8 Highest Rated Motorcycle Waxes to Polish Your Ride

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Keeping your motorcycle clean is among the most important maintenance tasks. Though it doesn’t seem as critical, road grime can tamper with its performance in many ways.

To achieve the best results, you should wax your motorcycle regularly. By doing this, you’re giving your bike UV protection, scratch resistance, and protection against stains. Avoid to do this might result in corrosion and unpleasant aesthetic at the least.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done this by yourself. Take a moment to read our reviews and buyer’s guide below. The information can help you decide on a single product and learn how to use it.

8 Top-Rated Motorcycle Wax and Polishes Reviewed

Small product image of CAR GUYS
  • Wax Type: Liquid Carnauba
  • Size: 18oz
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Small product image of SHINE ARMOUR
  • Wax Type: Brazilian Carnauba Wax
  • Size: 8oz
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Small product image of AERO COSMETICS
  • Wax Type: ECO - Alcohol & Ammonia Free
  • Size: Kit, 144oz
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Small product image of CHEMICAL GUYS
  • Wax Type: Butter Wet Wax
  • Size: 16oz
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Small product image of SHINE ARMOUR
  • Wax Type: Waterless Car Wash & Wax
  • Size: 8oz
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Small product image of MEGUIAR'S
  • Wax Type: Liquid Wax
  • Size: 7-piece Kit
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Small product image of MAXIMA
  • Wax Type: PARAFILM formula
  • Size: 43.5oz, pack of 3
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Small product image of TURTLE WAX
  • Wax Type: Smart Shield Technology
  • Size: 8-Piece Kit
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Car Guys - Best Premium Hybrid Wax

If you want to achieve deep shine and sleek surface, you might want to try this hybrid solution. The formula is safe for every surface, which is great if you have several vehicles.

It’s a newly developed synthetic detail spray that works at the molecular nano level. It brings out the reflections and gloss on a whole new level.

The best of all is that it’s easy to use. It takes only some fifteen minutes to apply it and finish the polishing process. All you should do is spray it on and wipe it off.

The package comes in two sizes. You can choose between the 18-ounce and a gallon pack depending on your needs. The smaller package comes with a towel you can use to wipe it off.



Shine Armour - Best Hydrophobic

If you’re looking for advanced science, you should check out the Shine Armour. It contains Brazilian Carnauba that seals and polishes surfaces of your motorcycle, car and whatever other vehicles.

Apart from providing a polished look, it also protects from UV rays and scratches. It doesn’t leave strikes or reside as long as you work quickly to wipe it off.

It comes in a spray container that makes it easy to use. Thanks to such a system, even people who don’t have experience can wax their bikes with ease.

Simply, spray the it and wipe it off immediately. Waiting too long to wipe it off might create residue and leftover product showing. The process might require some practicing, so make sure to test it out on a less-visible part of your bike.



Aero Cosmetics - Best Waterless

This Aero Cosmetics wash wax cleans and protects your bike with a non-stick UV-protective coating. It’s easy to use and comes in several pack sizes.

It’s a spray solution so that you can use it anywhere from the garage to a parking lot. You can either use it as a waterless wash or wax.

It’s water-based, so it’s free of alcohol and ammonia. Being that it’s eco-friendly and biodegradable, it’s also safe to use on all surfaces inside and out.

It doesn’t irritate when in contact with skin or eyes, though some caution is always recommended. It comes in several sizes or as a kit including a gallon of the solution, 16-oz spray bottle, four microfiber towels, and a guide.



Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax - Easy Application

If you’re concerned about whether or not you’ll know how to apply this type of product, you should check out the Butter Wet Wax. The container comes in different sizes, which is ideal if you have several vehicles to polish and protect.

It’s a 100% carnauba-based solution, so it’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave any residue. Its new formula enhances the shine and makes application even easier.

Once applied, it gives a wet look regardless of the color of the paint. It provides a high level of protection against UVA and UVB to all surfaces.

You can choose between a 4-ounce, 16-ounce, a gallon, and a five-gallon bottle depending on how many vehicles you have and how often you’ll use it.



Shine Armour - Great Advanced Formula

This is a ceramic coating hydrophobic spray. It’s a car wax that works on all surfaces, so you can use it on your motorcycle just as well. Thanks to its formula, it provides a waterless wash and shine.

It’s a ceramic coating solution, so it’s gentle and effective without leaving any residue, streaking or smearing. It provides a clean finish without damaging the paint of your bike.

This Shine Armour sealant eliminates grime, dirt, and grease. It helps prevent them from sticking to your paint job, keeping your motorcycle clean and shine for a long time.

You can use it on other vehicles just as well. The blend of surfactants and SiO2 ceramic-coating science is safe to use on cars, bikes, boats, RVs and other such vehicles.



Meguiar's Motorcycle Care Kit - Best Complete Kit

If you have several vehicles to treat, you should consider getting a kit. Meguiar’s Motorcycle Care kit is among the best choices for when you need several products to treat different vehicles.

It’s a seven-piece kit that cleans and protects all surfaces, including leather, plastic, paint, metal, and vinyl. It includes seven essential options such as Liquid Wax, Detailer Mist&Wipe, Motorcycle EZ Clean, and more.

Each option is safe and easy to use. The EZ Clean is meant for washing, so just spray and rinse whenever your bike becomes a bit dirty.

The Liquid solution provides shine and protection against grime accumulating on the paint. Use the Leather Cleaner/Conditioner to gently clean and polish leather and vinyl parts. All containers are easy to use and sized to fit in small compartments and saddlebags.



Maxima - Best Budget Kit

If you’re on a budget but in need of a chain kit, you should think about getting this one. It’s smaller than high-priced kits, but it doesn’t lack the quality and efficiency nonetheless.

