6 Top Rated Rainproof Motorcycle Gloves

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Riding in the rain can be quite fun and adventurous, but only if you have the right clothes and equipment. The last thing you want is the water to get to your skin while you’re speeding against the wind.

For this reason, you should have the right jacket, pants, boots, but also riding gloves. Good waterproof motorcycle gloves are always a must and are something you should carry with you all the time.

These can make riding in the rain more enjoyable. Take a few minutes to discover the best models and how to choose a pair for your needs.

Or for the top all-rounder gloves, see our list.

6 Highest Rated Waterproof Motorcycle Glove Reviews


small product image of Carhartt
Features: Easy to put on and take off, breathable construction
Color: Black, Black/Grey, Black/Brown, Dark Grey/Black
Size: S - XXL
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small product image of Alritz
Features: Instructions included, ergonomic design
Color: Black
Size: L
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small product image of Scoyco
Features: Reinforced and durable, waterproof and warm
Color: Black, Blue, Red
Size: M - XL
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small product image of IRON JIA'S
Features: Hard shell protection, all touchscreen fingers
Color: Black, Blue, Red
Size: M -XXL
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small product image of ILM black gloves
Features: Velcro wrist closure, anti-friction and non-slippery
Color: Black, Blue, Red, Green
Size: M - XXL
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small product image of KEMIMOTO
Features: Reflective design, three touchscreen fingers
Color: Black, Red
Size: M - XXL
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Carhartt – Insulated

Carhartt gloves are made of polyester and are fully waterproof. It’s among the best choices for the rainy season when the weather is colder because they’re insulated and warm.

These are 4 inches high and 7 inches wide, featuring a durable poly tex shell. They’re quite durable and resistant, so they’ll probably last you a few seasons.

The pair features FastDry technology lining that wicks sweat away. This prevents discomfort in case you use them in warmer weather.

Also, these feature a waterproof insert that prevents any water from getting to your skin. The palm area is reinforced with polyurethane for some added resistance and durability.

Another thing worth noting is that these come in several sizes. They have a stretch fleece on the cuff so that you can adjust them to a comfortable fit.



Alritz – Heated

These are electric gloves that take approximately 30 seconds to heat and can reach a temperature of 150°F.

They have three heating levels and a button for you to change between the levels. Also, it’s important to note that these use two rechargeable 7.7V 2500mAh li-ion batteries.

The batteries last around six hours, after which the gloves will perform as a standard pair. The back is made of windproof and waterproof polyester while the inner part is breathable pearl cotton.

Both the palms and fingertips are made of lambskin for some added insulation and comfort. The combination of these materials is great for keeping you warm in cold weather and rain.

Its heated elements stimulate your blood circulation, preventing bad circulation, arthritis, and stiff joints. Plus, they come with a carrying bag and a charging adapter. 



Scoyco – Hard Knuckle

These are a great choice if you’re looking for heavy-duty waterproof gloves. They feature a knuckle fiberglass shell for protection against weather elements as well as impact in case of an accident.

Scoyco pair comes in a few sizes and colors, allowing you to find the best match for the rest of your equipment. However, make sure to select the right size because these are only adjustable around the wrists via a Velcro closure. 

Another thing we should mention is the added rubber protection on joints. The palm area is also reinforced with a wear-resistant microfiber material, allowing prolonged use.

Still, these have a breathable mesh fabric on the back. It’s meant to provide additional ventilation, ensuring that you’re comfortable and dry at all times.



IRON JIA’S – Windproof

If rain isn’t your only concern, you should consider this windproof Iron Jia’s pair. These ergonomically designed gloves feature hard shell protection and are among the best to use for long-distance trips.

All fingertips feature a special material that allows you to use your phone without taking the gloves off. This is ideal for long trips when you’re checking maps for direction.

The shell is ergonomic and designed to fit your hand comfortably. It’s resistant to impact and shock, although there’s shock-absorbing foam on the inside as well.

