7 Highest Rated Oil Drain Pans for 2021

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An oil drain pan is a tool not many people think about as often. However, it’s a pretty important piece of equipment you’ll need if you plan on doing your own oil changes.

Buying an oil drain pan may not be as exciting, but it’s still something you should approach with care. A quality-made container makes all the difference in how easily and quickly you can change motorcycle fluids at home.

You want a durable product that’s going to last a long time before you ever have to replace it. Stick around as we review motorcycle oil drain pans and help you choose one.

7 Top Rated Motorcycle Oil Change Drain Pan Reviews


small product image of Lumax
Features: O-Ring seal, it has wheels for mobility
Capacity: 15 ounces
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ATD Tools

small product image of ATD Tools
ATD Tools
Features: Molded handle, anti-splash lip
Capacity: 4.5 gallons
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Capri Tools

small product image of Capri Tools
Capri Tools
Features: Easy to use and carry
Capacity: 4.5 gallons
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small product image of OEM TOOLS
Features: Chemical-resistant plastic, anti-splash lip
Capacity: 2.8 quarts
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small product image of Neiko
Features: Sturdy carrying handles, easy draining
Capacity: 2 gallons
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Custom Accessories

small product image of Custom Accessories
Custom Accessories
Features: Simple design, durable material
Capacity: 6 quarts
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small product image of Hopkins
Features: Heavy-duty plastic, convenient design
Capacity: 16 quarts
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Lumax – Ideal for Oil Recycling

Lumax is among the best choices if you’re looking for a container to use for oil recycling. It allows direct draining, which means you don’t have to use any funnels or tubs.

This one easy to use and won’t create any mess. It’s made of heavy-duty materials, featuring E-Z handle design along with E-Z roll wheels.

It has an opening at the top measuring some 8’’ with a screw cap. It’s not the largest opening, though, so you may want to be careful with bigger, messier jobs.

It has a capacity of 15 ounces, making it perfect for recycling old oil. On top of that, the basket is equally as suitable for retrieving filters and drain plugs.

It’s designed and made to last you a long time and is easy to use and clean after even the messiest tasks.



ATD Tools – Anti-splash

This black drain pan is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple-to-use product. Although it’s simple, its design works perfectly for all fluid changes.

It has a capacity of 4-1/2 gallons, featuring a conveniently placed spout. This allows you to fit a lot of fluid in there and also pour it out equally as easily.

Another thing worth noting is the molded handle. It makes it easier to carry the container, but also to pour the liquids without creating a big mess.

It has an anti-splash lip, which is one of the unique things about this container. The lip prevents spilling when you’re pouring or carrying the liquid you’ve collected.

This is an open pan, measuring 6 inches in depth and 15.25 inches in diameter.



Capri Tools – Anti-freeze

This Capri Tools drain pan is lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s portable, which means you can always have one in your car as well.

It’s an open container, which means that it has a large opening. This allows the liquids to drain directly into the large opening without spilling or splashing.

Another thing that prevents messes is its anti-splash lip. It’s designed to contain fluid as it pours. On top of that, this one has a molded handle that makes pouring and carrying even simpler.

It’s made with sturdy polyethylene material, providing durability and longevity. Thanks to the ruggedness of the material and the quality of construction, this tool is ideal for rough use.

Its total capacity is some 4.5 gallons, which should be enough for most bike maintenance tasks that involve liquids.



OEM TOOLS – Chemical-resistant

This OEM Tools container is among the best ones if you’re looking for a durable and resistant product. It’s made of durable, chemical-resistant plastic that allows rough and frequent use with all kinds of motor oils (find the best oils here).

Its dimensions are 15.9 x 8.5 x 2.68 inches in total, having a capacity of 2.8 quarts. It’s a low-profile pan designed to slip under your vehicle easily.

The unique design makes this one equally as suitable for cars as well as motorcycles. Its gooseneck shape extends, allowing you to reach further under your vehicle regardless of what fluid you’re working with.

Also, its curved construction prevents splashing, although there’s an anti-splash lip as well. It prevents spills and splashes during fluid changes.



Neiko – Easy Grip

This drain pan is made of high-quality, recyclable polythene plastic. It’s resistant to chemicals and corrosion, allowing you to work with gasoline, oil, and anti-freeze.

