10 Highest Rated Motorcycle Windshields Reviewed

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Windshields aren’t the most popular pieces of equipment, but they’re often essential. While most bikes don’t come with a windshield, you can always mount one if you need it.

However, finding a suitable shield isn’t as simple, especially for people who don’t have as much riding experience. There are plenty of different models in the market, which makes it tricky to opt for just one.

Having a windshield is a great way to protect yourself from the wind, rain, and bugs. For this reason, take a moment to find the top motorcycle windshield from the list below.

10 Top Rated Motorcycle Windshield Reviews


small product image of Slipstreamer
Colors: Clear, Smoke
Additional features: Adjustable, easy to mount/dismount
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small product image of Amazicha
Colors: Black, Blue...
Additional features: Made specifically for Harley Electra Street Glide
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small product image of Goldfire
Colors: 2nd Generation Clear, Clear
Additional features: All hardware included, universal fit
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small product image of Aftermarket
Colors: Clear
Additional features: Protects your hands from the wind, easy to mount/dismount
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small product image of Areyourshop
Colors: Smoke
Additional features: High-quality ABS plastic, universal fit
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Jade Onlines

small product image of Jade Onlines
Jade Onlines
Colors: Dark Black, Dark Smoked
Additional features: Suitable for high speeds, durable plastic
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Sled Shields

small product image of Sled Shields
Sled Shields
Colors: Smoke
Additional features: Easy to clean, durable material
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Memphis Shades

small product image of Memphis Shades
Memphis Shades
Colors: Ghost
Additional features: Doesn’t affect your visibility, and it’s super stylish
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small product image of EGO BIKE windshield
Colors: Clear
Additional features: Sturdy, high-quality construction
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small product image of Krator
Colors: Black with Smoke Windshield
Additional features: Custom black headlight fairing, easy to install
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Slipstreamer – Adjustable

Slipstreamer is among the best brands with a wide variety of different windshields. One of its latest models is the S-06C that’s known for being eye-catching and protective.

It’s quite versatile, which is what makes it stand out among as many different models. This one fits round and square headlights, unlike most models that only fit one or the other. On top of that, it works with 7/8-inch and 1-inch handlebars, as well.

This one is fully adjustable, allowing you to set it up in terms of height and angle. All the accessories are made of anodized aluminum, while the hardware is made of lightweight aluminum.

It measures 15’’ in height and 17 ¼’’ in width while being relatively lightweight at only 2.7 pounds. It’s also quite easy to install and uninstall.



Amazicha – Ideal for Harley Davidson

If you’re looking for a windshield for your Harley, you might want to check this one. It’s black, although other colors are available such as tinted blue, smoke, and others.

The 6’’ black windshield fits Harley Electra Street Glide Turing Bike 1996-2013. It’s not a good fit for Road King and Road Glide models that might work better with other Amazicha models.

This windshield allows easy installation since it comes with all the required hardware.

It’s an easy fit and serves to protect you from the wind, thrown-up rocks, bugs, and other such things. As a result, your riders are safer and far more comfortable than without the windshield.

It measures 6’’ from the center of the middle bolt, so you might want to check if it would fit. This one is made of high-quality polycarbonate that’s durable and resistant. It can withstand heavy wind as well as rain and sun.



Goldfire – Universal

Goldfire is among the best choices if you’re looking for a universal fit. It’s made of high-quality acrylic that’s quite durable and resistant to scratching. It’s meant to be installed on top of your original windshield for some additional height and protection.

It comes with installation instructions, although mounting and dismounting are relatively simple. You might not need any instructions, depending on your skills and experience.

This one measures 10.5×5.1×0.18 inches in total, so make sure if the size fits your needs. Keep in mind that this one is adjustable and somewhat universal, so it fits a wide range of different motorcycles and windshields.

The package includes a clip-on extension windshield, a rubber strap, and a mounting clip. It’s also quite lightweight, being only 10.4 ounces in total.



Aftermarket – 2-Tone

This one might be your best choice for Honda, although it fits other motorcycles as well. It’s quite versatile and easy to mount and dismount without any additional instructions.

The windshield measures 20×36 inches in total and is fully adjustable for angle and height. It includes hardware for 7/8’’ and 1’’ handlebars, which makes it as versatile.

The high-quality over-sized fairing gives your bike some stunning looks while also providing some additional protection against the wind.

As we mentioned, this one fits Honda Standards and Cruisers 1969-2012. It’s see-through with a tinted part and comes in one size only.

Also, you won’t need any additional parts to install this one as the process is made to be simple for everyone.



