9 Top Rated Motorcycle Jeans and Pants

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As a biker, you probably have a safety helmet and jacket. These are the essential parts of your safety equipment, meant to protect you in case of an accident. However, have you ever considered what kind of pants you’re wearing?

When it comes to pants, you might want to try some of the top motorcycle riding jeans. These are quality garments, meant to act as a barrier between your skin and the road in case of an accident.

Take a moment to check the article below as we review some of the best options. We’ve also included a little buyer’s guide with information which can help you choose a pair for you.

9 Top Rated Motorcycle Riding Jeans Reviewed

Small product image of NEWFACELOOK (CARGO)
  • Size: 32W x 30L - 40W x 34L
  • Material: 14oz Denim
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Small product image of MAVI Motorcycle Riding Jeans
  • Size: 28W x 32L - 42W x 32L
  • Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
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Small product image of MAXLER JEAN Motorcycle Jeans
  • Size: 28 - 42
  • Material: Spandex
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Small product image of SCORPION
  • Size: 30 - 42
  • Material: 14 oz. heavy denim
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Small product image of NEWFACELOOK
  • Size: 32W x 30L - 40W x 34L
  • Material: 14oz Denim
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Small product image of JUICY TRENDZ
  • Size: 32W x 30L - 40W x 34L
  • Material: 14oz Denim
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Small product image of JOE ROCKET
  • Size: 30 - 38
  • Material: 12oz Heavy duty denim
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Small product image of KLIM Motorcycle Riding Jeans
  • Size: 30 - 42
  • Material: Polyester
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Small product image of MAXLER JEAN FOR WOMEN
  • Size: 26 - 34
  • Material: 14oz Denim
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Newfacelook (Cargo)

These beautifully designed trousers are available in four classic colors – dark brown, black, light brown, and gray. Also, they come in several sizes for you to choose from though they run a bit small. The button closure is combined with a sturdy zip, providing ease of use and convenience.

The strong 14oz fabric is quite heavy-duty and usually used for riding jeans. It’s 100% cotton and has two rear and two side pockets with Velcro fastening.

Also, the pants are lined with protective lining, covering more areas than most other models. Areas like knees, thighs, and hips are reinforced with Aramid lining, protecting these critical parts. Plus, the trousers come with knee protection pads for some additional support.

Another thing worth mentioning is the hip and knee protector pocket that’s included. Free knee and hip protectors are also provided with trousers. The combination provides additional safety in case of an impact while not compromising any comfort during riders.




If you’re looking for classic jeans that don’t really look like riding pants, you might want to check these out. These are made of 98% cotton and 2% elastine, which is a comfortable combination that makes the pants easy to put on and take off.

The zipper closure is easy to use and durable. It’s sleek, gliding effortlessly for a long time without getting stuck.

It’s a classic pair with a traditional cut, so it’s hard to tell that they’re actually riding jeans. The fit isn’t too loose or too tight, sitting just right in all the places.

Thanks to the midrise contoured waistband, they sit comfortably at your waist like any other pants. Still, there’s enough room for you to tuck in your shirt in colder weather.

The mid-weigh flexible fabric is comfortable and durable. It gives enough room for you to move freely and wear jeans for biking as well as other outdoor activities. Plus, the build quality helps the pants keep their shape throughout the years.



Maxler Jean

If you need something roomy and comfortable, you might want to try these Maxler Jean pants. These are made from flexible spandex fabric and are comfortable to wear for hours on end.

The pants feature tight zippers where the protective knee protectors go. Also, there are zippers across the garment in the place of an air vent mesh. Keep in mind that knee protectors are somewhat adjustable, depending on your height.

Another zipper is at calves, stabilizing the knee protectors when you’re riding. These attachable knee protectors allow you to wear the pants as casual jeans every day.

Though the pants are available in several sizes, you should be very careful with how you select the appropriate size. These are made in South Korea for Korean’s body measurement, so make sure to check the sizing chart before purchasing.

There’s a wide variety of sizes to choose from; it’s just that you should always consult with the chart to find the best size.




Scorpion is a well-known name in the biking industry, so choosing these pants might be your best option. They’re attractive, well-fitting, and made specifically for motorcycling.

These high-end jeans are made to last a long time, following you on your daily motorcycling adventures. They’re meant for both casual ridings as well as long-distance travel.

The traditional five-pocket design is versatile, convenient, and easy to use. It helps make use of these pants, allowing you to carry different items and cards you might need at hand.

It’s important to note that they’re made with 14oz. denim.

It’s a traditional material often used for many different pants and garments. It’s an excellent choice for motorcycle riding pants because it’s flexible and comfortable, yet durable and resistant.

These come in black and blue for you to choose from, depending on your preference and personal style. Also, there are several sizes to choose from, though make sure to always check the sizing chart before purchasing.




This heavy-duty, strong product is used for camo, cargoes, and jeans construction. It’s among the most resistant options out there if you’re looking for a durable pair for everyday use.

