6 Top Rated Motorcycle Batteries for a Harley Davidson

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All motorcycles need a high-quality battery to function correctly. This is the case with Harley Davidson bikes as well.

A quality battery is essential when it comes to powering the engine, the lights, and many other things. It must be reliable and powerful so that you can enjoy your ride regardless of whether you’re commuting or going on a long-distance trip.

Still, finding the right replacement takes both time and experience. For this reason, we’ve reviewed a few models to help you find the best Harley battery. We also included a little buyer’s guide worth checking out.

6 Highest Rated Batteries for Harley Reviewed


small product image of PowerSource
Vehicle Service Type: Touring, Motorcycle
Product Dimensions: 6.56 x 5 x 6.87 inches
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small product image of Yuasa YUAM620BH
Vehicle Service Type: Cruiser/Touring
Product Dimensions: 6.89 x 3.43 x 6.1 inches
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small product image of Deka
Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycle, Personal watercraft, Snowmobiles, All-terrain-vehicles
Product Dimensions: 6.88 x 3.44 x 6.13 inches
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Battery Tender

small product image of Battery Tender
Battery Tender
Vehicle Service Type: Street sport, Street touring, Off road motorcycles, All terrain vehicles
Product Dimensions: 4.45 x 2.76 x 3.35 inches
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small product image of Banshee
Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycles
Product Dimensions: N/A
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Mighty Max Battery

small product image of Mighty Max Battery
Mighty Max Battery
Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycles
Product Dimensions: 6.88 x 3.42 x 6.10 inches
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PowerSource – Red/Black

This replacement battery comes with a Harley terminal hardware that makes it stand out among as many options. It’s probably the closest to OEM, starting your bike quickly and efficiently.

It’s a 600cca sealed AGM motorcycle battery that’s ideal for different weather conditions. It fits plenty of Harley models, replacing OEM batteries.

It’s important to note that this one is unlikely to leak as it’s sealed. It’s also low-maintenance, requiring no particular effort to keep it running.

This one is an ideal option for Harley FLHP Road King and several other models. However, you should always check whether or not it will fit your bike before purchasing.

Another thing worth noting is that this one is slightly more expensive than the most. It’s because of its compatibility and the fact that it’s the closest to OEM batteries.



Yuasa – High-performance

This Yuasa is a high-performance product that fits most Harley models. It has 12 volts, 18 amp-hour, and 310 cold-cranking amps to deliver efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

It’s virtually maintenance-free, which means you won’t have lots of work around it once it’s installed. Another thing worth mentioning is that it’s sealed and spill-proof.

It has special plates that absorb the acid as well as glass mat separators for some added safety. One of the best things is that it doesn’t require water.

Yuasa used lead-calcium technology to allow it to hold specific gravity more than three times longer than most models.

It’s shipped dry along with an acid bottle, meaning that you’ll have to set it up before installing. This could be intimidating if you’ve never done it before.



Deka – Leakproof

Deka is a 12-volt battery with 26 aH and 400cca. It’s strong enough to both power your Harley and help it start efficiently.

The AGM design and the fact that it’s sealed mean that it’s also maintenance-free and spill-proof. This makes it more reliable and easy to work with, especially during cold weather.

It features extra brass spacers and bolts to help with side mounting cable installation. Also, its terminals are strategically placed so that it fits plenty of different bikes.

Although it’s reliable and strong, it tends to lose its ability to hold a charge. It’s among the best to use in cold weather, but it might not last you as long as other options.

It ships fully charged and ready for you to install it as long as it fits the motorcycle you have.



Battery Tender – Lithium

This 12V lithium battery is among the most reliable options on the market. It’s strong enough to power the engine along with the radio, lights, and other electronics you have going on.

It’s a reliable product designed to work in different climates and temperatures. It has a built-in protection circuit board that prevents discharging, overdrain, and overcharging. It shuts off to prevent damage when it detects these things.

Also, this one features water-resistant casing along with fire-retardant coating, supporting high current flow and offering thermal protection.

Another thing we should mention is that this one weighs only 1.35 pounds and is economically sized. It has a 2.5 aH capacity and 150cca. It also has an activation switch and a quick-disconnect cable.

It measures 4.5×2.8×3.4 inches and is designed to fit most Harley motorcycles.



