Best Motorcycle Riding Socks Reviewed

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You should always be comfortable when riding your bike regardless of how long you’ll be on the road. Still, your comfort depends on many things from your helmet, jacket, shoes, and other pieces of riding equipment.

Motorcycle socks are something most people overlook, thinking that any socks will do. And, while that is true to some extent, no socks can perform as well as those made specifically for motorcycling.

Take some time to read the article below and discover some of the best models on the market. We’ll discuss all specifications, pros, and cons, as well as important buying factors you should pay attention to.

6 Highest Rated Biker Sock Reviews


small product image of Flite
Features: No pressure marks, flex channels prevent rucking
Material: Cotton
Size: 43 - 46
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small product image of Alpinestars thermal
Features: Moisture-wicking design, ideal for long trips
Material: Antibacterial material
Size: L - XL
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EVS Sports

small product image of EVS
EVS Sports
Features: Reinforced heel and toe, breathable
Material: The Lycra construction
Size: S - XL
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small product image of O'Neal 0356-755
Features: Durable materials, moisture-wicking
Material: 80% acrylic, 15% polyamide, and 5% spandex
Size: Universal
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Leatt Brace

small product image of Leatt Brace
Leatt Brace
Features: Non-slip cuff, reinforced sections
Material: MoistureCool material and X-Flow mesh
Size: L
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small product image of MotoGP
Features: Increased cushioning, non-slip
Material: N/A
Size: Universal
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Flite – Protective

Flite socks are made of cotton and are among the most popular options on the market. They’re well-known among track riders, commuters, and all other bikers.

These are breathable and comfortable to use regardless of the weather conditions you’re riding in. They’re knee-high and come in different sizes to choose from.

One of the best things about this pair is the optimal thermo-regulation. This means that you won’t be too warm wearing these in summer, or cold while wearing them in the winter.

The cuff is comfortable and won’t be too tight even if you wear the pair for hours at a time. Another thing worth noting is the special protective padding that offers added protection and prevents pressure marks.

One thing to keep in mind is that these are men’s socks, so all sizes are above 43.



Alpinestars – Thermal

This Alpinestars pair is highly comfortable and suitable for long-distance trips. These are warm, breathable, and moisture-wicking, which means they’re ideal for all weather conditions.

These have a Nostatex silver yarn sole that wicks moisture away from your skin. It’s an odor-free and antibacterial layer that conducts heat around your skin to reduce hot spots.

The ribbed design reduces bunching at the heel that makes many models uncomfortable to wear. It also reduces bunching at the ankle while increasing overall comfort.

Keep in mind that these are knee-high and come in large sizes only. They’re designed for men, although women can wear them as well if the size is right.

The color combination is black and white, so it’s easy to match with the rest of your riding gear.



EVS Sports – Fusion

These fusion socks are ideal if you’re looking for an extra-long pair to use when riding across a long distance. Apart from providing comfort, the pair is also designed to deliver some added under-knee protection.

These are reinforced at the heel and toe area. They’re durable and resistant, which means they’ll last you a long time regardless of how often you use them.

The Lycra construction is vented and breathable, keeping you cool even during warm days. This makes the pair versatile and suitable for all weather conditions.

The entire construction is rather lightweight and won’t pressure your feet or legs. The gripper thigh and calf keep these in place so that they don’t move around.

Another thing worth noting is that these come in several sizes ranging from small to extra-large.



O’Neal – Knee-high

O’Neal is a well-known name in the industry since many people love using their garments. These are knee-high and among the most comfortable for commuting and track riding.

The best thing about this pair is that it’s moisture-wicking, which means you can use it in all weather conditions. Although these aren’t waterproof, they won’t let the water through as easily.

The arch and ankle are ribbed, providing a more secure fit so that they don’t move around regardless of the shoes you wear.

They contain 80% acrylic, 15% polyamide, and 5% spandex for longevity, resistance, comfort, and durability. High-density materials make the pair suitable for years of use without showing any signs of wear and tear.

There’s only one size available, so make sure to check if it will fit you well.



Leatt Brace – Full-length

These full-length knee brace socks are meant to be worn under knee braces. Still, you can use them even if you’re not wearing braces.

The upper area is made of MoistureCool material, while the back is made of X-Flow mesh for some added ventilation and breathability.

Also, these have a non-slip, silicone cuff that keeps them in place regardless of how long you wear them. They’re reinforced at the instep, heel, and ankle sections for some added protection and durability.

Another thing we should mention is flatlock stitching. It makes these comfortable, allowing you to wear them for hours on end.

Leatt Brace pair comes in three sizes that you can choose from based on the shoe size you typically wear. The color combination is black and gray.



MotoGP – Ideal for Winter

MotoGP is among the best brands to go for when buying motorcycle gear and riding appeal. These are meant for cold winter days and every other harsh weather condition.

These are knee-high and specially designed for use with riding boots. The loop knit design adds to the overall comfort, making these suitable for long-hour use.

Another thing worth mentioning is the maximum cushioning. These are highly supportive and comfortable to use as long as the size fits you well. They fit sizes 7 to 11.

The ankle area is fitted to minimize slippage, which is especially important when you’re on a long trip in variable weather. They’re not waterproof but do a good job at wicking moisture.

These come in a combination of red and black, and there’s only one size available.



What to Look for in Buying Motorcycle Socks?


