12 Top Rated Motorcycle Riding Glove Brands Reviewed

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Having the right kind of motorcycle equipment is critical to a good ride. Things like helmets, grips, and goggles have significant roles in the comfort and safety of a rider.

However, you should also pay attention to gloves. Motorcycle gloves are vital, especially if you’re often in cold weather. The wind, rain, and snow beating on your skin can make each ride a nightmare, which is something you can prevent by wearing gloves.

Luckily, the market is packed with different models, allowing you to choose according to your needs and style. Take a moment to read the article below to discover the best motorcycle gloves. We’ve also included some information in our buyer’s guide to help you choose the best-suiting model.

12 Highest Rated Motorcycle Gloves Reviewed


small product image of X4
Size M - XL
Material: Nylon/Polyester
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TitanOps Gear

small product image of TitanOps Gear
TitanOps Gear
Size: M - XXL
Material: Microfiber,leather lycra, nylon
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Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company

small product image of Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company
Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company
Size: S - XXXL
Material: Soft leather
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Jackets 4 Bikes

small product image of Jackets 4 Bikes
Jackets 4 Bikes
Size: S - XXL
Material: Goat leather
Check Price

small product image of Superbike
Size: S - XXL
Material: Leather
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small product image of Tcbunny
Size: L
Material: 3D-dimensional breathable mesh fabric
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small product image of ILM Gloves
Size: M - XXL
Material: Alloy steel protection parts
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small product image of NICEWIN
Size: S - XL
Material: Spandex
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small product image of Scorpion Gloves
Size: S - XXXL
Material: Carbon Fiber
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Joe Rocket

small product image of Joe Rocket Vento
Joe Rocket
Size: M - XXXL
Material: FreeAir mesh upper, Leather reinforcements
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small product image of KEMIMOTO
Size: M - XXL
Material: Outer shell covered in a PVC guard
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Protect the King

small product image of Protect the King
Protect the King
Size: XS - XXXL
Material: padded leather
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X4 - Best Shock Resistant

If you’re someone who enjoys off-road adventures and long-distance rides, you might want to check these by X4. These are ideal if you’re often exposed to different shock and vibration on rough terrain.

The gloves have reinforcement on the knuckles, further-protecting that part of your hands.

They’re made from nylon/polyester, which is among the most durable material combination on the market.

Though they’re dense and durable, these are quite lightweight and breathable. While they’re ideal for winter, you won’t have any issues wearing them in the summer, thanks to the constant airflow.

The thick padding is what delivers as much comfort, allowing you to wear these for hours on end, even on rough terrain. They’re quite versatile, meaning that you can use them for street bike riding, ATVs, motocross, motorcycle riding, and off-road biking.



TitanOps Gear - Best Protection

This tactical pair is excellent if you’re into military-style, looking for durable gloves to last you a long time. It comes in several different sizes and a few different colors. They also come as fingerless if that’s more of what you need.

Originally, these are full-finger gloves with durable shields protecting the knuckles. As a result, your hands are safe from different injuries and cuts.

The microfiber, leather lycra, and nylon form a strong bond brought together with reinforced stitching. Such densely-made construction keeps your hands warm while also allowing just enough airflow.

These feature reinforced palm, providing more durability and enhanced comfort. There’s also the adjustable wrist strap, which offers a better grip and more flexibility. It helps fit the gloves properly.

Not only you can use these for biking, but they’re also great for tactical training, cycling, cosplay, airsoft, hunting, and camping.



Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company - Most Comfortable

This classic-looking set is among the best choices if you’re not into reinforced gloves. These are made of soft leather, giving you the real biker vibes, matching well with the rest of your equipment.

Also, the leather is quite comfortable and maneuverable. In other words, it won’t limit your movements in any way, allowing you always to keep them on.

Keep in mind that they’re ideal for protecting against cold and wind, but not enough to protect against impact. In case of a crash, the gloves might tear.

They feature Velcro straps, allowing some more adjustability. Though the gloves come in several sizes ranging from small to 3x extra-large, the Velcro straps help you achieve a more comfortable fit.

