12 Top Rated Books About Motorcycle Riding

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Reading books about motorcycles is taking your love to another level. Bikes are fun, but sometimes, you don’t want the fun to end when you park the vehicle.

If you’re a passionate reader and motorcycle enthusiast, it’s now time to bring the two loves together. Luckily, many people wrote books on a topic of motorcycles, talking about maintenance, road trips, adventures, and even personal stories involving bikes.

Take some time to discover the top motorcycle books and how to pick one. We’ve included a detailed buyer’s guide to help you make your choice.

12 Highest Rated Books for Motorcycle Riders Reviews

American Motorcyclist Association

small Product image of American Motorcyclist Association
American Motorcyclist Association
Features: Detailed guides, lightweight and compact
Number of pages: 288 pages
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The Complete Guide to Motorcycling Colorado

small Product image of The Complete Guide to Motorcycling Colorado
The Complete Guide to Motorcycling Colorado
Features: Detailed road descriptions, facts and comparisons
Number of pages: 448 pages
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Four Decades of Motorcycle Tales and Musings

small Product image of Four Decades of Motorcycle Tales and Musings
Four Decades of Motorcycle Tales and Musings
Features: Relaxing and fun, quality hardcover
Number of pages: 288 pages
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Motorcycle Adventures in Southern Appalachians

small Product image of Motorcycle Adventures in Southern Appalachians
Motorcycle Adventures in Southern Appalachians
Features: Easy-to-follow maps, in-depth explanations
Number of pages: 168 pages
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The Art of Riding Smooth

small Product image of The Art of Riding Smooth
The Art of Riding Smooth
Features: Plenty of useful information, the author is an experienced biker
Number of pages: 198 pages
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Road Trip USA

small Product image of Road Trip USA
Road Trip USA
Features: Easy-to-follow routes, colored maps, illustrations, and pictures
Number of pages: 952 pages
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The Most Scenic Drives in America

small Product image of The Most Scenic Drives in America
The Most Scenic Drives in America
Features: Highly useful, informative and easy to read
Number of pages: 400 pages
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Classic Motorcycles: The Art of Speed

small Product image of Classic Motorcycles The Art of Speed
Classic Motorcycles: The Art of Speed
Features: Stunning photography, interesting facts
Number of pages: 224 pages
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Ride Out!

Ride out small Product image
Ride Out!
Features: Detailed maps, quality hardcover
Number of pages: 256 pages
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Triumph Trident

small Product image of Triumph Trident
Triumph Trident
Features: Interesting and easy to read, quality paper
Number of pages: 96 pages
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South of the Border: Chronicles of a Motorcycle Gypsy

small product image of South of the Border
South of the Border: Chronicles of a Motorcycle Gypsy

Features: Engaging and interesting, detailed writing
Listening Length: 6 hours and 10 minutes
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Motorcycle Touring in the Pacific Northwest

small product image of Motorcycle Touring in the Pacific Northwest
Motorcycle Touring in the Pacific Northwest
Features: Interesting storytelling, includes photos and maps
Number of pages: 400 pages
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American Motorcyclist Association – Tours

American Motorcyclist Association Ride Guide to America is a good choice if you’re interested in learning more about tours. It covers the roads of California, New England, and many other places.

This isn’t a traditional book but more of a guide to help you understand and learn about different tours. You can learn more about those you already know or discover new ones.

It includes point-to-point routes and topographic road maps of more than 40 nationwide trips. It carries you through mountain peaks, canyonlands, shorelines, and other similar routes.

Each trip also includes attractions and recommendations for where to eat and stay if you want to.

Some of the trips included are the American South, The mid-Atlantic region, Appalachian Mountains, Texas, the Southwest, and the Midwest.



The Complete Guide to Motorcycling Colorado – Road Guides

This is a guidebook to Colorado, featuring in-depth descriptions of 172 rides. You can combine each ride to create a more personalized trip that fits your interests and riding style.

It’s a highly detailed book, featuring individually mapped riders with detailed maps, photos, descriptions, historical background, and interesting local points.

It contains regional maps that show you how to combine trips depending on whether you want to ride for several days or an afternoon. It also includes information on the variety of terrain, historical facts, and other things that can help you.

