The 10 Best Bell Helmets – Our 2021 Buying Guide

Are you looking for a new helmet? Regardless of where or how long you look for, it may be time to consider a great Bell helmet.

Bell is a well-known brand that’s been around for about 60 years. They’ve made some of the best and most durable helmets currently known to the market.

Everyone from street racers, dirt racers, track races to all the other riders recognize them for their quality and supreme customer support.

However, deciding on just one out of so many cool models they have isn’t as simple. For this reason, we’ve reviewed ten of their best helmets for you to choose from based on your needs.

10 Top-Rated Bell Helmets Reviewed

Small product image of BELL QUALIFIER DLX
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Low-polycarbonate/ABS
  • Color: Blackout matte black
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Small product image of CUSTOM 500
  • Type: Open face
  • Material: Low-profile composite shell
  • Color: Solid matte black
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Small product image of PIT BOSS
  • Type: Open face
  • Material: TriMatrix composite shell
  • Color: Solid matte black
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Small product image of MAG-9 bell helmet
  • Type: Open face
  • Material: Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Color: Solid gloss black
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Small product image of SCOUT AIR CRUISER
  • Type: Open face
  • Material: Tri matrix shell construction
  • Color: Matte black
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Small product image of MX-9 ADV
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Polycarbonate composite shell
  • Color: Stealth matte black camo
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Small product image of CARBON STREET
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Carbon composite shell
  • Color: Carbon matte
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Small product image of SOLID CUSTOM 500
  • Type: Open face
  • Material: Low-profile composite shell
  • Color: Solid black flake
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Small product image of BULLITT
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Low-profile fiber composite shell
  • Color: Solid gloss black
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Small product image of ROGUE
  • Type: Open face
  • Material: Lightweight composite shell
  • Color: Solid matte black
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Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet – Blackout

This vintage-looking Qualifier helmet (read the full review) comes in three sizes and is among the most popular Bell models. It’s a performance helmet that’s used by all kinds of racers.

The aerodynamic shell provides an aggressive appearance that will attract everyone’s attention wherever you go. It’s made of polycarbonate/ABS material and is quite scratch-resistant.

It features a quick-release shield system that provides some extra security. It’s a tight fit so it might be a bit tricky to talk to someone with your visor down. People might hear you’re saying something, but it would be hard to understand what you’re actually saying.

You can lift the visor when needed. However, it’s recommended you keep it down allowing it to protect your eyes from the wind, bugs, flies, debris, etc.

It comes only in black and features removable and washable antimicrobial and antibacterial interior padding. Its Velocity Flow Ventilation allows enough airflow to prevent fogging and keep the air inside cool and fresh.

Another feature worth mentioning is the padded wind collar that reduces road and wind noises.



Bell Custom 500 Helmet

If you want a combination of modern and retro, this is an excellent option to consider. The brand says it’s not retro but original, so we like to say it has the best of both worlds.

This one probably seems familiar to you if you’ve seen their original and legendary Custom 500. Well, Bell took it the next step to improve all that its users felt like it lacked. That’s how we got this one right here.

The new and improved Bell Custom 500 has a new head form. It now fits better and looks a bit smaller on your head regardless of the size you go for. It’s proportioned and well-fitted.

Its shell has a thin profile, so it sits lower on your head than the old model. This one comes in five shell and EPS sizes so all you have to do is find which size would fit you the best. Remember, this one fits tightly, so if you have long hair maybe, it’s best you go a size up.



Bell Pit Boss Helmet

If you’re not a fan of full-head helmets, you should consider this one. This doesn’t cover as much of your head and face, so it’s more breathable and comfortable to some riders.

It looks quite retro and classic thanks to the timeless design. The TriMatrix construction is quite thin, but it’s resistant due to the durable materials used. This shape also helped reduce the weight, so this one weighs only 2.3 pounds which is a rare weight number for a helmet.

This one is DOT approved for safety and resistance. It features an innovative speed dial fit system that’s adjustable. It provides comfort by reducing the possibility it could lift off the head.

It also comes with a removable neck curtain and a drop-down shield. These two features give you versatility so you can choose how to wear the Pit Boss depending on your mood and the weather.



Bell Mag-9 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

This might be the best for riders who like listening to music while riding. Mag-9 is designed to be compatible with the Bell Senna SMH10 Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom. It’s comfortable and keeps all of its comfort even when you wear it along with the headset.