They come in black and with a Milwaukee stamp for some added style and sleekness.



Jackets 4 Bikes - Best Vibration Protection

Vibration protection is essential for riders who enjoy off-road adventures. If you’re one of them, you might want to consider the Jackets 4 Bikes set of gloves.

The pair comes in black only, enhancing the style of every rider being a statement piece. These are made of high-quality perforated Aniline Goat leather that’s flexible and durable.

Another thing worth mentioning is the reinforced palm. It provides more comfort, making the gloves suitable for rough terrain. Also, these feature comfortable liners on the back of palms.

On top of that, there’s gel padding on wrists which further-protects from vibration.

These pads absorb shock allowing you to enjoy off-roading for hours on end. For some added adjustability, the manufacturer added an adjustable hook and loop strap.



Superbike - Best Hand Protection

These Superbike gloves are primarily made for men, although a women’s model is also available. It’s a comfortable glove designed to keep you safe from cold and possible impact.

The genuine goatskin leather is flexible, soft, and lightweight. It’s also quite durable, so you can expect the gloves to last you a long time, even with frequent use.

They feature a buckle button, which allows you to lock the two together. This ensures the pair is always together, making it nearly impossible to lose.

For protection, the manufacturer opted for additional padding and hard plastic reinforcement. The hard plastic is on knuckles while the foam is on your fingers. This ensures better protection as well as enhanced comfort for long-hour rides.

It’s also important to note that the index finger has touch screen capabilities.



Tcbunny - Best Ergonomic

Ergonomically designed gloves are often the best choice if you’re riding for hours on end. This pair from Tcbunny is one of the best such gloves on the market. It comes in several colors and sizes to choose from.

The ergonomic design features carbon fiber hard-shell protection. This is done so that the aesthetics are enhanced, but there’s also a level of protection and comfort. The reinforced is challenging to break, which is excellent in case of an accident.

The gloves are made from a 3D breathable mesh fabric that’s breathable and flexible. There’s more reinforcement in the fingertips, which is achieved with added leather.

Another thing worth noting is the shock-absorbing foam. It reduces vibration, protecting your hand from fatigue when riding on rough terrain.



ILM - Best Design

These might be your best option if you’re looking for a stylish pair that’s also protective. They’re durable, breathable, and easy to use regardless of your riding style.

The gloves feature professional alloy steel protection parts. These are made by injection molding, providing added durability and enhanced strength of the material. As such, the gloves offer maximum protection as well as style.

The great thing about these is the protection of the joints. More precisely, the gloves feature finger joints that have anti-collision protection. This is especially useful in case of an impact.

It’s also important to note the U-type protection and arch-shape in the back of the hand. Still, the palm is made using 3D plastic non-slip lines to enhance the non-slippery function.



NICEWIN - Best Breathability

Do you have sweaty hands? If so, you might want to check these Nicewin breathable gloves. These are great for both biking and cycling.

The high-quality injected rubber and stereoscopic patterns cover the fiber joints. These also cover the back of hands, protecting you in case of an accident.

The gloves are made from a spandex three-layer fabric on the surface. This provides enough air to circulate, which is especially critical during hot days and long-hour rides.

There’s a mesh cloth stitched in between the fingers. This little detail enhances the overall mobility and flexibility of the pair, making it easier to do things without taking off the gloves.

It’s also important to note that you can use your phone with these on thanks to the touch screen fingers. Also, the thumbs feature a skin-friendly towel cloth that you can wipe your face with.



Scorpion - Best Fitting

Scorpion is already well-known for making great riding equipment. The brand did an equally great job on motorcycle gloves. This pair comes in several sizes and a few color combinations to choose from according to your style.

At first glance, these look quite bulky, and it’s due to the knuckle protector and reinforcement. They’re a bit stiff at first, but their flexibility will improve after a few rides. This is due to the reinforcement and the strong material used in manufacturing.

The carbon fiber reinforced TPU knuckle protector helps keep your hands safe during impact. This is great if you’re often riding off-road and on rough terrain.

The gloves also feature Knox SPS palm sliders for easier use and enhanced safety.