Historical photos are included next to present-day photos to show how things have changed in several years. It helps to put things into perspective and notice how much or how little the roads have changed.

The book measures 6×1.2×9 inches and has a little less than 500 pages.



Four Decades of Motorcycle Tales and Musings – Motorcycling Styles

The Best of Peter Egan includes a collection of his motorcycle musings from the last forty years. He’s written it in a uniquely wise and amusing writing style.

It’s a relaxing book that will inspire you as you read about his motorcycling philosophy and keen observations about the lifestyle.

Egan has many fans that are familiar with his perspective on motorcycling and life. This book includes all of that so that you can also familiarize yourself with one of the greatest names.

The book includes detailed descriptions of different adventures that will inspire you to ride. It’s written in a relaxing style so don’t be surprised if you read it rather quickly.

It’s a hardcover and has 288 pages. Also, Jay Leno, who is a big motorcycle enthusiast himself, introduced the book.



Motorcycle Adventures in Southern Appalachians – Classic

This paperback book is considered a classic for several reasons. It’s a book of byways of the Southern Appalachians that’s both fun and useful to read.

The guide includes 26 rides with useful information on attractions, lodging, road conditions, and restaurants. This way, you’ll have some insight on the tours you’re interested in.

Plus, this one is 8.2 inches long, which means you can easily carry it with you. It’s easy to pack in a backpack or saddlebag.

Keep in mind that each route includes maps and directions, along with the author’s practical advice on avoiding traffic tickets, etiquette, and maintenance. It includes state motorcycle laws explaining laws on eye protection, daytime headlights, helmets, and other similar stuff.

The maps are easy to read, and you probably won’t have any issues following them even if you’re a beginner.



The Art of Riding Smooth – Motorcycle Coaching

Jim Ford has 12 years of coaching and 600,000 miles of riding experience. His book on motorcycle coaching and mountain riding is among the most popular in this genre.

Jim teaches you how to ride well instead of fast. The book talks about situational awareness, precision, and safety as some of the most important factors when it comes to mountain riding.

He also shares his Magical Mountainous Tour that is 2000 miles long. It’s crafted of invisible roads across the Blue Ridge Mountains that are curvy and have minimal traffic.

Although very informational, this book is relaxing and easy to read. It’s so well written that you’ll feel like you’re already on the road.

Plus, it’s among the best books to inspire you if you’ve been looking for an extra push to go on that trip.



Road Trip USA – Flexible Routes

This is one of the best books to buy if you’re looking for your next adventure. It includes information you need to cross America on its two-lane highways.

The book offers a flexible combination of routes that are cross-referenced and color-coded. This allows you to combine the routes in whatever way works the best for you.

It also includes highlights, roadside curiosities, diners, parks, and local history that will spark your interest even more. Everything is easy to read and follow, inspiring you to hit the road as soon as possible.

On top of that, you’ll find 125 driving maps that cover more than 35,000 miles of American roads. It includes colored illustrations and photos of how the scenery looked and how it looks now.

The book is well resourced and packed with useful suggestions to make your trip enjoyable.



The Most Scenic Drives in America – Road Trips

You should read this book if you’re a fan of road trips and looking for a new route to ride across. This is a trip planner and travel guide that can help you plan and enjoy your rides like never before.

It includes plenty of different locations like Florida’s road to Flamingo and Cape Cod’s Sandy Shores. Each road trip has pictures and vivid text explanations that are easy to follow.

All trips are grouped into four sections of Eastern, Central, Western, and Mountain states and provinces. It features maps, the best season to travel, special events to attend, mileage, and nearby attractions.

The best thing is that it also features contact information and websites where you can learn more about specific events or attractions.

It also includes interesting characteristics of some areas such as local animals, foods, plants, customs, and historical events.



Classic Motorcycles: The Art of Speed – Hardcover

This is a visual encyclopedia written by a well-known motorcycle author called Patrick Hahn. It presents the history of riding through classic motorcycles and portrait and period photography.

You’ll find info about all kinds of motorcycles from Indians, BMWs, Ducati, Triumph, and Harley. The best of all is that each bike was shot in a studio using Tom Loeser’s light-painting technique.

