15 Top Rated Motorcycle Boots – Reviewed for 2021

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What type of shoes are you riding in? Though riding in sneakers might be comfortable, you might want to rethink that decision.

Shoes are considered a standard piece of riding equipment, which is why you should pay particular attention to the subject. Regular shoes aren’t as easy to ride in, and they’re definitely not as protective.

For this reason, you should consider investing in a quality pair of motorcycle boots. These are protective and comfortable, meant to enhance your riding experience in every way.

Take a few minutes to read more about motorcycle boots if you don’t have any or you’re looking to replace the ones you have.

15 Highest Rated Motorcycle Boots Reviewed


small product image of Durango
Size: 8 - 15
Material: 100% Leather
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Harley Davidson

small product image of Harley-Davidson
Harley Davidson

Size: 6.5 - 18
Material: 100% Leather
Check Price

small product image of O'Neal

Size: 7 - 15
Material: Synthetic leather, injection molded plastic plates
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Carlos by Carlos Santana

small product image of Carlos by Carlos Santana
Carlos by Carlos Santana

Size: 5 - 11
Material: fabric and synthetic sole
Check Price
Bruno Marc

small product image of Bruno Marc
Bruno Marc

Size: 8.5 - 15
Material: Rubber sole
Check Price
Joe Rocket

small product image of Joe Rocket Big Bang
Joe Rocket

Size: 7 - 14
Material: Polymeric ratchet adjustment strap and aluminium quick-lock buckle mechanism
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Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company

small product image of Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Trooper
Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company

Size: 8 - 12
Material: Full leather upper
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small product image of BORLENI

Size: 6.5 - 12
Material: Super-fiber material
Check Price

small product image of AdTec

Size: 7 - 14
Material: 100% Leather
Check Price

small product image of TCX

Size: 39 - 46
Material: Full-grain leather
Check Price
Polar Fox

small product image of Polar Fox
Polar Fox

Size: 6.5 - 13
Material: Synthetic
Check Price

small product image of Golaiman
Size: 7.5 - 14
Material: Soft leather
Check Price
Power Gear Motorsports

small product image of Power Gear Motorsports
Power Gear Motorsports
Size: 9, 11
Material: Light Weight Durable Fiber Leather
Check Price

small product image of Tourmaster
Size: 7 - 14
Material: 100% polyester
Check Price

small product image of Forma
Size: 6.5 - 18
Material: The full-grain leather upper
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Durango – Best Versatile

These 100% leather boots are a good choice if you’re looking for a versatile pair. They come in black and brown, and there are several sizes to choose from.

It’s a rugged-leather model with dual pool handles and hardness ankles trap. It features a rubber sole that’s quite durable, making the them suitable for frequent use.

The shaft measures some 11.5’’ from the arch, while the heel measures approximately 1.75’’. The boot opening is at about 14.5’’.

It’s also important to mention that this option comes with steel shank and metal hardware. This helps enhance the durability and longevity of the shoe, allowing you to use them for years to come.

The boots are slip-resistant and don’t absorb any oils. As a result, you can use them in different weather and terrain for a long time.



Harley Davidson – Best Slip-Resistant

Regardless of whether you ride a Harley or not, these are among the best choices for slip-resistance. They’re made of 100% leather, looking and playing the part of quality riding boots.

The rubber sole makes the shoe quite comfortable so that you can ride for hours on end. This is especially useful if you’re going on a long-distance trip.

It’s important to mention that the shaft measures some 6.25 inches from the arch. Keep in mind that they come in several different sizes and mid-size options.

These are an excellent choice if you’re looking for slip-resistant riding footwear. They’re resistant to oils and reduce the chances of slipping regardless of the terrain and weather conditions.

There’s also the full-length sock lining that makes the shoe a bit more comfortable. Again, it helps with riding across longer distances, preventing soreness and discomfort.



O’Neal – Best Protection

O’Neal came up with these boots for riders who enjoy high speeds and require more protection. These are easy to put on and take off, which is great if you’re a commuter.

The injection-molded plastic plates are built in to protect against impact. That’s especially useful to people who like riding at high speeds.

Another thing adding to the overall protection is the metal shank insert. It reinforces the entire shape of the model, adding some more support without jeopardizing comfort. For comfort, these have a cushioned insole and enhanced heel support.

Keep in mind that although it comes in several sizes, no mid-size options are available. If you wear a half size, you might want to get the next size up.

They feature a snap-lock adjustable four-buckle closure system. It’s easy to work with, enhancing the overall fit and safety.