Joe Rocket - Best Fingerless

If you’re looking for something flexible and suitable for warm weather, you should check these Joe Rocket gloves. These are fingerless and as such, a great choice for summer and people with sweaty hands.

The gloves come in several sizes though only in black. Nonetheless, they look quite stylish and sleek, enhancing the overall look with a classic design.

The pre-curved design is quite ride-friendly and straightforward. Also, the FreeAir mesh upper helps bring breathability and comfort. It helps keep the air flowing through the construction so that your hands cannot get overly sweaty and slippery.

The leather reinforcement throughout the entire construction enhances the overall durability. There’s also the hook and look wrist strap for some added security.



KEMIMOTO - Ideal for Winter

These Kemimoto gloves are among the best choices for the cold weather. They’re designed to keep your hands dry and warm at all times without disrupting the grip.

These come in several sizes though they run somewhat small. For this reason, the manufacturer recommends you order one size up from the one you need.

The gloves feature insulation and shaggy fur lining, which helps trap heat inside. They’re also waterproof so that you can ride in the rain as well as snow.

The outer shell is covered in a PVC guard with soft inner armor. It’s made of closed-cell foams, ensuring comfort and added warmth.

On top of that, these come with two-layer knuckle armors, protecting your hands from impact in case of an accident.



Protect the King - Best for All Weather

If you’re looking for a pair to use in different weather, you might want to try these. The pair was ranked as the best touch screen option on the market in 2018.

These are true to size and made of quality leather. On top of that, the manufacturer uses only organic leather dyes, so there are no chemicals that could irritate your skin.

PKT features a double layer of padded leather reinforcement on the palm. This enhances the overall durability and abrasion resistance. Plus, such construction provides vibration support.

All the fingers are pre-curved, assisting against riding fatigue. Also, the knuckle guards are covered with leather, adding some more durability and impact support.

It’s also important to mention the breathable technology used between the fingers.



Key Features to Look for When Buying Moto Gloves


Riding a motorcycle with gloves on is much more comfortable than riding without. However, it’s unlikely you can achieve the results with any gloves other than those made specifically for the purpose.

Motorcycle gloves give a more comfortable ride, which is especially important if you’re going on a long trip. These can also help when riding in rough terrain and off-road, where there are a lot of bumps and holes.

They help prevent skin irritation ad calluses. Plus, gloves can be great in winter, protecting your hands from the wind, snow, and rain. As a result, you get to enjoy a more comfortable ride.


The design usually comes down to your style and preferences. However, much of the aspect plays a significant role in comfort and safety, as well.

Different models are designed in different ways due to several riding styles. Some models are more suitable for off-roading, while others are better for commuting.

If you’re riding across longer distances, you’ll probably have to invest in a more durable, water-resistant pair. These are designed specifically to provide comfort and reduce hand fatigue.

image of red and black motorcycle gloves

Additional Factors

  • Waterproof

Choose waterproof gloves whenever you can because you never know when it’s going to rain. Keeping your hands dry during rides is essential for your comfort and safety, which is why it’s so important to consider this.

However, waterproof isn’t the same as water-resistance, although either one is better than none. Waterproof gloves usually have mesh material on the inside and outside, which prevents water from getting to your hands.

This also helps to wick sweat during those hot days. For this reason, waterproof materials are a good choice even if you live in an area where it rarely rains.

  • Color

Choosing between different colors is up to you and your preference. Luckily, the market offers plenty of different colors and combinations, allowing you to find the one that matches your style the best.

Such diversity makes it easy to find a pair that matches your helmet, goggles, pants, and the rest of the equipment.

  • Finger Feel Include Phone Accessibility

Though you should never use your phone while riding, you still might want to consider touch screen gloves. These allow you to access your phone without taking them off each time.

Some models have this function on all the fingers, while others have it only on the index finger, for example.

  • Size and Fit

Size and fit play a significant role in how the gloves perform. A pair can only be protective if it fits well, which is why it’s so important to choose the right size.

Some models have adjustable straps, allowing you to secure the fit a bit better. This is especially important for long-distance rides and off-road adventures.

