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Wearing Jeans on a Motorcycle Is a Bad Idea

Did you know that there’s more to riding equipment than just a helmet? Although wearing a helmet should be your priority, you might want to consider other motorcycle safety gear.


Many people often ride in jeans, sneakers, and even flip flops. You may think that you look good this way, but the truth is that this is a recipe for disaster.


Wearing jeans on a motorcycle is a bad idea for several reasons. You should avoid wearing jeans as well as several other clothing items we’ll discuss in the article below. Stay tuned to learn why this is a bad idea and what you should wear instead.

Are Jeans Good for Motorcycle Riding?

Many people ride in jeans when they commute and ride around town. It’s considered more convenient than putting leather pants on every time you have to run errands.


And while this may be true, many riders also don’t like showing up in leather pants everywhere. So, they ride in jeans, thinking that a simple commute cannot go wrong.


However, jeans offer no protection in case you fall even at low speeds. They cannot stand against sliding across the road, regardless of how smooth or rough it is.


In other words, even a seemingly harmless fall can turn out to be much worse if jeans are all you’re wearing to protect yourself.

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Ideal Options That You Can Wear When Riding

Motorcycle Over Pants

These are meant to be worn on top of your pants, which is why they appear a bit baggy. They remind of a classic biking model, but they’re a bit more functional.


Over pants are made of abrasion-resistant material with reinforcement and durable stitching. These come in several colors, and some are even waterproof.

Motorcycle Under Pants

If you need to wear jeans or whatever street pants, you should have special biking pants underneath. These are highly protective but not as easy to find. In most cases, they’re made of Kevlar or another strong material.


Keep in mind that this is the bare minimum when it comes to protection.

Textile Motorcycle Pants

These are typically made from Cordula, Aramid, or another abrasion-resistant fabric. You might want to consider these for abrasion resistance if you’re not a fan of leather.


They have durable stitching, reinforcement, and usually a built-in armor and knee pads.

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One-Piece Riding Suit

A one-piece riding suit is a good option if you have to remain in street clothes. Opt for a model that can fit on top of everything so that you can simply remove it to expose your street outfit.


These suits are relatively easy to find, offering weather protection, abrasion resistance, and armor.

Leather Motorcycle Pants

Leather is the ultimate choice when it comes to protection. These offer the most abrasion resistance, and they look quite fierce.


The material is easy to use for biking because it can be repaired and cleaned as many times as needed. Plus, you can get a pair to match your leather jacket.

Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Biking jeans may look the same as your street pair, but they’re stronger and more durable. These are lined with Kevlar, Aramid, or another abrasion-resistant material. In most cases, they have double or triple stitching and reinforcement in high impact areas.


They are a bit costly, but they offer the best transition from biking to streetwear.

What to Avoid Wearing in Motorcycle Riding

Shorts and Skirts

Shorts and skirts offer no protection to your legs whatsoever. Not only that, the road can scar your skin in case you crash, but you may also burn your legs on exposed metals and hot pipes of your bike.


Bare flesh doesn’t stand a chance to either one of the two.

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Tank Tops

The same goes for wearing tank tops when riding. By wearing a tank top, you have only a bit of cotton fabric between your skin and the road or hot pipes.


In case you fall off the motorbike, you’ll probably scratch the skin of your arms and torso regardless of how fast you ride.

Flapping Jacket

Wearing any jacket is better than wearing none at all. However, even the best biking jacket doesn’t do much to protect you unless you zip it closed.


Flapping jackets are dangerous because they can cause wind resistance. On top of that, you may lose the jacket, exposing your arms and torso.

Black Clothes

Riders love wearing black for several reasons. However, this isn’t always the best idea, especially if you’re riding at night.


Make sure to add a bit of reflective material on your back, legs, and/or arms. This is going to help other drivers to notice you.

Cheap Helmets

A high-quality helmet doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but this is something you want to be careful with. See budget helmets.


Consider all its specifications and features, double-checking the material, ventilation, and whether or not it’s DOT approved.

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Flip Flops

Flip flops are a terrible idea even if you’re just going on a five-minute ride. They’re unreliable and can cause you to slip and fall.


Plus, in case you fall for whatever other reason, flip flops won’t do a thing to protect your feet from the road.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes may be a bit more reliable than flip flops since they’re not as slippery. However, they’re not protective and don’t stand a chance against the road in case of a crash.


You may find them comfortable, but tennis shoes aren’t adequate for riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a good cheap motorcycle jeans brand?

AGV and Scorpion are by far the two cheapest brands when it comes to biking jeans. However, many brands offer different pants that range in specifications, features, and price.


With that said, you can also find expensive AGV and Scorpion pants, as it all depends on the particular model.

What pants are the best to use for touring?

Belstaff’s Pioneer Pants are among the best choices when it comes to touring. These are comfortable, waterproof, and breathable. They’re also windproof and highly durable since they’re made of 500-denier Cordura.

How important is motorcycle riding gear?

Motorcycle riding gear is critical to protect your body in case you fall. Every piece is critical for the particular body part. In other words, wearing riding pants may protect your legs, but won’t do much for your torso, so make sure to wear a jacket as well.


The same goes for riding boots/shoes, helmets, and gloves.


We know that leather isn’t always the most suitable for some occasions. However, this doesn’t mean you should wear street jeans when riding because safety should be a priority.


You don’t have to wear heavy-duty leather pair all the time. Instead, you can opt for riding jeans, under or over pants, and other models we mentioned above.


Make sure to avoid wearing shorts, flip flops and other items we discussed. Although it doesn’t always seem like a bad idea, it usually takes as little as a pebble to cause your bike to slip.

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