Scorpion Covert Helmet Ratings and Review for 2021

Are you looking for a fierce helmet? If so, you should definitely consider the Scorpion Covert in our review. It’s a head-turner and one of the most unique-looking models on the market.

ScorpionExo is currently a privately held company based in Santa Fe Springs, California. It’s only about ten years old but has been producing high-quality models at affordable prices. One of the best ones is their Covert helmet that sports new design and technology.

Still, the helmet delivers more than just attractive design, so continue reading to learn about its features, specifications as well as pros and cons.

You might love Scorpion Covert if…

  • You want an attractive helmet – this enclosed design looks quite sleek and fierce especially if you opt for the matte black finish. The lines and aerodynamic profile make it look that much better and easier to match your bike.
  • You don’t like wearing a bandana – it’s well-known you should wear a bandana with an open-face helmet because of the dust and debris that might hit your face. Luckily, the Covert has a muzzle to keep the mouth and nose area protected against these outside factors. It eliminates the need of wearing a bandana all together.
  • You want controllable ventilation – this one has a few controllable vents which you can use to adjust the airflow to your liking. Plus, its modular design helps the ventilation even more since you can configure it in three different ways.

You might not like Scorpion Covert if…

  • You want full-face protection – this is a modular helmet which means you can use it opened, closed, or halfway between the two. However, even when the muzzle is on, it doesn’t protect during impact. It will keep away the dust, bugs, debris, rain, and snow, but it probably won’t endure high stress during a crash. Check out the modular v. full face guide.
  • You’re bothered by wind noise – as we said, the Covert has impressive ventilation, so it’s no surprise that produces increased wind noise within the shell. Still, it’s not just the ventilation that causes the problem, but the modular design itself causes the noise.
  • You wear riding gloves – you might struggle with handling the visor with just one hand or if you’re wearing gloves. Pulling it down with one hand is quite tricky especially when on the road. Plus, because you’ll have to use both hands to do it, you will most definitely have to pull over.

Design and Shape

At first glance, you can tell why this is such a popular model. It’s attractive, stylish and convertible. The design allows you to go from half-face to a ¾ helmet in a matter of seconds. You can take it further to what appears to be a full-face helmet, but there’s a catch with that.

Though it looks like a full-face model, it’s not as protective as such. The muzzle is a comfort feature that’s designed to protect against outside weather factors, but not high impact.

It has two separate components which help you convert the Covert. The face mask that uses two strong neodymium magnets for attachment takes only a few seconds to put on or take off. The other component is the rear comfort sleeve that takes a bit longer to attach since it doesn’t use magnets.

Overall, the entire design is easy to work with. It might take you longer to remove the components than to add them, but the entire process should not last longer than a minute.

different angles of scorpion helmet

Construction and Materials

The shell of the Scorpion Covert is quite impressive. It’s composed of a proprietary advanced LG polycarbonate shell meant to spread out the impact. It’s also designed to reduce weight which is great for long rides. The entire construction along with the padding weighs 3.97 pounds.

This is a modular helmet which means you can use it in several different ways. The construction allows you to modify it to serve as a half-face, open-face and full-face helmet. Still, we’ve mentioned before that it doesn’t provide the full protection you’d get with an actual full-face helmet. This one does cover your face, but it’s more for comfort than for resistance and impact.

It features the KwikWick II liner that’s an anti-microbial liner designed for especially for the needs of the Scorpion. The crown liner along with the neck roll and cheek pad is removable for easier washing.

The crown liner has four snaps that keep it in place while the cheek pad and neck roll has six Velcro points. The padding is easy to remove and put back in so the process shouldn’t take you longer than a minute or so.

In some cases, riders were able to modify the padding which then allows you to fit a Sena Bluetooth system.

The dual density EPS is plush and supportive, but you should be cautious when washing it. The liner should also be hand washed if possible. Make sure to allow all the components to air dry thoroughly before adding them back into the shell. Avoid using a dryer.


The Covert has impressive ventilation thanks to the overall modular design. This allows you to modify the helmet to suit whatever riding conditions you find yourself in.

The Scorpion Covert helmet features the Aero-Tuned Ventilation System with two intake vents at the top of the shell and mouth vents in the muzzle. This combination provides increased airflow that prevents visors from fogging and reduces the possibility of fatigue.

Although you have control over the airflow, the increased circulation is ideal for summer weather but might be a bit too much for colder conditions. It’s also the reason behind increased noise within the shell.


The helmet has a built-in retractable internal sun visor. It’s among its best features since it slides into the helmet for when you want to wear the visor up. It comes with a smoked visor pre-installed and a clear visor for nighttime rides.

Both sides of the shield are treated with the EverClear coating for a fog-free experience. Since it also has great ventilation, the visor is very difficult to fog altogether.

Shields are quite simple to work with, but you might have to take off your gloves to do so. Swapping visors shouldn’t present a problem either although it might take you a while to master the process. Once you do, it will take you a minute to swap them.

product image of scorpion covert helmet

Safety Certifications and Features

Much like all modular helmets, Covert passed all DOT safety ratings. It was tested for durability and resistance to obtain the DOT certification. However, the same modular design it’s so popular for stopped it from getting a Snell certification.

Still, it has some impressive features such as plush interior padding, enhanced ventilation and enclosed design that help the overall safety.

The helmet also has a D-ring chin strap system that reduces the possibility it could fly off in case of an accident.

Special Features

One of its best features is the removable front mask. It’s what makes all the difference since it allows you to convert the helmet in different ways. It uses neodymium magnets, so it’s quite simple to work with.

The muzzle is one of the most unique features of the Covert. Although it’s a comfort feature, it still does a great job at protecting your face from wind, rain, and snow, as well as bugs, debris and anything else that could disturb you.

Available Sizes

This one is available in several sizes, so you get to choose from XS to 3XL depending on your measurements. Make sure to consult with the manufacturer’s sizing chart to get the best fit.

Some people claim it runs a bit small so you might want to consider going a size up especially if you live in cold areas and you’d want to use a balaclava inside.


At this point, you can probably tell why Scorpion Covert is as popular among different riders. It’s a unique, convenient and versatile helmet that’s quite easy to work with.

Though it looks fierce and attractive, it offers more than just the design. People usually opt for it due to its versatility and the fact you can use it in several different ways.

If you need several helmets for different weather conditions, you might want to consider the Covert. It’s secure and effective while providing 3-in-1 convenience.

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