It also includes historical photos, period ads, and documents that are meant to supplement the bike portraits. It’s just one of the reasons why this hardcover is considered a classic book.

This one measures 10.1×1.1×12.4 inches and has some 244 pages for you to enjoy. It’s not the most practical to carry around, but it looks great on a coffee table or your bookshelf.



Ride Out! – Riding Landscapes

Ride Out! is a good choice if you’re looking for riding landscapes explained in the utmost detail. It’s an inspiring book that will make you want to ride immediately.

It includes mountain passes and routes along the Mediterranean Sea as well as routes in South Africa, China, New Zealand, Patagonia, and others.

It’s mainly written to spark your interest if you’ve been looking to ride a bit further from home. And, the best is that it explains each route in detail from the best season to points of interest you should keep an eye for.

This one has 256 pages and is a hardcover, which means it won’t show any signs of use as quickly. It has a map outlining, great photography, and inspiring stories.

However, it’s a bit too thick and heavy to carry around when riding.



Triumph Trident

Are you a fan of Triumph Trident? If so, you should check this book to learn more about the bike.

It’s Triumph’s three-cylinder 750cc bike that was ahead of its time and among the biggest projects by Triumph. The book is packed with useful information, interesting facts, photos, and guides.

It’s well researched and easy to read, and given that it has 96 pages, you probably won’t need that much time to read it. It’s also a thoughtful gift to anyone who is a fan of this ground-breaking motorcycle.

It includes other motorcycles such as the Meridien, the BSA Rocket3, and the A75 Hurricane. Each model is explained in detail, teaching you of technical changes, owner’s feedback, and other interesting facts.

Although this is a rather small book, it’s a great addition to your book collection.



South of the Border: Chronicles of a Motorcycle Gypsy

This is one of the best books to read if you’re interested in learning about motorcycle adventures. It will spark your interest in long-distance riding.

The book is written by Tiffani Burkett, who rode across Mexico. She had previous experience in camping off her Yamaha FZ-07 but had never stepped foot south of the border. She didn’t speak any Spanish or new anyone in Mexico at that time.

It’s an engaging piece packed with stories on different situations she was in and the experiences she gathered. She uses the book to take you through this new culture, environment, and the thoughts that were going through her head.

You should read it if you’re afraid of riding your bike across such a long distance. You’ll learn the beauty of it through her explanations and vivid storytelling.



Motorcycle Touring in the Pacific Northwest

Are you interested in touring in the Pacific Northwest? If so, you should check this book to learn more about the area and the classic rides it offers.

This book is written as a guide, describing forty rides across Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Vancouver. It explains the routes, including rain forests, deserts, and islands.

It’s interesting and easy to read as it’s packed with anecdotes, maps, and details on road conditions, photographs, and terrain.

Steve Zusy and Christy Karras explain the routes. It’s an engaging book featuring 400 pages on some of the most interesting routes across the Pacific Northwest.

It measures 6×0.8×9 inches, so you probably won’t hate carrying it around, depending on how much space you have in your backpack or saddlebags.



image of two motorbikes in the nature

What to Consider in Buying a Book for Motorcycle Enthusiasts


The topic is the most important thing to pay attention to, which is why you should think about it in advance. What is it that you’d like to read about? Once you answer this question, you’ll find it easier to find the topic.

Now, it’s hard to tell what the best topic is because many people have different preferences. What someone might consider an interesting book might not be so interesting to you and vice versa.

Keep in mind that there are many motorcycle books on all kinds of topics, so just make sure to consider your preferences.


Since books like many things follow new technologies, books are now available in many formats. You can enjoy paper in your hands or listen to an audiobook while you ride.

You can also read using your tablet or phone if you don’t like stacking actual paper books. Again, some people like paper, while others prefer to listen to the stories.

Luckily, nearly all books are now offered in at least a few formats, allowing you to choose based on what you like the best.


The reality is that some books are good, while others are not. For this reason, you should research the specific book before buying it.

Bestsellers are typically worth reading because they’re almost always called bestsellers for a reason. However, it wouldn’t hurt to read the reviews and check what other people have to say about it.