The polycarbonate/ABS shell is lightweight and comes in three EPS sizes. This allows you to find your best personal fit so the helmet can provide the best protection.

Its Velocity Flow Ventilation system features Flow Adjust option that helps keep the fresh and cool air coming in the shell. It also helps reduce fogging thanks to the exhaust system included within.

The Mag-9 has a communication port for the Senna Bluetooth stereo and intercom systems. It’s ideal for people who don’t want to give up communication while riding.

Its shield and visor are completely adjustable and removable. It takes no tools to change neither one of them. The drop-down sun shield protects your eyes from the sun at all times.

On the inside, the helmet features removable and washable interior lining and contoured cheek pads.



Bell Scout Air Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re a commuter and have a smaller bike, you probably don’t like the idea of wearing a giant helmet. Those go better with heavy-duty bikes, so your smaller vehicle might call for a smaller helmet.

The Scout Air Cruiser is among the best small models for commuters who don’t drive as far away and fast. Still, it’s a secure and safe model that provides all the comfort the brand is so well-known for.

This one features the composite TriMatrx shell construction and comes in five EPS sizes. The materials and the overall construction made it possible for the Scout Air Cruiser to weight only 2.7 pounds. Even Bell has very few other models that weight as much or less.

It features two snap peaks, and you can even wear some goggles with it if you like. The sizes run a bit bigger so make sure to go one size up when selecting your fit.



Bell MX-9 ADV Stealth Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Most people look for a helmet that’s secure, durable but also attractive. If you’re among those people, you should check out the MX-9 ADV. It’s an all-terrain type with a rough appearance and impressive safety features.

The first thing you should know about is its NutraFog II face shield. The manufacturer went an extra step with this one and made an anti-scratch and anti-fog shield you can flip up or down.

If you flip it up, you’ll have enough room for goggles if you like wearing them in cold weather conditions. If not, remove the shield to get a more open model. The visor is also adjustable and removable in case you’re going for a stealth look.

It also features MIPS protection and Velocity Flow Ventilation. The interior is padded with a removable and washable antimicrobial liner.

The MX-9 ADV Stealth comes in three shell and EPS sizes to choose from based on your measures. The fit is quite true to size, but the entire thing weighs about 4.8 pounds.



Bell Carbon Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet

Another vintage-looking one from Bell, the Carbon Adult Bullitt is protective, certified and quite attractive.

The composite shell features a low-profile design, so it doesn’t appear as large on your head. The inside of the shell has perforated micro-suede fabric with the leather trip. Its antibacterial interior padding is removable and washable.

For comfort and safety, the manufacturer added a padded chin strap and a stainless steel D-Ring closure. It also has a leather pull tab for extra convenience.

The helmet is DOT approved for safety, so it’s ideal for commuting as well as long-distance and fast rides.

It comes in several sizes and color combinations to choose from. On top of that, its integrated speaker pockets allow you to install your favorite stereo to enjoy while riding.

It supports Clear Bubble Shields as well as flat shields, and they’re all removable and interchangeable. However, the Bullitt is quite heavy at 5.01 pounds in total.

Find out how the Bullitt compares to the Biltwell Gringo.



Bell Solid Custom 500 Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

The Solid Custom 500 Cruiser is among the most popular retro half-face helmets on the market. It’s lightweight and quite durable, so it’s ideal for long-distance rides as well as commuting.

The fiberglass shell is scratch-resistant and lined with a custom-quilted liner. This gives you a more comfortable and tight fit, so this one isn’t tiring to wear for a long time.

Its integrated snaps give you more stability and security in terms of sizing and fitting. The padded chin strap with D-ring closure makes the entire thing more comfortable which is ideal if you’re often riding and at long distance.

On top of that, this one has integrated speaker pockets with wire routing, so it’s more convenient to set up. This allows you to enjoy your music while riding but remember to keep it at low volume, so it doesn’t disturb your driving.

It supports bubble shields, flat shields, and visors, but they’re all sold separately since this is primarily designed as an open-face helmet



Bell Bullitt Helmet

Bullitt is a fun model that’s made as the manufacturer’s spin on their very first model. This is a more modern take that still has some of the critical features the first Bell helmet had.

