10 Top Rated Protective Face Masks for Motorcycles

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Are you a fan of off-road riding or often stuck in traffic jams? If so, you probably come across a fair share of dust, dirt, smoke, and different fumes getting in your face and messing with your breathing.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution for the problem, and it’s called a motorcycle face mask. Many experienced riders, especially off-road adventurers, use a great face mask to fill the space between the helmet and their face.

A quality-made and reliable mask can protect you against dust, wind, dirt, sunlight, and other outdoor elements. For this reason, we suggest you check the article below to discover the best models and how to choose one.

10 Highest Rated Motorcycle Face Mask Reviews


small product image of TERNNK
Features: UV50 sunscreen protection, breathable and non-slippery
Materijal:100% polyester microfiber
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Indie Ridge

small product image of Indie Ridge
Indie Ridge
Features: Seamless design, UV and wind protection
Materijal: Breathable microfiber fabric
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small product image of JOEYOUNG
Features: Unique prints and designs, highly stretchable and comfortable
Materijal: Polyester microfiber
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small product image of PAGE ONE
Features: Soft to touch, adjustable bind belt
Materijal: Soft polyester microfiber
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small product image of Doerix
Features: Stitched edges, versatile design
Materijal: Polyester microfiber
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small product image of KINGREE
Features: It dries quickly, stretchy design
Materijal: Breathable mesh polyester
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small product image of Obacle
Features: Stretchable material, protects against dust and dirt
Materijal: Polyester microfiber
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small product image of Swesy
Features: Intergrated snaps, unique American Flag design
Materijal: Polyester
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small product image of Goldenguy
Features: Fun graphic designs, super-stretchy fabric
Materijal: The elastic tensile fiber
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small product image of OUYZY
Features: Stretchy and durable, ideal for hot weather
Materijal: 96% of polyester microfiber and 4% of spandex
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TERNNK – UV Protection

This neck scarf is protective, comfortable, and easy to use. It protects against 99% of UV rays, but it’s thin and breathable, so you won’t feel hot or smothered.

It’s made of tensile fiber that’s difficult to tear or pill. And, it also protects against wind, dust, and sand. The material keeps the mask in place, preventing it from slipping during riding.

This one has seamless edges and comes in several 3D designs. It’s meant for men, although everyone else can use it as well. Plus, it works as a headband, scarf, wrist band, balaclava, and bonnet.

Another thing worth noting is that TERNNK is suitable for biking but also snowmobile-riding, biking, hiking, festivals, climbing, and many other activities.

It’s moisture-wicking and takes very little to dry fully.



Indie Ridge – Seamless

Indie Ridge is another stylish model that will probably match well with the rest of your equipment. It’s made of a breathable microfiber fabric that’s lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours.

This one is ideal for motorcycling, as well as snowboarding, fishing, hiking, skiing, cycling, and other similar activities.

The best thing about it is its seamless design. This provides the best fit and optimal comfort at all times while allows you to wear the mask for hours on end.

It has hemmed edges to prevent unraveling, so you won’t have to bother with it while riding. The microfiber material is ideal for cooler temperatures as it helps to provide warmth.

This is among the most durable options thanks to its design and materials. It’s resistant to wind and protecting against UV rays.



JOEYOUNG – Wind Protection

This half-face mask is designed as a tube, rolling on your neck and protecting it along with your face. The manufacturer offers plenty of different 3D effects and patterns, so there’s a design for everyone’s style.

It’s made of polyester microfiber, featuring both wicking and absorbing features. It’s stretchy so that you can adjust it in any way that works for you.

The material is thin and breathable, but very strong and unlikely to tear or pill. It’s resistant to UV rays, wind, dust, sand, and other elements, keeping your head, face, neck, and ears protected.

Another thing worth noting is that this one is meant for all seasons. Still, it might not be warm enough for riding during winter months. 

JOEYOUNG is pretty unique, offering twelve different ways to wear it.



PAGE ONE – Multifunctional

This face mask is more of a neck tube that you pull up and down depending on how you want to wear it. It features a unique style that’s pretty simple and minimalistic.

It’s made of soft polyester microfiber that’s lightweight and thin. It’s breathable and comfortable so that you can wear it for hours at the time. Also, the material is moisture-wicking and takes only a little time to dry.

You can wear it in twelve different ways thanks to its multifunctional design. It works as a balaclava, face scarf, beanie, bandana, wristband, headband, and much more.

It’s stretchy, which means it fits a wide variety of head sizes. Still, it’s meant to fit snuggly without slipping.