Reviews often speak of the quality of content, but also the quality of the paper and everything else about the specific book you’re interested in.

Look for a story that’s interesting and well-written. Also, all maps and routes should be up to date and accurate.


The first thing you should know is that not only long books are interesting and worth your time. However, many people often don’t like paying too much money for a thin piece.

Luckily, the number of pages is something you can easily find out before purchasing. This way, you can see how many pages you’re paying for.

One thing you should keep in mind is that thicker books are usually tricky to carry around to trips. It’s a useful thing to know if you’re looking for one to use while touring.


As you may have noticed, some motorcycle books are quite expensive. This is usually the case with coffee table books and encyclopedias.

You should think about the price range you’re the most comfortable with. This way, you eliminate the possibility of wasting time on books that are too expensive for you.

Keep in mind that thick books aren’t always more expensive than thin ones. It’s usually more about the content and how useful it is to bikers.

Make sure to have a pre-set price range to make the search easier.

Benefits of Books about Riding


You may have noticed that biking books cover a wide range of topics. These usually talk about everything, from riding techniques and routes to destinations, terrain quality, and local hot points.

This versatility gives you many information and details for one price. This is especially the case with road guides.

Wide Variety

As we said, books come in many formats, allowing you to choose based on what you like the best. The variety includes paperback, hardcover, and editions for your iPad and Kindle.

Audiobooks are also an option if you like listening to the content while you ride, clean the bike, or repairing it.


Most motorcycling books are fun to read. They’re packed with interesting stories, informative facts, and content about whatever topic it focuses on.

Still, you can easily come across a less entertaining book. For this reason, we suggest you check reviews before you buy any title.

image of vintage motorbikes



Biographies and memoirs are always interesting because they’re written by popular and experienced bikers. They share interesting stories and detailed insight.

All you have to do is pick your favorite biker writer among as many. You’re most definitely going to learn from whatever biography you choose to read.


How-to topics are useful if you’re to learn how to improve your skills and fix or customize your motorbike. Some also include maps and detailed explanations about certain places in the world.

These are often very engaging and easy to read regardless of the number of pages.


Brand-specific books are favorites among collectors and riders who are passionate about a specific brand. You can find a book on any brand from Ducati and Harley to Kawasaki and Honda.

Plus, many people love buying these to give as birthday gifts. A well-written brand-specific book is packed with historical facts and interesting stories.

Coffee Table

These are ideal for displaying your love of motorcycling to your friends and people visiting your house. They look like visual encyclopedias, featuring facts and vibrant photos.

Although they can be very informative, they’re mainly used as décor and are too big to carry around on trips.

Other Tips in Choosing a Good Book

You should first think about the topic you’d like to read about. If you’ve never read anything on motorcycles, you might want to ask a fellow rider for some advice. Bikers who have years of experience usually have one or two titles to recommend.

Also, you should check your local library to see if it holds the book you’re interested in. This way, you can take a look at a few pages before deciding whether or not you want to buy it.

Take some time to search for reviews and some information about the author.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a motorcycle book?

You can always check your local bookstore to see if it holds your favorite titles. If not, we’re sure you’ll find interesting ones online.

Also, some websites sell used books that are also worth checking. You can find interesting titles at a much lower price.

Should I read reviews before buying a book?

Reviews can be very helpful in learning more about the author and the book itself. However, you should always take this with a grain of salt because people have different preferences.

Someone’s review can cause you to judge the book before reading it. This way, you can miss reading lots of great stories because someone else didn’t like them.

What is the best book for motorcycle maintenance?

Many motorcycle maintenance books offer useful advice, tips, and handy tricks to teach you how to maintain your vehicle.

However, it’s difficult to tell which title is the best because it all depends on your preference and the bike you ride.


Motorcycle books are fun, informative, and inspiring regardless of the bike you ride and the area you live in. Not only can you learn about different motorbikes, but you can also learn about routes, terrain, and riding techniques.

As we said, there’s no saying which book is the best since it all depends on what you’re looking for. Luckily, a wide range of topics is covered by many authors and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Pick one of these titles to guide you through your next adventure or inspire you to ride to new locations. Make sure to use our buyer’s guide to choose one if you haven’t already.

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