10 Top Rated Biker Chaps for 2021 Reviewed

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There’s not a more liberating feeling than what you experience when riding a motorcycle. And while it’s fun and exciting, it can also be extremely dangerous at times. For this reason, you should wear safety gear.

Although a motorcycle helmet is the most critical piece of your equipment, it only protects your head and neck. You need riding pants, jacket, gloves, and boots for the rest of your body.

Still, many people don’t like riding pants and prefer to ride in their favorite jeans. If that’s the case with you, we suggest you try the greatest motorcycle chaps.

Take a few minutes to discover the best models and how to choose one that fits your needs and preferences.

10 Highest Rated Motorcycle Chap Reviews

Viking Cycle

small product image of Viking Cycle
Viking Cycle
Features: Comfortable and adjustable
Material: Cowhide leather
Size: XS - 5XL
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Milwaukee Leather

small product image of Milwaukee Leather Lady
Milwaukee Leather
Features: Durable zippers, adjustable fitment
Material: Premium naked cowhide
Size: 3XS - 5XL
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small product image of Xelement
Features: Strong hardware, adjustable lace
Material: Mid-weight premium leather
Size: 34 - 42
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small product image of 4Fit
Features: Braided sides, unhemmed legs
Material: Leather
Size: M - 6XL
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A.B Crew

small product image of A.B Crew
A.B Crew
Features: Reflective stripes, easy to use
Material: PU leather
Size: Universal
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A&H Apparel

small product image of A&H Apparel elastic
A&H Apparel
Features: Several adjustment points, unique design and color
Material: Leather
Size: M - 3XL
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Rocky Mountain Hides

small product image of Rocky Mountain Hides
Rocky Mountain Hides
Features: No hemming needed, heavy-duty hardware
Material: Leather
Size: XL
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small product image of JJLHIF
Features: Easy to use, ideal for winter
Material: Leather and faux fur
Size: Universal
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Nomad USA

small product image of Nomad USA
Nomad USA
Features: Zippered pockets, elastic and comfortable
Material: Elastic leather
Size: S - 3XL
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Diamond Plate

small product image of Diamond Plate Genuine
Diamond Plate
Features: No hemming required, durable and resistant
Material: Genuine buffalo skin
Size: M - XXL
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Viking Cycle – Easy to Use

Viking Cycle is among the most popular brands when it comes to riding gear. Among jackets, shirts, and gloves, you can find some of the best, easy-to-use motorcycle chaps.

These are made of leather and are easy to take off using the front belt and lace closure back. There’s also an outer seam zipper and snap bottom closure for some more security.

They’re comfortable to ride in and adjustable using the belt at the front. As we said, there’s lace in the back that you can use to adjust the fitment as well.

The original premium cowhide leather protects your skin in case of accidents. On top of that, it gives a classic look along with the top-notch stitching.

Keep in mind that these have back and side pockets for small items you usually carry.



Milwaukee Leather – Ideal for Women

If you’re looking for the best chaps for women, you should definitely consider these as one of the best options.

This Milwaukee Leather model is made specifically for the girls, fitting well on the waist and thighs. It’s made of premium naked cowhide that’s among the most durable and protective materials when it comes to motorcycle chaps.

Keep in mind that these are fully lined and have original YKK zippers. The zippers are durable and will work smoothly for a long time. They allow easy use, making it effortless to put the chaps on and take them off.

Also, there’s a lacing detail on the back of the thighs. This allows you to adjust the fitment a little bit, depending on how the chaps fit you.

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Xelement – Easy-fit Zipper

These cowhide leather chaps are both flexible and comfortable. They’re fully lined to the knee, which makes them easy to put on and take off. Also, there are side covered zippers along with snap leg closures that provide additional protection and ease of use.

The company added another zipper with webbing on the thigh. It’s to allow additional comfort and room for people who usually struggle to get into normal chaps.

The chaps feature an adjustable lace backside that makes it easy to adjust the fit. However, it’s important to note that these have only one pocket. It’s located on the left thigh, and it’s rather small.