One thing you should remember is that this one isn’t machine-washable. You should wash it by hand only.



Doerix – Half Face

Doerix is a good choice if you’re looking for a half-face mask that’s protective but also sleek-looking. It comes in many different designs for you to choose from based on the rest of your equipment.

It’s designed to provide versatility, comfort, protection, and ease of use. You can wear it in thirteen different ways, which is especially ideal if you ride in variable weather.

This one is made of polyester microfiber and has great absorbing capabilities. It takes very little to dry, but we suggest you wash it by hand only.

Another thing worth noting is that it reaches UPF 20 to protect against UV rays, dust, wind, and other elements.

It’s stretchable and won’t slide during use, which is always important if you love riding on off-road terrain.



KINGREE – Quick-dry

Kingree is a balaclava ski mask that you can use for motorcycling, hiking, and other similar activities. It’s meant for colder weather as it’s a bit on the thick side.

Keep in mind that this one is pretty versatile. You can use it as a liner under your helmet, or as a mask to protect against wind, sand, dust and other elements.

It’s a one-size-fits-all, which means it might not fit everyone. For this reason, we suggest you check the dimensions and customer reviews to see how the balaclava fits.

It’s made of breathable mesh polyester, so it’s strong and durable. It doesn’t wrinkle, and you can wash it in a washing machine.

This balaclava is meant to keep you warm in cold weather. Still, you can use it in warmer weather as well because the material is versatile and breathable.



Obacle – Dust Protection

Obacle is a good choice if you like riding on rough off-road terrain. It’s among the best ways to protect your face from the dirt and dust, but also UV rays and smoke.

It’s made of polyester microfiber, so it’s pretty durable and strong. It won’t tear or pill as easily, which means that you can use it as often as you like.

The material is thin and breathable, so that you don’t feel smothered. Plus, it has great moisture-wicking abilities as it takes only a few minutes to dry.

The non-slippery elastic tensile fiber helps to keep the mask in place. It won’t slide or move around as you ride even though the edges aren’t stitched.

It comes in several different designs and is ideal for motorcycling as well as hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting, running, and other activities.



Swesy – Breathable

This is among the best choices if you’re looking for a comfortable and breathable mask to use for hours at a time. It’s made of polyester and is lightweight and comfortable, providing sufficient airflow so that you can wear it for a prolonged period.

It comes in a single size measuring 19 x 9.5 inches, so it’s a good fit for most people. Still, make sure to check if its size will work for your needs and preferences.

It’s meant for motorcycling, protecting your face and neck from dust and dirt. It’s easy to put on and take off, although it might be a bit too tight at first.

Plus, you can use it for more than just biking. It works for hiking, running, snowboarding, skiing, hunting, fishing, and other similar activities.



Goldenguy – Durable

Goldenguy is a durable motorcycle face mask that you can use in several different ways. It works as a bandana, balaclava, neck scarf, and much more.

It comes in fun and exciting patterns and designs, so it’s also a good choice for festivals and concerts. Plus, it protects against dirt and dust, so you’ll appreciate it that much more when you’re on rough terrain or in a crowd.

This one is made of microfiber that has high UV protection qualities. It’s stretchable and has no seams so that it doesn’t irritate your skin. Instead, it’s soft and breathable, allowing long-hour use in different weather.

The elastic tensile fiber keeps the mask in place, preventing it from sliding around while on your face. Also, it comes in only one size, so we suggest you check if its dimensions fit you.



OUYZY – Stretchable

Ouyzy is a stretchable and multifunctional mask that you can wear in several different ways. It’s ideal if you usually ride in hot weather as it’s breathable and wicks away sweat with ease.

You can wear it as a neck gaiter, beanie, headband, balaclava, a helmet liner and much more. It’s made of 96% of polyester microfiber and 4% of spandex for an added stretch.

It’s comfortable and stretchy, allowing you to wear it for hours. However, we suggest you wash it by hand only. It takes little time to dry, but avoid tumble-drying to prevent damage.

One of the best things is that it blocks UV rays, protecting you under the burning sun. It’s also protective against wind, dust, dirt, sand and other elements.



image of young man with face mask

What to Consider in Buying a Motorcycle Balaclava


The choice of material is one of the first things you should think about. Balaclavas are made of different materials, allowing you to choose based on your preferences and needs.

Some are warmer than others while there’s also a difference in breathability. Most models are made of polyester or microfiber, although some have cotton and spandex in them as well.