Another thing worth mentioning is the suede protection between the index finger and thumb. This reduces the wear while also increasing the grip during rain.

One thing to keep in mind is that these don’t come in US standard sizes. For this reason, make sure to double-check the manufacturer’s sizing chart.



ILM – Alloy Steel

ILM offers heavy-duty protection with its professional steel alloy pads. It’s created by injection molding, so it’s protecting your hands against harsh weather as well as impact and shock.

One thing to keep in mind is that these ergonomically-designed gloves are designed to protect your joints. More precisely, they feature special anti-collision protection, which is especially important for people who ride every day.

The outer part has an arch shape that enhances the overall comfort and fit. It fits the back of the hand well, which makes these ideal for long-distance trips. Another thing that makes these suitable for rain is the anti-slip palm. It’s designed to reduce slippage while allowing you a full range of motion.

The gloves are fully waterproof and designed to keep you warm during cold weather. Still, they are also breathable.



Kemimoto – Great for Winter

These are among the best gloves for cold winter weather, especially if it also rains often. The gloves feature protectors on the back of your hands and hard pads on the knuckles.

The top of the middle finger, forefinger and the thumb is made of conductive leather that allows you to operate your phone. This means you don’t have to remove the gloves to read a message or look at maps.

The palms are made of wear-resistant and non-slippery microfiber material. It ensures a secure grip, making it easy to control the handlebars even during heavy rains.

They have a waterproof layer as well as cotton insulation to keep your hands warm. The wrist buckle and elastic band allow a tight fit so that wind and water can get through.



What to Consider When Purchasing Rainproof Riding Gloves

Type and Material

Type and material are among the most critical things to consider when it comes to waterproofness of gloves.

Look for a pair that has a membrane layer between the inner lining and the shell layer. This combination is the best to keep out the rain while allowing sweat to escape.

However, you should also think about the overall quality of the membrane. Gore-Tex is still one of the most popular options that are breathable and stretchy.

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The padding determines how comfortable the gloves are, which is why you should always consider it. It’s an especially important factor if you’re often traveling across long distances.

Padding makes it more comfortable to wear the gloves for a prolonged period. It reduces the rider’s fatigue and sore hands.

Also, padding can help to increase the waterproofness of the material. It acts like another membrane that keeps the water out.


Insulation is critical if you’re riding during the cold months. The lining is often made of polyester, keeping your hands warm during harsh weather conditions.

An insulated pair is more suitable for people who get cold easily. Plus, these re ideal if you’re going on a long-distance trip.

Keep in mind that not all models are insulated. Those that don’t have any insulation are more suitable for rainy summer days when you don’t want to get too warm.

See our summer motorcycle gloves here.


Weather protection depends on many things like the outer shell, inner layer, the quality of stitching, and the quality of materials.

However, many gloves are also resistant to impact, shock, and vibrations. Those that have a hard shell are usually more durable, protecting your hands in case of a fall.

Also, many have side protections, palm reinforcements, as well as rigid protectors on the joints.


Weight is a rather critical factor, although not many people think about it when buying motorcycle gloves. Generally, gloves are lightweight enough for you to carry them around in your backpack or another storage space.

However, some models are heavier on your hands. Such a pair can be too much to handle during long-hour rides, especially once the material is wet.

For this reason, look for a pair that’s made of light materials and has an efficient waterproof membrane.


You probably know how riding in the rain can sometimes be very dangerous. The road is slippery, and so are your hands and feet.

For this reason, look for waterproof gloves that feature texturized palms. This little detail helps to enhance the grip, allowing you to hold onto handlebars without slipping even if it’s raining.

The rubberized palm reinforcement should be reliable and non-slippery when wet.


Quality depends on many things, such as the choice of materials, quality of stitching, palm reinforcements, outer shell, inner layers, and many other things.

This is precisely why it’s always important to consider all aspects, features, and specifications of the pair you’re interested in.

Make sure that the pair of your choice comes from a reliable brand and has a long-lasting warranty that backs the quality.


