6 Top Rated Hot Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves Reviewed

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Summer is the most fun riding season due to warm weather and clear skies. Nearly every day is a perfect day for riding, so it’s no surprise that everyone loves summer.

And while having fun is important, you want to keep safety and security in mind. Having the best helmet and safety gear makes all the difference, although nothing raises as many questions as summer motorcycle gloves.

Gloves are an essential part of your gear. But, you want to be careful with the pair you choose to use in warm weather.

The best motorcycle gloves for summer are below for you to discover, as well as in-depth info on why they’re important.

Or for other times of year, see the top gloves overall.

6 Highest Rated Motorcycle Gloves for Summer


small product image of Milwaukee MG7510
Features: Soft and comfortable
Color: Black
Size: XS - XXXL
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small product image of Alpinestars SMX-1
Features: Knuckle protection, secure wrist closure
Color: Black, Black/Red, Black/Yellow
Size: S - XXXL
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Joe Rocket

small product image of Joe Rocket Eclipse
Joe Rocket
Features: Padded leather palms, reinforced knuckles
Color: Black, Black/Brown
Size: S - XXXL
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Protect the King

small product image of Protect the King black
Protect the King
Features: Breathable, reinforced palm
Color: Black, Black/Silver
Size: S - XXL
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small product image of IRON JIA'S Touch Scren
Features: Hard knuckle shell, adjustable Velcro
Color: Green, Black, Red
Size: M - XXL
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small product image of Towall
Features: Non-slippery, protective hardshell
Color: Black
Size: M
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Milwaukee – Premium Leather

This premium pair is made of thin leather that’s soft to touch. It’s ideal for long-distance trips thanks to its gel-padded palms that provide superior comfort.

You notice a nice grip along with resist friction that makes the pair suitable for all riding styles. Plus, these have adjustable Velcro straps on the cuffs, allowing you to find the best fit.

The gel on the palms absorbs shock and vibrations, helping you to battle fatigue and road rash in case of an accident. They’re quality-made and easy to put on and take off at any time.

One thing to keep in mind is that leather may become slippery in the rain. You can coat them with a waterproof product to fix the issue. (Alternately, see waterproof gloves here.)

Plus, the color might run in the rain, staining your hands.



Alpinestars – Great Grip

This might be the best choice if you’re looking for a heavy-duty pair. Alpinestars gloves have premium leather and mesh chassis and perforation zones with air mess. This ensures breathability, which is essential for warm weather.

The synthetic suede zones are combined with side padding for some abrasion resistance, durability, and added comfort. This makes the pair ideal for long-distance trips.

They’re reinforced with hard polymer knuckle protection system. It provides additional resistance to abrasion and impact. It’s meant to protect your hands from road rash in case you’re involved in a crash.

Also, the stretch zone on the fingers and backhand improves movement and comfort. The gloves have a hoop and loop grip wrist close that allow you to tighten them as needed.

View great handlebar grips for additional safety.



Joe Rocket – Conductive Material

Joe Rocket is a well-known company in the biking industry, so it’s no surprise this pair has found its place on our list. It’s made of durable and resistant materials, constructed so that it provides longevity, protection, and comfort.

The utility-grade span/poly chassis is durable and resistant. It protects your hands from weather elements, but also impact in case of an accident.

The index fingers feature conductive material that allows touchscreen access. It’s a nice touch, although you’ll have to use both hands to zoom maps and pictures.

Another thing worth noting is the TPR reinforced knuckle design. It’s meant to provide additional security and resistance against road rash.

The pair is quite comfortable, thanks to the pre-curved design that’s ride-friendly. It’s ideal for riding across long distances regardless of the riding style.



Protect the King – All Weather

These are one of the most popular premium summer gloves that are also suitable for other weather conditions. They’re breathable and comfortable to use regardless of your riding style.

The most important thing to mention is that these are touchscreen gloves. They allow you to use your phone and maps without taking them off.

