10 Top Rated Motorcycle Racing Leathers

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As you probably know, racing equipment is somewhat different than what you’d wear for commuting to work. Racing is exciting but can be a bit dangerous, which is why we suggest you pay special attention to protective gear.

And, the best way to protect your entire body is to wear a motorcycle racing suit. A quality suit can make all the difference, protecting your body from impact and scratches.

Still, choosing one can be a bit challenging because there are so many on the market. We reviewed the best models and included some information that can help you choose one.

10 Highest Rated Motorcycle Racing Suit Reviews

Joe Rocket

small product image of Joe Rocket 1052-0046
Joe Rocket
Material: 1.2 to 1.4mm drum-dyed top grain cowhide
Size: 38 - 46
Color: Black, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Gunmetal, Red
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small product image of Scoyco RC01
Material: Super-waterproof polyester
Size: M - XXXL
Color: Black/Hi-Viz
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small product image of Tour Master Defender 2.0
Material: Polyurethane-backed nylon shell
Size: XXL
Color: Black/Red
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small product image of Alpinestars Hurricane
Material: PU-coated poly-nylon fabric
Size: S - XXXL
Color: Black, Black/Yellow
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small product image of Dainese
Material: Tutu cowhide leather and elasticated inserts
Size: 48 - 58
Color: Black/White/Red-fluo, Black/Black/White
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Jackets 4 Bikes

small product image of Jackets 4 Bikes 2pc
Jackets 4 Bikes
Material: 1.2-1.3mm cowhide leather
Size: 38 - 44
Color: Black
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small product image of A-PRO
Material: Premier 1.3m cowhide leather
Size: 52 - 56
Color: Black
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small product image of O Neal attack
Material: Denier fabric that’s heavy-duty yet lightweight.
Size: 26
Color: Black/Hi-Viz
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small product image of Cortech Adrenaline RR
Material: Resistant and durable material
Size: XXL
Color: Red/White
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small product image of LEATHERAY
Material: Genuine cowhide leather
Color: Black
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Joe Rocket – Leather

Joe Rocket is a well-known name in the industry, making some of the best biking equipment for all kinds of riding styles. This two-piece is made of 1.2 to 1.4mm drum-dyed top grain cowhide. It features heavy-duty YKK zippers that are rustproof and resistant.

It has titanium-reinforced armor at the elbows, knees, and shoulders for maximum protection in case of an impact. Plus, the removable spine pad has a pocket that allows you to install an option C.E. spine protector.

Keep in mind that it also has articulated gussets at the elbows, back, knees, and waist. These allow maximum mobility, while the 4-injection molded shoulder intake has air vents for some added ventilation.

Also, the suit has poly/mesh ankle panels and ceramic compound knee sliders for added protection and comfort.



Scoyco – Waterproof

Scoyco is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a waterproof motorcycle racing suit. It’s lightweight and features a simple design that allows you to put it on and take it off quickly and easily.

It’s a professional design, made specifically for motocross and racing. It’s designed to last a long time without showing signs of wear and tear even if you use it frequently.

It’s made of durable materials, super-waterproof polyester that prevents rain from reaching your skin. Keep in mind that it’s rather thin, so it may not be the best choice for winter.

It has large pockets on its front sides, allowing you to carry keys, your phone, and other personal items. Also, both pants and the jacket have an adjustable hem for a more versatile fit.



Tourmaster – 2-Piece

This is another two-piece that’s ideal for variable weather and everyday use. It features a jacket and pants that are both waterproof and lightweight.

The polyurethane-backed nylon shell has sealed seam construction and provides durability and resistance. It’s a men’s suit, and it comes in several sizes and colors.

The jacket has a contoured microfiber-lined collar with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure. It also has a mesh lining for some added ventilation and comfort.

Keep in mind that the underarm area also has vents for diminishing moisture build-up, providing more ventilation.

Plus, it has two side pockets and a chest pocket with waterproof zipper closure. It’s an ideal choice for riding during nighttime as well, as it features reflective R3 piping and signature Tour Master reflective triangles.



Alpinestars – Stylish

Alpinestars suit is a good option to consider if you’re looking for a one-piece model. It’s comfortable and lightweight, yet efficient and easy to use at any time.

It’s made of lightweight PU-coated poly-nylon fabric that’s waterproof and specially treated not to stick. This means you can wear it over all kinds of textile and leather without it sticking to the garments.

One of the best things about this one is that its seams are tape-sealed. It adds to the waterproof qualities of the entire suit, preventing water from penetrating through the seams.

Another thing worth mentioning is the light poly-mesh lining. It allows sufficient airflow to provide comfort and ventilation, especially when riding for a prolonged period.

