In-Depth Shoei GT Air Hemet Review and Ratings – Updated for 2021

Shoei has been among the most popular brands for years already. It came out with some impressive helmets, so it’s no surprise that its GT-Air is one of the best-selling ones.

It was the brand’s new helmet for 2013, and it still remains among the most popular choices on the market. It’s a premium crash helmet meant for non-sports riders.

Much like all the models before and after the GT-Air, it has plenty of features and only a few minor drawbacks. If you’re looking for a new motorcycle helmet, you should definitely check this review of the Shoei GT Air out. Continue reading as we discuss its features, specifications, safety certifications, and much more.

You Might Love Shoei GT Air if…

  • You’re looking for the best fit – Shoei has something known as “Shoei Fit,” which is the brand’s standardized fit. Not many manufacturers have this, and Shoei seems to have achieved this quite well. In other words, such standardized fit makes it easy for you to get pretty much any Shoei helmet and know it will fit comfortably.
  • You want a quiet helmet – in this case, noise tends to depend on more than just the helmet. However, Shoei did all the possible to achieve for the GT-Air to be as quiet as possible. You should remember that it’s designed for upright riding only. In other cases, it could be pretty loud.
  • Ease of use is a priority – this is a simple helmet that is relatively easy to use. It has a sturdy double D-ring strap that doesn’t show signs of use even when exposed to weather elements. The entire system is simple to locate and use even with cold hands and gloves on.

You Might Not Like Shoei GT Air if…

  • You’re not riding upright – this is a sports-touring model with aerodynamics made to fit upright riding style. Only then can the helmet be quiet enough. However, you might not like it if you’re into a different type of riding, such as with your nose being closer to the tank. In this case, you’ll probably find it somewhat louder than advertised.
  • You want plenty of safety certifications – this one is DOT certified, and it’s the only certification it has. Unlike other helmets from the brand, it doesn’t have a SNELL certification.
  • You have a round head shape – this one has an oval shell, so it’s not the best fit for people with a round head shape. Though it’s an amazing oval fit, it might not be the best option if your head is on a rounder side.

Design and Shape

As we said, its aerodynamic shell design is more oval, so it doesn’t fit people with a rounder head. It’s shaped to deliver the best performance along with reduced noise.

It comes in a variety of solid colors, including a bright yellow one. This is ideal for people who like attractive and eye-catching designs instead of plain colored ones. Still, there are black, silver, and white options as well as some graphics to choose from.

GT Air looks fierce thanks to its overall shape and design. It cuts through the wind and is also relatively lightweight at 5 pounds. In most cases, the shell design makes it ideal for long-distance rides since it’s quite comfortable.

GT Air top and bottom design

Construction and Materials

The shell is made of a composite of fiberglass and organic fibers technology, otherwise known as Multi-Ply Matric AIM Shell. It’s the five-ply matrix with less weight but more strength in the shell structure.

It’s a full face helmet that’s completely enclosed, leaving no part of your face exposed. On the inside, it features the Multi-Piece EPS Liner that has tunnels for the cool air to travel through. In other words, the multi-piece EPS liner varies in density throughout the construction. As such, the foam has enhanced impact absorption and is more comfortable than ever.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that this is a wind-tunnel tested helmet. This helped make an aerodynamically stable shell with reduced noise and buffeting. It also has a molded air spoiler that helped reduce drag, lift, and pressure on the neck during high-speed rides.

For padding, Shoei went for its 3D Max-Dry Interior System. It’s a removable, washable, and adjustable liner material that absorbs sweat and moisture two times faster than regular nylon interiors we’ve seen so far.

On top of that, it has Multi-Layer Cheek Pads for a better fit and more comfort. This also provides helmet stabilization since you can remove them at any time you like.

The brand also included a breath guard and a chin curtain. The breath guard was designed to eliminate steaming on the visor while the chin curtain reduces the noise and enhances comfort. The chin bar is quite large and wide, so it protects your face quite well. It features ventilation ports as well as removable padding.


GT-Air has effective ventilation that works very well though it looks fairly simple. The helmet is tested for ventilation performance to maintain a balance between noise and airflow.

It features three-position upper vent that’s strategically placed for best air intake. The two holes through the EPS liner pass this air to your head. Plus, there’s a vent slider that allows you to control how much air passes through the helmet. The system is easy to use even with gloves on.

It also has a chin vent, lower air intake vent, and a rear vent.


This one comes with an internal sun visor and a face shield. The QSV-1 Internal Sun Visor is the latest system that exceeds ANSI Z80.3-2010 standard for non-prescription eyewear. It provides a quite big field of vision as well as anti-scratch and anti-fog qualities.

The view is distortion-free and blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays. As such, it’s very effective and also adjustable thanks to the single slider allowing you to position it in any way you want.

The CNS-1 face shield helps protect your face from UV rays even more. It’s also equipped with a Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system. It’s curved, wide and tall, and has a QR-N Base Plate System for a waterproof and air tight seal.

Shoei GT Air Shield and Visor

Safety Certifications and Features

This is a full-face helmet which is still one of the best shell models to go for in terms of safety. It covers your face, so everything is behind the durable shell and comfortable padding.

For safety features, the brand made sure that fogging doesn’t happen. It features a breath guard and chin curtain that help bring the chances to a minimum. Also, the helmet is made of strong and resistant materials.

However, the only safety certification it obtained is the one from the Federal Government’s Department of Transportation, otherwise known as DOT certification. For some reason, the brand didn’t go for SNELL, that’s a bit more widely acknowledged.

Special Features

As you’ve noticed, the helmet comes with plenty of small features and details that help it perform as well as it does. From the construction materials to impressive ventilation, this one has it all.

Still, one thing that stands out the most is the molded air spoiler. We’ve mentioned it briefly, so you probably have an idea of what it does and how it helps the performance. It’s an ideal addition to your everyday helmet since it helps with comfort during high speeds.

The small detail reduces pressure on your neck and head as well as the drag and lift that tend to happen when you ride faster than usual.

Available Sizes

This one comes in three shell and four EPS liner sizes for the best and most comfortable fit. It’s a more oval shape, so make sure to measure your sizes well before opting for a certain size.

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Shoei is a premium brand that’s known to offer only the best products. For this reason, it was no surprise when it came out with such an impressive helmet as the GT Air.

This model is easy to work with even when you’re wearing gloves, or your hands are cold. With a little practice, you might even operate it with one hand. It also has an Emergency Quick-Release System that allows easier removal of the cheek pads in case of an accident.

Overall, it has everything you would want from your everyday helmet. It has great ventilation and is comfortable and lightweight, which makes it equally as suitable for long-distance commuting and cruising around the block.

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9.1 Total Score

Construction & Materials

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