Banshee – Lightweight

Banshee is a good choice if you’re looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use replacement. It has a voltage of 12.8 volts and 160 w/hr. It also has 625 cranking amps.

This one weighs only 6.3 pounds. Although this might not seem as light, it’s far lighter than most 30L-BS models that typically weight around 25 pounds.

One of the best things about it is its flush terminal design. It allows better compatibility, making this one a good fit for most Harley Davidson motorcycles. Still, make sure to double-check compatibility before buying.

Another thing worth noting is the built-in voltage meter. This makes it easy always to know when you’ll have to recharge/replace it.

Also, this one comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.



Mighty Max Battery – Cold Cranking Amps

Mighty Max Battery YTX20L-BS is an 18aH 12V battery with 270 cold-cranking amps. It’s a sealed lead acid piece that measures 6.88×3.42×6.10 inches.

It has negatives on the left, while positives are on the right, which is important to know so that you can install it properly. It comes with brief installation instructions.

One thing you should keep in mind is that no mounting accessories are included. This means you’ll have to purchase them separately if you don’t already have them.

This one is spill-proof and has a low discharge rate, long service life, and wide operating temperatures. It has a great discharge recovering ability as well.

You can mount it in any position as it resists vibration and shock. It offers long-lasting performance in different weather conditions and temperatures.



image of red harley motorbike

Harley Davidson Battery Buying Guide


Quality is among the most important factors to consider before buying any particular product. It often depends on many things, from its performance to the quality of the design.

In most cases, more expensive products are of higher quality but don’t take this as a rule. Consider other buying factors, trying not to sacrifice quality for a lower price.

Only the best and most quality-made models can last a long time, offering reliability and efficiency regardless of the Harley you have and the weather conditions you ride in.

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Voltage is also critical to check before making up your mind about either of these products. As you probably noticed, most Harley Davidson bikes use 12-volt batteries.

However, some use 6-volt batteries and wouldn’t be able to work with one that has 12 volts. For this reason, this is something you should check before time.

Trying to run your bike with one that doesn’t have adequate voltage would either be impossible or end in a disaster.

The best way to make sure you’re getting the right voltage is to look at your old battery. This way, it’s unlikely you’ll make a mistake when buying a new one.


Power usually refers to the CCA, otherwise known as cold-cranking amps. It’s the power that the battery can produce so that it can start the engine.

Higher CCA is needed for older motorcycles that typically need longer to start. However, higher is also recommended for newer bikes because you can use it for a longer time as your motorcycle ages.

Think about the overall power it offers. Less power means more frequent charging, which can be inconvenient and tiring during long trips.

Go for one that holds in more power and can hold the charge for an extended period.


The best way to check compatibility is by reaching out to the manufacturer. However, this isn’t always needed as compatibility is rather simple to figure out.

The rule of thumb is that bigger and more powerful engines require more powerful batteries. For example, Road Glide, Ultra Classic, Road King, Street Glide, and Electra Glide all need larger batteries.

On the other hand, Street 750 or 500 bikes probably don’t require as much starting power and can do well with a smaller battery.

Also, you can always check your previous model to see if the new one matches.


Performance is often affected by many things, which is what makes it tricky to figure out. Your best bet is to go for one that doesn’t need frequent replacement.

Look for one that’s made of quality materials. It should be designed to resist prolonged use in different weather and road conditions without wearing out.

Also, it should have low self-discharge rates so that you don’t have to charge or replace it as often. Sometimes, the best way to check the quality of performance is by reading customer reviews because this is something people often talk about.


Motorcycle batteries have improved with time, meaning that you can easily come across several improvements you haven’t heard of before. Some old technologies are still being used, as well.

The most critical technologies to look out for are shock resistance, leakproof, spill-proof, and corrosion-free technologies that allow longevity and high-quality performance.

You might also come across no-maintenance-required technology as well as AGM technology as some of the most popular options.

Each of these is designed to make your rides safer. They help to prolong the overall service life, making it safer and easier to use.

Recharge Value

Leaving your bike in the garage only to find its battery flat after a while is among the most annoying things. This is precisely why you should check the overall quality and recharge value it offers.

It might not be as obvious and easy to figure out, but you can always find more information on this in customer reviews and reports.

A quality model should be able to hold a charge for a while, having a low self-discharge rate. It adds to the overall reliability of the product you’re buying, especially if you don’t ride every day.