First of all, it features a great fit since all the sizes are quite snuggly. The high-quality details and smooth lines make this one stand out wherever you go. Plus, it comes in black and white with a few combination options as well.

Its low-profile fiber composite shell is durable and quite scratch-resistant. It features the Multi-Density EPS liner on the inside for some added comfort

 On top of that, the antibacterial padding and lining are removable and washable. It’s easy to maintain just make sure to air-dry it thoroughly before installing it back into the helmet.

It weighs 3.5 pounds and has integrated Bluetooth speaker pockets as most of Bell’s retro models. This allows you to listen to your favorite music while riding which can be enjoyable if you’re riding for hours.

Read the Bullitt review.



Bell Rogue Helmet

Rouge is a unique half-face model that offers you protection and comfort you’d get with a 3-quarter. You could say it looks a little retro, but it’s still a bit more modern than other vintage models by Bell.

The difference is that this one features an innovative solution for ultimate comfort. It has an adjustable and removable muzzle that no other Bell helmets feature. Thanks to this system, you’re always breathing fresh and cool air.

Its composite shell is a bit heavy but padded with a comfortable interior. It also features a removable liner. Overall, it’s quite easy to use although the added weight might be a problem for long hour rides.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that the muzzle doesn’t offer the same level of protection you’d get with a full-face helmet. It’s durable but designed to protect you from stones, debris and flies only.

View our detailed Rogue review here.



Safety Information To Look For

It has to be sturdy and durable in order to protect your head. For this reason, it’s crucial you consider only the high-quality models as those are certified (like DOT and SNELL).

The first thing you want to consider is material. Things like polycarbonate/ABS or fiberglass composite are the most common choices that offer a fair safety level.

Make sure only to get the one that fits you well and is comfortable to wear. If it’s uncomfortable, you’ll hate wearing it and end up putting yourself in danger more often than not. Many Bell helmets come with plush padding that’s easy to remove and wash.

More so, air vents are equally as important. These provide cool and fresh air while also helping prevent or at least reduce fogging.

Another few details you should pay attention to are chin strap and adjustability of the visor.

Read in-depth about safety ratings.

image of motorist with helmet and protective clothing

Model Type

As you can see, Bell makes all kinds of helmets. The broad list of models offers different features and specifications to choose from based on your preferences and needs. Here are the three main types that stand out:

Read more about modulars and full faces here.

  • Full Face

A full face helmet, as the name suggests, is the one that covers your entire face. It’s large and leaves no area exposed, which is why many people consider it to be the safest among the different types.

These have a tight fit and are completely closed. In most cases, they have visors that you can flip up but that sometimes depends on the particular model.

Overall, a full-face is ideal for cold weather, but some might be too heavy for long-distance trips.

  • Half Face

Though these cover large areas of your head, they leave some parts completely exposed. There are many different models so the general look may vary.

In most cases, a half-face comes with a chin strap that goes under your chin. Your mouth isn’t covered in any way which means you can have full-on conversations without having to take the helmet off.

Some come with visors, but it all depends on the model you choose. They’re lightweight, comfortable and breathable.

  • Modular

A modular helmet is a hybrid of full-face and open-face helmets. Modular are designed to provide both the security of a full-face and comfort and convenience of half-face models.

You can flip it open if you want to catch a bit of fresh air when you stop for gas or on a traffic light. However, it’s important you keep it closed while riding because only then you can get the best of its performance.

Looking for more models that what we’ve listed above? Consider the Revolver Evo helmet in our review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there discount (cheap) models available?

Bell is a high-end brand whose helmets often range in price. They’ve adapted to the market and offer both expensive and cheaper models. Their Custom 500 is among the most affordable models on the market with impressive features/specifications combo.

Are there vintage models for sale?

Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet and Carbon Adult Bullitt are just two out of many vintage models by Bell. The brand came out with many retro helmets and even went as far as to improve some of their first ever models.


As you can see, there’s a lot that comes in choosing a motorcycle helmet. This is an important part of your equipment and should be treated as such.

Bell is among the leading brands on the market. They offer a wide range of different types, features, specifications, and details so everyone can find one for themselves.

We’re sure you found a great Bell helmet for you after reading our reviews. Before opting for a particular helmet, make sure to consider all the important safety factors and think about your own preferences and needs.

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