The button and zipper closure is easy to use and make a durable combination. It’s among the most favorite systems, especially when it comes to everyday riding pants.

They look much like regular models but have unique reinforcing that makes them stand out. In other words, there’s protective lining throughout the entire construction. Also, critical areas such as knees, thighs, and hips are reinforced with Aramid lining.

On top of that, it’s also vital to mention hip and knee protector pockets for protectors if you want to wear them.

The trousers come in only one color but plenty of different sizes for you to choose from. As always, it’s important to consult with the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to select the best fitting size.



Juicy Trendz

These Juicy Trendz quality pants are made of 14oz denim and come in several sizes. They’re easy to put on and take off, and most importantly, they don’t move much when you sit.

The button/zip closure is quality-made and easy to use. It doesn’t get stuck or break after a while of use, which is especially important if you’ll use them every day.

The pants are reinforced with Aramid protective lining at the knees, thighs, and hips. This gives you peace of mind that there’s enough barrier between your skin and the road. Also, there are free removable protectors for these areas, providing even more protection.

Furthermore, the pants have two pockets on the front and two on the back. This makes them more useful and convenient while also enhancing the stylish design.

Sadly, the pair comes in one wash/color only, so you don’t get to choose much. However, they look stylish and modern thanks to the many stitches and well-fitted waist.



Joe Rocket

The Accelerator Jean from Joe Rocket is one of the most popular options on the market. They look like your every day jeans so you can pull them off doing pretty much anything.

They’re made of 12oz heavy-duty denim and are quite durable. The pants are made to withstand frequent use, which makes them ideal for everyday riders and commuters.

It’s important to note that these feature Kevlar reinforcement in the seat, knee, and hip panels. Also, aramid, known as heat-resistant synthetic fiber, provides more protection and comfort. The material is often used in military and aerospace.

Another thing worth noting is that these pants feature pockets for knee armor. Although the armor isn’t included in the package, the pants are quite easy to pair with some. However, this is pretty options, so you don’t have to use any if you’re not a fan.

For comfort, the manufacturer added a cotton layer. This enhances the overall comfort, making the pants suitable for everyday use.




These are ideal if you’re looking for riding jeans you can use every day and during several activities. They’re quality made and feature a blend of durable nylon and cotton for some added comfort.

The heavy-duty Cordura denim is adjustable, comfortable, and protective. It comes with a YKK fly zipper, which is among the most durable options out there. It’s especially useful if you’re looking to wear these every day.

The reinforced Kevlar panel in the slide zones provides additional protection and resistance in case of an accident. There’s also the integrated armor system, enhancing the overall level of safety you get from wearing these pants.

These are stonewashed, so they’re quite good looking. The whisker treatment gives the pants a bit more style, making them easier to combine with other safety equipment and garments.

When it comes to armor, the pants feature the D30 Evo hip and knee armors as well as adjustable knee armor positioning.



Maxler Jean (For Women)

If you’re searching for a women’s motorcycle riding jeans, you might want to try these. Much like men’s pair, the Maxler Jean for women is comfortable, easy to use, and versatile.

The pants are made from flexible spandex fabric and are comfortable enough for riding as well as other activities. You can even wear them as casual options for when you’re not actually riding your bike.

These come with tight zippers, adjustable knee protectors, and air vent mesh for maximum performance. You can adjust the knee protectors depending on your height, which adds some more convenience to the pair.

Overall, these have a slim fit, which is characteristic of women’s jeans. It provides a fashionable look that looks attractive regardless of whether or not you’re using them for riding.

It’s also important to note that these come with attachable knee protectors. This allows you to add and remove them according to your needs since you probably won’t want to wear them at all times.



Riding vs. Regular Jeans

As you know, it’s always important to wear full-length pants for riding. Though your regular jeans might do the trick for commuting and cruising around the neighborhood, you should consider something more heavy-duty.

Riding jeans are explicitly made for riding any motorcycle, scooter, and other two-wheelers. These pants have special features and are built from specific materials to deliver protection and impact-resistance.

Riding jeans are built from more durable materials than your everyday trousers. They’re more durable and meant to be more comfortable, which is especially important if you’re riding long-distance.

Most have reinforced stitches, armor, and padding to protect your knees, thighs, and hips. This is something regular options don’t have, although they sometimes seem more comfortable.

Riding options are more heavy-duty, and as such, they might not be as comfortable as regular pants. However, they’re highly protective and should be a part of your safety gear.

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image of man riding motorbike in jeans

Cool Riding Jeans Buyer’s Guide

Safety and Protection

Protection your pants provide can be a critical difference in how you get out of a potential accident. Safety and protection come as many different features that range in efficiency as well as convenience.

In most cases, it’s Kevlar lining that makes all the difference in how safe a pair of pants is. Such lining can cover your entire legs or just the critical parts such as angles, calves, and knees.

