In-Depth Duke DK-120 Helmet Review and Ratings – 2021 Update

Having a reliable helmet is critical, regardless of the kind of bike you ride. It’s a matter of safety, which is why you should pay close attention to the model you choose.

If you’ve been searching for a while, you probably came down to the Duke DK-120. It’s one of the most popular models on the market due to its specifications and features. This one is reliable and easy to use, so it’s suitable for beginners as well as experienced bikers.

Continue reading as we discuss all about the Duke DK-120. We’re sure the information below will help you make your final decision.

You Might Love Duke DK-120 If...

  • You’re looking for maximum airflow – unlike many similar helmets in its price range, DK-120 has impressive ventilation. It comes with several vents to provide excellent airflow. This is especially useful if you live in an area where the weather gets warm. It helps reduce heat inside the shell as well as the fogging of its visors.

  • You want a lightweight shell – most people dislike wearing heavy helmets because those tend to be uncomfortable. However, this one weighs 4 pounds and is on a more lightweight side of the spectrum. It might appear heavy after hours of riding, in which case you should take some time to rest before proceeding.

  • Simplicity is important to you – at first glance, you can notice how simple the shell looks. All of its additional features are easy to use at any time, which adds to the overall simplicity.

You Might Not Like Duke DK-120 If...

  • You live in a cold area – as we mentioned, the model has a few vents to allow air in and reduce fogging and fatigue. However, the downside is that you can’t shut the vents, so if you live in a cold area, you’ll have that cold air constantly hitting your face.

  • You have a smaller head – the first thing you should note is that the shell comes in several sizes, so finding your size shouldn’t be a problem. Still, sizes run big, and for this reason, you might struggle if you’re the smallest size. Make sure to measure your head before opting for a specific size.

  • You’re sensitive to scents – much like everything new, DK-120 has a weird smell you’ll notice as soon as you take it out of the box. There’s no reason to panic though because the scent disappears after a few days.

Design and Shape

First and foremost, DK-120 comes only in matte black. It has sleek lines around the visor that make it look a bit more attractive. It’s an eye-catching design completed with the lines and curves around the visor and across the shell.

The general shape of the helmet is oval, which is crucial to remember. On top of that, the shell is designed to be aerodynamic, which makes it suitable for everyday use. It cuts through the wind with ease making your daily rides much smoother.

It comes in five sizes and only one color option. As we mentioned, the sizes run big, so make sure to consult with the manufacturer’s chart. If you’re between the two sizes, we suggest you choose the smaller one.

DK-120 Helmet from Different Angles

Construction and Materials

This is a full-face helmet that doesn’t leave any part of your face or head exposed. Everything is covered and snuggly fitted under the shell, offering safety and comfort.

It covers your entire face as well as scalp and back of your neck. It’s designed to offer full protection which you can only find with full-face helmets.

The shell is constructed with an advanced composite poly-alloy. It’s a durable and reliable combination, offering resistance and longevity.

The inside of the helmet is fully padded and quite comfortable. This makes DK-120 suitable for long-hour rides, as long as you consider its ventilation. Its liner and pads are made of hypo-allergenic material and nylon. All the inner liners and pads are removable and easy to wash in a washing machine.

Another thing worth mentioning is its smooth and simple use. We’ve already mentioned that this is quite a lightweight model, so that already makes it simple enough. Still, there’s more as the DK-120 is easy to put on and take off even with just one hand.

It comes with a quick-release strap that allows you to slide it off your head at any time. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should ever take it off while on the road. It offers you some convenience and versatility, so you’ll quickly get used to how it works.

As we mentioned, DK-120 is quite lightweight and easy to work with. You’ll find it simple enough to work with even with just one hand though that might take some time to practice.


DK-120 is among the best models when it comes to ventilation. It has seven vents across the shell, offering supreme airflow at all times. These vents are on the chin, forehead, and rear of the helmet.

While they help reduce fatigue and fogging, none of the vents can be closed. They remain open all the time, which can be a bit inconvenient if the weather in your area is cold.


This one comes with a clear visor as well as a tinted one. They’re interchangeable, UV-resistant and easy to use.

Both shields lift with just a press of a button that’s on top of the shell. This means you won’t always have to take the helmet off when you want to talk to people, for example.

Changing from one to another is also relatively simple. It might take you some time to get the hang of how it’s done, but once you figure it out, you’ll see that the process is quite effortless as it takes only a few seconds.

Duke DK-120 Visors

Safety Certifications and Features

DK-120 is approved by the Department of Transportation in the United States of America. It’s been tested against impact in different kinds of test in order to obtain the certification.

DOT certification is only valid in the USA. If you’re looking to use the helmet in Europe perhaps, you might want to check the laws and regulations regarding the matter. Some European countries only allow helmets that are Snell approved. Unfortunately, DK-120 doesn’t have a Snell certification.

In other words, DOT certification might not be much, but it’s still something. In the USA, you’re only allowed to use helmets that were previously approved by the Department of Transportation.

Read more on safety ratings.

Available Sizes

One of the best things about this shell is that it comes in various sizes. With the DK-120, you can choose between five different sizes depending on the shape and size of your head.

Keep in mind that helmets are only safe when they fit well, so make sure DK-120 fits you snuggly at all points. If it’s too small, it will be uncomfortable. However, if it’s too big, it won’t protect you as well.

Duke DK-120 Size Chart


At this point, you can probably tell why people opt for this Duke helmet as often. It’s among the most reliable models on the market thanks to its durable materials and comfortable inner padding.

The shell is resistant and lightweight, so you won’t have any issues wearing the helmet every day if need be. Plus, its impressive ventilation makes it that much more suitable for everyday use.

The only thing you should pay attention to is the sizing. All sizes run somewhat big, so make sure to double check which of the five available shells would fit you the best.

Consider its features and specifications before you make your final decision. Duke is an experienced name in the industry, and its DK-120 is among the best choices you can make if you’re looking for an every-day, full-face helmet.

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