Look for what fits you the best in terms of comfort, breathability as well as warmth, and durability.


As we said, various materials perform differently, offering different levels of breathability and durability. Breathability is especially important if you’re looking for a mask to wear for several hours.

You want sufficient airflow so that you can breathe through the bandana without feeling fatigued. This is especially critical if you ride during hot summer days and are using the bandana under a helmet.

Masks that are made specifically for summer are usually thinner and more breathable than those made for winter.


Comfort is always important, especially if you’re looking for a model to use for long-distance trips. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable mask to distract you while you’re riding.

In most cases, comfort depends on your choice of materials but also the size of your bandana. A model that’s too big or too small can be equally as uncomfortable.

Focus on finding the right size and the type of material that’s breathable and won’t irritate your skin.


Durability almost always depends on the type of material you go for. Some materials are stronger than others and can handle frequent use.

Also, make sure that the model of your choice has durable stitching. Most masks that have unfinished ends usually fray rather quickly, although they’re generally easy to fold and adjust.

Look at how the model is made and what it’s made from to figure out whether or not it’s durable enough for your needs.


Warmth is another thing you should focus on when buying a motorcycle face mask. It’s an especially critical aspect if you usually ride in colder weather.

A quality balaclava is your best choice if you’re looking for a model to keep you warm. These cover the sides of your face as well as your entire neck. This way, you’re protected against the cold wind.

It may not be as important if you’re looking for a bandana to use during hot summer months.


Choosing between different designs and styles is entirely up to you. Think about your needs and preferences so that you can pick one of the many designs.

In most cases, you’ll have to choose between a bandana, balaclava, and a regular mask. Each design has the same purpose that is to protect you against the wind, dust, dirt, and other elements.

Picking between these designs depends on the level of protection you need as well as the weather you usually ride in.


Pricing is another thing you should check before making your final choice. Luckily, most masks are relatively affordable.

And, while having a budget in mind is important, try not to focus on the price too much. Some models are rather cheap but can perform better than expensive ones.

For this reason, choose a model that fits your needs in terms of breathability, durability, and comfort. Try not to sacrifice important buying factors for a lower price.

image of biker with mask

Why You Should Wear a Face Mask When Riding a Motorcycle


As you know, the wind hitting your skin can sometimes be quite chilly. And, it gets even worse if you usually ride in cold weather.

This is one of the most common reasons why people choose to wear a motorcycle face mask. A quality model can keep you warm even in harsh winter months.


Another reason why riders opt for face masks is to protect their face against pollution, dust, dirt, sand, and other similar elements.

Keep in mind that some models are more protective than others. It depends on the material it’s made of since some can protect your face from smoke and injuries as well.


It’s unlikely that there’s a more stylish accessory that you could add to your riding gear. Not only it protects your face, but it adds to your overall style.

As you know, masks come in different colors and designs, featuring all kinds of graphics and patterns. Choose one that matches the rest of your riding equipment.


As we mentioned, wearing a mask can make all the difference in case you fall. Still, this largely depends on the type of material that it’s made from.

Some models can protect your skin in case of an impact, acting as a barrier between your face and the ground. Still, only the best face masks offer this type of protection.

Great for Traveling

A quality bandana can make your long-distance trips much more comfortable than before. It protects your face from the wind, but also the dust and dirt that would otherwise end up on your skin.

Plus, it could also offer some safety in case of an impact, depending on the particular model you go for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand is best to use for hot weather?

Wearing a face mask in hot weather can sometimes be uncomfortable. However, some models are made specifically for warmer temperatures.

In most cases, Your Choice Balaclava Face Mask for Summer is among the best options for hot weather because it’s thin and breathable.

Can bandanas be used as motorcycle face masks?

A bandana can be a great motorcycle face mask. Quality-made bandanas are ideal for all kinds of weather, providing protection against wind, bugs, dust, dirt, and everything else that would otherwise hit your face.

Still, these can be too thick to use in summer, although this depends on the model.

Are neoprene face masks ideal for motorcycle riding?

Neoprene is similar to rubber, and it performs similarly as well. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a waterproof mask because these don’t let any water through.

The material has a wide range of uses and is among the best when it comes to motorcycle face masks.


Hopefully, our list of the best face masks helped you decide for one of the many models that the market offers.

Wearing a quality bandana or a balaclava can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and protection, especially if you’re riding often and across long distances.

We suggest you go back to our buyer’s guide if you’re still struggling to choose one of the few we reviewed. The information included can help you make the best choice, especially if it’s your first time buying one.

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