10 Highest Rated Tank Bags for Motorcycles Reviewed for 2021

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We can all agree that motorcycles are unlike any other vehicle. They provide a sense of freedom and loads of fun regardless of whether you’re riding across the country or commuting to work.

However, bikes don’t have as much storage space as cars. If you’re not a huge fan of backpacks or you just need more space for your stuff, you should consider a motorcycle tank bag. These bags are quite handy easy to carry around.

Continue reading as we review some of the greatest motorcycle tank bags. We’ll also discuss the most important things to consider when buying one.

10 Top Rated Motorcycle Tank Bags Reviews


small product image of Wolfman
Material: Heavy Duty 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon construction
Product Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 7 inches
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Chase Harper

small product image of Chase Harper
Chase Harper
Material: Industrial grade ballistic urethane-coated nylon
Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 9 x 4 inches
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small product image of AZTOP
Material: 1680 oxford fabric, top resistant material;
Product Dimensions: 13.2 x 8.3 x 0.8 inches
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small product image of Lozom
Material: Water-resistant materials
Product Dimensions: 13.3 x 8.6 x 2.9 inches
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small product image of OHMOTOR
Material: 1680 Oxford fabric
Product Dimensions: 13.8 x 6.3 x 13 inches
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small product image of Coleman
Material: 1680D polyester
Product Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 5.1 inches
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small product image of Nelson-Rigg
Material: UltraMax polyester with maximum UV protection
Product Dimensions: 15.3 x 10.3 x 7.2 inches
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small product image of Dracarys
Material: Strong oxford fabric
Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 8 x 1.4 inches
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small product image of Dowco
Material: 1680D UV-coated polyester
Product Dimensions: 14 x 8.2 x 10.5 inches
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small product image of Cortech
Material: 1680 denier ballistic polyester
Product Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 3 inches
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Wolfman – Best Heavy-duty

This one is made of heavy-duty 1680 Denier Ballistic nylon and features durable YKK zippers. It has yellow cords on its opening zipper so that you can easily find them when riding.

Its foam structure provides soft-rigidity, which allows it to flex. It’s silver on the inside so that all its contents are visible even in low-light conditions.

This luggage is quite easy to mount thanks to its four-point quick-release system. It’s ideal for quick trips as well as extended use, but it’s not the best to use in the rain. It has removable clear pockets and an interior zipper mesh pocket.

Another thing that adds to its nighttime visibility is the reflex webbing and carry handle (read more about the benefits of visibility here). It has a capacity of 6 liters, measuring 10x6x7 inches in total.



Chase Harper – Best Water-resistant

You might want to consider this one if you’re looking for something to use in the rain. It’s a universal fit, so it fits a wide variety of motorcycles.

The bag is made of industrial-grade ballistic nylon that’s coated with a layer of urethane. This makes it resistant to tear, water, and weather. It’s highly durable and enduring, which makes it suitable for extended use.

It features a non-slip rubberized material all across its bottom, which helps prevent scratching. It also adds to its overall grip so that the luggage doesn’t slip around. For added security, it features several neodymium magnets that secure it in place.

It has a few full-length pockets, providing plenty of options for how you’ll use the space. Plus, this one features a detachable map pouch with a touch-sensitive window.



AZTOP – Best Durability

Aztop is among the best choices if you’re looking for luggage to use every day. This one is quite durable and resistant, easily standing up to everyday use.

It features four pockets for your cards, phone, money, and whatever else you want within reach. It’s convenient for commuting and short trips because it’s simple to access at any time.

It’s specifically designed with a see-through cell phone pouch on the top. This allows you to look at maps and use navigation while riding.

It’s made of 1680 oxford material that’s quite resistant to wear, tear and weather. It comes with powerful magnets that help fasten the case on the tank.

On top of that, it has a fasten belt with a buckle for additional security.



Lozom – Best Audio-ready

This is one of the best tank bags to go for if you need cable port access at all times. It’s an audio-ready piece with port access, eyewear storage, map window, and cell phone storage.

It’s somewhat small in size, so people usually use it for short-distance trips or essentials they need within reach. Its four magnets on the side fasten it on the tank so that it doesn’t move around. On top of that, it has a belt with a buckle for some additional security.

Lozom is water-resistant but not waterproof, so you shouldn’t expose it to rain for an extended period. It fits most motorcycles and dirt bikes like Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, BMW, Ducati, and Kawasaki.

