Our In-Depth Shoei Neotec Helmet Review for 2021

Are you looking for a new helmet? If so, you should consider the Shoei Neotec in this review as one of the most popular options on the market.

Finding a reliable product that fits your needs isn’t always as simple. The search tends to become overwhelming due to as many models on the market. However, Shoei has always stood out with its impressive models, as it’s the case now as well.

Neotec is a simple yet unique helmet designed for long-distance riding. Still, it performs equally as well in all riding conditions and situations. For this reason, you might want to check the article below as we discuss its features and specifications in more detail.

You Might Love Shoei Neotec If...

  • You want supreme comfort – though we’ll discuss its impressive padding further below, we have to mention it now briefly. Neotec is among the most comfortable brands, and it’s all thanks to the quality materials used for the interior. It comes with plenty of comfort features allowing you to enjoy long-distance rides.
  • You suffer from fatigue – this one comes with an excellent ventilation system that’s easy to work with at all times. Such a system makes it suitable even for the hottest days of the summer since it maintains the interior cool and fresh.
  • You ride often and in dense traffic – several of its features enhance the overall convenience of the design and shape. This one is built to provide more convenience and versatility since those are quite important for people who ride every day and through dense traffic jams.

You Might Not Like Shoei Neotec If...

  • You’re looking for a more affordable model – this one might be slightly bit too expensive for some people, especially now that are many affordable pieces on the market. However, for the price, you get ultimate safety such a helmet can provide, as well as reliability and comfort. View models under $100.
  • You don’t like wearing earplugs – though earplugs are always recommended, some people simply don’t like wearing them. If you feel the same way, you might not like this Shoei model. Though it doesn’t produce as much noise as the brand’s previous models, some people still feel that it’s quite noisy. This is due to its design and many mechanisms.
  • You don’t have the time to get used to it – this is an easy-to-use product, but it might require a while to get used to especially if you’ve chosen it as your first ever. The biggest issue here is the chin strap since many people claim it’s unnecessarily complicated.

Design and Shape

This type of helmets usually comes with very basic color choices, but luckily, Neotec delivers a bit more. You can choose between a wider range of graphics and solids depending on your style and the rest of your gear. Unlike others, this model comes in red and yellow, which are rarely ever seen as options.

One color choice that stands out is the Anthracite Metallic. It’s a deep bronze with some brown shades peeking through the gunmetal metallic finish. All colors have a thick clear coat as well, giving the shell a shiny finish.

The most exciting thing about its shape is that it fits most head shapes. It’s a so-called neutral shape that’s still a bit narrower but will fit most people as long as the size is right. However, make sure to consider your measurements carefully since the shape might not suit everyone even though advertised as such.

For a few other options, check out Shoei’s:

Shoei Neotec Color Variations

Construction and Materials

Its outer shell is made of composite fiber and ABS chin section. It comes in several sizes to choose from though they all feature the same shape.

It’s a strong construction that absorbs and disperses impact, so there aren’t any high-pressure areas. It’s resistant to weather conditions and suitable for rain as well as sunny summer days.

This is a modular option that goes from full-face to half-face with ease. The chin flips up easily with a button on the front that you can use even when wearing gloves. For safety, you can lock it down, so it doesn’t move up at high speeds.

One thing you should remember is that this isn’t a dual-homologated model. In other words, you can only wear it as a full-face helmet with the chin closed. It’s not meant to be ridden as an open-face model, though many people use it as such. Though you could use it as an open-face, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend that and would probably call it a misuse.

On the inside, Neotec has outstanding padding and lining. It features removable and washable 3D interior liner that’s also fully replaceable if it ever becomes too worn out. It also comes with Multi-Layer cheek pads allowing you to wear eyeglasses inside the shell.

These pads add quite a lot to the overall stabilization and comfort. The top center pad is also removable for maintenance which is especially suitable during long-hour rides in sunny weather. It has a double D-ring closure for some added comfort and safety.


Neotec shines when it comes to ventilation, especially if you compare it with previous models from the brand.

This one has several exhausts that are positioned to deliver maximum comfort and reduce fogging and fatigue. It has two dual-layered EPS liners with cooling air channels. The first one is on the chin while the second one is on the top of the shell.

On top of that, there are two additional exhausts on both sides of the helmet. These extract the hot air from the inside and help make the interior cooler and fresher.


Neotec comes with a smooth visor that offers 100% protection from UV rays. It provides a wide field of vision and no distortion so you can focus on the road ahead.

It features a Pinlock Fog-Resistant System to stay clear in most situations. This, combined with the excellent ventilation, means it’s nearly impossible to have a fogged visor regardless of the weather outside.

On top of that, the helmet comes with an integrated sun shield you can quickly turn on via the large switch on the left side. The entire thing flips up for some extra convenience but should be lowered when you’re riding.

Side View of Shoei Neotec

Safety Certifications and Features

The first thing you should remember is that modular helmets aren’t as safe as full-face ones. There are more mechanism and attachment points, so people consider them not as secure.

However, when it’s made of durable materials and has a reliable locking system, even a modular model can be as safe as a full-face one.

It exceeded DOT’s 218 standard and is certified as safe by the Department of Transportation. As such, it’s secure enough for the USA, though some European countries might require your helmet to have more than that.

Need to know more about safety ratings? See our guide.

Special Features

Neotec comes with a shell-integrated spoiler which is one of its many special features. This is a small detail, but it plays a big part in how the helmet performs at high speeds.

When you’re on the open road and enjoy going faster than usual, the spoiler acts to reduce lift and drag, enhancing comfort and performance.

Available Sizes

There are three shell sizes you can choose from depending on your measurements. Make sure to compare your measurements to the manufacturer’s sizing chart in order to figure out which size is the best for you.

If you like this brand and want to compare different models, see our guides for:


Hopefully, we did this helmet justice because it’s an impressive piece with relatively minor setbacks. It comes with an outstanding ventilation system, protective shield, and interior padding, so it’s only normal that it’s been among Shoei’s best selling products since its launch date.

Consider all the drawbacks it comes with and compare them with the many benefits it delivers. Neotec might not seem like anything unusual, but it’s one of the most popular models for a reason.

It’s lightweight, relatively easy to use and suitable for all kinds of riding styles and weather conditions. Think about what would be the best helmet for you, and we’re sure that this one comes pretty close to that.

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