10 Best Scorpion Helmet Ratings and Reviews for 2021

Whether you’ve been into motorcycling for a while, or you’re just starting, you need the right safety equipment. Scorpion helmets can be a critical piece of that equipment as it can provide the proper protection on all road conditions.

The right helmet makes all the difference regardless of whether you ride across the country or just to work and back. Still, it can be a bit tricky to choose one especially if you’re a beginner.

We’ve done some research on some of the top rated Scorpion helmets and came up with the list below. You’ll also find our Buyer’s Guide to help you make the final decision, so keep on reading.

The Top 10 Scorpion Helmets Reviewed/Compared

Small product image of EXO-GT920 MODULAR
  • Type: Modular
  • Material: Premium polycarbonate shell
  • Color: Satellite silver
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  • Type: Full face
  • Material: ABS shell
  • Color: Matte black
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Small product image of EXO-AT950 BATTLEFLAGE
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Color: Sand
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Small product image of EXO COVERT UNISEX-ADULT HALF-SIZE-STYLE bike helmet
  • Type: Modular
  • Material: Advanced LG polycarbonate shell
  • Color: Matte black
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Small product image of EXO-R420 FULL-FACE SOLID STREET
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Advanced LG polycarbonate shell
  • Color: Matte black
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Small product image of 75-1137L UNISEX SUGAR SKULL HELMET
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Advanced LG polycarbonate shell
  • Color: Black/Gold Sugarskull
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Small product image of VX-35 KRUSH OFF-ROAD
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Premium polycarbonate shell
  • Color: Neon yellow
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Small product image of EXO-R710 SOLID STREET
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Interlaced fiberglass and Aramid fibers shell
  • Color: Matte black
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Small product image of EXO BELFAST 3/4 OPEN FACE
  • Type: Open face
  • Material: Hand-Laid fiberglass shell
  • Color: Matte black
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Small product image of EXO-AT950
  • Type: Modular
  • Material: Advanced LG polycarbonate shell
  • Color: Anthracite
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EXO-GT920 Modular

The polycarbonate outer shell of this helmet is made to be strong, durable and provide maximum impact displacement. It’s still quite lightweight at only 2 pounds, so it’s comfortable even after hours of wearing. 

Another thing that adds to the overall comfort is the KwikWick II comfort liner. It’s washable, comfortable and anti-microbial so you’re warm when it’s cold, or dry and cool when it’s warm. Also, its Dual Density multi-layer EPS provides energy displacement.

One of the most important things about the EXO-GT920 is that it doesn’t get foggy. It’s optically clear and features the Ever-Clear anti-fog technology with anti-scratch hardening coating. It provides total UV-A and UV-B protection. 

Another useful addition is the SpeedView retractable sun-visor. It’s the Scorpion’s unique technology of the easy-sliding mechanism that allows you to choose between the up or down position.



Triangle Full Face Black Street

The Department of Transportation approves this full-face helmet for its quality, reliability, and durability. It’s easy to use and hard to break which makes it a good choice for all motorcycling enthusiasts. 

The advanced ABS shell provides all of its durability thanks to the powerful thermoplastic technology. It makes it resistant to high impact making all your rides somewhat safer. 

The most interesting thing about it is its interior liner. It’s anti-bacterial and completely removable. This allows you to take it off and wash it at any time. The multi-density EPS liner provides comfort, but it’s also easy to maintain clean for years to come. 

This one has an impressive ventilation system featuring a top and rear extractor’s liner. It helps to prevent fogging while allowing visibility at all times.  



EXO-AT950 Battleflage

This one is ideal if you’re looking for several ways to use your helmet. You can use it as a full face ADV if you choose to leave the external peak visor attached. If not, you can remove it, and you’ll get an aerodynamic touring helmet.

It has an easy-to-use flip-up chin bare and block-off plates that are also removable. Modular helmets such as this are great to use for when you’re making many stops on your way.

It’s thanks to the communication speaker pockets that you don’t have to take it off when you’re talking to someone.