It features one central pocket that’s the largest, two secondary pockets and a transparent one for your phone.



OHMOTOR – Best Magnetic

Most motorcycles bags come with magnets that may or may not be enough to secure them in place. It measures 13.78×11.81×6.69 inches in total with a capacity of about 10 liters.

This one is made of 1680 oxford fabric and is waterproof. It means you can use it in different weather conditions, and all your contents will remain dry throughout your trip. However, you shouldn’t submerge it in water.

It fits a 6’’ mobile in the see-through pouch that’s on top. This makes it easy to follow the navigator and use maps while riding thanks to its touch-screen function.

This one comes with four magnets that keep it in place during rides. The magnets are quite strong, so there’s no need for any additional mounting. It has five extra pockets, allowing easier organization and use.



Coleman – Best Scratch-resistant

Most riders are often worried that a tank bag could scratch and damage their tanks and paintwork. If this is something you worry about, you might want to consider the Coleman.

It’s made of 1680D polyester and has a non-slippery bottom. The bottom is made so that it doesn’t slide around but is also gentle and won’t scratch your tank.

Still, it also has magnets that you can use to attach the luggage to the tank. It’s for some additional security when you need it.

It’s important to mention that this one has an expandable zippered cargo compartment. Plus, its top pocket is see-through so that you can read maps while riding.

The bag measures 9x8x5.1 inches, so it’s not too large, but still, ideal for keeping your essentials within hands reach.



Nelson-Rigg – Best UV Protection

Riding in the sun is always fun, but your belongings might not like the heat. If you’re often exposed to sun, you should consider this Nelson-Rigg as one of the best to protect against UV rays.

It’s made of quality UltraMax polyester, providing maximum UV protection during all weather conditions. The material is sturdy enough to preserve its shape at all times.

It has a lined interior and reflective piping so that you can easily use it in low-light conditions as well. On top of that, this one comes with quick-release straps that allow simple mounting and dismounting.

It has reverse coil zippers that work smoothly and prevent dust and dirt from getting in.

The main compartment expands for when you need some more space.



Dracarys – Best Universal

This one is among the best choices if you have several bikes or you intend to share the bag with someone. It’s a universal fit, suitable for a wide variety of motorcycles. It fits on most Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Harley, and Kawasaki models.

It features powerful magnets that secure it on the tank, plus an additional belt with buckle. Once secured, it won’t move around or scratch your paintwork.

It has a specially designed pocket that’s see-through so that you can see your phone. This allows you to follow maps and navigation during long-distance travel.

The entire case is made of oxford fabric while the phone pouch is of PVC. This will protect your phone against the rain but might condensate in hot weather.



Dowco – Best Reflective

Dowco is a good choice if you’re searching for a large and versatile bag. It’s highly reflective, featuring black reflective piping for nighttime visibility.

It’s made of durable 1680D UV-coated polyester. It’s weather-resistant, although an additional rainproof cover is included for heavy storms. The front is trucker tarp-lined for some more durability.

On the bottom, Dowco features a non-slip material that keeps it in place. It comes with magnets, but there’s also a strap for you to mount it more securely.

This one comes with a phone pouch that’s a bit different than most. More precisely, it’s a vented pouch, so there’s minimal chance of condensation. This allows you to use it in hot weather.

All of its pockets and zippers are water-resistant and easy to use. Its 19l capacity expands to 27l.



Cortech – Best for Street-Sport

The bag is made of 1680 denier ballistic polyester with a two-tone red/black soft lining interior. It features a protective non-slippery diamond-pattern bottom so that it doesn’t slide off your tank. Additional straps are included for some added safety.

Cortech has a one-way zipper on its main compartment along with a “zipper garage” so that you can hide it. It has to internal mesh storage pockets and another hidden external pocket.

Its phoslite reflective piping makes it more noticeable at night, which adds to its overall usability. It also has a built-in sip tube and exit ports for your headphones and other cables.

Another thing worth mentioning is the removable map pocket. You don’t have to carry it at all times when you don’t need it.

It might not be big enough for long-distance trips, but it’s enough to keep your most valuable and essential items within reach.



How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Tank Bag Backpack


Motorcycle tank bags usually vary in price depending on the manufacturer, materials, and built quality. Most experts recommend that you buy the best that’s within your budget.

Materials Used

It’s always important to consider the material that the bag is made from. Different materials can affect the overall performance in more ways than one.