Areyourshop – Ideal for Cruisers

This windscreen is completely opaque and easy to install. It’s meant for cruisers and all motorcycles with 7/8’’ or 1’’ handlebar. However, make sure to check the size of your vehicle to ensure that it would fit.

The windscreen is made of high-quality ABS plastic that’s among the most durable choices. It’s scratch-resistant, so you can be sure that it won’t show any signs of wear and tear as quickly.

Another thing worth mentioning is the ease of installation. This one comes with all the accessories included, so you can easily mount it within minutes. No instructions are included, which might be a bit of a problem for inexperienced people. 

Some riders also noticed its color changing to purple when the sun hits it. It’s still equally as protective, but you might not like the change depending on your style.



Jade Onlines – Easy Installation

If you have a Harley Touring motorcycle, you might want to check this windscreen. It’s made of high-quality PVC plastic and is available in black and smoked versions.

No instructions are included, which might make it a bit tricky for you if it’s your first time installing a shield. Still, it’s quite easy to install, so you probably won’t have any issues.

This one measures 55x25cm and fits a wide range of Harley motorcycles. However, it doesn’t fit any pouches or bags.

It’s meant to reduce the wind hitting your face during high speeds. As a result, your rides are more comfortable regardless of whether you’re going on a long-distance trip or commuting around town.

As we said, it comes in black and smoke only. The manufacturer doesn’t offer a clear version of the windshield.



Sled Shields – Light Tint

Most windscreens are made of plastic that’s not always the most durable option. However, this one is made of Makrolon 7130 polycarbonate material that’s much more durable and resistant than most other materials used for shields.

As such, it’s ideal for commuters and riders who are often riding in different weather conditions. It’s CAD-designed and CNC-cut for some added style, durability, and resistance against wind, rain, and other weather elements.

This one is quite easy to install, although it ships without any instructions. It’s also quite easy to clean and maintain, as just a little glass cleaner goes a long way.

It’s a 10’’ light tint windshield that’s a golden middle between black and clear models. It’s somewhat versatile, although it’s best for Harley 1996-2013 models.



Memphis Shades – Superior Optics

Memphis Shades MEP8548 windscreen is an ideal choice if you’re looking for one you can look over. It doesn’t affect your visibility, and it’s super stylish as well.

Memphis Shades is a well-known name in the industry. It offers a wide range of windscreens suitable for plenty of different motorcycles.

This one is made in the USA, offering visibility while protecting you from the wind. The windscreen diffuses the wind flow without affecting your overall speed.

It’s important to note that this one works with all Memphis Shades batwing fairings and is among the most compatible shields.

It’s made from Lucite material, which adds to its overall durability. It has a superior ability to hold up against bad weather, which is especially important to commuters.



EGO BIKE – High-quality

This high-quality windscreen fits bikes with 7/8’’ or 1’’ handlebars. It’s fully adjustable for angle and height, giving you more versatility in terms of fit. Plus, it comes with hardware for both 1’’ and 7/8’’ handlebars making it that much easier to install.

You won’t need any additional tools and parts for the installation process, as it’s quite simple. For this reason, the product doesn’t come with any instructions.

This one fits plenty of different bikes such as Harley, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and others. It measures 18×16 inches in total, weighing nearly 5 pounds. It’s quite sturdy, so it’s unlikely to be bothered by high speeds and bumpy roads.

Another thing worth noting is its excellent degree of wind protection. Its mid-size fairing gives the windshield stunning looks while also protecting you from the wind.



Krator – Detachable

If you’re looking for something versatile and easy to use for your Harley, you might want to check this one. It’s a great fit, suitable for many different motorcycles, though the best for Harley.

Not only it looks great, but this model is highly efficient and durable. The most important thing to note is its ease of use. This one is quite simple to install and equally as effortless to remove in case you don’t need it anymore.

It offers two positions, which add to its overall flexibility. On top of that, you can replace the fairings with detachable models for some added versatility.

Due to such ease of use, the shield is ideal for project bikes, cruisers, choppers, café racers, and trikes.



Guide on How to Choose a Windshield

Color & Style

As you probably noticed, there are plenty of different windscreens out there. They differ in profiles, widths, heights, colors, and tints as well. This can be quite overwhelming for someone who’s buying a windshield for the first time. 

Choosing between as many colors and styles usually depends on your preferences. However, while all colors might fit your motorcycle, not all styles will fit as easily. For this reason, it’s important to check if the shield is compatible.

Adjustable or Fixed?

Some windshields are fixed, while others allow you to adjust the angle and overall position. While there’s no right or wrong, adjustable shields are a bit easier to work with.

These are more versatile, allowing you to position them in different ways. It’s a great option for redirecting airflow, which is especially handy during long-distance trips.

Adjustable models are also more suitable for people who experience both cold and hot weather. 