Much like in the case of other motorcycle equipment, waterproof gloves come at different prices. It all depends on the material that the pair is made of, as well as the overall quality of the construction.

With that said, you can find waterproof gloves ranging from $20 to $250. It’s up to you to think about your needs and preferences but also have a pre-set budget in mind.

Important Features to Look for in Waterproof Bike Gloves

Waterproof Membrane

A waterproof coating on the outer shell can only handle a bit of rain. This is usually considered water-resistant rather than waterproof.

If you’re looking for some added protection, you should go for a pair that has a waterproof membrane like Hipora, Gore-Tex, and Drystar. These are meant to keep the water out while allowing sufficient airflow for your hands to breathe.

Wrist Strap

A wrist strap is an important feature to look for as it helps you to achieve the best fit. However, it can also help with keeping the water out by closing the glove even tighter.

It helps the glove to stay on at all times, possibly even in case of an accident.

Finger Bridge

A finger bridge is located between your little and ring finger. The bridge prevents your little finger from dragging back when sliding.

It’s a small but critical detail that makes all the difference when it comes to protection. It helps to protect your pinky from getting broken.

image of biker putting glove

Hard Armour

Hard armor is located on the knuckles on the back of your hand. It acts as extra protection, reducing the impact force in case you ever fall from your bike.

One thing to keep in mind is that a single piece isn’t as comfortable as split-piece protection because it doesn’t allow your hand to move as much.

Double-layered Leather

Double-layered leather gloves are usually quite durable and resistant to wear and tear. These can last a long time, even with frequent use.

The two layers add to the overall quality and resistance. It’s an ideal option if you’re riding every day in varying weather conditions.


Double-stitching is equally as important as the double layer of leather we mentioned earlier. In most cases, only impact areas are double-stitched to resist shock and vibration.

Some models have double-stitching all over and are usually the most durable and resistant. These are unlikely to show any signs of wear and tear as quickly.

What Makes Them Waterproof?

In most cases, a combination of factors helps to make motorcycle gloves waterproof. However, some things, like a waterproof membrane, are more important than others.

Also, the quality of the membrane and of all the materials included impacts the waterproofness. As we mentioned, models that have double layers of leather and double stitching are more durable but more waterproof as well.

Another thing you want to pay attention to is how quickly your gloves can dry. If they take too long to dry, the material might break apart, which would cause them to lose some of their waterproof qualities.

Tips For Use

The first thing you should pay attention to is the size. Having the right size is critical because it ensures the right fit as well as ultimate comfort.

Also, you may want to go for a textile instead of leather if waterproofness is your primary interest. Leather can keep some water out, but textile is almost always sealed better.

And, as we said, you should always allow your leather gloves to air-dry before storing them away. If not, they’ll develop mold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these brands that you can use for touchscreen?

As you noticed, most of the brands we reviewed are good for touchscreen use. However, this is the type of information you want to double-check because not every model has this function.

Plus, some gloves have all touchscreen fingers, while others have only one.

Can you wash it?

The safest way to wash your gloves is by hand because some materials aren’t meant to be washed in a washing machine.

Still, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions since the booklet probably includes information about care and maintenance.

If so, follow the instructions to make sure not to void the warranty.

Are these comfortable to wear?

The motorcycle gloves we reviewed are considered comfortable, but you should always keep your own preferences and needs in mind.

Comfort depends on many things from materials and padding to the overall fit. Make sure to check customer reviews for some insight on comfort.


Having the top waterproof motorcycle gloves ensures comfort, protection, and dryness during the rainy season. Plus, most of these are made to keep your hands warm in addition to keeping them dry.

If you haven’t already chosen a pair, we suggest you go through our article one more time. The information we shared in the buyer’s guide can help you to pick one out of the many models we reviewed.

These are designed to make your rides safer and more comfortable. They make it easier to ride when it rains, providing protection for your hands and a more reliable grip.

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