In-Depth Bell Qualifier Helmet Ratings and Review for 2021

Are you looking for a new motorcycle helmet? If so, you should check out this review of the Bell Qualifier.

The Bell Helmet Company is one of the most popular manufacturers in the industry since 1954. They produce helmets for motorcycles, auto racing, and bicycles.

This is a company that focuses more on the quality of their products rather than the looks. They prioritize performance and durability while remaining somewhat affordable.

Their Qualifier is one of the best-selling full-face models on the market. It’s resistant, easy to use and it also looks quite fierce.

If you’re on the market for a new helmet, you should consider the Bell Qualifier. Continue reading as we discuss its features and specifications to help you understand why so many bikers love it.

You Might Love Bell Qualifier if…

  • You ride long-distance – when there’s a long trip ahead, you probably like to speed up a little. This is where the Qualifier stands out compared to others as it remains quiet regardless of the speed. Sure, some noise has to be there since it’s not sound-insulated, but it’s a low level that won’t disturb you in any way.
  • Ventilation is crucial to you – ventilation is always important but especially if you’re riding every day and for hours. Qualifier has controllable air vents that can be easily adjusted when riding. When you’re at high speeds, you can minimize the airflow, so it doesn’t hit you in the face. For a slow ride, you may open them wider and enjoy a little breeze. Either way, you get to decide.
  • You want full comfort – the inside is padded but can be removed for washing. All the pads are contoured and adjust to the shape of your face for the best fit. As long as you choose the right size, it will fit tightly and securely at all times.

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You Might Not Like Bell Qualifier if…

  • You want multiple visors – this one comes with a clear visor only while all the others are sold separately. Bell sells many different colors to choose from, but unfortunately, none of them is included with this model. Still, it features a quick-release mechanism that makes it easy to change the shields if you do choose to buy another one.
  • You have a smaller head – though it comes in several sizes, the helmet appears a bit big regardless of the size you go for. This is probably due to the shell thickness and the density of the interior padding. For this reason, it might look even bigger if you have a small head and a relatively small frame.

Design and Shape

This is an aerodynamic model that offers less wind interference. It allows smooth riders and airflow all around the shell. This makes it easier to move and navigate while riding since you won’t feel any resistance.

It’s an elegant design that appears sleek and stylish regardless of the color you go for. The best of all is the fact that you can customize your Qualifier any way you want. Specify the color and the graphics when ordering to get a unique combo just for you.

You can choose between three sizes that run a bit small so make sure to consider that when you measure your head. As we said, it comes with a clear visor while several other colors are available to purchase separately.

Qualifier Helmet Design

Construction and Materials

The qualifier is a full-face helmet that covers your entire head and face. It has a chin strap with D-ring closure, but some of your chin still remains exposed.

It’s a polycarbonate/ABS shell construction that’s scratch resistant. The material is durable and reliable as it won’t show any signs of wear as quickly. To clean the shell, just use warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

It has a removable and washable interior padding and contoured cheek pads. You can wash it any time for easier maintenance and fresher rides. Contoured areas are designed to fit all shapes and provide a tight fit.

Another feature worth noting is its wind collar. This part of the padding helps to reduce noises making it easier for you to focus and enjoy the ride.

On top of that, you can fit speakers or earphones inside as well. It’s a great feature if you like listening to music while you’re on the road.

The construction also features straps with a D-ring lock. This helps keep the helmet tightly on the head for a more secure fit. It’s a useful detail because it ensures it will stay put in the case of an impact. The entire thing weighs approximately 3.5 pounds.

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Ventilation is crucial to prevent fogging and fatigue. The qualifier is unique in that sense because it has air vents you can control while riding.

The manufacturer uses dynamic flow technology to achieve good air flow. They placed all the vents strategically around the construction.

Control them to your liking and the speed you’re at. If you’re enjoying a slow ride, you might want to keep them wide open for some fresh air. However, minimize them for faster rides and racing in order to reduce the wind hitting your face.


As we mentioned, this one comes with only a clear visor. All the other colors and variations you have to buy separately. Still, changing them is quite easy.

It’s the NutraFog II anti-fog and anti-scratch shield that moves up or down. It’s UV-protected even though it’s sheer.

The mechanism is quite simple and allows you to keep the visor up even when you’re riding. It features a quick-release system for quick replacement of the shields. The process doesn’t require any additional tools.

Overall, it’s an excellent way to keep your eyes protected from the bugs and debris that could otherwise fly in the helmet. It also protects against the wind and harmful UV rays.

Bell Qualifier Front View

Safety Certifications and Features

The safety and ratings of a helmet is always the most important thing to consider. While you might have personal favorites when it comes to features that improve safety, nothing can beat an official certification.

Since you should only consider helmets that have at least some such certification, you should know that the Qualifier has two.

This one is approved by the Department of Transportation after having met and exceeded their FMVSS 218 standard. It also has an ECE certification that’s somewhat the same as the DOT one but for European standards.

Its best features are probably the polycarbonate structure and removable padding. The combination provides durability as well as comfort.

Available Sizes

The Qualifier comes in six different sizes with a hat size that ranges from 6 3/4’’ to 7 7/8’’ in size. The best way to determine your correct size is to follow the manufacturer’s chart.

Keep in mind that all sizes run a bit small, so your actual size might end up being too tight. For this reason, it’s recommended you always go a size up.


At this point, you can probably tell why so many riders opt for the Qualifier. It’s a durable and reliable helmet that’s still quite easy to use. It delivers what’s most important, and that’s safety and comfort.

You’ve probably noticed it has no special features, but this easy-to-use piece has all you’d ever really need. It’s padded with removable material you can wash at any time. The padding is not only comfortable but compatible with many earphones and speakers.

Overall, it’s a quality product that’s also quite affordable. You can choose your own style and even purchase different shields depending on your needs and preferences.

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