Cheap models are usually made of porous fabrics. This means that you’ll probably need a rain cover for in case it rains or snows. Such bags are often too heavy and bulky, so some riders might find them inconvenient.

What you need is a durable and rugged case with a waterproof outer shell. In most cases, 1680D nylon is a good choice, although you might get away with using 600D nylon as well.

Some manufacturers use 1200D Guzi nylon and 1000D thermoformed laminated polyester. These are waterproof materials, but it’s usually recommended that you use a rain cover nonetheless.

Ecological leather is another option, as well as other wax-coated fabrics. Some brands use PVC and fiberglass, too, usually because they’re quite durable.

Interiors are often lined for some added protection of your items. It helps keep all the stuff safe and protected against impact and shock.

Make sure to consider the zippers, as well. Look for waterproof or at least rain-resistant zippers and rigid sizes that help the bag maintain its shape.

Mounting Options

The motorcycle tank bag of your choice should be easy to use. This means that the mounting process shouldn’t be too complicated or take too much time.

Most models come with a few mounting options, and in most cases, you should use all of them at once. Some of the most popular options are straps, magnets, and clamp-on tank rings. Each of the mounting types comes with a few pros and cons that you should think about.

Straps are quite popular as mounting options, although they’re somewhat old-school. In any way, they’re simple to use, install, and remove. On top of that, straps might prevent someone from stealing the luggage when you’re not watching.

It’s one of the best options to keep your bag in place so that it doesn’t scratch the paint job. However, keep in mind that some models might still damage your tank even with straps.

Magnets are another popular mounting choice. These usually work great but are best when combined with straps since their performance depends on how powerful they are.

In most cases, magnets are sewn in and attach to your tank, holding the bag in place. Still, if your items are too heavy, they might cause the luggage to slide if the magnets aren’t strong enough. While they’re simple to install and remove, they’re also easy to steal.

Models that come with magnets typically have a rubber bottom, which is supposed to protect the paint job a bit. Still, make sure to check it from time to time because any dirt that’s caught between can damage the paint.

Using tank rings isn’t as popular, but some manufacturers still use this method. It allows you to mount it using the bolts around the cap, pressing it unto it falls into place.

While this method holds your bag in place and allows you to preserve aesthetics, it’s challenging to find the one that would match your tank ring. Even if you do find one that matches the tank ring, you won’t be able to use it on any other motorcycle.

Non-Slip and Scratch Proof Bottom

Most bags come with a few extra features that are handy and useful in different situations. One of those features is a non-slippery and scratch proof bottom.

This is an important thing to think about because it helps protect your paintwork. Plus, a non-slippery bottom helps the luggage to stay securely in place. It shouldn’t scratch your tank or slip around when riding.

Map Pockets

A map pocket should be large and clear. It should be waterproof so that you can use it in different weather conditions. Make sure that it has a touch-screen window if you plan on carrying your phone in it.

Compartment Size

You should consider the overall size and whether it fits your needs and preferences. Keep in mind that bags come in many different sizes and have a large number of compartments.

Commuters usually go for small to medium bags that are just enough for some of the essentials. These models fit your phone, glasses, wallet, and other small items. Because it’s small, it won’t get in the way of steering the bike so that you can use it every day.

These 2-3 liters bags are suitable for running errands or meeting your friends. In most cases, it has a carrying handle so that you can bring it along.

If you intend to carry more than just the very essentials, you might want something with increased capacity. In this case, look for a bag of 6 to 20 liters. This should allow you to carry your lunch, different electronic gadgets, shoes, and other bigger items.

Even if you opt for such a model, it shouldn’t get in the way of steering or become inconvenient to use every day.

If you need something larger, you should consider getting a touring bag. These usually go up to 25 liters and are expendable. You can fit plenty of things like some extra clothes if you’re going on a trip.

Think about how many side-compartments and pockets it includes so that you can fit as many things in it.

image of tank bag attached to motorcycle

Water and UV Resistant

Look for a bag that’s water-resistant if not waterproof. It’s important because you’ll probably come across rain once in a while, and your belongings should be kept dry. However, make sure that even the zippers are water-resistant, or they might let water in.

UV-resistance is critical if the model of your choice has a transparent pouch. While this pouch allows you to read maps on your phone, it’s only safe to use if it’s protective against UV rays. Your phone will be exposed to a few potential damages unless the pouch is resistant to a certain degree.