Another thing worth noting is the air-mesh material incorporated for breathability. On top of that, the company used its original airflow technology between the fingers. It’s meant to help with keeping your hands dry and cool, wicking away any moisture.

The palms are reinforced with double-layered leather. This type of padding improves comfort and resistance against vibration and abrasion.

The pre-curved fingers help to avoid riding fatigue. On top of that, these feature knuckle guard for some added protection, durability, and support.



IRON JIA’S – Ergonomic

You may want to consider this Iron Jia’s ergonomic pair if you’re often riding across long distances. These have a special ergonomic design that features hard shell protection.

The shell is meant to provide security, presenting a hard barrier between your hands and the road. It also looks modern and aesthetically pleasing.

The 3D breathable mesh fabric allows enough airflow to keep your hands cool and dry. Plus, the gloves have fingertip impact protection and reflective points to enhance your visibility.

It’s important to note that fingertips are made of a special material that allows you to operate your phone. You don’t have to remove these each time you have to check the maps.

The ergonomic, drop-resistant hard shell feature shock-absorbing foam that enhances the overall comfort.



Towall – Short

These are highly protective against shock and vibrations, which makes them suitable for long-distance riding.

The new ergonomic design features a carbon fiber shell that’s hard and durable. It protects against impact in case of an accident. Plus, the hard shell is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Under the shell is the mesh fabric that provides breathability and comfort. The neoprene embossed design ensures a non-slippery grip even when riding in the rain.

Four fingers have high breathable mesh design with a rubber block sliding. The drop-resistant protective hardshell features foam underneath to provide more comfort and better protection.

The gloves are easy to put on and take off at all times. They come in several sizes, allowing you to find the best fit.



What to Consider in Buying Hot Weather Gloves


Material is critical when buying summer motorcycle gloves. You want to look for those made of polyester, nylon, leather, and mesh.

Summer gloves should be thin and light, but still protective. For this reason, leather is still the best option. If possible, look for reinforced knuckles.

Look for a durable and lightweight pair, making sure that the material is reinforced and has reinforced stitching. The material of your choice should be breathable to allow enough airflow to keep your hands cool and dry.


Short cuff gloves are probably the best to use in summer due to ventilation and breathability. These allow mobility more than full-cuff models and are far cooler as well.

Gauntlet or full-cuff gloves are a bit more protective since they cover more of your hand. However, they’re also warmer, which isn’t always the best for summer.

Keep in mind that your riding jacket will most likely cover your wrist, adding a bit to the overall protectiveness of your short-cuff gloves.

Size and Fitting

It’s always important for the gloves to fit you properly. These are meant to protect your hands and wrists but can only do that if the fit and size are correct.

If they’re too big, you’ll find it difficult to grip the handlebars and even pull the clutch and brake levers. This can make riding more challenging, putting you in unnecessary danger.

A pair that’s too small will be too tight as well. These are usually uncomfortable and will most definitely tear sooner than later.

image of person wearing glove


The most significant difference between summer and winter gloves is the weight. Those meant for warmer weather are more lightweight than those made for harsh winter temperatures.

Summer models are made of more lightweight materials and are usually softer. They’re vented and flexible, which isn’t something we can say for winter models.

Winter models are heavy since they’re meant to protect against cold weather. They’re too bulky and thick to use in the summer.


Many people think that summer gloves aren’t as protective as winter ones because they’re thinner. However, they’re made of durable materials and have reinforced protection points on palms and around your knuckles.

In most cases, these protection points are made of neoprene, molded foam, or another layer of material. Although these are small, they make a huge difference in how protective your pair is.

They’re resistant to impact and prevent road rash in case of an accident.


As we said, you should aim for the pair that fits you the best. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to sizing so that the pair of your choice fits well.

Finding a pair that fits perfectly is sometimes more challenging than it seems. This is precisely why most models allow some adjustment.

