Vis, Black/Red, Black/Blue
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Nelson-Rigg – Two-piece

This two-piece set is 100% waterproof and designed to keep you dry at all times. It’s comfortable and convenient, featuring a few pockets and adjustment points.

Both the jacket and the pants have a polyester outer shell, featuring PVC backing and some reflective striping. This enhances your visibility during nighttime rides.

The jacket has a full-length zipper with a Velcro storm flap and a soft corduroy inner collar. It also has a hood so that you can protect your head from the rain as well.

It has two outer pockets, elasticized waist, cooling vents under the arms, and adjustable cuffs. The pants have an elastic waistband, oversized zipper gussets, cuffs, and elastic boot stirrups.

The set comes in several sizes and colors, allowing you to choose what matches your style the best.



ILM – Waterproof

ILM is a waterproof rain suit made of nano fabric and eco-friendly waterproof coating. It’s wear-resistant, so it’s suitable for everyday use and commuting.

The raincoat has a waterproof zipper along with a double storm flap that protects rain from penetrating. It also has six waterproof pockets, two on the chest, two on the inner chest, and two side pockets with zippers.

The pants feature a seamless design, preventing the water from seeping through. They provide a more comfortable ride even during heavy-duty rain storms.

This set is also windproof thanks to the high collar and loose-strap buckets on the hood. These are designed to keep the rain and wind out. Also, there’s a hidden pocket on the collar for hood storage.

The mesh lining allows breathability, while the Velcro cuffs ensure even better waterproofness.



Viking Cycle – Weatherproof

This Viking Cycle jacket is among the best choices if you need one for commuting. It’s windproof, waterproof, and resistant to weather elements.

It’s a comfortable, featuring heat shield for calf’s, an elastic waist hem, Velcro cuffs, and an anti-sagging design for the best fit.

This one has removable stirrups and two front pockets. It’s a durable coat designed for riding in the rain and other harsh conditions.

It features reflective piping on the front and back so that you’re more visible during nighttime. Also, it has 360° reflective panels that enhance your visibility even more.

The jacket is made of soft polyester on the outside, featuring PVC backing as well. It has a full-length zipper along with a Velcro flap.



Frogg Toggs – Polyester

Frogg Toggs is a rain suit featuring both a jacket and pants. It’s designed for commuters, although it’s equally as suitable for people who don’t ride as often.

The jacket has durable seams that are both taped and sealed. This ensures longevity, as well as wear-resistance, so that you can use it frequently. It has an adjustable hood that you can remove in case you don’t need it.

Its raglan sleeves allow a great range of motion, making it easy to move as long as you select the proper size. The open-waist design has E-Z push cord locks while the front zipper has a snap-down storm flap.

The seams on the pants are also sealed and taped. The waist is elastic, allowing you to adjust it for the best and most comfortable fit.



Portwest – Adjustable

Portwest is a unique jacket designed specifically for riders who ride at night. It’s a waterproof coat that’s highly visible thanks to its bright color and reflective stripes.

It comes in bright yellow and orange, allowing you to choose based on the rest of your equipment. This one is CE-certified and comes in several sizes as well.

It’s a unique material that’s easy to maintain clean at all times. You can easily fold it for storage, and it won’t wrinkle if left unused for a long time.

It has taped seams that won’t let any water through. Plus, they’re reinforced and durable so that the jacket doesn’t wear due to frequent use.

Also, it has an adjustable cord and toggle on the hood, allowing you to adjust the fit. It’s perfect for heavy-duty rainstorms and foul weather.



Joe Rocket – Ideal Ventilation

Joe Rocket is among the most popular brands when it comes to motorcycle rain gear. This set is made of soft polyester out shell that has PVC backing for some additional reinforcement.

Both the coat and pants are fully waterproof and suitable for heavy-duty rain storms. The jacket has a front zipper with Velcro storm flap to prevent water from penetrating. Also, the soft corduroy lined inner collar provides additional protection against wind.

