Our In-Depth Bell Rogue Helmet Review for 2021

If you’re into half-face types but would like some more protection than they usually provide, you should check out our review of the Bell Rogue.

It’s a unique-looking model that doesn’t appear similar to any other on the market. Though the concept is the same as with all half-face helmets, this one stands out in more ways than one.

The Rogue is initially designed for cruiser riders since they usually don’t like full helmets. It looks unusual and maybe even a little evil depending on the design you go for. It’s easy to use, convenient and versatile, so continue reading to learn more about its standout features.

You might love Bell Rogue if…

  • You want a unique helmet – as we said, this is one of Bell’s most unique designs. It’s a half-face type, but with an interesting twist we’ve never seen before on any other models. This one features an adjustable Muzzle with a removable liner.
  • You want more protection – it’s well-known that half-face models aren’t the safest option on the market. Bell Rouge is somewhat more adjustable than most similar models on the market thanks to its muzzle. The additional padding provides plush support and shock absorption.
  • You’re looking for versatility – the muzzle doesn’t only bring protection and style, but versatility as well. Since it’s adjustable and removable, you can quickly turn the helmet from half-face to open-face. Use the Fid-Lock Magnetic connection for simple connection/removal.

You might not like Bell Rogue if…

  • You want full-face protection – Bell Rogue is a half-face helmet type that doesn’t cover your eye area. It also doesn’t protect your neck and chin as much as a full-face model would. The muzzle, although it provides additional padding, doesn’t do much for safety either.
  • You’re looking for instant comfort – the thing with this one is that it takes a while to get used to and you might not like the process. More so, you might struggle if you’ve never worn anything similar since it fits tightly on your mouth and nose which might be uncomfortable at first.
  • You have a large head – this one comes in several sizes, but the design itself is quite large. It appears bigger because of the excessive padding it features. For this reason, your head might look that much bigger with as much padding and coverage.

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Design and Shape

This one has an intermediate oval shape. With the muzzle on, this one looks unlike any other. If you remove it, you get a basic open-face helmet. Although the shape resembles the simple open-face type, it won’t give you “mushroom head” even when you wear it without the muzzle.

It does appear larger, as we mentioned, but doesn’t give the fully “mushroom head”.

It’s not very aerodynamic, but you shouldn’t experience any issues at cruising speeds. The design and shape are suitable for cruisers, street bikes, adventure touring, snowmobiles, scooters, dirt bikes, UTVs and ATVs.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in any bright colors, so black and grey combinations are your only choice. The muzzle comes in several different designs, but it’s also mainly black. Some designs look fiercer than others especially if you go for the most popular Ghost.

different angles of bell rogue helmet

Construction and Materials

The Rogue is an open-face helmet that, as the manufacturer says, delivers the comfort of the ¾ model. As we previously mentioned, you can remove its muzzle which would then leave exposed your entire face.

It doesn’t have any protection to the eye area, so you’d have to wear goggles or any other type of eyewear. This is highly recommended, as the helmet isn’t built to protect your eyes from debris and dust flying towards you.

It’s a lightweight fiberglass composite shell that has a speaker-compatible liner. The muzzle also has its comfortable liner for full protection of your nose and mouth area.

The microfiber interior padding is antibacterial and antimicrobial. It’s fully removable for easier washing and maintenance. The model also features stainless steel D-rings and metal badges for some added security.

Its muzzle is adjustable, and you can easily find the most comfortable position by tilting the angle one way or another. It features insulated lining called breath box which you can also remove for some more ventilation.

It has a strap release button as seen on a snowboard binding. Simply press it down and pull it to secure the fit.

It also has ear pads you can remove although that’s not recommended. These pads add a lot to the overall snug fit, and the entire shell is usually more comfortable with them in. The integrated Velcro speaker pockets allow you to use Bluetooth earbuds for some low-volume music.


Because it’s an open-face, Rogue shell doesn’t have that many air vents. It doesn’t have a visor that could fog and if you remove the muzzle your face is exposed to the wind.

Still, the lower neck shroud features dual vents that keep some air circulating for when you use the muzzle. Plus, there’s an insulated lining the manufacturer called the breath box. It gives an impression of wearing a bandana, although you can remove it for better airflow.

Safety Certifications and Features

The Rogue is certified by the Department of Transportation in the United States, after meeting and exceeding their FMVSS 218 standard. It’s tested for shell durability and impact resistance where it scored impressive results over the series of different tests.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any other safety certifications that might apply in Europe. However, half-faces are rarely ever even certified by bodies other than DOT, and since DOT is credible enough in the USA, you shouldn’t have any issues using the helmet when in Europe.

Discover more on safety ratings in our guide.

product image of bell rogue helmet for motorcycle

Special Features

As you can tell, its muzzle on this one is among the most standout features. It’s an innovative solution especially useful to those who usually wear bandanas to protect their face from wind, debris, dust, bugs, and other stuff on the road.

Its interesting muzzle is considered a comfort feature, so it’s not something you should rely on to protect you in case of an accident. It features FidLock magnetic connection that might detach at impact, meaning it won’t really serve to protect the area of your face it covers.

However, it does protect your mouth and nose from debris and dust, as we explained above. This means it has some abilities to protect from minor disturbances that might otherwise disturb or even interrupt your riding. Don’t expect it to endure impact as it’s not as strong as the actual shell nor is it attached as securely to it.

Available Sizes

Bell Rogue comes in three shell and EPS sizes allowing you to find the best fit. For best results, you should consult with the manufacturer’s sizing chart.

Most riders reported that these run a half size smaller than you’d expect so maybe keep that in mind as well.


It takes only a single glance to realize why this is such a popular helmet. It offers the comfort and versatility you can only get with open-face models, plus a little bit more protection.

The unique muzzle is an interesting feature. It’s something new and unique to the Rogue, so it’s going to attract attention wherever you go. More so, if you opt for some of the “scarier” designs to go along the model.

However, there’s more to it than just looks. This one is padded unlike any other open-face on the market. It features extensive foaming and lining to protect your head and keep it tightly snug in the shell.

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Construction & Materials

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