Size and Fitting

Every bike usually has a specific place where the battery should be installed. It’s because most motorcycles are packed with lots of mechanics and features in a small space.

This is precisely why you should always check the size and whether it will fit your motorbike. Just because its power fits your needs and you like the rest of its specifications doesn’t mean you’ll be able to fit it inside the bike.

Double-check the dimensions and space so that you’re not left with a model that doesn’t fit your bike.


Durability depends on the overall quality of manufacturing and performance. It also depends on the climate you live and ride in.

Shorter trips in warmer weather usually drain the battery rather quickly. It’s because your alternator doesn’t have enough time to recharge it during these short trips.

Plus, higher temperature discharges it quicker than colder temperatures. Still, you can always use a battery tender to prolong its overall life whenever you’re not using it.

Try to find a durable one because durability equals reliability. In other words, these are easier to use and don’t require frequent recharging and replacing.

image of beautiful motorcycle

Types of Harley Davidson Batteries


Gel batteries are typically very powerful and have a low discharge rate. They’re impossible to spill and cannot leak, which makes them rather safe.

They’re used in harsh weather conditions because they can hold a charge for quite a while and are leakproof. However, these are often a bit pricey.


AGM batteries are quite common nowadays for their quality, ease of use, and no maintenance required. These are factory sealed, which makes it easy to install them in any position.

Also, these are highly resistant to vibration and shock. You don’t have to install them upright because their sealed design prevents leakage.

Lead Acid

Lead-acid batteries are already considered old-school. Unlike AGM, these aren’t sealed, which means you have to install them in an upright position to prevent leakage.

One thing to keep in mind is that these require distilled water because they contain lead and lead dioxide.

Harley Battery Terminals


Steel terminals are durable and unlikely to snap off at any time. They’re highly compatible and versatile, which means you might come across with both horizontal and vertical orientation.

Also, these are quite popular and often found on many Harley Davidson motorbikes. They’re robust and ideal for frequent riding.


Screw terminals are internally threaded, but not as common as other types. These are meant to be screwed directly into the battery.

It’s a popular option among Harley riders because these are easy and convenient to use. It might not be the most common option, but those that use it usually swear by it.


Lead terminals are by far the most common and popular. For a long time, these were the only option available, which is why they’ve stuck with so many people.

Lead terminals are electrically solid and horizontally oriented, which does limit their versatility. However, they’re highly convenient and simple to deal with.

Top Battery Brands for Harley


Yuasa is a leader in making lead-acid batteries for both motorcycles and cars. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Japan.

Its products are sold all around the world and frequently used as replacements. It’s a reliable brand with many loyal customers to testify of its quality.


ThrottleX is a generally new company that was founded only a few years ago. However, it quickly made a name for itself, thanks to its quality and reliable batteries.

The founders claim to have made a company because they wanted to fill in gaps in the market. The company makes motorcycle and ATV batteries that fit everyone’s budget and riding style.

Power Source

Power Source is a well-known company that makes reliable batteries that are quick to charge. These have a great CCA rating and are usually pre-sealed.

This means its products are unlikely to leak or spill, which makes them ideal for different weather conditions. Also, these require virtually no maintenance.

Power Star

Power Star offers high-performance batteries that last a long time, even with frequent use. These are known to hold a charge for a long time.

Also, these are often recommended for people riding across bumpy terrain because they have great vibration and shock resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Harley Davidson batteries?

Contrary to popular belief, Harley Davidson doesn’t make replacement batteries. Yuasa, ThrottleX, Power Source, and Power Star are the most popular and reliable brands among the others we mentioned above.

It’s up to you to choose between these brands since not every battery fits every motorcycle.

Are OEM batteries good for Harleys?

OEM batteries are an option if you’re not interested in an aftermarket product. However, it’s difficult to tell which option is the best since it typically depends on preference and needs.

Some people like aftermarket models because they’re cheaper, while others think OEM parts are worth both money and hype.


Hopefully, we helped you find the best battery for your Harley Davidson. We reviewed the most popular and reliable products that are compatible with a wide range of motorcycles so that there’s something for everyone.

Still, it’s up to you to choose one of the many we reviewed. We suggest you consider your needs and preferences, as well as the exact Harley model you have.

Check the old battery to see if you can find the same qualities and specifications in a new one. Of course, you can always go back to our buyer’s guide for some help if you still haven’t decided on one of these products.

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