In most cases, you’ll find models that feature Velcro straps, allowing you to adjust the tightness around your wrists. Look for an adjustable pair if you struggle to find the best size.


Summer gloves aren’t supposed to make you warm. For this reason, make sure to choose the right materials that keep your hands cool and dry.

Most models are made of breathable materials or have several vent points. This allows enough airflow, whereas winter models block the air from reaching your hands.

Look for thin ones that are made of lightweight materials, especially if you ride in hot weather every day.


Summer motorcycle gloves are generally comfortable because they’re made of lightweight and breathable materials.

However, some are more comfortable than others, featuring EVA foam on out thumb and the palm. Also, some models have finger sliders and suede reinforcements on the fingertips.

Pre-curved ones are ideal for preventing fatigue, which is especially important if you often ride across long distances.

Another thing to pay attention to is wrist support. Those that support your wrist are generally more comfortable to use for long-distance riding.


Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing any piece of motorcycle riding gear. When it comes to gloves, it usually depends on the choice of materials and reinforcement points.

Most models have hard-wearing areas on the knuckles. Some have reinforced stitching along the fingers combined with thick padding on the palms.

These few points make all the difference when it comes to durability. They prevent the pair from wearing out as quickly due to frequent use.


Most models are generally quite affordable, although some cost nearly $100. It all depends on what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend.

The cheapest ones cost under $25 and are typically not the best when it comes to durability. They’ll offer enough breathability and even protection but will wear out quickly.

Those that range between $25 and $75 are probably the best choice. These last longer and are even more breathable and protective.

Benefits of Wearing Riding Gloves in Summer

Heat Protection

Summer gloves are meant to protect your hands and wrist in case of an accident. However, that doesn’t mean you have to overheat wearing gloves in warm weather.

Most of these models are made of lightweight materials that protect you while keeping your hands cool. Wearing a thick pair will make you hot and uncomfortable, so make sure to pay special attention to thickness and ventilation.

Prevents Numbness

Have you ever tried to ride barehanded? It’s more uncomfortable than most people realize. In most cases, it’s due to keeping your hands in the same position for a long period.

This is precisely why people wear riding gloves. A good pair can prevent numbness, making your rides more comfortable even if you ride across long distances.

A breathable pair keeps you cool, but make sure that it can also absorb shock and prevent cramping.

image of person using mobile phone


The main purpose of wearing motorcycle gloves is to protect your hands and wrists. Biking is often more dangerous than driving a car, so it’s essential to keep all your body parts safe and protected in case of an accident.

Make sure to choose a pair that won’t get ripped if you fall. However, they should protect your hands equally as well, even if you don’t get involved in an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are short motorcycle gloves better for summer?

Short gloves that don’t cover your wrists are usually more comfortable for riding in warm weather. However, they lack wrist support and leave that part of your body exposed. For this reason, it’s best to combine them with a quality riding jacket that covers your wrist.

Are leather motorcycle gloves great for hot weather?

Leather is a natural material that’s ideal for summer. Although it’s not the coolest material, it offers supreme breathability and is highly protective.

Leather is also quite resistant and has a great capability of absorbing shock and vibration. However, it’s among the most expensive options due to such excellent qualities.

What summer glove is best for women?

Summer motorcycle riding gloves for women are essentially the same as those meant for men. The only difference is in size and fitment since women’s gloves are often smaller and narrower.

Even some men’s models can be suitable for women if you manage to find a fitting size.

More reading for women:


Keeping yourself safe and secure while riding is always essential. This is best done by wearing the right riding safety equipment such as a helmet, riding jacket, pants, boots, and gloves.

Choosing gloves for warm weather takes a bit of effort since you want them to protect you while keeping you cool.

Take some time to reread our buyer’s guide and reviews so that you can select the best if you haven’t already. These are the most popular option to use in hot weather regardless of your riding style.

Make sure to keep your needs and preferences in mind while considering one of these models to match the rest of your equipment.

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