Height: Tall or Small?

While height might also depend on your personal preferences and needs, it’s something that has to be just right. A windshield that’s too tall might block your vision more often than not. You’d be forced to look through it, which is much trickier than it sounds.

If it’s too short, it won’t provide as much protection, which is what you need it for. Plus, such a model might just send air over the screen and into your face.

While most products come with a list of bikes they fit, you still have to consider their overall size and whether it fits you. Look for the one that’s at the level of your nose. This way, you can see over the shield while the air can go over your head.

image of motorbike in the rain

Detachable or Installed Permanently?

Permanently installed windshields cannot be removed as easily. Detachable models, however, can be mounted and dismounted within minutes. 

While the two types might perform with equal quality, their ease of installation and overall use differs quite a lot. For this reason, it’s essential to consider your needs and preferences. 

Knowing how often you’ll need a windshield will help you decide between the two. If you need one for everyday rides, then you’re best off with a permanent shield. 

On the other hand, a detachable one might be a better choice if you’re only going to use it from time to time. These are ideal if you need some protection for a long-distance trip.

Fitted or Universal?

As you noticed from our list of motorcycle windshields, some are universal, while others are recommended for specific bikes. Deciding for one fit or the other is quite critical, so make sure to give it a good thought.

Fitted models are far better in terms of fit because they’re made specifically for the type of motorcycle you have. On the other hand, universal ones are easier to find, although you’ll have to get a bit creative when it comes to installation.

Unfortunately, there are no rules on how to choose the right fit unless you go for the fitted model. Universal ones are trickier to choose from, so you might want to check with fellow riders on which models they opted for.

Style or Protection?

One of the most important things to ask yourself is whether you want a windshield for style or protection. Riders who ride across long distances usually seek protection from the weather elements. These people tend to go for big and wide shields. 

On the other hand, short-distance riders tend to opt for small shields that are easy to detach at any moment.

Polycarbonate or Acrylic?

Polycarbonate and acrylic are the two materials you’ll come across. Both are durable, rigid, and resemble plastic. However, each of them has its unique properties.

Polycarbonate is usually more resistant to abrasion and durable. In most cases, it’s also more expensive. One drawback is that polycarbonate tends to turn yellow after prolonged exposure to UV rays. 

Acrylic is softer and might scratch easier, but it’s also less prone to turning yellow after a while. It’s also not as expensive.

Reasons Why You Need One

Can Save Fuel

You probably didn’t know this, but a good windshield can help you save fuel. Windscreens are made to be aerodynamic, which allows them to help you move through the wind. 

However, keep in mind that this depends on many things, such as the surface area of the shield. A smooth, consistent surface helps you move through the wind better than you would with your motorcycle exposed.

By improving the aerodynamics of your motorcycle, you increase its fuel-efficiency as well. However, don’t expect to save loads just by getting a windshield.

Find out how to carry extra fuel on your bike.

image of motorbike road riding having fun

Less Pain on the Neck, Shoulder & Back

You probably know how tricky it is to hold yourself up from the forces of wind. It takes quite some strength, so it’s especially difficult to do during long-distance rides.

Over an extended period, you might feel shoulder pain going all the way to your neck. Such pain isn’t dangerous but can become quite an issue if you’re exposed to it often and during a prolonged time.

Constantly fighting the wind can cause muscle strain in your neck, and it might even give you a headache. This is something a windshield can help with since it protects you from the wind.

Lessen Feeling of Tiredness

A quality shield can protect you from the wind, which helps eliminate many issues. One such problem is fatigue and the feeling of tiredness that so often appears during long riders. 

The wind is usually pushing against you during these rides. This causes you to fight it, trying harder to keep your posture upright. As a result, you become quite tired after a while.

Without a shield, you might start feeling strange fatigue and tiredness without any apparent reason. On the other hand, having a shield will redirect some of that wind above your head, causing less strain on the rest of your body.

Less Noise

Wind noise is always a problem, but it’s one that can be tackled in many different ways. Unless you have a full-face helmet, you might struggle to eliminate this type of noise during rides.

Luckily, this is something a windshield can help you with, but only if it’s properly fitted. If it’s too low, it probably won’t do much to reduce the noise, which is why you should pay particular attention to how it fits.

An adequately fitted shield can help you hear your engine and other sounds the motorcycle makes. This makes riding much safer and generally more comfortable.

Less Helmet Buffeting

If you’re often struggling with helmet buffeting, you should consider getting a windshield. Make sure to consider your own height when choosing the shield for your motorcycle if you want it to help reduce helmet buffeting. 

Your shield has to push the wind up and over your head if you want it to reduce buffeting. Because this happens when the wind goes under your helmet, you want it to go over your head. 