Carlos by Carlos Santana – Ideal for Women

If you’re looking for women’s riding boots, you might want to consider these. Carlos women’s boots are one of the most popular options on the market for several reasons.

One of the best selling points about this brand is the overall ease of use. These have a zipper that runs smoothly and is simple to use at all times. It makes the shoes easy to put on and take off quite quickly.

The fabric and synthetic sole are quite durable, making sure that the shoes last a long time, even with frequent use.

The platform measures some 0.5 inches, while the boot opening is at approximately 10.5’’ around. The heel height is at 1.75 inches, and the shaft measures about 6.5’’ from arch. Nonetheless, keep in mind that several sizes are available to choose from.



Bruno Marc – Best Durability

Choosing durable and reliable riding footwear is always the right option. For this reason, you should consider these Bruno Marcs designed to last you a long time.

These are considered military combat boots suitable for motorcycle riding in different weather conditions. They feature a rubber sole that’s comfortable and non-slippery.

The heel measures about an inch while the platform measures approximately half an inch. These dimensions help enhance the overall comfort and feel that the model provides. It makes them suitable for different riding styles, as well.

Keep in mind that these are ankle boots, so you might want to avoid snow if you ever ride in such weather. Nonetheless, the classic vintage design is stylish and flexible, while the entire construction is durable and resistant.



Joe Rocket – Most Comfortable

Comfort is always essential, as we’ll discuss in more detail a bit later on. It’s important to consider it over everything else because uncomfortable shoes will make it challenging to ride.

These Joe Rocket ankle boots come in several sizes and two color options. They feature molded polymeric ankle protection, enhancing comfort and security without affecting maneuverability.

These are quite durable thanks to the triple stitching featured in all the stress areas. On top of that, they come with steel lace eyelets that can endure some rough handling.

It’s also important to mention the polymeric ratchet adjustment strap combined with a quick-lock buckle mechanism made of aluminum.

The non-slippery sole design allows you to ride in all weather conditions. They feature a laser-etched badge.



Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company – Best Oil-Resistant

These leather boots are quite durable and resistant. They’re entirely black and come in several sizes to choose from. On top of that, some half sizes are also available.

The non-skid soles are oil-resistant and won’t leave any marks on your floors. They’re secure and reliable, ensuring stability and balance.

These are quite comfortable thanks to the freedom flex sole construction. It helps if you’re riding every day or across longer distances when on a road trip. The mid-soles are made to follow the natural bend and arch of your feet.

There are two ways of putting these on. You can either use the side zippers or front lacing, depending on what you find more convenient and easier to use. Overall, they’re lightweight and simple to use in different weather conditions, which is always a plus.



Borleni – Best Casual

These might be the best choice for commuters and those who love a casual style. Though they look more like sneakers, these are actually boots with full experience boots can deliver.

The most important thing to mention is the thickening in the heel of the toes. This is what protects your feet during everyday rides and casual commuting. There’s also some padding with super-fiber material that’s comfortable, breathable, and durable.

The inside around ankle features a mesh fabric that enhances breathability. On top of that, these feature lining made of cotton, which adds even more to the overall comfort.

It’s crucial to mention that the sole is made of non-slippery rubber material. They are easy to put on using a quality zipper featured on the side.



AdTec – Best Heavy-Duty

If you’re looking for some heavy-duty riding boots that will last you a long time, you should check these. These AdTech full-grain oiled leather boots come in several sizes, making it easier to find the one that suits you the best.

They feature a synthetic sole that’s durable and comfortable. It makes them suitable for everyday use, although they’re as heavy-duty and somewhat on a heavy side.

When it comes to measurements, note that the heel is at about 1.5’’ in total. It’s considered a standard heel for riding boots, though some might find it a bit high.

Its shaft measures 11.75’’ from arch while the platform is some 0.25’’ high. The boot opening measures approx. 14.5’’ in total.



TCX – Best Anatomic

This vintage-looking model are among the best choices if you’re looking for an anatomic model. They adapt and follow the shape of your foot, providing comfort and balance in all riding conditions.

The full-grain leather is durable and resistant. It enhances the overall longevity of the boot by wicking moisture and oils.

The inside is well-padded, which adds some more to the comfort of the boot. Keep in mind that there’s also toe and heel counter as well as a leather shift pad.

The lace closure system is anatomic and replaceable, allowing you to change it for longer laces if you prefer them.

Also, there’s a lateral zip combined with Velcro hook-and-loop band helping to secure the boot, providing additional safety and reliability.