The oversized eye port is wide enough to enhance peripheral vision and downward visibility. This one comes in several sizes to choose from, and the Department of Transportation also approves it. 



EXO Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Matte Black Helmet

If you think you might share the helmet with someone, this one might be the best choice. It’s a unisex-adult Exo Covert with an advanced LG polycarbonate shell. 

The helmet is developed by Scorpion using their industry-leading polycarbonate shell. It’s engineered to disperse impact and the overall weight. 

This one has retractable tinted sun-visor which makes it suitable for all kinds of light conditions. It eases eye strain and makes rides in the sun more comfortable. 

It has a good air flow to maintain the heat, but you’ll still be able to feel the cold if you’re riding in extremely cold weather. 

Its front mask is removable thanks to the neodymium magnets. The helmet has block-off plates you can use in ¾ mode while its dual-density EPS provides comfort during long-hour rides.

Read our full Scorpion Covert review.



EXO-R420 Full-Face Solid Street

This is one of the most unique models by Scorpion thanks to their Ellip-Tec II Ratched system. It provides safe and easy changes in seconds. It’s easy to use, and the whole process doesn’t require any additional tools. 

Its hardening coating is optically clear and resistant to scratches. This way, your helmet won’t show any signs of wear as quickly as they usually do. 

It also has Kwikfit cheek pads that allow you to wear and take off most eyeglasses easily. These cheek pads have an emergency release system that’s on the neck roll. This enables trained medical personnel to quickly remove them in the case of an accident.  

The helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation as are most of Scorpion’s models. It meets the FMVSS 218 Standard for quality and reliability. 



75-1137L Unisex Sugar Skull Helmet

If you’re looking for something more interesting than a solid black helmet, you should definitely consider this one. 

The shell itself is the well-known advanced IG polycarbonate shell the Scorpion often uses. It’s a great fit that comes in several sizes with an approximate weight of 4 pounds. 

The Elliptic II ratchet system adds to its overall reliability and comfort so you can use it at any time. Its ever clear no-fog face shield system protects your face and makes it easier to ride in different weather conditions. The technology of the shield makes it less likely to fog during long-hour rides.

Its inside is lined with the KwikWick II washable comfort liner. It’s anti-microbial, so you can share your helmet without worrying about any bacteria.




VX-35 Krush Off-Road

What better choice for an attractive helmet than the one that features neon colors? This one comes in neon yellow and is among the best models to attract the attention of everyone around you. 

The unique-looking shell is the brand’s popular premium polycarbonate shell. It’s durable, resistant to scratching and designed to reduce impact. It features an advanced dual-density EPS to help with the overall comfort especially when you’re riding for hours and the time. 

The inside is also lined with the KwikWick II liner fabric for some added comfort. It’s an anti-microbial fabric, so the chances of any bacteria built-up are close to none. 

Its Aero-Tuned ventilation helps reduce fogging especially when during long hour rides. It’s combined with their AirFit liner inflation system to provide even more comfort and convenience. 



EXO-R710 Solid Street

The EXO-R710 is among the most durable models on the market with an impressive combination of features and specifications. Its TriMatrixshell is a blend of Aramid fibers and fiberglass. 

It features their advanced dual-density EPS in multiple layers even in the chin bar. This provides efficient energy displacement in all the critical areas.

The four intake ports of aero-tuned ventilation force fresh air into the helmet. Three ports are for exhausting that same air, so the inside doesn’t get too warm or foggy. Its insert lens helps minimize fogging even more and allows better visibility in certain weather conditions. 

 Its EverClear shield is optically-clear and features the state-of-the-art fog free technology. It has an anti-scratch hardened coating and protects your face from harmful UV rays. 




EXO Belfast 3/4 Open Face

If you prefer an open face helmet, the EXO Belfast ¾ model is among the best ones from Scorpion. This one is made of fiberglass, and each shell is laid by hand to ensure premium quality. It meets top industry standards and has some remarkable details. 

It features a retractable and interchangeable internal SpeedView sun visor. It’s a detail that many open-face helmets lack although it makes riding in the sun much easier.