The two outer pockets, along with gusset expanders, allow you to carry small items such as keys. Another thing worth noting is that it comes in several sizes and color combinations.

The adjustable flow ventilation on the back makes it more comfortable to use in warm weather. Overall, this one is breathable in addition to being fully waterproof and wear-resistant.



SWISSWELL – Lightweight

Swisswell is another waterproof and windproof rain gear set of pants and a jacket. It’s developed with the latest moisture-wicking technology, ensuring comfort and convenience during rainy weather.

All the seams are taped and sealed so that no water can penetrate. Also, the jacket has a wind-resistant hood that’s easy to remove in case you don’t need it.

Both pieces have a mesh lining that allows breathability, making it more comfortable to wear the set during warm weather. Also, both pants and the coat are lightweight and thin. This makes them suitable for summer months when the rains are pretty frequent.

The polyester with PU exterior wicks all the moisture, while the interior is soft against your skin. Also, the set is easy to fold and pack into a small bag for easier traveling.



HWK – Ideal for Women

This HWK jacket has removable CE-approved armors on the back, should, and elbows. It’s designed especially for women with a more slim fit.

The 600D Cordura fabric is suitable for all-weather, being rugged and strong but also comfortable and soft. It’s made to keep you warm during winter and cool during hot summer weather.

Although it’s completely waterproof, the jacket is breathable and comfortable. Also, this one has several adjustment points on the arms and waist, allowing you to find the best fit.

Its few reflective stripes make you more visible during nighttime. It has a pink floral print on the sides that’s also available in white. HWK comes in a few sizes as well.

The sizes run a bit small, so make sure to order a bigger one if you find yourself between sizes.

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Result – Heavyweight

This is a set of pants and a jacket with heavy-duty fabric and taped seams. All the zippers are durable and resistant, featuring zipper closure for better water resistance.

The coat has two large front pockets while the pants have two pockets as well. Also, it features a hood with tear-release that you can remove anytime if you don’t need it.

The mesh back provides additional ventilation and breathability, allowing you to wear the coat during warmer weather as well.

Keep in mind that this one comes in several sizes and colors. All the colors are bright and easy to maintain since you can clean the set with just a wet sponge. The jacket has triangles with 3M Scotchlite reflective materials for some added visibility.



Tourmaster – Leakproof

This is a two-piece rain suit featuring a size-matched coat and pants. Both are made of polyurethane-backed nylon with sealed seams.

The set is fully waterproof and resistant to wind, wear, and tear. It’s durable and versatile since you can wear it in both summer and winter.

The jacket has an under-the-helmet hood to prevent any water from entering around the collar area. Its collar is contoured and lined with microfiber for some added comfort even during prolonged use.

It comes in several sizes and colors to choose from, making it easy to find what fits the best. Also, the jacket has Velcro straps on the cuffs and another Velcro flap to protect against water.

All the colors are bright and highly visible, enhancing your visibility for when you ride during nighttime.



image of person in waterproof jacket

What to Consider in Buying Biker Rain Gear


Size is always important when buying motorcycle clothing, but even more so in the case of rain gear. Your rain gear should be loose enough to fit your riding clothing underneath.

But, it should also be fitting so that it’s not flapping or allowing any water in. You want a set that you feel comfortable in, especially if you plan on riding across long distances.

A set that’s too large would get in your way while a set that’s too small would be too uncomfortable. For this reason, pay special attention to the size.


Waterproofing is probably the most critical factor when buying rain gear. In most cases, waterproofing comes from the right choice of materials.

However, several other features enhance the ability to repel water even more. Make sure to look for a set that has taped and sealed seams because those are unlikely to let any water through.

Also, it should be made of impenetrable materials and covered with a protective coating. Keep in mind that water-resistant isn’t the same as waterproof. Water-resistant gear can’t protect you a hundred percent.

It also helps when the zippers are protected with Velcro straps, keeping all the water out even during heavy-duty rain.


You should always look for breathable material, even more so if you’re usually riding when the weather is warm.