Because there are several snap leg closures, you can easily adjust the length of the chaps by just cutting them with scissors.



4Fit – Unisex

4Fit is a unisex pair of genuine black leather chaps. It’s made of textured mid-weight cowhide leather that’s flexible and comfortable. On top of that, it’s fully lined all the way to the snaps, which means getting in and out of these is relatively simple.

Another thing that helps with ease of use is the zip and snap closure. It’s featured on both legs, along with heavy-duty hardware.

The inseam measures 33 to 36 inches, depending on the size. The pair comes in several sizes ranging from small to extra-large, which makes it ideal for both women and men. Plus, the design is also unisex so that everybody can wear it.

On the back, the 4Fit has an adjustable lace that helps with fitment. The waist is also adjustable, featuring a buckle belt that’s easy to work with.



A.B Crew – Half

These are half-chaps, otherwise known as leg covers. The approximate size is 27.55’’ x 13.77’’ in total, and they come in only one size.

The covers are made of high-quality PU leather along with high-density fluff and sponge. The combination gives you comfort and flexibility as well as protection and safety. Also, these are pretty warm, so they’re ideal for long-distance trips during cold weather.

They feature four adjustable Velcro straps on the back. This allows you to adjust the fitment a bit, depending on how thick your pants are.

Also, they have reflective strips that enhance your visibility during nighttime riding.

The compact design allows ease of use, making the covers easy to put on and take off at any time. It takes only a few seconds to get in and out of these.



A&H Apparel – Adjustable

A&H Apparel has always been one of the most favorite brands when it comes to motorcycle chaps. This particular pair is adjustable and uniquely designed to stand out among classic models.

The pair is made of top-grain cowhide leather that’s 1.2 to 1.3 mm thick. The color is grayish, which is pretty unusual since most chaps are black.

These have an adjustable waist belt that helps you find the best fitment. Also, keep in mind that there are quite a few different sizes for you to choose from, but they’re all medium to large.

The elastic at inner thighs helps even more with the overall fit. On the back, it has a leather lacing system that allows you to tighten the chaps as needed.

Another important thing to mention is the heavy-duty zipper along the inseam.



Rocky Mountain Hides – Heavy Duty

These heavy-duty chaps are made of real leather and are super-thick for added protection. Because they’re as stiff, some people find them a bit heavy to wear for an extended period.

However, the thickness and quality of the materials are what makes these such a good choice. They feature heavy-duty zippers along with an adjustable laced belt for easier fitment. Plus, it takes less than a minute to put these on and take them off.

All the hardware is silver-toned and looks very nice on black leather. The buckle is equally as easy to use, and there are several points for you to adjust the waist.

Also, this pair has full lining, making them very warm and comfortable to use during cold weather. And, because it’s made of real leather, you can trim the length with nothing but scissors.



JJLHIF – Windproof

If you’re looking for half-chaps, you may want to consider these leg warmers. The pair is made of leather and is among the best choices if you often ride during windy weather.

While it protects against the wind, the pair is also ideal for protecting your legs in case of accidents. Because the material is thick, it presents a reliable barrier between your legs and the road.

These fit comfortably over your favorite jeans, keeping your calves dry and warm during variable weather. Plus, there’s faux fur underneath the double layer of leatherette to provide added warmth if you ever ride during winter.

One thing to keep in mind is that they only come in one size. The leg size measures approximately 26.7’’ x 13.7’’.



Nomad USA – Elastic

This Nomad USA pair is made of heavy-duty yet elastic leather and is among the most comfortable models. It features an elastic patch in the inner thigh, which is what provides added flexibility and comfort, allowing you to wear it all day long.

The chaps feature heavy-duty zippers that work smoothly and will last a long time. They also have snaps along the bottom of each leg. There are several snaps, meaning that you can freely cut the chaps to the desired length and still have closure at the bottom.

Another thing to mention is the two deep pockets. The pockets have zippers as well, securing your items during rides.

The adjustable belt allows you to find the best fitment, featuring several adjustment holes.