What is a Motorcycle Gas Tank Bag?

Tank luggage is mounted on your bike’s gas tank. As we mentioned, there are a few ways to mount the luggage, depending on the type of tank you have. In most cases, you’ll come across a magnetic mounting or strap system.



One of the most significant advantages of tank luggage is ease of use. Magnetic mounting is ideal for quick use when you’re running errands. Still, even strap systems are relatively easy to use, although not as quick.

Another great pro is accessibility. These are the most convenient to access from a riding position and while you’re riding. This also allows you to use your GPS tracker, map, or phone through the clear pouch on top.

Tank luggage won’t cause any imbalance or affect your steering. Also, most models are rather affordable, although the prices vary from brand to brand.


What’s probably the most annoying about tank luggage is that you have to remove it each time you want to fill up.

As we mentioned, your bag shouldn’t come in the way of steering. However, some might make it tricky to see the instrumental panel.

Another disadvantage is that these are easy to steal. There’s no way you can secure tank luggage onto the bike with a lock.

Plus, it might scratch your bike, which is something you want to avoid. Some models come with a non-slippery bottom that prevents scratching, but you should be careful nonetheless.

image of adventure tank bags

Other Types of Motobike Luggage

Side Cases

Side cases are often confused with saddlebags. Although saddlebags come as soft-shell or semi-rigid bags, hard ones are usually what we call side cases.

They’re easy to mount and fill and provide lots of additional storage space for different items. While they might be too much for everyday use, side cases are ideal for long-distance trips.

Handlebar Bags and Fork Bags

These tubular cases are mounted at the center of handlebars. However, you can put them across the front of a motorcycle’s fork.

However, you can get creative as much as you want because this type of luggage is small and versatile.

Sissy Bar Bags and Tail Bags

This luggage is supposed to sit upright behind you. Many people use the same term to refer to a semi-rigid and soft-shell bag.

As its name implies, a sissy bar bag goes onto the sissy bar. You can place it in front of the bar or behind it, depending on what’s more comfortable and convenient for you.

Tail bags are practically the same thing, but you don’t have to use them on a sissy bar only. Instead, you can strap the bag to your rear fender, luggage rack, frame, seat, and other such places.

Saddlebags often come in matching sets with tail bags. They share the mounting system, allowing you to attach all three luggage pieces at once.

Also, make sure to consider the size of your seat when looking for a tail bag. It’s going to take up some space, so make sure that enough if left for you to sit on.

Fender Bags

Fender bags are among the best choice for dual-sport and off-road motorcycles. These bikes typically have extended rear and front fenders, which makes it easy to attach this type of luggage. In most cases, these bags are quite small and can’t fit as many things.


As we mentioned, many riders tend to confuse saddlebags with side cases. However, saddlebags are among the first motorcycle luggage that bikers ever used.

Typically, these hang over the rear seat, luggage rack, or rear fender of your bike. The set comes in pair with one bag on each side.

Saddlebags come as soft and hard cases. Hard-shell models are known as side cases, although you might come across several other terms for this type of luggage. It’s the most common and often used for long-distance trips.

image of saddlebags attached to motorcycle

Top Cases

A top case is similar to a tail bag, although it usually features a hard shell. It requires a mounting bracket that you’re supposed to attach to the rear of your bike. Some models connect to the passenger’s seat but most extends behind it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tank bags for cruisers?

Finding the right kind of luggage for a cruiser is a bit tricky unless you want to use a saddlebag. Some of the best tank bags to use for cruisers are Nelson-Rigg and Dowco we reviewed. These are easy to use with almost every motorcycle, including cruisers.

Are there backpack types?

Some motorcycle tank bags come with hidden backpack straps, which allows you to carry them around as you would a conventional backpack.

This might not be a feature you’ll use often, but it’s a handy one to have at disposal. Plus, it’s quite useful for commuters and people who want to carry the tank bag along with them.

Or, check out the top rated backpacks.


At this point, you’ve probably picked out one of the tank bags to use on your bike. If not, make sure to consider the buying factors we talked about in our guide. The information can help you pick the right bag for your bike, needs, and preferences.

Think about what you need in terms of size, number of compartments, and versatility. This will allow you to carry different items each time you ride, regardless of how distant your destination is.

Luckily, this type of luggage comes in several sizes and shapes to fit nearly every bike and rider.

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