Our In-Depth Bell Star Helmet Ratings and Review – Updated for 2021

Bell is one of the most reliable brands in the industry of safety helmets. It’s been around for decades during which time it revolutionized helmets in many ways.

The brand has four Star helmets: custom-fit Star Carbon, Pro Star, Race Star and the one called just Star. These helmets range in price quite a lot because they deliver different things in terms of comfort and fit, but they’re all reliable and safe.

Our review of the Bell Star helmet reflects that it is slightly heavier than others in the collection, but it’s also more suitable for an upright riding position. Continue reading to learn all about this one and what makes it stand out among others in the series.

You might love Bell Star if…

  • You want versatility – Bell Star is among the most versatile helmets by the brand. It has a removable visor system meaning you can change between shields according to your preferences and needs. The ventilation also adds to the versatility of this model since it’s fully controllable.
  • You ride every day – the combination of its features and specifications makes the Star suitable for everyday use. It’s comfortable and adjustable which allows you to use it at different speeds and on various roads.
  • You’re looking for full-face protectionit’s a full-face helmet that covers your entire face and head leaving no areas exposed. You can lift the face shield when needed, but it’s recommended you keep it down when riding. The helmet is designed, so it covers your chin just as well.

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You might not like Bell Star if…

  • You’re looking for the plush interior – Star features antimicrobial, x-static material all over the interior. It protects against odor and bacteria buildup, and it’s also easy to remove. Though it’s resistant to bacteria and easy to maintain, the padding isn’t quite as plush when compared to other models in its series.
  • You want a lightweight shell – this one weighs about 3.3 pounds in total which many people consider heavy for a helmet. However, Bell has other high-end models that weigh even more, so in most cases, this is a matter of preference. It’s a full-face helmet, and as such, it has to weigh more than other types.
  • You can’t handle wind noise – as we said, it’s a full-face helmet, so hardly any wind can get in there except what comes through the ventilation system. All of its vents are adjustable so that you can control the airflow. However, there’s some wind noise you’ll have to deal with especially at high speeds.

Design and Shape

This one has an oval shape, so it will fit you the best if that’s the shape of your head. You should keep in mind that if you have a rounder head, it might not fit you as snug as it should.

Another thing worth noting is the fantastic aerodynamics of the shell. It’s built with an impressive aerodynamic profile, so it’s usually stable during rides. It doesn’t buffet or lift when you ride at high speeds.

Much like the other models in its series, this one comes in several color combinations. It’s considered a street helmet, so most options are quite colorful and bright except plain black and white.

different angles of the bell star helmet

Construction and Materials

Full-face models are by far the safest of the many different types you can choose from. As such, Bell Star fits snuggly and comfortably while protecting your entire face and head. It has a reasonably large eye port and even protects your chin to some extent. It doesn’t have a chin strap though.

The manufacturer used its Tri-Matrix Composite Shell technology on the shell. This one is made of a composite of Kevlar, carbon, and fiberglass, so it’s quite resistant and durable. Although it’s not as strong as others in its collection, Bell Star is impressive in its own right. It’s sturdy, yet flexible enough to absorb and evenly distribute shock.

Another thing that adds to its shock absorbing abilities is the high-quality liner it’s equipped with. This one has an EPS lining along with the MIPS technology we’ll discuss later on.

It also has polypropylene for better mid-speed absorption and impact protection. It’s a nice change since most entry-level helmets usually just have multi-density EPS lining. Bell Star is a bit more advanced than that with the EPS and polypropylene combination.

The X-Static XT2 silver interior padding is resistant to bacteria and odor, so there’s no buildup. On top of that, you can remove all of it for washing and regular maintenance when needed. The liner, as well as the cheek pads, is removable using plastic snaps.


Bell did as well as ever with the ventilation system on this one. It has a double chin vent, a brow vent, and a double crown vent.

All the vents are opened by sliders which might be a bit tricky to operate with if you’re wearing gloves. Still, it’s something you’ll grab hold of quite quickly, so don’t worry.

There are three rows of exhaust vents in the back along with a closable exhaust vent on the top. These many openings allow great airflow in all weather conditions.


Star has a big opening with a big visor that’s slightly contoured for better peripheral vision. The brand calls the technology Panavision, and it’s something that works great for both the road and the track.

It comes with a standard clear lens though other types are available as well. All the series models have a quick-release system that allows you to remove and change visors quickly. Just press the button and push forwards until the visor comes out.

One thing you might consider a setback is the fact that the visor can either be opened or closed. It doesn’t stay in any other position which is a drawback according to some riders.


Safety Certifications and Features

All the collection models have been certified by Snell in the US. This one is approved by the Department of Transportation after meeting their FMVSS 218 standard. It also exceeded Snell M2015 standard and was tested by SHARP where it scored the maximum five stars for its durability and resistance.

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The combination of materials used for the shell is probably what makes it as durable. It’s a strong construction that absorbs and distributes shock throughout the entire surface. The padding and its liner also add to the overall safety since they keep your face tightly snug into place.

Special Features

Do you remember we mentioned the MIPS technology? Bell Star is the fourth Bell model that has the tech. MIPS is short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System that lets the interior lining rotate from the external shell.

In the case of an accident, your head takes on rotational forces that could damage the neck and brain. The MIPS lining rotates as well in hopes to isolate your head and reduce some of the rotational force. It’s an innovative idea that we’re sure will keep evolving.

Available Sizes

One of the most interesting things about the shell is that it comes in five different sizes, which is rarely ever seen in the helmet industry. Shells usually come in three sizes, but Bell wanted to provide a bit more options for better fitment.

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Compared to others in the series, Bell Star is considered an entry-level helmet. It protects your entire face and is quite easy to use. The aerodynamic design and effective ventilation add to the overall quality and convenience.

This one is suitable for people who ride every day. It’s comfortable enough for long rides although you might experience some noise at high speeds. It also weighs a little more than others, but it’s a small difference that’s not really considered a drawback.

Remember, it comes in five sizes you can choose from based on your measurements. For best results, consult with Bell’s sizing chart, so you’re sure of what’s the correct size for you.

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