Even if you want the gear to keep you warm, it should have proper ventilation to allow some breathability. Otherwise, you may find it too warm.

The trick is in finding the perfect combination of materials because fully waterproof fabrics usually have poor breathability. This is where air vents come into play, allowing some ventilation so that you’re not too warm.

Quality motorcycle rain gear will keep you dry, protecting from the water inside and out.

Heat Resistance

If you’re looking for riding pants or a set with a coat and pants, make sure to consider heat-resistant panels. You probably know how hot the engine and exhaust pipes can get and how easily they can melt your pants.

Having heat-resistant panels protects the pants from melting, allowing a safer ride regardless of the distance and road conditions.

Heat-resistant panels ensure durability and longevity, protecting your pants from damage so that you don’t have to buy new ones anytime soon. However, not every model has these panels, so make sure to double-check.

Slip Resistance

Another issue that usually also appears when it rains is your motorcycle becoming slippery. We’re sure you’ve experienced this at some point, so you know what we’re talking about.

There’s a greater chance of slipping off the seat when the motorcycle is wet, and this is only one of the many dangers. A quality rain suit would prevent you from slipping thanks to its fabric and construction.

These are usually made of quality materials that don’t become slippery when wet. They have a special panel in critical points or are covered with an anti-slip coating.


Price has a significant role when it comes to choosing the top motorcycle rain gear. Cheap models can be effective, but they don’t have as many features.

The market is packed with both cheap and expensive models, having plenty of options in between as well. Affordable, good-quality sets are usually the best choice, and the price range varies to fit everyone’s needs.

However, heavy-duty models are always the most expensive. These are packed with features and are made of the most durable and waterproof materials. They’re the best option in case you’re looking for a suit to use every day.


The choice of materials is vital because it’s usually where most waterproofness comes from. You want it to be fully waterproof so that it doesn’t let any water to penetrate to your skin.

Although there are many waterproof options out there, it’s also important that it’s breathable. As we mentioned earlier in the article, only waterproof and breathable gear is comfortable to ride in.

Also, make sure that the construction is equally as durable. It should have durable stitching, maybe even double-stitching in critical areas.

Pay attention to how it cleans as well since you don’t want to spend too much time trying to clean the suit.


As we mentioned, when we talked about sizing, your motorcycle gear should fit you well. This means it can’t be too tight or too loose because it may not perform as well.

A suit that’s too large would flap around and get in your way when riding. However, it should be a bit bigger to allow some space for your regular riding clothes underneath.

If it’s too small, you won’t be able to fit any clothes underneath. Plus, it would be too tight and uncomfortable to move in, especially during prolonged use.

Luckily, most models have a few adjustment points and straps to help you achieve the best fit.

Rain Gear vs. Motorcycle-Specific Waterproof Riding Gear

Although rain gear and waterproof gear sound like two same things, they’re not the same. Rain gear is typically thicker and heavier, and a bit more complicated to put on and take off.

On the other hand, motorcycle waterproof riding gear is made specifically for biking. It’s lightweight, made of the best materials, and easy to use at different temperatures.

Waterproof gear is lighter and easier to carry around when traveling. It’s easy to fold and fit in tiny spaces so that it doesn’t take up much space in your bag.

image of pretty girl riding motorcycle

Types and Styles

One Piece

One-piece sets are the best when it comes to full protection against the rain. Because the jacket and pants are connected in one large garment, there are fewer points for the rain to go through.

However, these are a bit complicated to work with when it comes to putting them on. They’re equally as tricky to take off, especially if you’re in a hurry.


A two-piece set will keep you dry if it’s well-made. It’s typically easier to work with than a one-piece, but it may not be as protective.

It’s a more versatile choice since you can combine jackets and pants according to your size and style.

See the best motorcycle jackets here.


Gloves and heated gloves are ideal for riding in cold weather. It’s a smart choice to wear them during rain as well because they can prevent slipping.

Make sure that the gloves of your choice fit you properly. They should also have an elastic band to prevent water from getting in.