This one includes 15.5-ounce Maxima Clean Up, 14.5-ounce Multi-Purpose Penetrant Lube, and 13.5-ounce Chain Wax.

The heavy-duty Clean Up is designed to clean chains without damaging rubber O-rings or any metal surface nearby. The Lube is superior in penetrating and displacing water. It protects against rust and corrosion for a long time as well.

The Chain Wax is made with anti-wear and heavy-duty additives that provide lubrication for cables, sprockets, and chains. Since it’s a three-step cleaning kit, you won’t need any other product to maintain your chains. You might want to use a brush with it, so you can remove the excess product when need be.

Read more on how to clean your chain here.



Turtle Wax - Great Value

If budget isn’t so much of a concern for you, but you still want value for your money, you should look into this Turtle kit. It contains eight different products meant to remove dirt, polish, and protect your bike, car, and other vehicles.

It contains a spray way, spray detailer, interior cleaner and protectant, speed compound, two applicator pads, and two microfiber cloths. Each product is made with Smart Shield Technology that builds layers of protection and shines for a long time.

The interior cleaner removes fingertips, dirt, and food stains without leaving any residue or greasy feel.

The speed compound removes scratches, oxidation, and swirl marks without leaving dry marks in crevices. Finally, the spray wax produces water beading and provides UV protection.



Motorcycle Cleaner Buyer's Guide

Different Products for Different Parts

Though some brands might try to sell you their all-in-one products, these aren’t always the best choice. In most cases, you’re better off using specific waxes for particular parts and types of surfaces.

You should consider what the product is made of. Some surfaces can handle synthetic solutions quite well, while others might do better with something more natural. You can always experiment but make sure to only do so with remote parts of your bike at first.

You might achieve better results with paste, spray, or liquid depending on the particular part you’re waxing.

If you’d like to treat your entire bike, you should consider getting a kit. Depending on your needs and budget, you can find different kits that include various products. These typically include all you need to maintain metal, plastic, and leather parts of your motorcycle.

spraying wax on a motorcycle

All-in-1 Cleaners

These can be convenient, but it tends to be a bit tricky to find the quality ones. Generally, an all-in-1 cleaner should clean and wax your motorcycle with ease. However, in reality, you’ll probably need at least one extra polisher to achieve best results.


There are different types of motorcycle waxes. In most cases, they’re all the same, and they do the same job, but their formula is different, and with that so is the application process.

  • Liquid

These are probably the most durable with long-lasting results. However, they’re a bit tricky to apply and require some practice and experience.

  • Spray

Spray solutions are quite simple to apply regardless of whether you have experience or not. They leave no residue and are safe to use on plastic as well. However, spray bottles don’t last as long.

  • Paste

These are also easy to apply, and they last relatively long. However, it takes some elbow grease to apply paste wax, and it might even leave some swirls if not done correctly.

Carnauba Versus Wax Sealants

Both options are quite popular, although pretty different in terms of ingredients and results they deliver. Carnauba is a natural ingredient extracted from Copernicia cerifera tree leaves. It’s often mixed with beeswax and different polymers for protective coating.

Carnauba wax beads off water drops and protects against bird droppings, dust, etc. Usually, carnauba lasts for two to four months, so you’ll probably have to buy several in a single year.

Synthetic wax sealant typically lasts longer than carnauba. However, ingredients included here aren’t as natural and can even be harmful, so make sure to pay special attention to them before buying.

These often include synthetic wax, resin, and polymer blends for ultimate results. They provide a protective coating by sealing off the paint, protecting it from UV rays. Such a coat protects your bike from environmental contaminants.

It’s hard to tell which type is better for your bike. Many people think natural ingredients are always better, but keep in mind that such products don’t last as long as synthetic ones, so there’s more considerable expense over a certain period.

How To Apply Wax

Before you start, you should familiarize yourself with the product you’ve purchased. Also, test it on a less visible part of your bike or a tool that’s made of the same material.

You should use a microfiber cloth for treating your motorcycle. Some products come with these cloths already included, so that’s a plus if you don’t own one. A microfiber cloth prevents scratches and applies the product evenly.

Other rags are abrasive and might damage the delicate surface of your vehicle. On top of that, they might not even do a good job of applying the product.

In most cases, it’s recommended you wash and dry your vehicle before applying. Though you don’t have to wash and dry it, the results probably won’t be as impressive if you skip this step.

By washing and drying, you prepare the surface by removing the dirt and residue water. As a result, the wax has a better base to stick to. Of course, use different cloths to wash, dry, and wax the bike.

When washing, go from the top going down because most dirt is located in the bottom. Taking that dirt to the upper parts of your motorcycle might damage the surface.

Once you wrap this up, you can proceed to waxing. Keep in mind that applying this product isn’t the same as polishing and it cannot remove already existing scratches. It’s not meant to improve shine as much as to protect the surface.

Additional Helpful Tips

  • Use leather cleaner.
  • Use several microfiber cloths.
  • Don’t use the same water for washing the bike and wax applicator.
  • Make sure your bike is clean and dry before waxing.
  • Wax section by section.
  • Don’t apply wax in direct sunlight.
  • Take your time with the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wash my motorcycle before waxing?

As we explained above, you should wash your motorcycle before applying any products. This way, you ensure the surface is clean since only then can wax stick to it properly.


At this point, you probably understand that waxing is relatively simple to do. With the right product and cloths, you can do a decent job of protecting the paint from UV rays, and other environmental contaminants.

Choosing a quality product is crucial, but so is preparing your motorcycle for the process of waxing. Follow the steps we discussed above, and make sure to take your time with this. The more time and effort you put in, the better results you can achieve regardless of your experience in waxing.

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