The ergonomic twin slider zip goes from thighs to the chest, allowing hassle-free use.



Dainese – Removable Liner

Dainese is a fierce-looking one-piece racing suit that’s for sure going to attract attention wherever you show up. It’s a perforated suit, made of Tutu cowhide leather and elasticated inserts.

This aggressive suit is comfortable and easy to put on and take off within a few minutes. It has aluminum inserts at the shoulders, providing maximum protection in case of an impact.

On top of that, it also has a removable NanoFeel liner for some added versatility and comfort. You can remove the liner depending on the weather conditions you’re riding in.

Also, this one has interchangeable knee sliders for more protection to your legs. The aerodynamic spoiler improves its ability to slide through the wind.

It features several reflective stripes and points, improving your visibility during low-light and nighttime conditions.



Jackets 4 Bikes – Black

If you’re looking to match your all-black riding equipment, we suggest you check this Jackets 4 Bikes suit. It’s sturdy, durable, protective, and, best of all, suitable for riding in different weather conditions.

It’s made of 1.2-1.3mm cowhide leather that’s among the most durable and resistant choices when it comes to materials.

Plus, it has dual-stitched seams for some added resistance, allowing frequent use without showing any signs of wear and tear.

This is one of your best options when it comes to maximum protection. It has injection-molded armor at the knees, back, elbows, knee pucks, and shoulders. Keep in mind that all the armors are removable.

Another thing we should mention is its 360-degree zipper at the waist. It makes it easy to fit the two pieces perfectly. View more top jackets here.



A-PRO – Hand-crafted

This hand-crafted two-piece suit is durable and resistant. It’s designed specifically for racing, providing protection against scratching in case of an impact.

The first thing we should mention is the quality of its build material. This one is made of highly resistant Premier 1.3m cowhide leather.

It heavy-duty and acts as a sturdy barrier between you and the road. Plus, it features C.E. protectors on knees, elbows, shoulders, and back. The back also has removable reinforcement.

There’s an elastic part on the calf and thighs. Also, A-PRO stretches above knees and at the back and hips. It’s easy to put on and take off in a few minutes.

The pants feature a back padding for some added comfort when you’re riding for an extended period.



O’Neal – Ideal for Kids

O’Neal is an ideal choice for children as it’s quality-made and durable, but also attractive and fun-looking. It’s a jersey that comes in two pieces.

The jacket is made of moisture-wicking material and is fully breathable. This provides sufficient airflow and some added comfort when riding in the summer.

The two pieces fit together thanks to the extended tail of the jacket. It keeps the jersey tucked in, covering the back at all times. Also, it has sewn-in elbow padding that acts as protectors but also helps prevent tearing.

On top of that, the pants are made of denier fabric that’s heavy-duty yet lightweight. They’re equally as comfortable as the jacket thanks to the wear-resistant panels on the inside of legs, knees, and on the seat.

The waist is elastic and has an adjustable ratchet closure system for a snug fit.



Cortech – Ideal Ventilation

You should consider this Cortech one-piece if you’re looking for improved airflow and comfort. The suit is made of a combination of perforated and non-perforated top-grain drum-dyed leather.

It comes with molded shoulder protectors that feature integrated ventilation intake vents. As such, the suit is ideal for riding in warm weather and for a prolonged period.

Another thing that adds to the overall comfort is the mesh lining. It’s all over the suit, enhancing air circulation even more.

Also, it has elbow and knee protectors for some added security and resistance in case of impact. The cuffs have a spring-loaded zipper pull that eliminates flapping.

Cortech is triple- and double-stitched with bonded nylon thread for added resistance and durability. It features EVA foam-padded collarbone protection pads as well.




This two-piece leather suit is among the most durable models out there. It’s stylish and attractive but also quite resistant and comfortable to use at all times.

It’s made of genuine cowhide leather, which is always a great choice if you’re looking for quality and comfort. Not only will it match the rest of your equipment, but it’s also easy to clean with just a cloth.

It features strong stitching throughout both the pants and the jacket. This prevents tearing and helps when it comes to resistance in case of impact.

Also, this one has C.E. armor on shoulders, back and arms, which are the most critical points that a racing suit should protect.

Plus, it comes in several sizes ranging from X-Small to 5x-Large.



What to Consider in Buying a Motorcycle Leathers

Size and Fitting

Size and fitting are something you should pay special attention to. A suit can only be protective if it fits well, which is why you should check the manufacturer’s sizing chart if you need some help with that.

A suit that’s too loose is equally as uncomfortable as one that’s too tight. For this reason, look for a model that’s a bit adjustable and stretchy so that you can adapt the fit a bit.