Waterproof riding boots are equally as important if you often ride in the rain. If you don’t feel like buying new boots, you can go for rain overboots or rain gators that go over your regular pair.

Boots should be non-slippery and remain so even when they’re wet.

Benefits of Using Wet Weather Gear


You probably already know how slippery things can become when it rains. For this reason, you should go for proper gear that protects against slipping.

A proper jacket, pants, gloves, and boots provide anti-slip qualities, making it easier and safer to ride in the rain.

This can provide a reliable grip on the saddle, handlebars, and other parts. However, make sure to check if the material of your choice remains non-slippery when wet.

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It can be a bit tricky for other riders to see you when it rains. For this reason, you should always go for as much visibility as you can get.

Luckily, most motorcycle rain jackets and pants come with a few reflective strips. Most of them are also pretty bright, reflecting light and color during nighttime and rainstorms.

Going for a bright yellow set with reflective stripes makes all the difference when it rains and can even help a bit during fog.


The main purpose of having rain gear is to stay dry during rain. Rain usually comes with no warning, which means it can find you riding pretty far from home. When this happens, you end up soaked and freezing regardless of how warm it is.

This is where a quality suit comes into play, protecting you against water and wind, helping you to stay dry with its many features and reliable material.

image of two persons on motorbike

Top Brands


Nelson-Rigg is an American company based in Santa Ana, California. They’ve been making motorcycle luggage, covers, and clothing since 1972.

It’s one of the safest choices if you’re looking for a one-piece or two-piece suits. As you noticed, we included a Nelson-Rigg model that’s among the most popular from the brand.

Joe Rocket

The company was founded in 1992 with its headquarters in California. It uses FreeAirTM mesh technology that allows you to stay cool while riding in the summer heat. On top of that, the SureFitTM adjustment system protects in case of an impact.

Joe Rocket offers plenty of rain suits and other similar motorcycle clothing pieces.

Frogg Toggs

Frogg Toggs is based in Arab, Ala. The company has been making waders, rainwear, cooling products, accessories, and footwear.

It’s a popular company because all the products are breathable, lightweight, and affordable. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a polyester rain suit.

Tour Master

Tour Master has a parent company called Helmet House that was found in the late ‘70s. It designs and makes luggage, rain suits, helmets, riding boots, jackets, and even motorcycle covers.

It’s a reliable choice since the company stands behind its products, offering great warranty deals at all times.

Additional Usage Tips

You should always make sure that all seams, cuffs, collar, and zippers are watertight. Your zippers should have rain gutters or storm flaps to keep the water out.

Look for the pants that have a wide opening in the foot area that you can adjust and tighten later on. Pants can be a bit tricky to put on if you don’t have enough space to insert your foot.

If you plan on carrying lots of stuff, you may want to invest in a waterproof backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it dangerous to ride a motorcycle when it’s raining?

As you know, everything becomes more slippery when it’s raining. Both the road and your motorcycle are more slippery than usual, which can make riding somewhat more dangerous.

However, this shouldn’t scare you because you can still enjoy riding in the rain. Ride carefully, adjusting your speed to the road conditions, and of course, invest in proper rain gear.

How can I know the perfect fit for a motorcycle rain suit?

Use a measuring tape to measure yourself properly once you’ve put on the clothes you’ll wear under the rain suit.

Most manufacturers list precise sizing charts, showing you how to measure yourself in relation to the suit sizes.

How can I wash motorcycle rain gear?

In most cases, you can just use a damp sponge or a cloth to wipe whatever dirt is on your rain suit. If that’s not enough, you can wash it in a washing machine. However, make sure to check if the material is safe to wash in a washing machine.


The truth is, you won’t be able to avoid riding in the rain forever. At some point, you’ll have to venture out and try the wet road.

However, just because it’s pouring doesn’t mean that you have to be soaked. Look for the best rain gear to keep you dry during foul weather.

Make sure to consider the most critical buying factors when choosing among the gear we reviewed. It’s the best way of ensuring that the suit you choose will fit your needs and preferences.

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