  • Construction

You should consider construction as a significant factor affecting the overall durability. Always think about the kind of materials are used as well as how the gloves were made.

Think about how the construction and materials affect the feel and quality. This is an essential part of your gloves that has a significant impact on the longevity of the pair.

  • Protection

The primary point of wearing gloves is to protect your hands from wind, rain, and possible impact. Luckily, most gloves have different reinforcements to help protect and make riding more comfortable.

Look for a pair made of durable materials, featuring knuckle protectors, wrist support, and air vents. The more safety features, the better.

How to Know If You Need a Biker Gloves

Track the Number of Times or Hours You Rode the Motorcycle

You probably don’t need any gloves if you’re only riding once a week. However, if you’re riding every day and across long distances, you’d benefit from a quality pair.

Think about how often you ride before you choose a particular pair. Sometimes, having a few pairs for different situations helps if you aren’t sure about how often you’ll ride and when.

Check the Weather

If you’re not afraid of riding in bad weather, you should opt for motorcycle gloves that can endure in such conditions. Consider what the weather is like where you live in order to figure out whether or not you need gloves.

Again, having a few pairs is helpful if you ride in both winter and summer. Some people think that you don’t need gloves in the summer, but that’s not really true. There’s a model for each season, but those meant for winter are probably the wisest investment.

Keep in mind that if you ride every day, you’ll likely come across different weather. If that’s the case, you might want to consider a more versatile pair that’s also waterproof.

Know the Type of Motorcycle that You're Using

There’s a difference between each bike, so it’s only logical that you have to get the best-suited gloves for the motorcycle you have. In other words, if you’re riding a dirt bike off-road, you probably need a more durable glove than if you’re commuting on a scooter.

Know if You'll Use it Off-Road or On-Road

Off-road conditions are much rougher than those on the road. For this reason, you probably can’t use the same pair for both track types.

Consider getting something a bit more durable and padded if you’re riding off-road. If you’re mainly on flat and smooth surfaces, you probably don’t need as much protection.

Know Your Riding Style

Knowing your style allows you to choose between some specialized gloves. This helps you make better choices in terms of comfort and protection. Keep in mind that all-purpose gloves do exist, although they’re often not as versatile as advertised.

  • Urban Rider

Urban riders ride often and usually around the city. For this, you don’t need an expensive pair. Instead, you can choose something on a more affordable side.

A quality leather pair might be the right choice for casual riders. In most cases, such gloves offer enough protection while they’re also quite comfortable to use as frequently.

  • Dirt Rider

If you’re riding off-road, you probably don’t need as much abrasion resistance. However, you’ll need more padding and thicker lining to protect your hands against bumps and shocks. Synthetic materials are usually a good choice.

Keep in mind that these are only meant for off-road riding and might not be enough to protect you on asphalt.

  • Aggressive Rider

If you like aggressive rides, you need something thick and well-padded to protect your hands. Multi-layered gloves are a great choice for those who love riding at high speeds. Also, look for knuckle protectors and enhanced lining to ensure better protection in case of an impact.

image of man putting gloves

Know Your Budget

Much like with everything else, you often get what you pay for. In other words, the cheapest models aren’t the best choice when it comes to quality and durability.

For this reason, you should look at gloves as necessary pieces of protective equipment. Investing in a good pair should be a priority, especially if you’re an aggressive rider.

Some well-known brands offer different models at quite affordable prices. However, it’s always good to invest a bit more money in order to get longevity, resistance, and comfort. Look for a pair that offers a bit of everything at a reasonable price.

A Brief Discussion About Biker Gloves

Material Used in Making Motorcycle Gloves

While biker gloves used to be made of leather only, they’re now more frequently made of textile. Some people still prefer leather because these gloves don’t require any additional reinforcement.

Many different leather types are used in manufacturing. While cow leather is probably the most popular, deer leather is also a good option.

Textile is a good choice, but it often requires things like hard plastic, Kevlar, and carbon fiber in certain areas. However, it’s much easier to make a warmer or cooler pair with textile than with leather.