As we said, comfort is an important factor because it’s unlikely you can race in an uncomfortable suit. The overall comfort usually depends on the material, but also padding, reinforcements, ventilation, and several other factors.

Still, it should fit you well in order to be comfortable. Also, make sure to consider the riding conditions as well because riding in cold weather isn’t the same as riding in mid-summer.

image of racer in protective suit


The durability of a race suit is crucial for your safety, and it usually depends on materials as well as the quality of manufacturing. Look for a suit that’s made of strong and resistant materials combined to withstand rough riding.

Make sure that it has double- or triple-stitching for some added wear resistance and durability. Also, check if the zippers are equally as durable because they’re typically tricky to repair in case they break.

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As you probably noticed, you have several materials to choose from. However, not every material is suitable for everyone because some are better for winter while others are better for summer.

Leather is usually the best choice because it’s the strongest and easiest to maintain. You can usually just clean it with a cloth.

Plus, leather is comfortable in variable weather and provides a thick barrier between you and the track.

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Protective Features

Look for a suit that has at least a few protective features to ensure maximum safety and resistance. In most cases, it’s padding and armor that protects the additional safety.

Armor points are usually at shoulders, knees, back, and arms. Still, make sure to check because each model has different protective features at various places.

Needless to say, the more protective features – the better for your safety while racing.


If you’re looking for versatility, we suggest you go for a two-piece suit. These consist of pants and a jacket that you can also wear separately.

It’s usually not recommended to separate the two parts when racing. However, you can do that for when you’re not racing but going on a simple ride.

Also, go for a model with removable lining for some added versatility when riding in changing weather.


Motorcycle racing suits are somewhat pricey, especially if you’re looking for a high-strength, leather model to use in different weather conditions.

However, the price often varies depending on the choice of materials, protective features, adjustability, resistance, and several other factors.

Have a budget in mind, but try not to focus on price too much, placing it before important safety features and specifications. Falls happen and you need to be as prepared as you can be.

image of biker in racing suit

Types of Track Suits


Many professionals feel that a one-piece suit is safer to use for racing than a two-piece model. The reason for that is because a one-piece model is essentially a single piece of leather (or another material) protecting your body.

However, it may be trickier to put on and take off. Plus, it’s not as versatile as a two-piece since you can’t separate the two parts.


A two-piece model has a racing jacket and pants.  It’s a more versatile option since you can wear the two pieces separately as well.

However, it’s arguably not as safe as a one-piece because it’s not a single layer of material. Instead, the suit is broken apart by a zipper. In some cases, the jacket and pants aren’t connected by a zipper but are overlapping.

Benefits of Wearing the Suit

Weather Protection

A racing suit protects you from the rain (see our rain gear round-up) and wind. Look for a model that’s made of windproof and waterproof materials to keep all the weather elements away from your skin.

Plus, going for a two-piece is ideal if you usually ride in variable weather as it allows you to take the jacket off when the weather is too warm.

Also, make sure that it has sealed seams so that no water can get through the stitching.

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Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance is probably the most important benefit of a racing suit. However, for a suit to be resistant to abrasion, it has to be durable and quality-made.

Make sure that it’s made of strong materials and has durable stitching. Sometimes, the material can withstand rough use, but the suit rips at the seams, which is something you want to avoid.


Wearing a stylish motorcycle racing suit can make all the difference if you’re looking to make a stand and attract attention.

These come in all colors and styles, so you can easily match it with the rest of your riding equipment and even your bike.

Plus, some are even quite graphic and attractive, making it easy to stand out in a crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather types more preferable?

Leather is usually the best material you can choose for various reasons. It’s durable, resistant, strong, and unlikely to show any signs of tear and wear as quickly.

Plus, leather is rather simple to maintain and can withstand rough use for a prolonged period. These suits are typically very stylish.

Are there customizable racing suits?

Some companies offer to customize your racing suit in any way you want. This means you can choose any model according to its technical characteristics, customizing the colors, adding graphics, and several other things.

It’s an easy way of making a racing suit that matches the colors you have on your bike and the rest of your riding equipment.

What’s the best racing jacket for women?

Racing jackets for women have the same characteristics as those made for men. However, the difference is in the cut and fit, since men and women usually can’t wear the same size.

Even if the size fits, a men’s style probably won’t fit in all the right places.


Having the greatest motorcycle racing suit makes all the difference when it comes to your safety on the track. While it can’t prevent an accident, it can protect you in case one happens.

Still, its safety characteristics depend on its materials, quality, and how well it fits you. Make sure to take your time when choosing between the models we reviewed, carefully considering the buying factors from our guide.

The information we shared can help you decide on a racing suit that will last you a long time, providing protection, comfort, and versatility you need while on the tracks.

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