Polar Fox – Best Ankle Support

The Polar Fox ankle boots are ideal if you’re looking for better ankle support and enhanced comfort. These are crafted with durable synthetic leather, providing water resistance and breathability.

The boots feature two heavy-duty metal buckles and zippers for some added durability. This provides some more support to your ankles as well as the rest of your foot.

There’s padding on the inside while the exterior is double-stitched for more strength. Also, these come with rubber soles that provide comfort and flexibility by adapting to the movement of your feet.

Thanks to the quality constructions and the materials used, the boots are great to use in different weather conditions. Because they help stabilize your ankles, you can use them for many various activities alongside motorcycle riding.

Much like all quality models, these come in several sizes and a few color options.



Golaiman – Best Design

These combat boots are stylish and sleek looking, delivering comfort, breathability, and durability all at once. They’re available in few sizes but only in brown.

The heel measures approximately an inch, which is considered to be the perfect height for riding boots. The classic design makes these versatile and easy to match with any outfit and the rest of your equipment.

For closure, the manufacturer chose a side zipper. It’s smooth and durable, so it’s sure to work for a long time. The buckle on the side is for decorative purposes only.

The boots feature durable and soft leather uppers and round capped toes. This enhances the overall style and as well as comfort. On the inside, there’s cushioning and padding designed to make the boots more comfortable for everyday use.



Power Gear Motorsports – Perfect for Racing

If you’re into racing, you probably know the importance of reliable riding equipment. These Power Gear Motorsports boots are ideal for racing thanks to their overall construction, padding, and durability.

They’re lightweight, yet quite durable thanks to the fiber leather outer shell. On the inside, the boots are soft and flexible, adapting well to the shape of your feet. They’re also stain- and water-resistant, which lets you ride in different weather conditions even when you’re not racing.

The outsole is made of rubber, and it’s non-slippery. This allows you to use the boots for various activities alongside racing. As we said, they’re water-resistant, so they’re easy to clean and maintain.

For safety and reliability, the manufacturer added a super-strong Velcro and a reflective back panel. This helps improve your visibility when you’re riding at night.



Tourmaster – Best Breathability

The Tourmaster ankle boots are one of the most popular options on the market, especially when it comes to breathable materials.

These are made of HiPora 3-layer breathable and waterproof membrane. This allows you to ride in different weather conditions regardless of whether it’s raining or not.

The polyester lining is combined with an open-cell design. As a result, the boots deliver increased comfort, making them suitable for everyday use.

It’s important to note the molded nylon anti-twist midsole that’s durable and virtually unbreakable. On top of that, these come with reflective heels, which help you stand out when riding in low-light conditions.

The leather shifter guards enhance the overall performance and level of comfort and protection. Keep in mind that these come only in black, but there are several sizes you can choose from.



Forma – Perfect for Off-Road

Riding off-road requires a different type of equipment, which is why you might want to consider these boots. They come in a few sizes, but there aren’t any other color options but the brown/black combo.

The full-grain leather upper helps deliver the rugged style. However, it also has a significant role in the overall durability and balance of the boots.

These come with a double-density rubber sole and some plastic protectors. As a result, you can wear them for off-road adventures as well as other outdoor activities.

For added safety, the manufacturer included some plastic gear pad protection and adjustable GH plastic buckles. They stay safely put once on thanks to the Velcro closure system.

Another thing worth mentioning is the Drytex lining that’s breathable and waterproof.



What to Consider When Purchasing a Motorcycle Boots

Choose Your Preferred Material

Motorcycle riding boots are now made from many different materials, from leather to Gore-Tex. When setting out to buy a pair, you should first decide which material you like the best. Keep in mind that some are better for certain riding styles.

  • Kevlar

Kevlar is often used in modern boots to enhance protection, keeping you safe in case of an impact. These are typically made of light fabrics and have insert padding along with plastic plates. In most cases, they’re great for people who want durable and safe boots.

Kevlar is a major material often used in sports and racing tournaments because it offers both protection and supreme comfort.

Keep in mind that Kevlar isn’t always the best option, so stick to it if you’re looking for racing boots. They’re not the best to use in bad weather and rain.

  • Thermal Plastic Polyurethane

This modern plastic is often used to make boots meant for winter. It provides abrasion resistance, and it’s highly protective against cold wind and overall bad weather.

  • Gore-Tex

Gore-Tex provides constant airflow and is a good choice if you’re looking for waterproof yet breathable boots. The material is lightweight and durable, so it’s suitable for warm weather when you need the most air circulation.