It’s designed to protect your legs in case of an accident or shock. For this reason, it’s important that you keep this on when you ride. Kevlar is also a great insulating fabric, which helps keep the optimum body temperature regardless of the weather conditions.

Some pants come with detachable protections, which allow you to use them for other activities as well. It’s also important to mention the stitching since it’s another critical safety factor. Riding jeans often come with durable, reinforced stitching so that the pants don’t tear or break as easily.

Pads and Armor

You should always consider pads and armor when choosing riding options. It’s what enhances the protection and safety which can come in handy.

Most riding jeans have pockets for pads and armor, allowing you to use them according to your needs and preferences. This makes the pair a bit more versatile since you can remove them whenever you want, as well.

Typically, these pants come with reinforced aramid weave throughout the knee area. Since this is a high-impact area, you want your pants to have some extra fabric there.

Still, some have armor instead. In essence, armor is a bit more efficient and protective, but many people consider it less comfortable than aramid.

Kevlar and Other Fabrics

Probably the most important factor to consider is the materials. As we mentioned, motorcycle options should be stronger than your regular pair, so look for stronger and more durable materials.

Kevlar fiber is arguably the strongest material used to make motorcycle trousers. It’s what people use in bulletproof vests, so you can understand why it’s a good choice in this case as well.

The material is highly resistant to impact and abrasions, which is excellent in case you ever fall off your bike. Also, because it’s as durable, Kevlar can withstand wear and tear like no other material.

Still, it’s important to note that those made with Kevlar tend to be a bit pricier. Luckily, other materials are available in case you don’t feel like paying the extra buck.

While leather pants are great to use in the rain, they’re often not as durable as jeans. Opting for thick jeans with a layer of waterproof coating will provide just enough protection if you’re usually riding in the rain.

Cut and Fit

This is where you should consider your personal preference. While both cut and fit are critical for comfort, they also make a difference in style and appearance.

  • Regular fit

These look much like any other jeans you wear to run errands. They fit well and aren’t tight in any area if you select the right size. Such a model won’t make you feel too restricted or tight. In most cases, they sport a straight cut below the knees.

  • Slim fit

These are popular but can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially if you don’t get the right size. The body-hugging fit wraps around your legs but should never be too clingy. It’s the right choice if you want to look good both while on the bike and when you get off.

  • Tapered fit

Tapered jeans sit comfortably in the thigh and waist area. These don’t feel restricted, but some people find them too narrow below the knees. They aren’t as tight as slim-fitting pants but are still chic and modern just as well.

image of motorcycle on open road

Comfort Factor

Comfort is critical and should never be ignored or overlooked. For this reason, pay special attention to the flexibility of the fabric as well as any pressure points.

Make sure your jeans are comfortable to ride in at all times. Try not to compromise this for anything else, especially not style or appearance.


You need flexible models that can adjust to your body and movements. In other words, your pants should be comfortable when you stand as well as when you sit and move your legs.

Keep in mind that choosing a size bigger than what you need won’t do much for flexibility and might even create a wind tunnel. Instead, look for flexible materials such as elastin.


You should pay particular attention to choosing the right size. If the jeans don’t fit you well, they’ll likely be uncomfortable, which also means you won’t wear them as often.

To avoid this, make sure to always consult with the sizing chart usually provided by the manufacturer. Some sizes run small or big, but that’s usually indicated somewhere.


Motorcycle riding jeans can be quite expensive though some affordable models are available. Expensive ones tend to offer more features but usually aren’t much safer than any other model.

Make sure to set out a budget in advance since that can help you narrow your search for riding pants.

Care and Washing

The best thing to do is to check the label for any maintenance guidelines. Act according to these guidelines to avoid any possible damage due to improper maintenance and care.

If you don’t find any, you should play it safe. In other words, don’t use any harsh chemicals because those can actually damage the material and structure. However, you don’t want to wash them too frequently either. Each washing takes some of the dye, so you’re essentially shortening the life of the pants.

Nonetheless, you should wash them now and then, depending on how often you use them and for what type of riding. Here are some basic tips:

Consult the label to check for any special instructions on how to properly clean the pants.

Make sure to check all the pockets, detachable parts and armor. This is critical because a paper tissue in your back pocket can actually ruin your pants once wet.

Turn the jeans inside out to prevent dye from fading.

Wash on gentle cycle only and at low temperatures. Don’t go over 30 degrees or use any fabric softener.

You should never put them in a dryer because you could damage the fabric. Instead, air-dry them for as long as needed.


It’s probably easier to choose now that you know the clear difference between regular jeans and those meant for riding. As you see, there are plenty of unique models that can pass as regular pants, although they’re designed for motorcycling.

Look for a pair that fits you well and is protective and flexible. Make sure it’s comfortable and non-restricting, especially if you’re looking to wear the pants for hours on end.

Remember, always consider the critical factors we included in our buyer’s guide. You can always come back to reread the info as you’re choosing one of the nine motorcycle jeans we reviewed.

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