Diamond Plate – Genuine Buffalo

These high-waist chaps are made of genuine buffalo skin. They’re extremely durable, providing reliable protection in case of accidents.

The pair has a single side pocket that’s quite small. However, it has a flap and a snap closure to secure your keys or whatever else you decide to carry in it.

The adjustable belt is easy to work with since it features a durable buckle and a few adjustment points. Also, there are several snap points on the bottom of each leg. It allows you to trim the pair without having to do any hemming.

These are pretty durable and heavy-duty, featuring double-stitching at all stress points.

This makes them ideal for frequent use since they’re resistant and made to last a long time.



Considerations of Buying Motorcycle Riding Chaps

Fabric and Material

Motorcycle chaps are usually made of leather. You may come across other materials, but leather is usually the best choice due to quality and durability.

Leather can endure different temperatures and is also thick enough to protect you in case of an accident.

Keep in mind that genuine leather takes a while to break in. Because it’s thick, it’s usually a bit too stiff at the beginning. However, you can use specialized lotions and creams to make it more flexible faster.

Other materials include faux leather and polyurethane. It’s a cheaper option, but not as protective and long-lasting.

Size and Fitting

Finding the best size is sometimes trickier than it seems. For this reason, nearly all models have a few adjusting points and systems, making it easy to achieve the best possible fit.

Most models come in at least a few sizes. However, it’s usually easier to find large sizes than small ones. Also, make sure to check the customer reviews where you can find info on how true-to-size the sizes really are.

Remember that chaps go over your jeans (read why just wearing jeans is a bad idea), so make sure to leave enough room for them to fit properly. Going at least a size up is often a safe choice.


As you probably noticed, there’s not much difference in design among all the chaps we reviewed. In most cases, they feature the same design with a few details that may differ.

The unique design is important because it protects without being too tight and stiff like most leather pants are.

Still, things that may vary are zipper placement, pocket-size, and placement, as well as the depth of the waist. These aren’t the most critical things to pay attention to but can contribute to the overall ease of use and comfort.

image of man in motorcycle chaps


Motorcycle chaps don’t usually have many pockets. Still, it may be a handy feature to look for if you’re carrying small items like keys and phone.

You’ll notice that some models have a few pockets at different places. It’s hard to tell which the best pocket placement is, but most brands stick to thigh and side pockets. Pockets on the back may be a bit inconvenient to use when riding.

Also, keep the size in mind as well. In most cases, pockets are rather small, so you probably won’t be able to carry anything larger than your phone.


Although the best chaps are made of thick leather, that doesn’t mean they’re warm. Leather is unlikely to keep you warm on its own, which is why you may want to look for a lined pair.

The lining isn’t as important if you’re only wearing them in warm weather, but it makes all the difference when riding in the winter. Some models are only lined halfway, so they’re not too warm or too cold.

In most cases, it’s a sponge material, although some models are lined with faux fur. These are, however, meant for cold weather only.


As we said, it’s sometimes really tricky to find the best size that would fit you in all the right places. This is exactly why most chaps have several adjustment points.

The adjustment points are usually at the waist and back. All chaps have an adjustable waist belt with at least a few adjustment points. Still, make sure that the pair of your choice has a quality buckle that’s easy to use.

Nearly all models have lace in the back. This makes it easier to adjust the chaps in terms of tightness.


Motorcycle chaps aren’t that expensive, but the most quality ones are definitely more expensive than the rest. However, you should consider many things when evaluating whether or not a certain pair is expensive.

For example, you should first think about the material. Genuine leather is more expensive than faux, but it’s also far more resistant and durable. So, you’re actually paying for longevity and quality.

The same goes for pretty much everything else. For example, a cheap pair most likely has low-quality zippers that will break within the first few uses. More expensive models usually have more durable hardware.

Purpose of Usage

Since these are motorcycle chaps, they’re made to perform the best when you’re biking. However, not everyone buys chaps for the purpose of riding a motorcycle. Why do you need a pair?

Think about why you need motorcycle chaps. Is it for protecting your legs throughout the entire year? Or, you’re just looking to wear them when going on a long-distance trip?