Keep in mind that both leather and textile are quite basic materials. Nowadays, there are more advanced options, such as Gore-Tex. This one is perfect for wet weather conditions and is often used to make waterproof pieces.

Gore-Tex is also breathable, so you can use such gloves in the summer as well. It’s a great material to make well-balanced gloves because it lets the air out and prevents water from getting in.

Things like titanium, Kevlar, hard plastic, and carbon fiber are also used in certain places to enhance protection. Areas like palms, knuckles, and fingers sometimes need additional security, which is where you can find these materials.

Types of Biker Mitts

  • Race

Racing gloves are usually made of padded leather. These are lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours at the time.

In most cases, these have a comfortable grip and quite some more layers of protection than regular gloves. For this reason, it’s essential to use a specialized pair for racing.

  • Winter

Riding in winter is always tricky, and gloves are usually an essential piece of equipment in such weather conditions.

Winter gloves are made specifically for riding in cold weather. They’re designed and built with thicker fabrics and different materials that keep your hands warm at all times. In most cases, they’re also waterproof.

  • Summer

A summer pair is meant for those hot days when you don’t want to wear gloves at all. However, these specifically made models are intended to keep your fingers cool at all times. These have advanced air circulation, allowing constant airflow.

In most cases, summer models have sweat-wicking abilities, keeping your hands dry.

Find a cool summer leather motorcycle jacket here.

  • Gauntlet

Gauntlet gloves are those that fit over your hands and resemble medieval gloves that knights used to wear. These typically have reinforced layers on knuckles, providing better protection.

A quality gauntlet model is larger than a regular one and has far more padding.

  • Dirt

Dirt gloves are meant to help you maintain a good grip on the handlebars. These are built for bike racing but can also work for other riding styles as well as road trips.

They’re usually shorter and don’t pass your wrist, allowing you maximum movement ability.

image of male biker

Importance of Wearing Motorcycle Mitts

  • Comfortable

Gloves make riding more comfortable, especially if you’re often on the road for hours at the time. If you’re commuting every day or going on a long-distance trip, a good pair can help you reduce hand fatigue and vibration.

They also make off-road riding more comfortable by absorbing much of the shock.

  • Protection

Having a good pair ensures that your hands are protected in case of a fall. However, it’s only so if you opt for durable materials and a certain reinforcement.

Some gloves have knuckle protectors, while others also have wrist support. These are only a few of the popular safety features you can find on quality models.

Since gloves are meant to protect your hands, make sure to consider safety and protection over everything else.

  • Maintain a grip

A quality pair should allow you to maintain a good grip and control over your bike at all times. Though this sounds a bit obvious, you should look for the ones that allow you to manage indicators, touch and push buttons, pull levers, and flip switches.

While you should opt for thick materials if you ride in winter, make sure also to consider whether or not you can maintain a grip wearing such gloves. Managing controls and maintaining a grip should be your priority, so try not to sacrifice it for anything else.

Another important thing to consider is that they’re non-slippery. Avoid gloves that become slippery in wet weather because you never know when it’s going to rain. Instead, opt for the ones allowing you to maintain a grim grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there brands that are designed for summer?

Yes, many brands make summer gloves. Big names like Scorpion and Milwaukee Leather offer a few great models you can use in hot weather regardless of your riding style.

Are leather types more recommended?

This really depends on your riding style and the terrain you’re usually on. Leather gloves are typically quite durable and don’t need any reinforcement. For this reason, they’re ideal for on-road rides who don’t need as much padding and protectors.

Are padded types better?

Padded types are better for those who ride in rough terrain. This type of terrain usually has many holes and bumps which cause vibrations. In this case, a well-padded model is an excellent option to help reduce some of that vibration, absorbing the shocks.


At this point, you probably understand the importance of having a good pair of gloves. Regardless of the type of rider and the terrain, you need a good pair to protect and make your rides more comfortable.

As you noticed, choosing a pair depends on many factors, from weather conditions to the type of bike you have. For this reason, you should carefully consider the factors we discussed in our buyer’s guide before opting for a particular model.

Take your time and consider a few types before you choose the one that suits your needs and preferences the best.

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