6 Highest Rated Dirt Bike (and Motocross) Neck Braces

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If you enjoy off-road riding, you probably know the importance of having the best safety equipment. Dirt bikes are fun, but riding them in off-road circuits can be quite dangerous at times.

For this reason, you should always wear the best helmet, jacket, boots, and gloves. However, you should also invest in the greatest dirt bike neck brace to protect your neck as one of the most vulnerable body parts.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional dirt bike rider or an adventurist. Wearing a brace is equally important in both cases.

Take a few minutes to discover the best models and how to choose one.

7 Top Rated Dirt Bike Neck Brace Reviews

EVS Sports

small product image of EVS Sports
EVS Sports
Features: Washable liner, front entry system
Size: Adult, Youth
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Leatt GPX

small product image of Leatt GPX
Leatt GPX
Features: Engineered collarbone cutout, optimum ventilation
Size: Adult (S - XL), Junior
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K1 Race Gear

small product image of K1 Race Gear
K1 Race Gear
Features: Velcro fastener included, machine washable
Size: Adult, Junior
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Atlas Brace Technologies

small product image of Atlas Brace Technologies
Atlas Brace Technologies
Features: Simple and secure, easy to put on and take off
Size: S - L
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small product image of Alpinestars Neck Roll
Features: Comfortable padding, soft strap closure
Size: S - XL
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small product image of Bohn
Features: Prevents helmet fatigue, highly absorbing
Size: Adult, Youth
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EVS Sports – Low Profile

The best thing about this EVS Sports piece is that it’s available in adult and kid sizes as well. It features a low profile, which is why most people consider it one of the most comfortable models.

Its core is soft and made from PU foam that helps with energy dissipation. It also has an outer ballistic nylon shell for some additional resistance and durable. The outer layer is pretty easy to remove and wash whenever you’re looking to refresh the material.

Another thing worth noting is the race collar strap system. It’s a rather secure system that’s also easy to use at any time.

Plus, it has connection loops that allow you to connect this one to your chest protectors.



Leatt GPX – Great for Off-road

This one is engineered by a team of doctors and engineers to provide maximum security and comfort. It’s CE certified as Personal Protective Equipment, so it’s among the best choices for dirt bikes.

It features a new chassis design featuring fiberglass-reinforced polyamide with a new helmet rim platform. The newly designed platform allows increased head freedom of motion, which is especially important if you’re a professional rider.

It features five adjustment points, allowing you to adapt the brace to your needs and preferences. Its adjustable height gives you more freedom of motion while the four-angle rear thoracic strut adjustments help fit different body shapes.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this one is sculptured and comfortable to wear for hours at a time. It has a low-profile design and an emergency release mechanism.

Also, the foam padding adds even more to its overall comfort and is easy to clean. Keep in mind that this one comes with an optional chest strap.



K1 Race Gear – Machine Washable

K1 is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a brace that’s easy to use and maintain. This one is safe to wash in a washing machine, which is ideal if you’re going to use it frequently.

It’s not as hot, so you probably won’t have any issues with sweating, although this typically depends on a few other factors as well. Still, its padding is easy to remove and wash whenever you want to refresh it a bit.

It features added protection to your collar bone and neck. This is ideal if you’re a fan of off-road riding as the padding is comfortable yet secure and firm.

Another thing we should mention is the anatomically designed rear helmet support. It adds a bit to the overall comfort as well as a safety level.



Atlas Brace Technologies – Unisex

Atlas Brace Technologies is a good choice if you’re looking to share your brace with other people. It fits both women and men and is easily adjustable.

Its construction is quite flexible, which helps to absorb impact instead of transferring it to the rest of your body. Front suspension is stiffer, dampening a wider range of impact while also keeping your head in controlled rotation.

It features six possible positions while you can also adjust its chest thickness. The back support angle is also adjustable, making it easy to find the best fit.

Another thing worth noting is the Easy Open system that allows quick entry and exit via a button. It also features two height adjustment settings, allowing you to fit the brace to your body shape and helmet.



Alpinestars – Polyurethane

This one is meant for younger riders as it’s smaller in size and might not fit adults. It’s not the same as an adult brace, but it’s ideal for getting your kid used to wearing one.

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The first thing you should about this one is that it’s ergonomically profiled. It fits younger riders perfectly as it’s designed to transfer impact energy away from the upper neck.

It’s made from polyurethane and is easy to wash. Its double-density core is made from a soft PU base combined with a hard layer of EVA foam for some added comfort.

Still, one thing you should keep in mind is that the manufacturer advises hand washing over machine washing.

Also, it has a soft strap closure that’s easy to work with, even with gloves on.



Bohn – Sweat Absorbing

Bohn is ideal if you’re looking for a brace to use in summer. It features an absorbent fabric lining that reduces chaffing and is quite durable.

This one is designed to provide maximum protection for dirt bike riders. It’s among the best options if you usually ride in hot weather conditions, offering protection against collarbone and neck injuries.

Another great thing worth mentioning is its comfort. This one relieves neck soreness when you ride for too long, wearing a heavy helmet.

Bohn is designed to be comfortable and easy to use, but it’s also lightweight. It prevents helmet fatigue and is easy to put on and take off at any time.

This one is available in adult and kid/youth sizes as well, which is great if your little one is also riding and you want to wear matching braces.



What to Consider in Choosing a Neck Brace for Riding


Comfort is one of the first things you should focus on. You shouldn’t wear an uncomfortable brace because it can make it difficult to ride.