The overall design is quite elegant, and it’s thanks to the Nappa leather accents. It’s comfortable to your head while also adding a subtle elegance. 

Its KwikFit cheek pads allow you to wear most eyeglasses, which is especially convenient since we’re talking about an open-face helmet. The Plush liner is hand-stitched, so the overall look is that much sleeker and modern. 




The EXO-AT950 is another Scorpion’s helmet approved by the Department of Transportation. It’s a full-face model that looks as sleek as it performs which is just one of the reasons why it’s as popular. 

This one has an advanced LG polycarbonate shell that’s among the most durable types on the market. It’s lightweight at only 5 pounds, so it’s comfortable for long rides. 

The dual-density EPS makes it that much more comfortable especially if you’re riding in colder weather. However, even if you use it in summer, you’ll notice its great ventilation and no-fogging technology.  

It’s the aero-tuned ventilation system that allows good airflow in most weather conditions. It helps to keep a certain temperature inside the helmet, so you don’t feel too warm or too cold. 

The EXO-AT950 has an oversized eye port and no-fog face shield. These two work together to provide the best visibility and performance. 



Buyer's Guide for Scorpion Helmets

Safety Considerations

Safety is the most critical factor to consider. The sole purpose of a helmet is to protect your head during mild and extreme accidents, so it’s abilities to do that shouldn’t be neglected. 

The safest ones are those certified and approved by DOT (Department of Transportation). Most models go through scientific studies to determine its effectiveness and overall safety. 

Most myths have been proven wrong as something that’s unlikely to happen especially now that we have such modern helmets. Nowadays, brands like Scorpion pay a lot of attention to developing and building secure models that feature four protective components. 

A safe, DOT approved Scorpion helmet has a strong shell made of fiberglass or polycarbonate. It has an EPS liner that absorbs impact. Comfortable padding is also a must, and it’s usually made of anti-bacterial fabric.

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Finding Balance with Comfort and Safety Features

Your helmet should be both secure and comfortable. Simply put, all the safety features don’t matter much if it’s uncomfortable to wear at any time. You want to balance the two, although in most cases, they don’t exclude one another. 

Take a half-face helmet for example. These are very comfortable and quite attractive especially if your bike looks like from the 60s or 70s. However, this might not be the best choice if you want to protect your entire face. 

A full-face model is better in terms of safety since it covers and protects your entire face. Still, it’s not as comfortable as an open helmet especially in hot weather and for a long time. 

Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds by choosing a modular motorcycle helmet. These usually have a visor you can flip up and down converting your helmet from full- to half-face. Some models even come with a chin bar and allow you to take off the back plates and the mask. 

showing the safety on scorpion helmet

Picking the Proper Type

Picking a helmet is more than just choosing the design you like the best. Many other factors are crucial to consider if you want the best possible fit.

There are several different types, as well as a few materials to choose from. You should also think about ventilation, vision, the overall fit, and so much more.

This tends to become a bit overwhelming especially if you’re a beginner. So, we’ve come up with a little guide to help you choose the best type and fit for your needs and preferences.

Full Face

These are completely enclosed, so your entire face is also covered. Some models allow you to flip the visor, as we’ve explained above. These provide ultimate protection of both head and face but make sure to pay attention to its ventilation system. If the system isn’t good enough, it can produce several major problems. 

Find out about full face compared to modular.


A half helmet often has a visor over your eyes, but no protection from the eyes below, so your nose, mouth, and chin are exposed. These are quite comfortable as there’s no fogging or enhanced heat, but they aren’t the most secure type out there given that only half of your face is protected.

Open Face

These are quite stylish and often retro-looking, so they’re fun to wear. They’re also quite comfortable, but they only cover your head. Open-face models don’t have anything that would cover your eyes, nose or chin. All of it is exposed, which is why it’s called an open-face helmet.


As we mentioned, modular ones are a combination of full- and half-face models. These cover your chin and have a visor you can flip up. Some have certain removable parts that allow you to convert a helmet to look more like one type or another. These are often the best combination of comfort, security, and reliability.