Motorcycling socks are made of all kinds of materials and combinations of different fabrics. In most cases, it’s up to you to choose based on your preferences and needs.

Cotton is by far the most popular option because it’s the most comfortable and breathable. However, other materials include acrylic, spandex, and polyamide.

Make sure to check how to wash and dry your pair according to the material it’s made from. Although most are safe to wash in a washing machine, you should make sure of that information.


The market offers several types to fit different people’s needs. In most cases, you’ll have to choose between full-length, waterproof, and ribbed models.

Although the various types all serve the same purpose, they offer different levels of comfort and ease of use.

Choosing one among as many types might take some time, especially if you’ve never bought motorcycle socks before. It’s usually best to buy a pair of each type so that you can figure out which fits your needs the best.

Size and Fitting

Much like all motorcycle gear and equipment, socks have to fit you well. Regardless of the type you go for, it can only be comfortable if it fits your shoe size.

In most cases, motorcycle socks come in one or two sizes. Although very few models come in several sizes, you should always double-check if the pair of your choice fits you.

Also, make sure that the length fits you as well. Some are knee-high, while others are full-length.


Breathability is always important, but even more so if you’re riding in hot weather. You’ll always have to wear socks even if the weather is hot, but the last thing you want is unbearable heat and poorly ventilated pair.

Make sure to go for a pair that’s made of breathable materials. Many have a breathable construction that’s ideal to use in all weather conditions.

However, some are more versatile, while others are made specifically for winter or summer.


The design is pretty universal in most cases since most are quite similar to one another. However, some have additional features and specifications that make the design stand out.

Ribbed sections usually make the most difference when it comes to design. They apply a bit of pressure to your foot to promote blood circulation.

Also, as we said, various length options are ranging from short to full-length. Some have silicone cuff as well.


Comfort depends on many things and is critical when it comes to riding socks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a commuter or looking to spend a day on track. Your model of choice should be comfortable at all times.

In most cases, comfort depends on the choice of materials. You should go for a breathable material that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

However, it also depends on your ability to select the right size.


Durability is another thing that depends on your choice of materials but also the overall quality of manufacturing. You want a pair that will last you a long time even with frequent and prolonged use.

Your pair of choice should be made of durable materials and have strong stitching that won’t come apart as soon. Also, you might want some reinforcements as well in the heel section.

One of the best ways to check if a pair is durable is to read customer reviews.

Ease of Washing

The last thing you want is a pair you’ll have to scrub by hand after each time you wear it. For this reason, you might want to check how easy it is to wash.

In most cases, the best way to check this is to read customer reviews. People often talk about the ease of washing and maintenance as a whole.

Look for a pair you can just throw in a washing machine along with the rest of your laundry.

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The first thing you should remember is that motorcycle socks are more expensive than regular socks you wear every day. It’s because they’re made of more than just one material and are specially made to make your rides more comfortable.

The price usually depends on the quality of manufacturing, length, and the number of additional features like a non-slippery cuff.

You should always have an idea of the price you’re willing to pay so that you don’t waste time.

image of biker wearing socks

Types of Socks for Motorcycle Riding


Thermal socks are ideal for the winter. They’re padded to insulate your feet and prevent frostbite, which is especially important in long-hour riding.

These are made specifically for riding boots, enhancing the overall comfort and mobility. They’re usually made of wool with spandex cuffs.


Compression socks are designed to improve your blood flow. Although it might not be something you think you need, you might want to consider wearing these on a long trip.

Riding for an extended period usually results in poor circulation, which is something these can help with.


Antibacterial socks are ideal if you ride every day and across long distances. This type can help if your feet usually sweat.

These are made of antimicrobial materials and are ideal for fighting odors and bacteria. It keeps your feet fresh and comfortable regardless of how long the trip is.

Riding Socks Tips

You should always focus on the materials and whether they’re breathable and comfortable. As we mentioned, ease of washing and maintenance depends on this factor as well.

Wool and bamboo are great if you usually have sweaty feet. They’re breathable and won’t allow any bacteria build-up or odors.

Padding is also something you might want to consider, especially if you’re wearing biking boots. Also, check if the pair of your choice has reinforced heels and toes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sock brand is ideal for motocross?

Brands like Troy Lee Designs, Alpinestars, and Fox are probably the most popular when it comes to motocross and dirt-bike riding.

These brands offer all kinds of socks made from various materials. They provide comfort, protection, and ease of use as long as you choose a pair that fits you.

Should I wear motorcycle socks in summer?

Most people think that wearing socks in summer is uncomfortable. However, given that you’re probably wearing some type of riding shoes, you should probably also wear socks.

Merino wool is often a good choice regardless of the weather conditions. Although it might sound weird to wear merino wool in the summer, you won’t regret it.

Are compression socks needed for motorcycling?

Compression socks aren’t obligatory for motorcycling but can make a difference when riding across long distances.

Long-distance trips often result in fatigue, sore feet, and poor blood circulation. We recommend you try these if this is something you’ve experienced at least once.


Motorbike socks are often forgotten because they’re not really on anyone’s top of the list. However, having a quality-made pair can make all the difference in how comfortable your rides are.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information if it’s your first time buying moto socks. If that’s the case, we suggest you go through our buyer’s guide again before choosing one of the pairs we reviewed.

As we said, these are the best that the market has to offer. It’s unlikely you could go wrong with either one of these, but you should still think about your needs and preferences before making the final decision.

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