Buffeting is no joke as it can cause many different things that make your ride uncomfortable while also reducing safety. You might experience neck pain, blurry vision, and headaches.

Protection Against Wind

Wind protection is the number one reason to get a windshield. Windshields are designed to block some of that wind, sending it over your shoulders and head, depending on your height and that of the shield. 

A wide shield helps push the wind around you, which, as a result, reduces the force against your shoulders and chest. 

However, redirecting all the wind might cause other issues like buffeting on your helmet. For this reason, you might want to look for the one with a small opening at the bottom. This opening allows some of the air to go through, which then equalizes the pressure.

Protection from the Rain

While a windshield won’t really protect you from the rain, it will prevent the rain from blasting you in the face. The rain falling on your face can be a dangerous thing if you’re in traffic. It’s also quite uncomfortable.

A large windshield can protect you against rain by diverting some of that oncoming water. It will send it over your head and around your shoulders and chest. Keep in mind, however, that a windscreen cannot keep you dry.

Plus, there’s a drawback. Large windshields that you have to look through might be useless in the rain. If you have one such, consider getting water repellent.

Protection Against Debris

Another significant benefit of windshields is that they can protect you against debris. A small rock thrown from the tire can hurt you, which is why having a windscreen is a good idea. 

This can also prevent other debris thrown your way from hurting you. You can come across different debris on the road, and you don’t want any of that ending up on your hands. 

Bugs are also flying your way, and you probably noticed some when they hit your helmet. A windscreen is there to protect against this, although it can get dirty with bug residue after a while.

Protection from Climate

Windchill is something many riders deal with, especially during winter. Windchill is the perceived drop in temperature, and although there’s an actual formula for calculating it, it’s pretty simple to understand. 

For example, if you’re riding at 55 mph in 40° F, it’s going to feel more like 25°F to you. Although you’ll probably wear a jacket and other types of protective gear, you still want all the help you can get to protect you from the cold.

A windshield can protect you in the same way, even if it’s hot outside. When you sweat, even a little bit of wind can harm your body, increasing the risk of dehydration.

image of adjustable windshield

Protects Electronic Devices

All the electronics mounted on your dash or handlebars are probably fully exposed to bugs and rocks flying your way. This is something a windscreen can help you with, protecting your GPS tracker and cell phone from the oncoming debris.

Some windshield models are also good mounting options. You can place your GPS in different ways and more at eye level so that it’s easier for you to read the navigation instructions.

It not only prolongs the longevity of your devices but also helps you use them much safer than you would without it.

Tips on How to Install your Motorbike Windshield

The installation process tends to differ from model to model. However, some are easier to mount than others, which is something you want to check before opting for any particular product. 

Make sure to check if it comes with installation instructions, especially if you don’t have as much experience with this type of gear.

One of the most important things is to check if the windshield will fit you before you try to install it. This will prevent you from buying the wrong product. Also, make sure to buy the right size for your motorcycle.

Tips for How to Clean and Maintain Your Shield

Windshields can look quite scratched up after a while, but that’s usually due to improper maintenance. Taking good care of your shield ensures that it lasts a long time, looking as good as new.

Most scratches don’t come from pebbles and bugs but improper washing. Scrubbing your shield with an abrasive product or rough cloth will leave scratches you won’t be able to fix.

Don’t use force when cleaning, but apply some water to the stains in order to loosen them up. This way, you can wipe everything off gently. Use warm water and gentle soap with a towel.

More on washing motorcycles properly here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best angle for a motorcycle windshield?

This depends on the height of your windshield and how tall you are as well. Most people keep it at the level of their mouth or nose. 

The angle is something you can usually adjust to some extent. Try angling the shield the same as the forks and play around with what works the best for you.

What's the best motorcycle windshield material?

Polycarbonate with quantum hard coating is the most popular choice when it comes to durability and scratch-resistant. The coating adds to the overall strength of polycarbonate, making it nearly shatterproof.

How to cut a motorcycle windshield?

Cutting a motorcycle windshield isn’t too difficult, and you can even do it without removing the shield from your bike. You probably won’t need any other tools than the ones you already have in your toolbox. However, this is something you might want to leave to a professional if you don’t have any experience.


At this point, you probably already picked one of the shields we reviewed. We tried to deliver as much useful information as possible in order for you to choose one easily. 

You may not find a windshield cool and matching your style, but you should try to understand the importance of having this piece of gear. It can significantly improve your overall safety, which is a reason enough to consider installing one.

Make sure to consider all the models we reviewed if you haven’t picked one already. Use the information from our buyer’s guide to select the best one for your motorcycle.

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