Build Material Type

The construction material often determines how durable the helmet is. Of course, you want the ultimate durability and impact-resistance, so your head is protected during accidents.

However, there are quite a lot of models on the market now. Even Scorpion has so many materials to choose from that the whole search can become quite tricky and overwhelming.

You want durability, but also something that’s not too heavy as you’ll maybe wear it for longer periods of time.

Carbon Fiber

These are among the strongest types. They can be solid carbon fiber or combined with other materials such as Kevlar. The material offers high levels of shock absorption and scratch resistance. These are fairly lightweight and offer some noise protection as well. They adjust well to cold weather and are usually quite comfortable.


Kevlar is super-strong but about 20% lighter than fiberglass. In most cases, the material is combined with something else like carbon fiber. The combination of the two provides ultimate durability and shock resistance. Kevlar provides much the same level of protection, but it’s often chosen for its lightweight.


Polycarbonate is also quite lightweight, but it’s more durable than Kevlar. It’s often considered the best choice for outer shell layer that’s supposed to reduce the impact during an accident. Polycarbonate is the most popular option among bikers as it’s the easiest to find on the market.


Thermoplastic urethane is polyurethane plastic that’s elastic, durable and transparent. It has high levels of abrasion resistance and is ideal for low temperatures. The material is often used in the helmet industry, but it also has many other applications in performance films, 3D printing, power tools, drive belts, and more.

carbon fiber material

Additional Considerations

While choosing materials is crucial, there are a few other things you should consider when buying a motorcycle helmet. Ventilation, Bluetooth capability, and several other factors can help you choose the best possible Scorpion helmet for your needs. Let’s look at some of the most critical additional factors you should consider.

Finding the Proper Fit

The fit has a major role because, without it, your helmet may not be as safe as you think. DOT FMVSS 218 Standard requires helmets to stay retention, penetration, and protection.

It has to be fitted the right way, so it stays on your head, prevents anything from penetrating your head, and absorbs shock in the case of an accident. In other words, it’s only considered safe if it fits properly.

The first thing you want to do is measure your head, and compare the size to the brand’s sizing chart. It should fit tightly, but it shouldn’t squeeze you in any way.

Also, make sure that there aren’t any points in the helmet that are particularly pressuring. The sides of your face should also be compressed, but again, the pressure must not be uncomfortable or painful in any way.

Ventilation Features

Ventilation only matters if you’re getting a full-face helmet. These are completely closed and can get particularly warm if not properly ventilated. It’s important because, in most cases, the lack of it causes fogging that reduces visibility. For this reason, look only for a model that has some sort of ventilation system.

Bluetooth Capability

The technology now features Bluetooth devices built in within them. It’s primarily invented to allow you to listen to directions while you’re driving. However, some people use it to talk to someone or listen to music, which is often considered unsafe.

Vision Considerations

If you’re already wearing glasses for vision, make sure those can fit in your helmet of choice. Some models come with several visors you can change depending on the weather. Some are tinted to protect you from the sun, while others are basic see-through for those more gloomy days. Visors can often be removed depending on the particular model you chose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Scorpion helmets any good?

Scorpion is among the leading companies that make the most durable helmets. They have been around for ages and offer a wide range of different models you can choose from. All their models are DOT approved and have passed different tests to ensure they provide ultimate protection, durability, and reliability. 

Where are they manufactured?

The brand is based in the USA, but they manufacture their helmets in China. However, this shouldn’t be a setback to anyone looking for a great quality helmet since these meet the FMVSS 218 DOT standard. 


If you’re looking for a reliable helmet, the Scorpion might have the best one for you. They offer many impressive models that have high levels of security without jeopardizing comfort.

These are among the most popular for their overall quality and resistance. If you’ve read the reviews above, you probably noticed how each of the helmets is DOT approved. It’s the major standard that all helmets have to pass in order to be called safe.

For this reason, the Scorpion is a good choice. It’s now only up to you to choose the model that fits you the best according to your needs and preferences.

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