7 Highest Rated BMX Helmet Brands Reviewed

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We always try to mention how important it is to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. But, did you know wearing one is equally as crucial in cycling?

Research shows that cycling is among the primary causes of head injuries. This includes different types of cycling, with BMX being the number one.

In most cases, these injuries are fatal, so wearing a helmet tends to make a huge difference. Still, the market is packed with different models, making it tricky to choose just one.

Stay tuned as we review some of the top BMX helmets. Below, you’ll also find a short but detailed buyer’s guide to help you opt for one of the helmets.

7 Top Rated BMX Helmets Reviewed

Triple Eight

Small Product Image of Triple Eight
Triple Eight
Type: Open Face
Material: NIP
Color: Matte Black
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Demon United

Small Product Image of Demon United
Demon United
Type: Full Face
Material: Polycarbonate
Color: 9 Colors to Choose
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JBM International

Small Product Image of JBM International
JBM International
Type: Open Face
Material: PVC & PC
Color: 7 Colors to Choose
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Outdoor Master

Small Product Image of Outdoor Master
Outdoor Master
Type: Open Face
Material: ABS
Color: 11 Color to Choose
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Small Product Image of TurboSKE
Type: Open Face
Material: ABS
Color: 9 Colors to Choose
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Small Product Image of Razor
Type: Open Face
Material: NIP
Color: 13 Colors to Choose
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Small Product Image of Retrospec
Type: Open Face
Material: ABS
Color: 14 Colors to Choose
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Triple Eight - Tony Hawk Signature - Best Pro Model

This is a Tony Hawk signature dual-certified skateboard helmet. It comes with a high impact-absorbing EPS foam, moisture-wicking Sweatsaver fabric and dual-density soft foam for protection and comfort.

It’s a result of the collaboration between Tony Hawk and Tripe Eight, so it’s what he wears as well. It complies with ASTM F-1492 and U.S. CPSC bike and skate safety standards. For this reason, the piece is ideal for skateboarding, BMX, scooter, roller skating, and inline skating.

Read more about scooters vs motorcycles here.

The helmet comes in three sizes, allowing you to choose the one that fits you the best. Keep in mind that the overall fit is quite important when it comes to comfort and overall safety, so make sure to consult with the sizing chart.

It’s comfortable, and most importantly, durable enough to handle impact and rough rides through different terrain.


  • Thick, comfortable padding
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Lightweight


  • Possible mushroom head

Demon United - Best Full Face

Essentially, this is a bike helmet, so it might not be your first choice when you first look at it. However, professionals and advanced riders alike use it for its comfort and security. 

The helmet is lightweight, so you won’t have any issues wearing it for hours at the time. Still, it’s more suitable for rough BMX riding due to its heavy-duty construction and high levels of protection. 

It features an EPS foam liner that conforms to the shape of your head, allowing superior fit and comfort. It’s a removable and washable liner you can give a quick rinse whenever you feel the need.

The great thing about it is its ventilation system. It includes thirteen different vents allowing airflow to prevent fogging and heat.


  • CPSC certified
  • Includes a bag
  • Comfortable, washable liner


  • The size runs small

JBM International - Best Multi-Use

JBM is a well-known brand among BMX riders with this helmet being one of the most versatile models. It has a durable, hardened shell, featuring a soft liner that absorbs all the external pressure and impact. 

Being a skate helmet, it’s open, but it still has several vents for comfort and airflow. Its aerodynamic design and breathable foam keep you cool by reducing sweating. 

It’s a versatile piece, and you can use it for BMX and scooter riding, skateboarding, roller skating, and other such activities.

It has adjustable straps, allowing you to adjust the fit and flexibility.

On top of that, it’s made of lightweight but durable materials. It comes in three sizes, so make sure to consult with the manufacturer’s sizing chart.


  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Great ventilation
  • Adjustable straps


  • Odd, almost too round shape

Outdoor Master - Best Lightweight Option

If you’re looking for a lightweight helmet to use every day, this is definitely among the best options. It’s CPSC certified and built for both safety and comfort.

It features a reinforced ABS shell along with shock-absorbing EPS core for added safety during impact. Its low-profile design eliminates the odd mushroom head look these helmets tend to create.

The overall design is quite classic, especially since all the color options are matte. The helmet has a removable lining, allowing you to wash it now and then after using it in warm weather.

Another thing worth mentioning is its ventilation system, including twelve air vents.

These keep you cool during hot summer days, enhancing the overall comfort.

It’s made for BMX riding, skateboarding, roller skating, and it’s not intended for motor vehicles.


  • Several colors and sizes
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Low-profile


  • Sizes run big

TurboSKE - Best Cheap Option

If you’re on a budget and looking for an affordable option, this might be the best choice to consider. It complies with CPSC and CE EN 1078 safety standards and is among the safest cheap models. It features two reinforced layers for some added protection in case of an accident. 

This one features eleven air vents, keeping you cool and comfortable, which is especially important for prolonged use. The channels are designed to pull fresh air around and over your head, forcing the old, stale fresh out. 