It has an anti-splash curled lip edge that makes it easy to work without creating a big mess. It prevents splashing that usually occurs when you try to move the pan when it’s full.

This one measures 5’’ x 12.55’’, holding up to two gallons. It’s the perfect size for most fluid changes regardless of the bike you have.

It has a grip handle on both sides, allowing you to carry the container easily.

You can use the handles to hang the container when not in use. Plus, the attached spout prevents splashing, making it easy to drain the oil.



Custom Accessories – Multipurpose

This all-purpose Custom Accessories container is one of the most versatile ones you’ll come across. It features a rather simple design, but that’s precisely what allows as much versatility and ease of use.

It holds 6 quarts and is designed to hold almost any liquid. This makes it suitable for oil changes, but also draining the radiator and cleaning different motorcycle parts.

It’s made of heavy-gauge polyethylene that’s quite durable and able to endure rough use. Plus, it’s designed to allow easy pouring as well, thanks to the pouring spout that’s included.

Also, it has a tiny hole at the top that you can use to hang the pan on the wall for more accessible storage. Keep in mind that there’s an option to order a pack of one or two containers.



Hopkins – Leak-proof

Hopkins is a durable container that’s also easy to use regardless of the bike you have. Thanks to its convenient and rugged design, you can store it flat or upright.

It has integrated handles and grip that allows simpler use and carrying. Also, this one is quite secure and won’t leak no matter how you carry it.

The unique, extended design captures all of the oil, reducing the chance of any mess. The elongated basins capture all streams efficiently.

Also, Hopkins is developed for prolonged use and multiple changes. It’s meant to last several years, mainly thanks to the leak-proof design that allows secure and easy disposal.

All its seals and caps are made of heavy-duty materials and fit perfectly to reduce any chance of leaking.



What to Consider in Buying an Oil Change Pan


Motorcycle oil drain pans come in all shapes and sizes for you to choose from. And while it’s up to you to choose the best size, you should keep a few things in mind.

Look for a container that can hold the fluid from one or two changes before it’s full. You may need an even bigger one, depending on the engine size. Keep in mind that bigger pans are more challenging to move when full.

Type of Material

As you noticed, most of the pans we reviewed are made of heavy-duty, durable plastic. It’s usually the best material because it’s durable, sturdy, and resistant to chemicals.

A more durable container will definitely last you a long time since it’s less likely to break during use. However, you should keep in mind that more durable containers are also heavier, especially when full.


As you probably noticed, some of these pans have built-in storage. This is usually more convenient, allowing you to drain the oil, cap the pan, and carry it around. However, it may not be the best option if you have to work on several vehicles.

If that’s the case, you should go for a pan that has no storage. These are open containers and far easier to use on several cars and motorcycles at once and without emptying.

image of drain pan


Handles may not seem as important, but they are, even more so, if your pan is built of thick plastic. Add whatever fluid to that, and you’ll have a container that’s too heavy to move.

For this reason, look for the one that has sturdy handles. The handles should be secure and reliable, but also conveniently placed to allow comfortable carrying.

You’ll notice that handles come in all shapes and sizes, while some pans have no handles at all.


Although deep containers can hold more liquid, they’re usually tricky to place under motorcycles. This is precisely why most drain pans are low.

Height is especially important for low-profile vehicles because it’s nearly impossible to fit most of the containers on the market. Pay special attention to the dimensions and what would work the best for your needs.

Trying to fit a taller pan under a low-profile motorcycle will most likely result in a mess.


You can never predict the flow once it starts leaking from your motorcycle. For this reason, it’s usually the best to go for a container that has a large opening.

A large opening leaves more space for the oil to drip in different ways. If it’s too small, the flow may miss the opening and start dripping all around it. Needless to say, this is the kind of mess we’re trying to avoid.


Durability comes from the quality of materials but also manufacturing. As we said, a pan made of sturdier plastic is typically more durable than a flimsy one.

However, there’s also the matter of how the product was built. A lot comes from the manufacturer itself, which is why you should go for a more reliable name in the industry.