In many cases, Gore-Tex boots are waterproof or at least moisture-wicking, depending on other materials the Gore-Tex is combined with.  They can usually endure some rain, keeping you as dry as possible.

  • Leather

Leather is probably the most popular material due to several reasons. You’ve probably noticed that leather is used in other riding gear such as gloves and jackets, so it’s no surprise manufacturers use it for boots as well.

However, it’s not always as simple to identify quality-made leather boots. Keep in mind that full-grain, thick leather is usually the best option, providing ultimate protection in case of an impact.

Such material is also the best to protect against excessive heat, rainwater, and cold winds, making the boots suitable for all seasons. Plus, leather boots are almost always waterproof, depending on the overall quality of the model.

image of boots for motorcycle riding

Choose Your Preferred Design and Style

At this point, you probably have an idea of the many styles and designs available. While it’s great to have such vast options to choose from, it also makes it a bit challenging to opt for a single pair.

You should be able to choose between designs and styles according to your preference. However, there’s more than just looks here because some designs are actually made to work for particular riding styles.

The first thing you should consider is the type of riding you need the boots for. Are you commuting to work or racing? If you’re just riding to work, you probably don’t need any long armor boots. For this, you need something classic, lightweight, and comfortable.

The best way to pick a style is to think about the width, height, and tread design. If you’re riding to work where you’ll stand all day, you need to consider the heel height.

Keep in mind how and where you spend your time after riding. Make sure to also consider the closure design, depending on what you like the best between zippers and laces.

Pick The Right Size

In order for the boots to be comfortable, they have to be the right size. That’s why you need to pay special attention when selecting the right size for your riding boots.

If they are too small or too big, they’ll be uncomfortable to wear. So, make sure that you can move freely in the shoes of your choice. Check how they feel when you walk as well as when you sit. Measure your feet according to the guidelines you can find online.

Most manufacturers have sizing charts that you should look at before opting for a particular size.

Choose Quality for Protection

It’s important to choose models that are quality-made and protective at all times. You should opt for protection while on the road.

Your boots should provide two types of protection – the crash protection and weather protection. Crash protection is somewhat more important, keeping you as protected as possible in case of a crash. Look for a pair that has high protection levels and is made of durable materials.

Weather protection is quite important, as well. Riding shoes should protect you from weather conditions, allowing you to ride in the sun as well as rain. Look for the ones that are waterproof and have excellent air circulation when it’s warm. Also, tight-sealed shoes are protective against harsh winds in the winter.

Ideally, riding shoes should protect you against the weather as well as possible impact while being comfortable at all times.

Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget is essential when shopping for riding boots. It helps you narrow the list of models, making it easier to choose just one.

There are plenty of different models on the market, ranging from quite expensive to somewhat cheap. While you should consider your budget, it’s important to note that cheap products might not deliver as much as you expect.

Look for the ones made of quality materials. High-quality materials and constructions are best to keep you protected against impact and weather conditions. Plus, in most cases, they’re also waterproof and quite comfortable.

Because boots are so important, it’s also vital that you go for a quality-made model. These are typically pricier, but that’s going to pay off in the long run. Try to invest as much as you can because a quality pair is quite significant for your comfort, protection, and overall riding experience.

image of girl riding motorbike

Tip on How to Find the Right Biker Boots

Is it Comfortable?

Comfort is always important, and it becomes even more so when you’re wearing the boots for a long time. If you’re only wearing the boots once in a while, you can probably get away with some light padding and thin soles.

However, if you’re riding every day and for hours at the time, you need something a bit more comfortable. If you’re looking for boots to wear to work as well, it’s important to consider comfort as one of the most critical factors.

Luckily, there are many models on the market offering versatile, removable cushions, padding, and ankle support.

Is it Affordable?

As we discussed, some models are more affordable, while others are quite expensive. In most cases, you can get away with something in between.

Riding boots can cost from $30 to $300+, so be prepared to consider the price as you go. Typically, affordable boots are made of cheaper, synthetic materials. Though this sounds bad, it might be enough for casual riders who don’t ride as frequently.

If, however, you’re a frequent rider, you need something a bit more durable and well-made. Consider investing a bit more money for a quality-built, durable, leather boots that will last you for years to come.

Is it Safe?

You should always consider safety as one of the most critical factors of your boots. You might want to go for calf-high models if you’re looking for more protection against debris and dust.