In most cases, comfort depends on the choice of materials as well as padding. Some braces are adjustable, which can help find the best fit.

One thing you should keep in mind is that adjustable models are often pricier because they’re also more comfortable.

Safety Protection

The main purpose of a brace is to protect your neck. Still, you’ll find different shapes and designs that offer different levels of protection.

High-quality models usually have thoracic struts. These are engineered to break under a particular level of pressure. Although this doesn’t sound like a good feature, it’s meant to break to avoid digging into your neck in case of an injury.

Look for a model that offers some protection for your collarbones as well.


Having a budget in mind can help you find the best brace much quicker. In most cases, you can find a secure model at an affordable price.

More expensive ones are usually more adjustable, and with that, more comfortable as well. Pricing typically depends on the choice of materials, ease of maintenance as well as a safety level.

Make sure to consider the price, but try not to sacrifice other critical buying factors.


Weight is another critical factor you should consider. You’ll find both heavy and lightweight models, which is why you should consider the pros and cons of both types.

Go for a lightweight brace if you’re going to use it every day. A heavy brace can sometimes cause rider fatigue if you wear it for hours at a time.

Heavier models are usually also thicker and can be too hot to wear during summertime.


The building material is what decides the quality as well, so make sure not to overlook this factor. Most braces are made of plastic or carbon.

The difference between the two is in the overall quality. Carbon is usually a better choice if you’re looking for a lightweight brace. It’s also comfortable and highly flexible.

Still, these are pretty expensive. Plastic is a more affordable option that’s pretty popular among dirt-bike riders.

Size and Fitting

Naturally, a brace has to fit well in order to protect your neck. In other words, it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

If it’s too tight, it can be uncomfortable to wear. On the other hand, a brace that’s loose is unlikely to be protective enough.

You may want to go for an adjustable brace to avoid some struggle when it comes to fitting.


Having straps helps you to adjust and secure the brace in so that it doesn’t bounce while riding. However, although this is a handy feature, not every model comes with it.

As we mentioned, neck braces come in all shapes and sizes, accommodating both adults and kids. Still, straps can help to secure the brace in, giving you peace of mind as well.

Ease of Cleaning

Ease of cleaning is another critical factor you should consider before buying any neck brace. It’s because you’re most likely to wear it quite often, exposing it to sweat as well as different weather conditions.

For this reason, make sure that the model of your choice has a removable liner that you can easily wash. Some are safe to wash in a washing machine, while others can only be washed by hand.

Facts About Neck Braces

A dirt bike neck brace is meant to be used along with a full-face helmet (see top dirt bike helmets here). When used as such, it helps to prevent a potential neck injury.

It’s meant to limit your neck’s range of movement without being uncomfortable or unpleasant to wear. When it’s properly fitted, it rests on your sternum at the front and your spine at the back, as well as your shoulders.

In a case of a crash, your helmet makes contact and spreads the impact over the brace. With this, it prevents your neck from moving and potentially injuring.

Dirt Bike Neck Brace Vs. Neck Protector Combo

At this point, you’re probably wondering how a neck brace is different from a neck protector. In most cases, the difference is in materials used as well as fitment.

Protectors are typically made from dense foam, sitting around your neck. These typically have only one strap, offering some protection but not nearly as much as a neck brace.

A neck brace is designed to support your neck, preventing injury by limiting its range of motion. It usually features multiple straps and is made of more durable materials that have better shock-absorbing qualities.

Needless to say, it’s better to wear either one of these than nothing at all.

Is a Neck Brace or Guard Required for Motocross?

You’re not required to wear a neck brace for motocross. However, it’s advised that you do regardless of your riding style or the bike you have.

If you’re only commuting to work and back home, you probably don’t really need a neck brace. But, if you love riding your dirt bike across off-road tracks, we suggest you consider wearing it.

It’s a small price to pay to potentially save yourself from enduring a serious neck injury.


The most significant benefit of a neck brace is its ability to prevent hyperflexion injuries. It offers protection to your collar bones as well in case of a crash.

These are designed to absorb shock applied to your neck during rough, off-track riding. It also makes riding more comfortable by supporting your neck, preventing serious injuries as well as straining.

Still, it can only offer as much if it fits well and is made of durable and secure materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work?

Although there’s no guarantee that you can avoid a neck injury by wearing a brace, you can definitely reduce the chances of one happening.

A properly fitted brace spreads the impact, ensuring that not all of it is focused on your neck.

How to measure the right size?

The best way to do this is by measuring the circumference of your neck. However, we suggest you always check the manufacturer’s instructions so that you can use the sizing chart provided.

Also, consider an adjustable model that allows you to adjust a few points to get the best fit.

Are there neck braces with a chest protector?

Some neck braces come with a chest protector. These offer even more protection, although they take a bit of time to get used to.

In most cases, you’d have trouble looking up on steep descents because the back of the helmet would hit your neck brace. Still, this is something people usually learn to work with.


At this point, you probably understand the importance of wearing a dirt bike neck brace. It’s an additional piece of safety gear you should invest in if you’re looking to make your rides safer.

Although the market is packed with different models, choosing one isn’t too complicated once you consider the buying factors we discussed.

For this reason, we suggest you reread the buyer’s guide as it can help you choose if you haven’t already. As we said, focus on finding the best quality of materials and fit, but make sure to keep your preferences and needs in mind as well.

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