Although it may seem funny, it’s very important to determine the purpose of usage. In reality, you don’t have to pay lots of money for a pair you’re only going to wear once a year.

Overpants vs. Chaps

Motorcycle chaps aren’t the only garments made to protect your legs. Leather overpants are another popular option, although slightly different from chaps.

Overpants look like regular pants in terms of design. They cover the same area, which makes them highly protective but also slightly bit uncomfortable.

On the other hand, chaps aren’t as clingy, leaving the seating area of your body exposed. This makes them far more flexible and comfortable than overpants or any other riding pants.

Choosing between the two is up to you since both garments have their benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Chap

As we said, motorcycle chaps are probably the most comfortable out of all safety garments meant to protect your legs.

The level of comfort comes from the design. At first glance, you can tell that these look like pants but aren’t really pants. The small detail of the open seat area makes all the difference.

They’re far more flexible than overpants or leather riding pants. Since the seating area of your body isn’t covered, you have more flexibility and freedom to move.

Also, there’s the matter of safety. These cover your legs and present a barrier between your skin and the road in case of accidents.

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image of person in black leather riding motorcycle

How to Wash Them

Wash with a Saddle Soap

Saddle soap is specifically made for leather and is a good choice for washing your chaps. Hang the pair up on a hanger and use warm water and soap.

Saddle soap typically contains a softening agent and detergent. It’s able to get rid of all kinds of heavy-duty dirt.


You can also wear your chaps in the shower and use both hands to rub and wash them. It’s a good method if they’re very dirty after an off-road adventure.

However, keep in mind that they’ll get very wet and may take a long time to dry, especially if you can’t dry them outdoors.

Hang it to Dry

Regardless of how you choose to wash your pair, it’s essential that you allow it to dry. Place them outside to dry or hang them in a well-ventilated room.

Avoid using a blow dryer or throwing them in the electric dryer. This would most definitely damage the leather, causing it to shrink and crack.

Apply Leather Lotion or Conditioner

Once you wash and dry them, it’s critical to condition the leather. It’s best to use a specially made leather conditioner or lotion, although some regular creams may also do the job.

Take the time to rub the cream thoroughly, especially around the seams, because they can get very dry and brittle.

Allow the Leather to Absorb the Conditioner

Avoid folding the chaps immediately after you condition them. Instead, allow the leather to absorb the conditioner by placing the chaps back on the hanger for a while.

This usually takes an hour or so, but it may take longer if the leather was too dry.


Once the conditioner has settled in, you can go on and apply a weatherproofing product of your choice. Work it into the leather, especially around the seams and other critical points. However, make sure always to check the product description for precise instructions on how to use it.

Spot Clean Daily

Thorough washing is quite important, but it’s not something you have to do as often if you commit to spot-cleaning.

Once you take the chaps off, take the time to go over them with unscented baby wipes. This will remove dust and dirt, but also condition the leather a bit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorcycle chaps machine-washable?

Although these are typically made of waterproof and durable leather, it’s not recommended you wash them in a washing machine.

The process of machine washing and detergents you may use could damage the material and construction. It’s best to use the cleaning methods we discussed previously in the article.

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How to know the perfect fitting?

Finding the best size and fit is rather tricky even though most brands offer sizing charts. Try to get the most precise measurements to compare them to your own. This way, you can be somewhat certain of how the chaps will fit.

Plus, you can always call the customer service and have someone there to help you select the most fitting size.

How to put it on?

This depends on whether or not the chaps of your choice have zippers on the side. These zippers allow easier use.

For the most part, you can just unzip these zippers to get into the chaps. Adjust the waist and other adjustment points, and you’re good to go.


As we said, safety gear is critical regardless of the bike you have. It’s also recommended for all riding styles, especially the more extreme ones.

Luckily, there are many safety garments made to protect you, allowing you to enjoy the ride safely. Motorcycle chaps are made to protect the skin on your legs without being too tight like most pants are.

Although choosing a pair among these may seem complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Make sure to consider the buying factors we discussed, and we’re sure you’ll find the pair that fits you the best.

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