Some models have reinforcements, plastic plating, added padding, and several other features that enhance safety as a whole. You might even come across heat shields, which are great protectors in case of an accident.

Because safety is as important, you should consider it over fashion and style. Those good-looking, sleek boots you like might not be the best option unless they have some reinforcement and padding.

How Was it Constructed?

Construction is directly connected to how long-wearing the boots are. For this reason, you should think about construction if you’re looking for a durable pair to last you a long time.

Cheaper boots are generally poorly constructed, although that doesn’t always have to be the case. Some people believe that you get what you pay for, you keep that in mind.

In most cases, cheap models have soles that tear quite quickly. For this reason, you might want to look for a quality-made pair that’s also a bit more expensive. Consider the materials, construction, and design.

What Type of Rider Are You?

Another thing you should think about is what type of rider you are. There’s a difference between sport and street bikes, so it’s only logical that they have different needs as well.

Will you wear the boots to work? If so, you need something suitable for riding and comfortable to wear for the rest of the day.

If you’re a trail or off-road rider, you need some heavy-duty boots with added protection. Those constructed for ATV and off-road rides are a good choice as well.

Thinking about the type of rider you are helps figure out which type of boots would work the best. For this reason, make sure to take some time with this.

Another thing you should think about is the weather you usually ride in. If you’re the type of rider who doesn’t mind riding in the rain, you need to find boots that are waterproof and resistant to oils.

On the other hand, if where you live in warm and dry, you might not need such heavy-duty boots. If you’re a summer rider, look for a pair that’s lightweight and breathable.

image of biker couple

Reasons Why You Need Biker Boots

Better Support

Boots are important to support your feet and protect them from weather and impact. For this reason, consider a pair that has reinforcements and support points. This is especially important if you’re opting for ankle boots.

Look for durable materials and reinforcements that will support your feet and ankles while riding.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Choosing waterproof boots is always a good idea. You never know when it’s going to rain, so it’s important to have the ability to rely on their ability to wick water.

A quality pair of boots is sealed and made to resist water. Having dry feet is critical in order to be safe and comfortable throughout your rides regardless of how long they are.

Heat Protection

Heat protection is equally as important, so you might want to get some boots with heat shields. Leather boots are good protectors against heat, but make sure to go for a high model.

Most exhaust pipe burns happen below the knee, so try to protect that part as best as you can.

Avoid Slipping

Most rider boots have non-slip soles to prevent slipping in different wet conditions. Look for high-traction soles that help you get a better grip while mounting and dismounting the bike.

Some boots have oil-resistant soles making it unlikely you’d slip or twist your ankle.

Protection From Flying Debris

The best way to protect your feet and legs from flying debris is to opt for high boots that cover as much area as possible.

Look for tough leather shoes that cover your ankles and calves. Avoid footwear that doesn’t cover at least the ankles because it’s not as safe to ride in.

Keep in mind that no footwear can protect you 100%, but you can at least reduce the chances of injury caused by flying debris. A quality pair can help reduce the chances of bruises, scrapes, and skinned shins. Regular footwear can’t do that, which is why this is that much more important if you’re riding at high speeds and across rough terrain.

Keep Your Feet Warm on a Cold Weather

It’s vital to choose boots that you’re warm in when it’s cold outside. You don’t want to freeze on your way to work, so make sure to give this a good though.

Usually, different insulation, wool lining, and padding help to keep you warm. However, it’s also important what the shoes are made of. Leather is an excellent material to opt for if you’re often riding in cold weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorcycle boots comfy for walking?

Some models are quite comfy for walking, but make sure that they also fit your riding style. Look for flexible boots with comfortable padding since those are usually the best for riding and walking.

Also, make sure that the heel isn’t too high since those tend to be a bit uncomfortable for walking and standing. Still, some people find them comfy enough to ride.

Are there waterproof brands?

Yes, certain brands make waterproof riding boots, which are a good choice if you’re not afraid to ride in the rain.

Gore-Tex is a typical material for this type of footwear, although other options are available as well. Brands like TCX and Tourmaster make some great waterproof boots with different reinforcements and sealed stitching.


As we mentioned, having reliable, quality boots is essential to enjoy your ride. Regardless of the type of rider you are, you need safe and protective footwear to help enhance comfort and security.

You should opt for the ones that fit you the best in terms of size, ankle support, and flexibility. Nonetheless, picking a single pair from so many options on the market is a bit tricky. For this reason, take some time searching for the ones that fit you the best.

Consider the information we shared in our buyer’s guide to help you choose one of the boots from our list.

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