As you noticed, the market is packed with both cheap and expensive drain pans. In most cases, it’s up to you to choose what you’d be okay with paying for such a tool.

Keep in mind that price doesn’t always have to indicate quality, but it usually does. More expensive models are made of more durable materials and are generally more resistant and enduring.

Why You Should Buy an Oil Drip Pan

An oil drip pan is a rather simple tool, which is why most people overlook it. Many riders think that they can get away without one.

Still, having a suitable container makes fluid changes much easier and less messy. These pans can hold anything between 5 to 8 quarts, which is enough for most engine sizes.

There’s less chance of spillage and less mess for you to clean up afterward.

Who Needs Oil Catch Pans?

Anyone who likes doing their own oil changes should consider getting a catch pan. It doesn’t matter how frequently you do this; you’ll appreciate having the right tool to help you.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever find a professional mechanic that doesn’t have a drip pan. It’s among the most important tools for people who change liquids frequently and on all kinds of vehicles.

Still, you don’t have to be a professional to make use of a catch pan.

How often should you change your oil? Find out.

image of man changing oil

Causes of Leaking Engine Oil

Old Oil Filter

An old filter is probably the most common reason for leaking engine oil. The filter will almost always leak when it clogs. This is why you should replace the filter (see our picks) periodically and as instructed.

Also, keep in mind that frequent oil changing and clean products help to prolong the life of your filters.

Damaged Oil Pan Drain Plug

The drain plug is among the most critical parts of the pan. However, it can easily be damaged by even the smallest contact with different debris and dirt.

You’ll know when the plug is damaged because there’s almost always a lot of dripping.

Damaged Oil Pan

The oil pan we mentioned above is usually located pretty low on your vehicle. For this reason, it’s easy to damage it in several different ways. In most cases, it’s damaged by the debris on the road, hitting it too hard.

Plus, oil pans have plenty of additional components that can be damaged furthermore.

Missing Oil Filter Cap

Sometimes, riders lose or damage the oil filter cap without even knowing it. However, you’ll notice severe leaking quite quickly after because the open compartment will let the liquid out.

You’ll recognize the problem because it causes a steady flow when the motorcycle is running and only a drip once you turn it off.

Damaged Engine Gasket

You have a gasket and seal anywhere in the engine where two metal components connect. Over time, these degrade, which means there’s no longer a good seal, allowing oil to leak.

Regular changes are important for prolonging the overall lifespan of your gaskets because old oil can corrode them.

How To Know What Fluid is Leaking from Your Motorcycle

The best way to know this is by knowing the colors of particular fluids. In most cases, red is the fluid from the power steering system or the transmission.

The orange fluid is typically transmission fluid. However, it can be fluid from the rusty radiator as well. On the other hand, yellow is the radiator coolant.

Greed liquid is probably anti-freeze, while dark brown is dirty engine oil. If you notice light brown, that’s perhaps clean, new engine oil.

Check your motorcycle and make sure to see a professional mechanic if you can’t identify where the leak is coming from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are oil drain pans with lids better?

Oil drain pans with lids are typically easier to work with. Once all the oil is in the pan, you can just close the lid and carry the container wherever you need to. It typically has seals and caps to secure the liquid inside.

What’s the best low profile oil drain pan?

OEM Tools chemical-resistant pan is a great low profile product on our list. As we said, it measures 15.9×8.5×2.68, with a capacity of 2.8 quarts.

It’s ideal for sliding under low-profile vehicles regardless of whether you’re working on your motorcycle or car.

How to clean an oil collector pan?

Cleaning a drip pan isn’t something you’ll have to do as frequently. Still, some models do require a good cleanup after each use.

In most cases, you can just drain the oil from it and wipe it with paper towels. Wrap it in a plastic bag and store it away until next time.


Changing your own motorcycle oil is rather simple, but can be very messy. And leaking engine oil is most likely to leave a permanent mark on your concrete floor.

For this reason, you need a motorcycle oil drain pan to prevent all this mess. As we said, many people overlook this tool, but it does make all the difference.

You’ll notice the difference the very first time you use it if you ever tried changing fluids without one. All you have to do is pick the container that you think would work the best for your needs.

Consider the type of vehicle you have and how frequently you expect to use the container.

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