You can adjust the size a bit by using the size adjustment dial which expands or closes the semi-flexible ring around your head.

This makes it easy to achieve a snug fit that’s always important for comfort and safety.


  • For BMX, inline skating, skateboarding, roller skating, etc
  • Several colorful choices
  • Eleven air vents


  • Size adjustment takes some learning

Razor - Best Youth Option

This cutting-edge, attractive helmet is among the best choices for your child. It’s suitable for biking and skating, so it’s great if your kid is now starting in BMX riding. 

Its ergonomically designed interior padding is secure and comfortable for children to wear for hours at the time. On top of that, the helmet has seventeen top and side vent channels. This helps keep the rider cool which is especially important during hot summer days. 

Another great thing about this model is its adjustability. It has side-release buckles that allow you to fasten and adjust the fit quickly and easily. Also, the helmet comes in several color options, all of which are glossy and sleek.

It complies with CPSC standards and is highly visible during low-light conditions.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Great ventilation system
  • Adjustable and comfortable


  • Sizing is a bit off

Retrospec - Best Cool Design

This one is tested and approved for BMX riding, skating, skiing, and other such activities. It has quite a few safety certifications, so it’s among the safest options.

Its classic design makes it look simple, while the color and design options make it stand out. This one comes in a few quite attractive and eye-catching designs if you’re looking to make heads turn. 

It features eight vents and two sets of interchangeable pads for some added comfort. The pads keep you cool during hot days by providing enough airflow inside the shell. 

ABS surrounds high-quality EPS foam for added safety during impact.

This is especially critical if you’re riding in rough conditions.

Three sizes are available, so make sure to consult with the manufacturer’s chart to pick the one that fits you the best.


  • Cool design
  • Resistant and durable
  • Comfortable


  • It looks quite big on

Buyer's Guide for Good Options


You should never overlook safety since it’s the most critical factor and the whole point of wearing a helmet. Look for a model with safety certifications such as CPSC bike and ASTM F-1492 skate ratings. 

Make sure your helmet of choice has thick padding and fits you well in order to be fully secure and safe.

High-Quality Build

The model of your choice must be durable and resistant. Avoid flimsy helmets and questionable design features. 

Consider only durable materials and thick interior padding since those are bound to last a long time. The last thing you want is a helmet that shows scratches and marks even if you never dropped it.

BMX Helmet Interior Padidng

Trusted Brands

Well-known brands are almost always more trusted than newer names in the industry. Avoid new names that don’t have as much experience or customer reviews. 

Instead, opt for big names that might cost a bit more money, but are almost always safer, more durable, and of higher quality.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is another important aspect of your BMX helmet. In most cases, it’s the liner and padding that absorbs the shock since it’s between the shell and your head. 

For this reason, you should consider thick and comfortable padding that’s made of dense materials. Dual-density padding is among the best choices for shock absorption.


Materials are directly connected to how durable a helmet is. For this reason, you should first consider the material its shell and interior padding are made with. 

Still, the overall construction has a lot to do with durability as well. Avoid helmets with plenty of weak points.

A Girl Jumping with Her BMX


In most cases, a one-year warranty is the most common option. Some brands offer more or less, but that mostly depends on the brand itself. 

Most trusted brands offer reliable warranty deals since they usually don’t doubt their products.


Trial period is something certain manufacturers allow, so you can test and try the helmet before deciding whether you like it or not. 

It’s a great idea and a very convenient option, but keep in mind that not every brand offers this. Even some of the most popular helmets don’t come with trial periods. Those that do usually give you some thirty days to test the model.


Size is critical for safety and protection. A helmet that doesn’t fit well won’t protect you nearly as much as the one that fits you. 

Some models have adjustable sizing, but this is something you should be careful with because the adjustability range isn’t as broad. In most cases, manufacturers offer sizing charts that you should always check out before choosing.


Ventilation is important even though these are open-face helmets. Vents allow airflow around your head to keep you cool and fresh, which is especially recommended for summer. 

Some models have less than ten vents while others have close to twenty, so you can choose based on your needs and preferences.

Ventilation on the Top of the Helmet


It’s unlikely a helmet would fit you poorly if you get the sizing right, so make sure to pay special attention to the chart. 

Nonetheless, the general shape of the helmet plays a significant role as well. For this reason, you can usually choose between round and oval, as well as low-profile models.

Customer Reviews

Much like with all products, customer reviews tell you of the experience people had with the particular helmet. These are important to check out because they’re usually non-biased. 

Still, keep in mind that a helmet might fit your needs even if it didn’t meet the needs of someone else.


As you noticed, BMX helmets are similar to all the others; even those meant for motor vehicles. They’re lighter and more open, but the general factors to consider are the same. 

You want a helmet that’s safe but also easy to use. For this reason, skip a heavy model and consider those that are more lightweight. Still, don’t compromise safety or comfort. 

Will you ride in rough conditions or a bike park? Questions like this can help you opt for a specific model as it’s always important that you consider your needs and preferences as well as your style of riding.

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